Ishq Subhan Allah 15th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Ruksaar tries to trap Zara

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Ishq Subhan Allah 15th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara cries and says I will take the kids away from here. That Abid will destroy everyone’s life. My parents left me like this, my life was destroyed but I don’t want that to happen with these kids. Kabir says stop it, if God took your parents away but you have Irfan now, they love you like their daughter. Zara hugs Irfan and cries.

Inspector comes to meet Ruksaar. Ruksaar says that if we prove that Zara is dangerous for the kids then? Inspector says then we will be able to take the kids away from her. Zeenat hears it.

A kid Firdous comes to the lounge. Zara rushes to her thinking that she might have heard her parents but Firdous didn’t. Zara hugs her.

Irfan tells the family that I have to adopt the kids so Zara can stay here too. Imran says you can’t take the adoption as you are older than 50. Azra says you don’t want the kids to stay here? Imran says I didn’t make these laws, you always think that I am responsible behind everything. Azra tells Salma that let’s postpone this wedding, she leaves. Kabir laughs and tells Imran that this will keep happening.

Zeenat comes to Ruksaar and says don’t hurt those kids. Ruksaar says that I don’t care, those kids are my target now as Zara have crossed my path.

Zara and Salma try to pacify Azra. Salma tells Azra that these things happen, we are preparing for the wedding. Azra thanks Zara and hugs her.

In the morning, Zara’s family enters Shahbaz house for a function. Zeenat greets the kids and Zara. She praises the kids. Kids say that this woman is nice. Kabir tells Zara that she is Ruksaar’s sister. Zara thinks if her sister is like her? Ruksaar smirks at Zara and says I greeted her but you might be angry with me. Kabir says Zara can greet you or not. He leaves. Zara tells Ruksaar that she is your sister really? Ruksaar says people don’t doubt that but what if I take these kids away? She asks Zara to get her mehndi done.

Shahbaz talks to Kabir. Kabir thanks him for saving the kids.

Zara is applying her mehndi and sees Ruksaar taking a girl away. She goes behind her. She asks a woman. Woman says she must have taken her to the lounge, can you help me with these jewelry boxes? It will go in the car. Zara brings it to the car but the inspector stops her and says you were stealing it. Ruksaar creates a scene and says Zara was stealing the jewelry.

PRECAP- Shahbaz says if Zara has stolen then she will have to go to jail. Ruksaar says get lost from our house. She drags her from there. All look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What Ruksar does is exaggerated, it now seems that she is the lady of the house. And that she has an affair with Kabeer’s father. You name Allah’s lover or love for Allah. Let us deal with Allah and not with the devil. I know you want to show that Allah is greater than anything. But people hate Ruksar and many people don’t want to watch the series. Come with something beautiful that has to do with Allah and not always with the devil Ruksar and the lover of Ruksar (Kabeer’s father). At least in my community in the Netherlands, nobody wants to watch the series, because Ruksar makes them too concise. When will we see that Ruksar falls on her mouth. Let us see what really means the title of the series. Not just hatred and devilish play. I thought if I watched the series more love for us Allah would grow, no I just hate the writer and director. That they do not know what the name of the series means, so you show opposite of Allah. That worldwide hates Islam. Islam is already negative worldwide, why throw more salt and pepper on the wound?

    1. I agree with your comment.. I was an avid viewer of this serial, here used to have lots of comments and discussions but since Rukhsar returned, if it wasn’t for the unrequited love of Kabir and Zara… .which is wrong, they loved each other immensely and were husband and wife previously…I wouldn’t have watched the serial again. The writers stuck to quite a few true to life Islamic rules while tarnishing the purity of a bahu /saas relationship between Shabaaz and Zara, to the extent, it became sinful, which father in law in this world hated a bahu that much, he would be obsessed with killing her?? Zara was a daughter to him, just like Alina is to him, what he loved for Alina, he should have felt the same way for Zara!! Quite the opposite instead… What a disgrace.. That point you made about Rukhsar and Shabaaz, I’ve said that a few times before, that’s one freaking sick relationship between these two people, the only thing left is for Shabaaz to take this abhorrent character Rukhsar, as his lover… How unethical is that??? She killed Ayesha, cajoled Shabaaz to murder Zara, time leap and neither has Rukhsar or Shabaaz’s crimes come to light… This isn’t interesting at all, that’s why the viewers have disappeared… Eisha has left the serial and it’s not the same here for me, Adnan should have left too, he sold himself short, as it’s his first stint as an actor and probably doesn’t think he can get another lead role in the industry, but he has potential and is darned good looking, something would have come up at some point.. I don’t like this new girl and I dislike the name of Zara for her, too tacky!! She cannot hold a candle to Eisha’s role as Zara… If it wasn’t for your comment, I wouldn’t be here.. I’m very disappointed in the new season… I have stopped watching after Zara’s death…

      1. shameful these writers this serial is ending finish

  2. Kabir father and his daughter in law sister shame shame 2 criminals who kill and r free terrible I am done watch this agree wit the others

  3. a beautiful serial ends up bad murder people and ur still free shabby and his daughter ruksar who he is sleeping with wow

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