Ishq Subhan Allah 15th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir kidnapped

Ishq Subhan Allah 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara is going out. Her mom asks where are you going? Zara says I will be back.
Kabir gets a call from his mom. He says I know it’s eid but I have some work. I will come to you soon.
Kabir hears a man crying. He says my child.. Please save him. Kabir looks in the well. THe man gives him an injection. He shoves kabir in the well. Zara comes there and looks for Kabir. she calls him but his phone is in well as well. Zara comes near the well. She keeps calling him. His car is there. The man sneaks in the well and takes Kabir’s phone. He turns it off. Zara calls him again but his phone is off.

Zara calls Kashan and says I.. SHe gets a call from a man. He says if you want to see Kabir alive do what I say. Zara says I am not scared of your fake threats. He shows her kabir’s video. Zara says who are you. What do you want. He says we want sacrifice. You have to sacrifice your happiness. Withdraw your name from the compeition or we will kill Kabir. Zara is worried for Kabir.

Zara calls the manager and says I dont’ want to participate in the competition. He says come with the application. Ayesha asks kasahn you look worried. He says Zara called. She sounded worried. But then she hung up. Ayesha says to call her. Shahbaz says we have to go for prayer. Kabir opens eyes. The thug hits him on head. He says you are staying here until Zara give eher sacrifice. Kabir says Zara is being forced to do this. He tries to get up.
The thugs hit him.

Qazi looks for Zara. Salma says she went somewhere. Zara comes and runs upstairs. Zara looks for some papers. sHe says azra give me pen. Qazi asks her what happened. she says I am withdrawing my name from fashion show. I won’t be a part of it.
Kabir hits the thugs. zara tells her parents everything. she says I have to save Kabir’s life. Qazi says please you have to calm down. Zara says he said we can’t tell the police. I lost everything in Kabir, I don’t’ want to lose my friend now.
Zara comes to the manager. He says you were given this chance. If you don’t participate we will never let you participate ever. Zara recalls her dad is worried about the loan. Zara says what should I do. I have to save his life. I know Allah will save my Qurbani.
Kair gets out of the well and runs out. Zara signs the papers.
No precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Kashan really impresses me ?every ep and Kabir goes down?! He can’t even fight now!Again now his Abbu will have to do something and he will surely ask Kashan for help! Zeenat is a very ..very..lucky girl? Im so jealous! ? Kashan was worried about Zara! What a good ex BIL May no one has fate of Zara! I sometimes wonder if Kashan is Shahbaz’s stepson ?u know like Ayesha’s first husband’s son? becoz Shahbaz only loves good for nothing Kabeer. Kabir actually does nothing but stalk Zara.. like legit..
    It used to be funny when Kashan got the property and showed Kabeer his worth?.. Good old days.. now day even Zeenu has stopped her evil schemes..

    1. RaajaKumaar

      Yes Preeshabh dil khush khardiya aapne?.. Kabeer is the worst of the worst?. I want the writers to make him burn through hell??.. that jealousy is required and for that we need a new love interest for Zaru! And Azra who I thought was one of the strong woman who would show Zaru the right path is takign her to Kabeer! Very Dissapointing this Azra and Imran? Enough is enough! ??pls send Azra to her mom and that good for nothing Imran, pls send him back don’t know why he came back and coz of him Zara didn’t leave Lucknow???.. I can’t bear these two instigating Zara to go close to Kabir.. like Shahbaz, Ruksaar aur Rizwan kafi nehi thaa ki Azra aur Imran bi agaya ???.. Kashan is my new favorite character of ISA now and nowdays even our Shatan Zeenu has even become a bit positive but
      don’t know for how long though LOL??? anyway end Shahbaz, Rizwan and Ruksaar pay for crimes and show new guy.. Bus boht hogaye abb humme naya ladka chahiya aur kabeer ko nikalo!

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