Ishq Subhan Allah 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir’s stay at Zara’s house

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Ishq Subhan Allah 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salma asks Shubratan to work fast, son in law and daughter are coming here for first time. Irfan says when I went to your house first time, you didnt have these many arrangements. Salma says you were not as good son in law as mine.
Door bell rings, Zara and Kabir comes to their house. They greet them. Shahbaz and Ruksar comes there too. Shahbaz says I fulfilled my promise by bringing your son in law here. Irfan asks him to have dinner with them.

Salma says to Ruksaar that I was not expecting you here. Ruksaar says I like surprising people, I can leave if you want. Salma says no you are here so have dinner.

Shahbaz says to Irfan that they have gotten married in pressure but havent accepted each other fully. Irfan says marriage have power to bring people closer, they will fall in love too. Shahbaz says you are right, I was thinking if Kabir focus on work then their fights will end. Irfan says then you can setup a business for him. Shahbaz says we have to find a work that will bring them closer, why dont you take Kabir under your wing to teach him about head position. Irfan glares at him and recalls how head priest of country said that Shahbaz wants head seat of city for his son. Shahbaz says to Irfan that Zara is a bold and confident girl, she is intelligent, if she sees Kabir working with you then she will like it and it will bring them closer. Irfan thinks.

Reema asks Kabir if his wife irritated him? you lost to her in kheer ritual. Reema and friends start dancing. Kabir and Zara looks on, they smile at their antics. Salma says let them fresh up. She asks Zara to show Kabir her room. Zara and Kabir leaves from there. Ruksaar thinks Salma can do anything but I wont marriage night happen.

Zara and Kabir comes to her room and sees it decorated tiwh flowers, candles. Zara is miffed. Kabir raises eyebrow. Zara says dont get an idea that I want anything with you, I didnt do this arrangement. Kabir says I know you were with me but it was done on your orders but dont have any misunderstanding. Zara says I have no misunderstanding. Reema comes there and says I did this arrangement. Zara says you shouldnt have done it. Reema says your room there was not a couples room so I decorated this room so you both atleast forget your animosity for today only. Zara says its impossible. Reema says you both tried to stop this marriage but it happened so just be nice wife and husband. Zara sees someone standing outside. She comes outside her room and sees Ruksaar trying to peek inside. Zara says what are you doing here? Ruksaar says I wanted to call you for dinner, Zara asks her to go, they will come, she leaves. Zara says to Reema that you are asking me to be nice wife when someone is always spying on us. Kabir says why would she spy on us? she got us married. Zara says to Kabir that you think I dont like her because of you? I dont like her because she got us married. Kabir argues with her. Reema ask them to stop it and dont fight. Kabir says to Reema that tell others that I wont come down, send my food here, I dont like to eat on table. Reema pulls him out and shows him the sheets. Reema asys dont thank me, Zara asked for this arrangement. Zara says your mom told me, Kabir says thank you who ever did it. Kabir and Zara comes to dining. Ruksaar moves towards Kabir but Salma says Ruksaar sit with us, you are our guest. Reema brings bowl to Kabir and says Salma made it especially for you. He opens it to find it empty, Reema laughs. Salma serves him. Kabir eats food and stands up. He sees his shoes missing. Reema says did someone steal your shoes? Salma says I will bring slippers for you. Ruksaar says your inlaws are like others, stealing is illegal in Islam, lets see if you take Islam’s side or your wife’s friend side. Salma says dont tease him, she asks Zara to bring her father’s slippers. She leaves. Ruksaar takes off her shoes and says to Kabir that you can wear them meanwhile. Kabir is about to wear them, Salma looks on. Zara comes there and says one minute. She brings his shoes. She says I promised I will return your shoes and ring.. Kabir recalls how he gave her his shoes when she was running from his house. Zara says I couldnt return your ring but you can wear these shoes. Kabir wears shoes and leaves with her. Salma smiles proudly. Ruksaar thinks she returned shoes today but soon she will return ring.

Shahbaz says to Irfan that we will start leaving. He says that think about what suggestion I gave for Kabir, if he takes interested in heading committee then it will be beneficial for us and nation. Ruksaar comes there and asks Irfan to bless her for her goals. Shahbaz says she is like our daughter, bless her to get married. Irfan blesses her. Ruksaar smirks. She starts leaving with Shahbaz, she says to him that I was enjoying here. Shahbaz says but Salma said you wanted to leave early, lets go now. Ruksaar thinks so this Salma wants me to go but I wont let her daughter have a marriage night. She leaves.

Scene 2
Reema says to Kabir that your side’s Ruksaar is gone so give us our gift. Kabir says she was right, stealing is bad. Zara says he doesnt believe in this ritual so give him his shoes, I will give you ritual amount. Kabir says she has got 1 crore so she is rich now. Zara says now I have money from my father. Kabir thinks that she will compete on money basis too. Kabir says if you call it shoe hiding ritual instead then I will pay you. Reema asys okay lets call it that, give us money. Kabir gives ritual money to Reema and says remember this is not for stealing shoes but hiding them, he smirks at Zara, she glares at him. Reema gives him shoes. Zara leaves.

Salma says to Shubratan that work in lounge. Shubratan says I didnt find any broken bangle in Zara and Kabir’s room. Salma says stop thinking all this, Shubratan leaves. Irfan comes to Salma and says give them time, they will warm up to each other. Salma asks if Shahbaz said anything about their relation. Irfan says he wants me to involve Kabir in head position work. Salma says then do a deal with him, tell him you are ready to make him vice head priest but only after Ruksaar’s marriage. Irfan says you have started thinking like Shahbaz. Salma says I have to as I am daughter’s mom.

Ruksaar comes home. Zeenat calls her and asks what happened to Zara’s house? Ruksaar says Reema decorated their room, Zeenat says why didnt you stay there? Ruksaar says Salma made me leave but Shahbaz has started his game, he asks Irfan to make him vice head too. Zeenat says I know Shahbaz more than you, he can change his colors soon, if Kabir and Zara becomes one then he can leave your side too. Ruksaar says I have done my work, I have spoiled roots of their happiness, Kabir and Zara are pole apart so they wont unite ever.
PRECAP- Zara asks where is photographer? Reema says he is your room, Reema and Shubratan pushes her in her room and locks the door from outsode. Kabir is inside. Zara says Reema what is all this. Reema says this door will open in morning now. Whole room is decorated with roses. Kabir says to Zara that I am your guest here and you want me to sleep on floor while you sleep on bed? Zara says so.. we have to share this bed? Kabir smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. zara hayat khan

    Nice episode

  2. Devisha, I agree with your comment and Cathy, you are rightttt….we women are awesome, just about everything about us is so…. I firmly believe we are more superior than we understand and I know of a multitude of men who have the greatest egos and loudest vocals in public but in presence of wife, they walk on eggshells!!! Many women have the power to bring influential men to their knees but they need to recognize the power they hold in order to execute it.

  3. Of course there are men out there like Shabaaz, self serving ,conniving and thinks women are easy pawns in their games, that they can be used to their advantage, have few wives out there, even mistress as well and think it’s acceptable, because they are male but if a woman were to do the same, they’d be branded immoral and lecherous names. Shabaaz is giving his son the wrong message but I’m sure Kabir won’t do as he says because he’d be in love with Zara by the end of it all… As for Zeenat and Rukhsar, they are so shameless the way they are gloating about Kabir’s and Zara’s wedding night, so cheap these sisters are, they make me puke. Zeenat….. ????

  4. Loved Zara’s mother….she is too smart for Kabir’s father….the way she advises her husband to agree to Shabaaz’s proposal only after Ruksar’s marriage indicates that she has somehow sensed Shabaaz’s plan and Ofcourse Ruksar’s evil intentions….Coming to shoes /sandals stealing of the bridegroom ,this ritual is followed in Hindu marriages as well but not after the marriage…but during the marriage itself,.when the bride and bridegroom are in the Mandap,there will be big tussle between the bride’s sisters who go all out to steal the sandals of their would be jiju and the bridegroom’s brothers who fiercely protect their brother’s shoes… is real fun to watch the nok jhoks between the young girls and boys….and this was beautifully portrayed in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun between Sakman Khan and Madhuri…I think Eisha has put on a little weight since ETRETR….she will look better if she is a bit slim, particularly for all those heavy traditional dresses…

    1. Of course Salma has smelled Rukhsar’s plans… I love her character as well as Ayesha, both samdhan have a good relationship and Salma knows in her mind, that Rukhsar is up to something……we call it women’s intuition and Lakshmi, she 100% correct. If Shabaaz thinks that Kabir will follow his bidding, he’s in for a surprise because I’m sure Kabir will grow closer to Zara in the days to come. It’s going to be interesting to see Kabir’s approach to the feelings of love, he’s so uptight…zara needs to slacken some screws in his head…he’s too serious.

    2. Ooshi

      Eagerly waiting for Adhoori Aurat’s 2nd episode’s update

  5. Clever salma, I can’t wait for the next episode. Ruksaar won’t give up that easily. The girl is crazy!
    I found a news, zara well make kheer, as a new wife. It also in my culture, as a new wife, you have to make something sweet. Doesn’t matter what religion you are. It a thing, for some reason.
    Ruksaar well pour salt, a lot of salt in zara kheer. I am not sure, but I think kabir see this and scream at Ruksaar.
    Well we have to wait and see.

    I know that you, might hate. But I blame kabir family and kabir. For Ruksaar craziness. Even if her sister put idea in her head. That one day she well marry kabir. If kabir family was honest, about how they really see Ruksaar as, for example a daughter. Also kabir said he see ruksaar as a sister. Then the family, in my eyes won’t be the blame. Even if they said no, and Ruksaar didn’t take no for a answer. Then it is zeenat fault, for sister craziness. For putting these ideas in her head.
    I know it kabir father fault, that is why I said family.
    I don’t know how long this drama well last. I think at some point, because kabir well fall in love with zara first. We all know that men don’t think with their brain. I think the drama might get to show about the inserts talak.

    Islamic divorce, is about, never to look back. When I decided to get divorce. My family and the kajis said to me. That I have to be 110% sure. Because in Islam you won’t be able to remarry the person that you divorced. The woman has to marry to someone else. If that husband, decide that he want to divorce her. Then only then she can get back to her first husband.
    You can’t give talak in anger, because your emotions can take over. This talak doesn’t count. You are still married.
    If you or husband side three talak, in one go. Then you realised that you made a mistake. Because you were fighting. Then husband and wife, should ask forgiveness from Allah. Only Allah to forgive. You are still married.
    Islamic divorce, you have to be sound mind. For example me. I realised that I can’t and won’t be able to live with this man.
    But if your mind is angry, but you feel that you still love him. Then don’t get divorce. That is what I call, you well be looking back. This is wrong! That is not 110%.
    Don’t listen to others, that says you should get divorce. Even if it is your own parents.
    Only you can make that decision, and no one else!
    If you are the person, who break a marriage. Then you have made a great sin. Especially if the husband and wife still love each other. After the divorce, they are still thinking of each other.
    That is why I say the decision of divorce is yours.

    1. Oh another thing. This woman can to my house. She ask the kaji, the one who help me.
      I don’t know much, but she said if you force someone to get divorce. Also at the same time you are also married. What well be your punishment. The kaji told her. If you are single, and you force someone to divorce. Then the marriage couple are not divorced. It well be a sin on you. But if you are married, then automatically you become divorced. Not the couple.
      Then she asked if I caused the couple to break their marriage. Without their knowledge. What well happen. The kaji reply the same thing. Your marriage is automatically divorced. Even if your husband don’t know, what you did.
      So if Ruksaar brake zara and kabir marriage up. Because she is single, it a sin. But if her sister zeenat cause zara and kabir to break up. Her marriage to her husband is automatically divorced. Because it becomes Allah punishment.
      I didn’t know that it complicated.
      But because zara and kabir didn’t know, what was happening. They are not divorced.
      I don’t know much about this, it what I heard from third party.

    2. Sister, in my country it’s the same as what you’ve said concerning remarriage after divorce, one can’t remarry spouse after divorce….but then again, I know of no one who wanted to remarry ex after divorce….certainly not me!!! Regarding your comment yesterday, I also don’t see color, class, race in anyone. I grew up in a village where Hindus, Muslims and Christians lived ,work, ate, went to school together and everyone partook in each others religious festivals ,there was never any animosity whatsoever, but now there are those who spread hatefull lessons to the youths to degrade and bad talk each others religions, creating discord among people and I don’t like it. When we go to the hospital, do we care if it’s a Hindu, Muslim or Christian doctor trying to save our loved ones life? Do we have a problem if a Hindu teacher, teaches our children or a Christian teacher or Muslim one?? Do we ask for the teller at the bank his or her religion when we receive our hard earned money?? We shouldn’t!! All I see is the human race, no color, race or religion should separate us as humans, we all have to work to make a better tomorrow for our children. I am a Muslim but I don’t discriminate against anyone in any way whatsoever, in the same way I think my religious beliefs are correct, so too Hindus think, the Jews and the Christians likewise, so no one has the right to discriminate against other religious beliefs. My best friends are of the Hindu faith and they are very loyal and I attend any function they invite me to, whether it’s a Satsang, Ramayan reading, wedding or prayer session. I go on Friday for jumma namaaz to the nearest masjid and pray at home when I’m able to and mind you, I attended a Presbyterian school as a child from 5yrs old to 12 yrs old, so I know hymns too.. I just needed to say this as I’ve read your comment and agree with you. ….

      1. Cathy

        Same as you Naz, if you lead a good and honest life what matters religion colour or class, my family has all from a few atheists to my nephew in law who is Muslim and they have a son and daughter, there are Catholics and Protestants and a Wiccen, as you can imagine family get togethers are hilarious as well as loud and boistrous, but we all come together. I have gone all through my schooling with different races etc, my childhood neighbourhood was diverse and there was never conflict other then playground disputes, but as you mention there are those that wish to spread anger and lies and mistrust, it saddens me greatly.

  6. In my country, there’s also the part of the younger sister of the groom and bride asking for money in the respective homes before passing through…a young child is also put on the lap of the groom or bride..don’t know if it’s practiced in the Hindu homes, haven’t asked about it..

    1. I agree with you both.

  7. first of all Thankyou Naz for ur reply.just now I read ur msg(ur personal marriage experience). after reading it I realized that I hurted ur emotions I’m extremely sorry for my msg. Anyways u r happy with ur life now(all that matters) but u might have tried for second marriage also. I mean to say u have a right to live ur life along with ur kid’s. but now those all things doesn’t matters yar. njy d life and be happy. I’m little Zara type typically thinking women. but ur message touched my heart Naz. ALL THE BEST FOR UR REST OF LIFE yar.

    1. Salma, don’t worry my friend, I’m not offended by any degree with your advice. I know you mean well but I needed to say how I felt at 19 yrs old to a marriage for my parents happiness and my unhappiness!! I’m not at offended dear, we are here to exchange thoughts and ideas for healthy discussions and at times, our personal experiences finds itself here because we want to share our pains with friends. I think it lessens our pain to a great extent when we share it with others, other than family and the one who knows us because they tend to judge us quickly…and inaccurately…. My most understanding friends are on these forums and I feel easy to share with you all, with the sole exception of Lakshmi, I don’t know anyone else by face but I feel everyone’s camaraderie as if I’ve already seen you all by facial identities…. Cheer up, you meant well…

  8. first of all Thankyou Naz for ur reply.just now I read ur msg(ur personal marriage experience). after reading it I realized that I hurted ur emotions I’m extremely sorry for my msg. Anyways u r happy with ur life now(all that matters) but u might have tried for second marriage also. I mean to say u have a right to live ur life along with ur kid’s. but now those all things doesn’t matters yar. njy d life and be happy. I’m little Zara type typically thinking women. but ur message touched my heart Naz. ALL THE BEST FOR UR REST OF LIFE yar.

  9. Dhanya

    I’m a silent reader of your comments friends. You guys are awesome

    1. Laveena

      me too

  10. Hey ladies, finally getting some time to post a comment. Naz with regard to remarriages I understand your sentiments exactly as there is nothing on this earth that could convince me to remarry my ex but I have seen it happen in my own family. Two of my extended family member got remarried to the same person and it seems to be working this time around. Sister thank you to that info that is something I really didnt know. Zeenat is just inviting trouble by supporting Ruksar because both mothers in law already have an idea that they are up to something and will do all that they can to protect the marriage of their children. The only sensible thing she has said to her so far is that Kabir’s father is fickle and changes sides in a heartbeat. If Ruksar’s plan is to be Zara’s shadow and keep coming between the couple then I cant wait to see the look on her face when the decision is taken to send them off on a honeymoon. It will be priceless.

  11. Actress in acting role Ruksaar is convincing, Ruksaar ready for all the trials in order to at any price get Kabeer

  12. I’m also a silent reader of Ur comments frnds as like dhanya…n ..i luv u all…..u all are … mind blowing……

  13. I am waiting for Monday…………Next week Kabir aur zaara ki scenes Kamal ki hone wali hai………Ruksar character irritating discusting yaar aur kithna niche giregi Kabir ko paane ke liye………
    Aur zaara ki acting super and Kabir ka acting ma’sha’allah he is killing me with his expressions his acting skills superb…………..Finally Monday kab hoga I am crazy about this show………..

    1. I agree with you, Kabir’s expressions are awesome… Just perfect for the role..

  14. Dhanya and Sparkle… Please join us in our discussions, your comments are very welcome and I’m sure we’ll be friends as well and if you disagree with us on issues, that’s not a problem, we are here for constructive and interesting conversation.Wonderful to have you both here…

    1. Ooshi

      Same from me but if you disagree we will be still here

    2. Dhanya

      Sure Naz.

  15. Cathy

    Naz is correct, the more the merrier!! 🙂

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