Ishq Subhan Allah 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara goes on hunger strike

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Ishq Subhan Allah 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir gives Zara money and says Fatima is our servant so I will pay her fees. Zara says I would take it if you earned it but this is father’s money who denied helping her, when you earn then I will take it. Kabir says how will you manage house? Zara says my husband is here. Kabir says you are blackmailing me with hunger? I am not falling for this. Zara says I dont have any money left, I have just food for some days and then I will eat with your earning only.

Zeenat tells Shahbaz that Kabir is going to conference and he cant do anything about Zara not eating. Kabir comes there and says Zara is stubborn, she is not taking my money, ask her to take it. Shahbaz says she wont listen, she is doing drama of being hungry. Kabir says no, she wont become hungry like this, why would she pay for Fatima’s fees? Zeenat says she is using this drama to make you go to outhouse and live with her, she might have stolen my phone so she can help Fatima and then force you to live with her. Kabir looks on.

Zara thinks that I can remain hungry but I cant let Ruksaar be hungry because of all this. Zara asks Ruksaar to go back to house, Ruksaar says no and runs away from there. Kabir comes there and says you are cheap, where is it? Zara says I just want my husband to bring food to me. Kabir starts throwing her things and finds phone in clothes basket. Zara is stunned. Kabir says this was you trick? He grabs her hand and takes her from there.

Kabir shows phone to everyone in house. Zeenat says you stooped so low? Kabir says Zara has to say sorry. Flashback shows how Zeenat silently went to Zara’s house and put it there. Ayesha says it was found in her house but it doesnt mean Zara stole it, did someone see her stealing it? Kabir says she is doing this trick to force me to go to her outhouse. Zara says this was a plot by someone, someone put it in my house and God will bring truth of that person out.

Zara comes to outhouse and sees Ruksaar playing with flour. Zara says you destroyed all flour. Zara tries to take it but it falls. Ruksaar shouts that you are bad and leaves from there. Zara thinks that I had to do it for her.

Ruksaar comes home and cries, she says to Ayesha that Zara threw flour on me and made me leave outhouse. Zeenat says this Zara is so cheap. Kabir looks on.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to outhouse and sees Zara praying. Zara prays that God help me to make my husband succeed. She sees Kabir there and says you know me and Zeenat too, you really think that I stole that phone? Kabir looks on.

Zeenat thinks to use Ruksaar against Zara. Zeenat says Zara hates you because Kabir married you and she used to beat you daily, she wanted to kill you, you are like this because of Zara.

Zara asks Kabir if he thinks she stole it? Kabir says no, but you are not poor and you are pretending to be poor, you threw Ruksaar out of house so she doesnt have to bear all this but you became what you are not just to make me bow down.

Ruksaar cries and tells Zeenat that she will take revenge from Zara, I will do anything. Zeenat hugs her and says just wait for right time.

Kabir says to Zara that I wont earn and make you eat so leave all this, you will lose. Zara recalls Shahbaz’s words to use Kabir for money. Kabir gives money to Zara and nods at her. He turns to leave but Zara shakes head and gives back money, she says I will make my husband win either alive or dead. Kabir looks on.

Zeenat thinks that Ruksaar is a child from mind so even if Zara dies then she wont be punished.

Zara says to Kabir that what I am not trying to tell you alive, I might do that after dying, nobody does drama with death right? Kabir is stunned.

Zeeenat says I will plan Zara’s murder.

PRECAP- Zara shows last bite of food to Kabir and says this is last bite of food for me standing between death and life. Kabir says this is your stubborn nature. Zara says this is truth, I will not eat till you earn to make eat it otherwise I will die of hunger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Yes… I thought she would do hunger drama, but I also thought she might hv taken up a job too… why is that Kabeer so stubborn to take up work instead of watching Zara go hungry to prove his worth ???

    I still wonder why Zeenat hates Zara so much… after all, Shahbaz was the one who forced them both in this marriage… so she shud be taking out her rage on him… smh

  2. Well said naina

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