Ishq Subhan Allah 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Zara’s Valima ceremony

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Ishq Subhan Allah 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara says to Kabir that why did you not pity yourself when you said yes in nikah? Kabir says pity? you talked about pitying too, didnt you pity yourself? Zara says my parents respect forced me, I kept telling my heart that men and women are equal but truth is that daughter saying no cant be handled by parents, I trusted that you would say no. Kabir says why? parents doesnt have respect? you had to say no first. Zara says now truth is out, you never wanted to say no, you thought that I would say no and then you didnt have to say anything and me, my parents would be insulted. Kabir says what plan? I was just thinking about my parents respect. Zara says you didnt think about your parents respect when you were making plans with me to break this marriage, Kabir says you didnt remember your parents then? Zara says no because I trusted you, I thought you would say no at any cost but you broke my trust, I will never trust you in my life. She takes pillow and blanket. Kabir asks where are you going? Zara says I am not going, you are going there because I cant share bed with you. Kabir says even if you didnt say that, I would have slept on couch only. He takes pillow from her and goes to lie on couch. Zara sits on bed and opens her braid. Kabir is miffed and sees no blanket on bed, he brings it and throws it on bed. Zara lies down. Kabir turns off lights and asks her to turn off lamp. She says I cant sleep in darkness. Kabir lies on couch, he recalls Zara’s arguments with him, how she said she would never want to see his face. Zara recalls how she said to Kabir that she would pity his wife, she thinks I didnt know I would pity myself only.

In morning, Kabir wakes up and goes to washroom. Zara is inside and screams. She says how can you come inside like this? Kabir says sorry but this is my bathroom. Zara says this is my bathroom too now. Kabir asks her to lock from next time, he leaves.
Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Door knocks. Zara opens it to see Ruksaar, Ruksaar says I brought tea fro your both. She sees setting in room, Kabir’s pillow on couch. she gives tea to Zara. Zara says I like tea before namaz. Kabir says Zara she is not your servant. Zara says she helped us so much to get married so she can help now. Ruksaar says yes I can help, I will give your clothes in laundry, she takes Zara’s lehenga and leaves.

Salma brings breakfast to Ayesha’s house. Ayesha says to Alina that this is ritual. Ayesha says Salma you brought so much food. Salma says I brought it for Kabir. Zeenat says Kabir already had breakfast, he likes to wake up early morning so Ruksaar took breakfast for him, she makes such nice breakfast. Salma says so I got late. Ayesha says no it was just tea. She asks Zeenat to bring things. Reema says can I meet Zara? they leave.

Reema comes to Zara’s room with Shubratan. Reema asks how she is? Zara says we thought a lot but God had other plans, I never thought we will meet like this. Shubratan is looking around. Zara asks what are you doing? Shubratan says I am finding hints of that things, its first time in life when we see broken bangles, crumbled rose petals. Zara asks her to shut up and leave. Reema laughs and asks if it really happened? did bangles broke really? Zara gets tensed and says something broke for sure but not bangles, my heart broke.

Imran comes to Kabir and says I cant believe, you both tried a lot but you got married in end, what a fate. He asks Kabir if he will change his views of Zara? Kabir says colors never change, she has to change herself.
Reema says to Zara that you think Kabir will change? Zara says he has to change, he married me so now he has to change. Reema says you dont have option too, you said yes too for marriage, you are not Mrs. Kabir. Zara says I am married to a man who I wouldnt even want as enemy. Ruksaar comes there and asks if she disturbed them? Zara says if I say yes? Ruksaar says Ayesha is calling you, she leaves. Zara says I feel like she is CCTV.

Zara and Kabir sits with others in lounge. Ayesha says we will have a ritual now. Zara will place kheer in her hand and Kabir have to eat it then Kabir will put kheer in his hand and she will eat, the one who is able to eat it will win it. Salma says and that person will keep winning in life. Reema says we wont let Kabir win. Ruksaar says if I let her reach Kabir only then she can win. Salma glares at her. Alina puts kheer in Kabir’s hand, he moves it towards Zara but Alina grabs his hand and eats it. Reema places kheer in Zara’s hand, Zara hints at her. Reema smirks and takes her hand and eats it. Kabir sees it and thinks they are cheating. He puts kheer in his hand and is about to take it to Zara but Ruksaar pulls his hand and eat from his hand. All look on. Zara puts kheer in her hand and looks at Reema but Kabir grabs her hand so she cant move it, Zara’s bangle breaks, Shubratan says bangle broke finally. Reema snatches Zara’s hand and eats kheer. Ruksaar says to Kabir to not lose. He puts kheer on his hand, Zara grabs his hand and eats kheer from it. He is surprised. Zara puts kheer on her hand. Kabir moves her bangles away and grabs her hand. Zara tries to snatch her hand but Kabir pulls it near his face, Zara smears kheer on his face. All laugh. Reema says Zara won. Zara smiles.
Zeenat brings Ruksaar to corner and asks why she is enjoying all this? Ruksaar says I am enjoying because they spent night separately, Zara was on bed and Kabir was on couch. Zeenat laughs and says fire is dozing off.

Scene 2
Valima ceremony starts. Zara and Kabir are on stage. Head priest comes there and says Zara you are looking nice. He puts Zara’s hand ins Kabir’s hand and says we are lucky, you brought our nation closer. Kabir and Zara sit on couch. They move their hands away. Imran says my friend is married, all have to know who liked who, how they met and fell for each other. Video clip plays, in which Kabir and Zara’s arguments are shown. clip shows Kabir washing hands when Zara touched it, how Zara said she would never marry him, how he said that he will offer thanks prayers as he is not marrying her. How Zara said he looks nice when he smiles. All laugh seeing the clip but Kabir is angry. Then nikah is shown. Imran plays childhood photos of Kabir. Zara laughs seeing him in just boxers. Kabir gets angry seeing her laughing. He takes burning stove and throws it on projector, all are stunned seeing his rage. Zara is shocked.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Imran that no one has right to show off someone’s personal life to everyone, not even you Imran, the mistake is not only making it but also your mistake for watching someone’s life moments. Zara says Islam doesnt allow to share happiness? Kabir glares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Love it!!
    So kabir can’t take jokes, I just can’t stand it, when someone, who used religion all the time. Just because they can’t take jokes. I think zara should show kabir to light up.
    Anyway spoilers!! Kabir well fall in love with zara first.

    1. I welcome the news.. It’s going to be extremely interesting to see upright Kabir, fall in love with Zara. ..still love him though. As for Zeenat and Rukhsar, don’t know how they’ll handle it….Zeenat looks so evil these days..

  2. Ritual my rituals was to find out of season products, also a very light clay pot. It mean to find out who is the most luckiest, out of the husband and wife. The clay pot mean well the marriage going to last. If it breaks, who well be to blame for the marriage breaking.
    Each was giving 2,000 taka. My ex was giving the task. So he did me first, he found everything on the shopping list. The next day day he did himself. He couldn’t find all the items on the list, and his clay pot was broken. Also one of my side went with, he also had a friend with him.
    So I was the luckiest and my very light clay pot was intact. Funny things these rituals. So guys let me know yours.

  3. I think before doing of the public demonstration of pictures Imran should ask permission Kabir.

  4. Sorry Lakshmi, for not replying to your questions earlier, too busy these few days gone…bit I’m here now. Allybrew answered your queries quite accurately, no need to add more,concerning Kabir’s knowledge of his father’s doings. Here in Trinidad, there’s the Islamic Board which handles marriages and divorce cases and if a couple of the Islamic faith chooses to marry in civil ceremony, which is unlikely, in the event of a divorce case, the board doesn’t handle it, they are referred to the civil court of the land, to handle the matter. Our marriages here consists of firstly the nikkah ceremony, the legal registration follows and finally the walima, all conducted by the Mulvi or Imam. From my own experience, my nikkah ceremony was done like the olden days, I was asked the acceptance question thrice and I said qubool hai, thrice, likewise with the groom, then I was asked to sit near him and sat several inches apart, it looked funny when I saw the pics later and you know the rest… Anyway…..when it was evident that the marriage couldn’t work out after years, it was l who started the divorce case rolling ….i filed for divorce, there was mediation for three months but it was bad. Prior to this, I had a protection order taken out against him and I was my own lawyer at my case hearing, no one knew my plight better than me. At the divorce hearing at the Islamic board, he didn’t even turn up and when the judge asked me where is the husband in this case, I told him that I hadn’t seen him for days…that’s not normal right? He asked if I knew where he was and I replied in the affirmative, that he spends his time at the casino and that’s where he was…. That’s all the judge heard from me. He banged his gavel down and granted the divorce swiftly… Lakshmi, you know gambling is haraam in Islam? So that was the nail in the coffin. There was no triple talak in my case…however, if I was married by only nikkah ceremony, triple talak would have been employed but both individuals would have been able to use it in each others presence
    with witnesses. While Islamic teachings are adherred to across here, it’s not as stringent as in the East, it’s a bit relaxed but we do follow the Quran and the Hadith as our guide to living…although there are those who are zealots and misconstrue the teachings of Islam. I’m impressed with Zara and she didn’t go to Islamic school for nothing, I’m eager to see her fight for women’s rights and equality.

    1. So sorry to hear your side of the divorce. It make mine more easier. Mine is nothing to compare yours.

      My marriage ended because he was a racist. My father had a Hindu friend since childhood. He more like a brother to my dad. He is more like a uncle to me.
      Anyway my uncle couldn’t come to my marriage, because he had business in India. After 5 mouth he came to see me with his family. My uncle give me and my ex clothes and other staff.
      I didn’t realize that my ex was going to explode. He wanted me to give them up, even my family. Because it not Islamic!
      I said No! He abuse me and my parents.
      So I left him, didn’t talk to him or hear from him until the letter.
      I am really sorry to hear what happened to you. It must had be hard, you had to wait, it must have felt a very long time.
      I pray that you well have a very happy life. Live it sister, life is too short. When I see people, I see human. Not color or religion. Life is not black and white, it is full of color. Allah put us on earth, to understand and enjoy it. For us this world is a play ground

  5. Strange behavior for Kabir…maybe he is embarrassed his wife saw him at not too glamorous time.. They are however fighting like a typical and true married couple..but this Shubratan is one horny woman, telling Zara that the roses isn’t crushed, neither is there broken bangles,!! And Rukhsar and Zeenat are crowing over the fact that the marriage wasn’t consummated,!!

  6. Naz, I think everyone with the exception of zeenat and ruska want this marriage to work. Sorry I forgot about Kabeer’s dad. Kabeer is so stright laced that he has an issue that any outsiders have a view of his private life. Hopefully Zara will help him lighten up. This difference in their Attitude is going to mean at lot of arguments in the future and lots of reasons to make up.

  7. Kabir aur zaara scenes are amazing especially chudiyaan adjusting scene was fabulous…….And totally superb episode………

  8. Thank you Naz for the detailed reply and I am pleasantly surprised to learn that triple talaq or Talaq-i -Biddat is the previlege of both husband and wife there which is fair enough where as in India it was considered the unilateral privilege of husbands .which ,according to experts ,is not permitted either by Quran or by Hadith..anyways the historical bill was passed last year much to the delight of the Muslim women groups who were Infact the petitioners.
    Naz,somehow I expected Kabir to react in this manner only…a guy who is very reserved,follows Islam to the last letter and who is very orthodox in his views could not have reacted in any other manner…and you are very right regarding this Shubratan,,,looking for the signs of consummation…..But one very awkward thing is in Hindu households also they actually used to follow this rather embarrassing custom in olden days….the morning after the couple’s suhaagrat ,elderly ladies from the family would be sent in to make the bed..and they would look for exactly these signs and even more….and you know what it is…..Ofcourse present day newly weds,push off on oneymoon immediately after the marriage and spend their private moments away from the prying eyes…really what funny customs we have!

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