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mummy..:( 🙁 mummy took off the tv i cant watch ib and most importantly dbo..mummy..ahahhahah….

anyways hope u liked the previous part…this part is very much like a gap filler..but pls do answer some questions of mine in the end

part 5 fr u all
scene 1
shivom and ishana get tej and shakthi home
dadi pinky and jhanvi see them and get shocked
tears roll down their eyes
jhnvi hugs tej and pinky cups shakthi’s face
dadi: hai ram ise kya hogaya

shakthi: maa..dont worry ek chota sa accident tha
jhanvi: shivaay..y did u guys not even inform us
tej: v only told them to do so
pinky: now complete rests for u boths
om: choti ne bhi toh yahi kaha tha
jhanvi: good..kamre mei chalo..aaram karo
dadi: baccho even u gys rest for a while..especially ishana u
sje aso leaves
ishana: shivaay call rudra and soumya..where they mein bhi nahi aayi
shivaay is about to call them
soumya: bade need for that..v r back

rudra and soumya come
shivaay: hey..where were u? kitni baar call kiya
they dont reply
om: oh hello…shivaay is asking u something
rudra: i hate u bhaiyya
he leaves
soumya: bade bhaiyya aapko esa nahi karna chaahiye tha
she also leaves
shivaay gets shocked
om ishana and shivaay: yeh ho kya raha hai
‘ill talk to him
he starts going to them
ishana: no shivaay…right now they r very angry on u..ill speak to them
om: no dont use ur brain and create problems again
these words pierce her heart
she goes and hugs him
ishana: im sorry om..for slapping u..she wipes her going to rudra
she leaves

scene 2
aryan andaira come home
anika: you guys r back…chalo now sleep for a bit of itme nahi toh u wont be able to enjoy the party tonight
aaryan: but mumma..u know na i dont sleep in the afternoon
anika: but aryan..u should today
aryan: ok mumma (sadly)
aira: mamma…lanver uncle bhi aa laha hai na?
anika: ha mera bacha even he is coming
she goes and kisses them

they go in
anika: ek kaam karth hu..jaake rudra aur soumya ko bhi invite karlungi..ill call them
she calls rudra
parallelly in OMbrudra is in his room..lost in thoughts
he gets the call..he cuts it as its an wnknown no
anika: y did he cut the call
she tries again
he picks up angrily
rudra: hello..who the hell ru..ek baar kaat diya toh samajh mei nahi aati hai ki busy hu
anika: rudra..calm down its me
rudra: oops sorry feed nahi hua na
ajika: its ok.bolo kya hua
rudra: kuch nahi didi..bas yahi soch rahi aapne bola
anika: rudra just chill out…accha suno..i have arrnged fr a small party at my house today..u and soumya should definitely come..ill introduce u to ranveer and at the same time we can chill out together…bahut din hua hamara night out hoke..isliye
rudra: ok didi..v will be there
anika: ok bye..jaldi aajao
she ends the call
he turns this side and gets sooper shocked seeing ishana
rudra: didi..aap? come come na sit here
he makes her sit
ishana: whom were u talking to
rudra: friend didi..accha voh sab chod..aap yaha..kuch kaam hai kya
ishana: u guys were really angry on shivaay..kya hua
rudra: kuch nahi didi
ishana: rudra..u cant lie to me..bolo na
rudra: actualy didi..voh

ishana gets a call
ishana: hello..oh..ok ill be der in like an hour
she ends the cal
ishana: really sorry.abhi jaana hai..once am bac we will sort out thematter
rudra: ok didi
she leavesrudra sighs
outside ishana is in a hurry
she gets another message from the same no
“hey ishana…om was looking super hot in his blue shitrt”
ishana reminces that om was wearing a blue shirt today
she gets even more tened
she starts walking fastly and she is about to slip
but om holds her

they share an eyelock
ishana: y om? y do u have to do this to me? i know u luv me om but y do u pretend to hate me?
om: yes ur right oshana…i luv u..but v cant be one..ever…i just cant forget what u did to me and cant come back to u again
all this r spoken with their eyes
he comes forward to kiss hr
suddenly her phone beeps
” nice eyelock ishana..if u wanna know who i am then come and meet me at the plce i message u..mind u alone”
she gets shocked
om: kya hua? everything fine

ishana: ya its nothing
she leaves
om; ise kya hogaya
he also gets a call nad leaves

scene 3
shivay is in his room..sitting by the pool side
shivaay’s pov: once u and me used to sit her anika…u used to temme all ur stupid kokes…v promised each other that we will sit here and talk to each other atleast for hr inspite of our busy schedules…. y did u
he wipes his tears
y did u break ur promise and leave anika

precap: one more member from the family meets anika…the consequences r unexpected

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  13. Mrunal

    i think ishana or om will meet anni…
    bcoz shivika will not meet this much early i think so…
    epi was nice…

    1. Ananya7044

      thanks mrunal..keep the way y ru nt updating ur was sooper yaar

      1. Mrunal

        I’ll update it today…

      2. Ananya7044

        GOOD..U BETTER…

  14. Superb ….when u will post next episode

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