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HEY GUYS…ananya here…i know am late and am really sorry for that…..hope u ike this..guys lemme tll u one thing…plss ask if u have any doubts coz its a bit complicated one ful of revenge and twists and turns…pls…infact i also wrote all the suspenses i had to clear andthen i rote my story in my book clearing each of them..pls comment and sorry for not replying back to ur coments on the preious epi..but heartfelt thanks to all of u al..without ur recognition am nothing…
when do u think shivika r gonna reunite
will the dfferences created between ishkaara be solved

here u go next part for u all

scene 1
ishana and shivom go in and get teary eyed looking at them in such a stage
shivaay rushes to them and stands between their bed holding their hands
shivaay: papa..bade papa
tej removes his oxygen mask
tej: shivaay ek zaroori meeting hai..i have to leave
om: mr.oberoi and chote papa..pls…complete rest for u atleast for 1 week
shakthi: ek hafthe? om ru out of ur mind
ishana: om is right chote papashivaay will manage ur work
tej: but..
shivaay: no more behas…
they nod helplessly
meanwhile doc comes
doc: maine abhi abhi in logon ko check kiya hai..they r absolutely fine..but they need rest atleast for 10 days..complete rest
ishana: doc when can v discharge them?
doc: tonight..
shivaay: thankyou doctor
doc excuses himself and leaves

tej: i dont know whether i can speak like this or not..but i felt anika was here before u guys came in….esa nahi kehna chaahiye but i fel she was here..she hugged me….
ishana: papa.what r u saying?
tej: shivaay…am sorry i didnt want u to remind her again..
bade papa..u need not feel sorry because i didnt forget her..maine use bhulaya hi dont feel guilty about anything..waise temme how dod it happen..ur accident
tej: shivaay…it was not an was a planned one
shivom ishana: what?
shakthi: yeah..our brakes failed..
ishana: but hamare saare cars kal hi servicing se aaya hai
om: that means someone manipulated the cars brakes..
tej: aur yeh car shivaay ka hai
om: that means someone wants to harm shivaay
meanwhile ishana’s phone beeps
she gets shocked seeing the message…she start sweating
shivaay: ishana what happened?
ishana: nothing shivaay..ill call rudra and soumya..kaha tak pahunchi yeh log..abhi tak to aana chaahiye tha
she eavse and om senses somthing wrong
she comes out and just collapses on the chair
she tries calling that numbe multiple times
“sorry..aapka dial kiya ha number vyardh hai”
ishana: oh god..dammit..who can this be”

scene 2
anika gets shocked seeing rudra and soumya
they r about to say something but she signals them to stop
anika: aryana ira..come ill drop u guys in your near ur camp
she signals rumya to follow her int their car
they r filled with mixed emotions..happiness that they saw their anika didi alive and angry that she hid herself from everyone
after dropping them n their camp she comes to them
rudra: ab kuch bol saktha hu?
she nods
he tightly hugs her and cries
anika hesitates to reciprocate but she does it
soumya also hugs her
anika: actually sorry..i didnt want my kids to know that thre is someone who knows their am sorry..i dont even want ur shadow to cast upon them
she folds her hands
pls leave us alone
she turns that side and cries and is about to leave
rudra: sure didi..v will leave u alone..but can i ask u something? esa kya hua ki u even hesitated to hug me far as i know my anika didi never did that…she always used to gime warm abhi kya hua ki aapne esa kiya? u never did like this…bolo kya hua
anika: rudra..soumya u guys really donno what happened? i dont believe it
soumya: u have to believe us didii..agar hame pata hotha toh hum aapse naar bhi nahi mila pathe..kuch toh hua hai..nahi tho aap itna stupidly nahi karthe
anika: ok fine..if u guys really dont know what happened them listen..ur brother has betrayed me…very brutal betrayal….i hate myself for being in a relationship with shivaay singh oberoi
rudra: bt didi..hua kya hai
fb begins:
aika wakes up and starts searching for shivaay..but he finds him nowhere
suddenly she gets a message from tia
“hello anika.tia here
agar tum shivaay ki sach jaanna chahthi ho toh is jagah pe aajao…will be waiting for u there bye”
she goes there and finds shivaay hugging tia and tia shows her thumbs up
fb ends
anika: that day i felt like my heart was being thrashed into millions of whole heart seemed to get destroyed infront of me and i had no other hope of living
rudra is crying
rudra: shivaay bhaiya did this..u should have told me or om….y did u take ur life u r so strong and bold didi…
anika: rudra..u r wrong…i thought of giving up my life but i didnt
soumya: then how did u fall off th cliff
nika: kisi ne mujhe dhakka diya
soumya and rudra: what the vuck?
anika: ha i was about to jump
fb begins again:
anika: y soould i die? it hould be shivaay dying of guilt? but y should i die? how can u become so weak anika..chii
then suddenly she vomits
anika :no this cant happen…i can be pregnant…no…
fb ends
rudra: but didi who pushed u?
anika: i donno rudra…and i dont even wanna a way i started my life afresh
soumya: so these r ur and shivaay bhaiyya’s kids?
anika: nahi sifrf mera..tera shivaay bhaiyya ke nahi
they get sad
rudra: but didi…what we knew was that u committed suicide coz u were in depression
soumya: ufell in the river did u get saved?
aika: a person called ranveer saved me…
fb begins
anika was unconcious
she gets up and ofnds herself in a room
she gets dwn and tries towalk
she is about to fall but a man holds her
man: pls u take rest..aapko bahut zyada aaram ki zaroorath hai…firt of al ur weak and second u r pregnant
anika: its fine..ill leave
man: pls dont hesitate to take my help as am a cop..acp ranveer singh randhawa
he shos his identity
anika: oh..hello..this is anika..anika rathod
ranveer: but y did u do such a thing?suicide?
anika: some1 pushed me..i exactly donno who it was..
ranveer: pls..aap chintha math kijiye..ill find that persona nd wil not leave him
anika: ranveer pls..aap esa kuch math a way i have nothing left to do in this love vetrayed me and now i have only one reason for living..that is this baby…
ranveer: ok fine.. wont do it..but u can stay here for how many days u want
anika: no no aapko takleef kuyn
ranveer: dekhiye am a this takleef andall ita nothing
anika: and thankyou i can never forget this favour of urs
fb ends
rudra cries and hugs her..soumya also joins them
rudra: didi..galathi bhiyya ki thi lekin aapne punishment sabko de diya
anika: rudra..u know..the situation at that time was like..i was angry on eeryone including myself..infact am sorry rudra and soumya…am really sorry…maine aap logon ko bhi doshi samajh ke aayi
soumya: its all right didi..atleast now dont eave us
anika: ok fine…but one condition..u should NOT tell any1 that am alive…no1 should know this….rudra.soumya aap logon ko meri kasam
they hesitantly promise
anika: cry baby ab toh rona bandh karo..u gys didnt change yaar
sje hugs hi and kisses hin his fore head
rudra: did …what didi
he makes faces
they hug her
anika: i promkse..ab mai aap logo ko chodke kahi nahi jaaungi..

precap: rumya angry with shivaay…..ishana gets some shocking messages…..anika invites rumya for a party at her place

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