Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 2 – FF – Part 4

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I wasn’t getting anything in my mind. And everyone was waiting for riansh meet even I’m very excited. So here I’m making a small change.

Riddhima is ready to go to Bansal Mansion.

Riddhima left her house because there was misunderstanding between Riddhima and her father. The person responsible for all this was Manish (Raj’ s elder brother). He was behind Raj’s property and business as he was more famous then he felt jealous. Riddhima got to know everything. So she decided to tell everything. But before she could tell this to anyone Manish made a rift between Raj and Riddhima relation. Raj wasn’t believing Riddhima and in anger he told her to go out of his house. Riddhima got hurt and left the house for ever. After few months Raj got to know everything. He felt guilty and broke his relation with Manish.

I ll be writing Bansal Mansion as BM

So let’s start without any further delay…..

Riddhima came back to BM her mother do her and kids aarti.

She came inside all mansion all her old memories were refreshed.

Raj come near her and hugged her.

Raj: I’m really sorry beta I misunderstood you. Pls forgive your papa and give me a chance.

Riddhima: No papa I’m angry from you anymore.

Pihu come towards Riddhima

Pihu: Sorry is not enough for my mistake. But still I’m really sorry for whatever I did. Few days back I got to know everything about Atharva pls atleast give me a chance.

Riddhima: it’s ok I understand you. Will u not hug your di.

Pihu hug Riddhima. Everyone was happy as their family is complete now.

Next day

VR mansion

Vansh decided to shift Siya to hospital. He completed all the formalities

Vansh: I want to Dr.

Receptionist: Sir right now Dr. is not here you can meet her at 12 noon

Vansh: ok

Vansh was leaving hospital and at the same time Riddhima enter the hospital. Both collided with each other. Riddhima was about to fall but Vansh saved her in nick time. They share an eye lock. And they remember each and every movement which they have spent. Both hug each other but Vansh pushed her lightly when he remembers Riddhima betray. Without saying anything Vansh left from their.

Riddhima went to her cabin

In cabin

Meera – a nurse

Meera: gm Dr.

Riddhima: gm Meera

Meera: Dr. Their is a new patient who is in coma it has been almost 6 years.

Riddhima went to see the patient

She took the file and was shocked to see name of Siya Rai Singhania. She goes to her room.

Riddhima: I’m sorry Siya I wasn’t aware that you are still like this. But now I’m here now you ll get well soon.

Riddhima check Siya and went back to her cabin.

Precap: Vansh got to know Riddhima is Siya’s doctor

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