Hii everyone…! I saw some comments on my first episode and I am very happy you liked my work. 🙂

Episode starts……

Riddhima gets off the car and sees a big house, she was scared that she has been kidnapped. Suddenly she heard a deep voice from behind….

That Man: Welcome to VR Mansion; Miss Riddhima. I am Vansh Rai Singhania.

Riddhima turned suddenly and bumped into him. She got more scared and moved back.

Riddhima: So you took me here without my permission..! I am not going to work for you,sir! I am leaving right now.

Vansh thrust his hand in front of her.

Vansh: (smirks) You didn’t come here with your permission and you can’t go too. You can goafter you cure Siya as soon as possible.

A girl on a wheelchair comes from behind and looks at Riddhima.

Vansh: Siya.. What are you doing here? I have told the staff to stay with you. They are so careless. I will tell them.

Siya: Bhai… I told them to leave me alone. When I heard you have called the therapist unwillingly, I came here to see who it is.

Vansh becomes silent. Riddhima gives a deep look to Siya and starts thinking.

Riddhima to herself: She has such a kind gesture, and his brother, can’t he talk softly? I will try my best to make her stand up. I wish other members are not like Vansh.

Siya: If you don’t want to attend me, I will not force you to do so.

Riddhima: No no, I never say no to any of my patients who are calm. (smiles)

Siya: (smiles) Please come in. Dadi will be very happy to see you.

Another girl from behind: Stop it Siya! She is not your friend. She is part of our staff! Angre, take to where all the staff stays.

Vansh: Ishani! She is a therapist and she is here to cure Siya. I think you should give her some respect.

Ishani: Respect to people who work here? No.

Vansh: Stop it now! (turns towards Riddhima) Come, Angre will lead you to your room.

Riddhima enters the mansion, and sees three ladies sitting in the giant hall.

Vansh: Dadi, Chachi, Mom; she is Siya’s therapist.

An old lady: Oh wow! Come beta. I hope you have no problem living with us. (smiles)

Riddhima walks up to her take takes her blessings.

Riddhima: Of course not Dadi. I am sure I will help Siya to stand up soon!

The other lady: Vansh beta, I heard you took her here forcibly, at least let her call her family and tell them that she is here.

Riddhima becomes sad as she doesn’t have any family.

Vansh: Yes mom; she has a right to make one call.

Riddhima: One call !?

Vansh: Yes, a person who works here doesn’t has a right to keep a phone. Thank me for giving you the right.

Riddhima becomes sad and worried at the same time. She knew she had to call Sejal. But she decided to talk to Vansh about coming here daily but living in this house with some mean family members.

Precap: After calling Sejal Riddhima goes to talk to Vansh. Vansh was staring at her with a gun in his hand. Riddhima starts to breathe heavily. Vansh starts moving towards her.

This is it for today!!! Hope you all like it. I have decided that Kabir would enter soon. If you have any suggestions please do share. 🙂

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