Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep26

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Hey, my exam was going on, so I am updating after one month.  Here is the episode.

Richand Mansion
It’s morning. Ruhi comes to dinning table. It’s empty. She calls a servant.
Ruhi- Serve breakfast. I am in a hurry today. I have to work on that big project.
-Yes ma’am.
The servant is about to leave but stopped by Akash as he came hurriedly. He says while sitting.
Akash- Serve the breakfast fast, there is a lots of works to do.
Ruhi gives Akash a look.
Ruhi- Serve me first. I am in more hurry.
Akash- (looking at the servant) you go, and serve us together (now looking at Ruhi) cause we’re same amount of busy as we are going to do same work.
-yes, sir.
The servant leaves. Akash calls another servant and asks for the newspaper. Vani is going somewhere in the upstairs, she stops and looks down. The servant gives Akash newspaper. Ruhi asks for one.
Akash- I’m already reading it. You can take any other.
Ruhi- But I only read that paper.
Akash- Use your phone cause you aren’t getting it.
Ruhi looks at the servant – from tomorrow there should be two of these papers.
The servant nods and goes away. Ruhi opens her phone and tries to read but puts down the phone after a while with groaning. Akash looks at her. He remembers there old times. Flashback shows Akash is cooking in the kitchen and Ruhi is reading out loud the news paper. Akash is hearing it from kitchen. While reading the news Ruhi asks if the food is done in the same tone she was reading the newspaper as if it was in the news. Akash gets confused and understands after a bit and Ruhi laughs. Fb ends. Akash comes back in present. He starts reading the news aloud. Ruhi looks at him.
Akash reads- “A sister killed her brother for property” Who knows what sorts of people are there in the world. “A brother got killed in goons hand trying to save his sister” seems like all the brothers are dying today. (Akash looks at Ruhi, she giving him a straight look, he looks at the paper again) “A husband ditched his wife, the brother-in-law lost all the property in dowry” oh no what’s happening?
Ruhi-(in a high voice) Is the food coming or I should order something?
Akash gets forward as he thought Ruhi is talking to him but taken aback by understanding she is not. He calls the servant who brought the newspaper.
Akash- There no need to bring 2 papers. I’m not interested in reading these news. When everything is happening before my eyes, there is no need of reading it on a newspaper.
The servant leaves. The cook serves them juice.
Ruhi- What’s this? Only juice?
Akash- (looking at Ruhi) It’s been only five minutes. (looking at the servant) Do one thing, bring me an omelet.
Ruhi- Well, then I would like to have parathas.
Akash- Tea and bread would be fine.
Ruhi- I want lentil.
Tara is sitting at the sofa and watching everything. She thinks – I don’t need to anything. They are making way of there destruction themselves. All I have to do is to take profit of this fight. Tara calls someone. She stands up and goes to her room.
Tara- Hello, you have a job to do.
Rehan comes to Vani.
Rehan- Hey, I couldn’t thank you well last night. If you had not informed me then I might lost my Ruhi.
Vani looks at Rehan. Flashback shows Vani sees Tara hitting Akash with the vase. She gets scared. Tara leaves the room. Vani comes to Akash and tries to make him conscious.
Vani- Akash, Akash. Open your eyes. Tell me you are ok. Akash.
Vani places her head on his chest to check heart beat. She hears and relax. She again tries to wake him up but stops hearing a noise. She looks through the window and sees Tara attacking Ruhi. She keeps her hand on her mouth in order to prevent screaming. Tara takes Ruhi to the same room so Vani hides. Tara takes both to a place and Vani follows her. Then she calls Rehan. Fb ends.
Rehan- I can’t thank you enough for what you did.
Vani- You don’t need to mention it. Just like you I did it for my love. But seeing bua that way, it really scared me out.
Rehan- That’s the truth of her.
Vani- And I think she is up to something again. I just saw her noticing them fighting ( she says by looking down, Rehan looks down too) then she went somewhere calling someone.
Rehan- I noticed it too. I think she is gonna take advantage of there fight this time to attack.
Vani- It really sucks you know, when brother and sister fights. I mean I fought with my bro last night and I know how terrible I have been feeling. They are fighting for more than 24 hours and you can say it’s gonna be a long one. I really hate when brother and sister fights, special when it’s easy to make up but they don’t due to ego.
Rehan- I don’t if it’s ego problem or not. But they need to make up their distance quick before Tara does anything.
Vani- I think we need to do something.
They looks on downstairs together. Akash and Ruhi are having their breakfast. Ruhi suddenly starts coughing. Akash gets concerned and moves but Ruhi signals him to stop with one hand and drinks water.
Ruhi- I don’t need your concern.
Akash- I wasn’t showing any. I was just taking butter.
He takes the butter and takes back his hand.
Rehan looks at Vani and says – Yep, you are right. It’s ego problem now.
They looks on. Ruhi calls the servant.
Ruhi- You made it spicy. It doesn’t suit me. I’m getting late. Make it again, fast.
The servant takes the plate.
Rehan- let’s go downstairs. We need to plan something tight.
Akash leaves the dining table.
Akash- I’m done.
Ruhi says looking at a different way – no one is asking.
Akash- It was just an expression. Now don’t drag this matter to quarrel.
Ruhi- I don’t quarrel.
Akash- You are impossible.
Akash leaves the room. Vani and Rehan comes and sits down to breakfast. Akash comes to the kitchen and asks the cook to stay silent. He cooks for Ruhi. Vani comes there to ask something but stops seeing this, Akash doesn’t notice her. She goes back and text Rehan. “Akash is cooking for Ruhi”. Rehan smiles reading it. He texts back “then we must wait for sometimes. Ruhi knows Akash’s foods well. Let’s see her reaction after eating the food”. Rehan start eating. Vani is admiring Akash cooking. Akash looks at the door, she hides behind it. Akash is done and he instructs the cook to serve it to Ruhi without mentioning about him. Akash leaves the kitchen without noticing Vani. Vani keeps looking at Akash going. She comes back in senses looking the cook taking the food to the dinning table. She hurriedly comes and sits down. The cooks serves the food. Rehan and Vani are looking at Ruhi as she eats. Ruhi is about to eat but stops as her phone rings. Rehan and Vani gets disappointed. Ruhi picks the phone. Someone says something her on the phone.
Ruhi- What?
Rehan and Vani gets puzzled seeing Ruhi’s expression. Ruhi throws the phone in anger. Rehan and Vani gets shocked. They stands up.
Rehan- Ruhi why are you behaving this way. What happened?
Ruhi doesn’t answer. She comes at the halls and calls Akash. Akash comes as he was getting ready for office.
Akash- What is it? I am in a hurry.
Ruhi- Of course you are in a hurry. You have a big project to work on. You are so hard working that you don’t need anyone else to work with you.
Akash is puzzled.
Akash- What are you talking about?
Ruhi- You know very well what I am talking about. You make the client think that you are the only one who could pull this up and if I join, I would fail it. That’s why they are asking me to take back from working in this project. They only want you to do it.
Akash- Really? Well it’s a big project and the company does not have good image. Maybe that’s why they thought this should be handled by someone who has some experience. You just passed from college, it’s risky to handle such big project at first. It’s no big deal.
Ruhi- It is a big deal. Cause whatever they said its your word, not their. You asked them to say this. Cause you don’t want me to work with you, you don’t think I can do this. Well I will prove you wrong. These dirty moves won’t stop me.
Akash- Ruhi don’t be childish. Do you really think those clients would listen to anything like that from me?
Ruhi- I know how well you can manipulate.
Akash- You know what, think whatever you want to think cause it’s impossible to make you understand. If you think that I did this then fine, I did it. I accepted it. Now leave me alone, I have work to do.
Ruhi- Don’t show off, ok?
Akash leaves by getting irritated. Ruhi leaves in anger. Rehan and Vani look them going away different ways.
Rehan- This is tougher than I thought.
Tara was watching everything from a side. She smriks. Tara’s whistle tune plays. She thinks – the fire is on. Now only need oil to make the blast.
Next ep- Akash hears Ruhi talking to someone about doing a job. Akash is driving and talking with the client. He suddenly notices the break is not working.

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  1. Thnx for updating, sad to see Akash and Ruhi fighting, update soon

    1. Enoughshanti

      Thanks Sally for the comment. If you are sad for Akash and Ruhi’s fight then there is sort of surprise waiting in the next ep cause things are about to turn in total 180 degree angle. I’ll try to update soon.

  2. And back with a bangggg!!!😍 Loving the nok-jhoks of RuKash…😊

    1. Enoughshanti

      Rukash! That’s an interesting name. Thanks for your support.

  3. Loving the show
    So Soo cool
    Loving akash _ruhi fights then ofcours vani Rehan please update soon

    1. Enoughshanti

      Thank you, I will update soon.

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