Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep24

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At office
Everyone is waiting at the meeting. Ruhi enters the room.
Ruhi- Mr. Roy, my lawyer have informed you already, right?
Manager- Yes ma’am, I have even told everyone. But there is a slight problem.
Ruhi- What problem?
Manager- The thing is that ma’am, a new project was supposed to be start from today. This one is a big project and it was gonna help us back in the business industry. But..
Ruhi- But?
Manager- But the clients gave this project because of Akash sir, they were quite impressed with him and now without him, they won’t sign the deal. They have sent there representative, but since they have heard about the change in the owner, they are saying this deal won’t happen.
Ruhi- What? Let me try. Gentleman please listen. There have been changing in the owner, I know but this is still the same company. Everything else is the same.
-but the person in charge is not. We have taken information already. You are new, have no experience. If something goes wrong, who will take responsibility?
-I will.
Everyone looks on. Akash enters the room.
Akash- Sorry gentleman. There have been some property trouble, I am a little late. But don’t worry, both of us are gonna work in this project.
-oh, we thought you are not in the company anymore. If you are still handling the project then our boss have no problem.
Akash- It was just a misunderstanding. Shall we sign the deal, please?
Akash looks at Ruhi. She is looking angrily at him. Ruhi in a low voice says to Akash
Ruhi- I had it under control. You were no need in here.
Akash- If you were still my little sister Ruhi, than I would have said “you are welcome”. But now I will say what you will understand. I also holds share in the company. And without me these guys won’t let you work. And this deal is gonna hit the jackpot.
They keep talking while signing in a low voice.
Akash- And if the Richands plan anything against us, they will wait until this project is done. So, this is a way of buying time. And you need me for this.
Ruhi- I don’t go by your rules anymore.
Akash stops and looks at Ruhi. He sighs.
Akash- Well then I will see how much you have learned in all these years.
The deal is done. Everyone smiles and handshakes. Ruhi and Akash handshake also. While handshaking Ruhi thinks – you shouldn’t have lied. Now you will see the worst of me. Akash thinks – you shouldn’t have disobeyed. Now everything is more complicated.
Richand Mansion
Tara enters her room but stops seeing someone inside in the dark. She takes a knife and about to attack but the light is on and she stops. The person is Lakshya. Tara is shocked.
Lakshya- So, you are a serial killer. And you have murdered Sara.
Tara- Who told you that?
Lakshya- No one but this.
Lakshya shows the CCTV footage.
Tara is shocked.
Lakshya- You have deleted every CCTV footage but missed this one, it doesn’t give any proof but raise enough question. And for someone like me who is aware about your past, this footage is enough for understanding this much.
Tara- What do you want?
Lakshya- I wanna handshake with you.
Tara- What?
Lakshya- Look I don’t care if you are a killer. All I know is this property belongs to us and us only. I won’t tolerate them.
Tara smiles. Tara’s whistle tune plays.
Tara- You know, I get to know today that you just don’t look like Virat bhaiya but also you are like him.
Tara forwards her hand. Lakshya handshakes with her.
Akash and Ruhi comes back from office. Akash comes to his room. Vani is sitting there.
Vani- So, Ruhi is your sister, the one you were stays far.
Akash looks at her doubtfully. He thinks- now what does she want.
Akash- Yeah.
Vani- I know there have been a lot of things you have hide from me and I think we should discuss it but before that, are you angry with her?
Akash- Who Ruhi? What do you suppose? She does exactly opposite what I say her. Now her life is in danger and she doesn’t want listen.
Akash stops and looks at Vani.
Vani- It’s ok. I actually never liked Tara bua. I always used to get negative vibes around her. To be honest we met her a few days ago, before coming to India. But what I am saying is you should patch up with Ruhi. Not that I am feeling some bond with her, I mean the way she came and took all our property but I am saying this cause I know you are sad. Me and my bro, if something like this happened between us, we would have been sad, and I understand the feeling. And I don’t want you to be sad. So, I think you should patch up.
Vani leaves the room. Akash looks surprised. He thinks – I thought she only stays on phone and shopping. But she even understands relation and cares for them. She is right, I should patch up with Ruhi. If she got to know about the property matter, I knew she would react this way. I can’t do anything by getting angry on her. I need to take care of everything smoothly, otherwise I won’t able to fulfill my promise to Aarohi di. And I need to know this whole Rehan matter.
Akash leaves the room. Vani was standing outside. He doesn’t notice. Vani thinks- I know you had hidden some truth but the way you stopped your sister from getting us out of the house, I saw love for me in your eyes. And no matter what, I will support you.
Ruhi is walking in the corridor. Someone pulls her in a room. It’s Akash.
Ruhi- What are you doing?
Akash- The real question is what are you doing? Why did you come here disobeying me?
Ruhi- Really? Cause I can ask you why did you hide about the fact that my father has given us his whole property.
Akash- Cause I knew you would react this way, like a complete mad.
Ruhi- Can you tell me why wouldn’t I react like this way, because of Tara? You may be scared of her but I don’t.
Akash- Whoever have talked like you till now, all are dead Ruhi.
Ruhi- And I don’t think who ever got frightened by her like you are either alive.
Akash- I’m alive.
Ruhi- I don’t wanna live like you, in fear, hiding. I’m done with it. This property, it’s our, my father has made it. And we used live in such a poor state.
Akash- First of all Ruhi, we were not in a poor state like you are saying. Whenever you wanted something I gave you. I never let you feel anything short. The only problem was to moving from one place to another. But I was working on it. And secondly, are you serious? You want this property? I don’t know what your mom would have think if she heard you. Don’t you know how your father made all this, by doing crime. Weapon drug’s business, theft, robbery, murders and I don’t what else he did for making this property. He betrayed your mom thousands time in making this property. And you want this?
Ruhi- Oh so dad did bad things to make this property, right? And what are you doing. You said you are working on how we would move from here. When I left for the trip you said by the time I would return you would manage a new place for me. May, I know how you were planning to do that. Don’t tell me that you married Vani cause you like her. You married her cause you wanted the money needed for moving from here. She was the only way of your coming here. I know you from childhood. I know very well what sorts of plans you could make.
Akash- Ruhi, whatever I did there was a reason behind it. Everything was fixed, everything would have gone well if you hadn’t disturbed in the middle. I did everything to protect you but you had to ruin it.
Ruhi- Stop please. Ok? You know each time you told me about mom and dad, every time the most irritating thing was dad saying to mom that he did it to protect mom. Please, stop covering up your lies in name of protecting me. Stop controlling my life in name of protecting me. I can protect myself alone. And Rehan is better then you either in terms of protecting me or telling truth. He doesn’t hide truth’s like you.
Akash- Oh, I almost forgot, Rehan. Who is he? And you married him without consulting me?
Ruhi- You married Vani without telling me.
Akash- I was helpless.
Ruhi- please do shut up. I met Rehan at college. I thought not to disturb you cause you were already about Tara coming back. So I found out about him all myself. He is son of Rajdeep Singh. And he wasn’t aware of anything at all about past. Never ever saw his dad, only found out that his dad was secret CBI agent, so to find more information about him he joined also. He came to our college on a case. We fall in love, even though I found everything earlier, without knowing it he confessed everything. And I told him everything too.
Akash- Everything?
Ruhi- Except for your truth. I don’t wanna take revenge of your lies. And about the part how his father died.
Akash laughs.
Akash- You are now inside the game Ruhi, the game from which I was trying to save you. And every secret here is a weapon. He would try anything to get his hand on it.
Ruhi- Just because he looks like papa doesn’t mean he is like him. There is nothing common between them. You wanna see someone who is like Deep Raj Singh? Then look at a mirror. You will see your self. Don’t you find your self in the place of him. Lying to your loved one in the name of protecting, betraying everyone around you. Who are you fooling? You know looking at you, I seriously remember dad. Remember you said to me when Mom came back from jail to take revenge first time, she had found dad in among of Tara, Virat and Roma. Look at you, you are exact same position. While dad was thinking in that moment he was playing with them for information of his mother, you are thinking you are playing with these guys. In the meantime Roma was controlling dad, Virat was acting boss and Tara was always behind him. Just now Tara is controlling you, Lakshya is being boss and Vani is after you. You have become the next Deep Raj Singh. I don’t need you to tell me what to do or what not to do. You have controlled my life enough. Not anymore.
Ruhi leaves. Akash thinks- I’m not Deep, I am nothing like him. He wasn’t never sure about what he wants. All he wanted to do was to play with people’s lives. And I know what I want. A peaceful life. But now, everything is happening wrong. I have to make it right.
Vani was watching everything from a side. There is tear on her eyes. She thinks – I didn’t expect you to betray me, Akash. I thought…
Tara was also watching everything from a side. She didn’t notice Vani. She thinks- I have been looking for you two for twenty years, and now you are in front of me and I am not doing anything. But I think it’s time show you what Tara can do. You shouldn’t have had this long conversation. Both you have lied to your partners, that’s cheating. You know a lot of things about Tara and you don’t this! That I hate cheaters.
Tara enters the room from behind. Akash doesn’t notice, but Vani does. Tara’s whistle tune plays. Tara takes a vase hits Akash and makes him unconscious. Vani sees everything.
Ruhi is walking in the corridor, someone hits her on the head too, she falls down, it’s Tara.
Akash and Ruhi get conscious. They find themselves tied up in chair in a dark room. They looks at each other.
Akash&Ruhi- Did you do this?
They boths look on. Akash laughs.
Akash- It’s not even been 24 hours and look what it have done to us. We are tied up and still we are doubting each other. You mom never wanted you to have such a life. That’s why I was trying to keep you far from these things.
Ruhi doesn’t answer. She tries to free herself. Akash looks at a different way and smiles.
Akash- Who was saying that she could protect herself?
Ruhi gets angry.
Ruhi- And someone was claiming to always protecting, but it seems he couldn’t protect himself.
Ruhi and Akash both tries to free themselves.
Ruhi- Who did this?
Akash- Whom are you expecting? Tara obviously.
Tara- You seems to know me quite closely. Interestingly I don’t know you? How is that possible?
Akash and Ruhi looks at each other. Tara enters the room. Tara’s whistle tune plays. Tara smiles. They looks on.
Next ep- Two man wearing masks saves Akash and Ruhi. Tara tells Rehan Deep killed Raj.

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  1. Just splendid… Loved the chemistry and confrontation of Akash & Ruhi😍… Akash’s dialogues are my favourite 😊😋And happy to see Vani as a positive character… Rehan is still a suspense… Excited for the next one…

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