Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep18

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Ruhi wakes up. She finds herself in a cave, alone. She tries to remember what happened last night. She suddenly remembers everything that happened. Flashback shows she was in her tent. She felt someone was outside. She took a look outside, saw Rehan going somewhere secretly. She smiled, as she knew Rehan is not a threat anymore from last night experience. She decided to follow him in case he needed any help. She met him, they talked. She noticed somebody was awake, she tried to tell Rehan but he didn’t listen. So she went to find out herself. She got caught into Sophia and Sunny’s trick. They took her to a cave, injected her something and drop her from the edge. Flashback ends. Ruhi gets shocked. She thinks –  I was falling. How did I end up here. She tries to remember hard. She remembers a blurry picture. She tries hard. The picture gets clear. It’s Rehan. She remembers Rehan’s voice calling her name. She suddenly remembers hearing -” I love you Ruhi.” She gets shocked remembering this. She thinks – No no no, it’s not possible. I must have heard wrong. They injected me drug. It must have been my illusion. But why would I imagine this. I am not weaken towards Rehan. Or am I?

Ruhi gets interrupted in her thinking hearing noises. She looks back and sees Rehan entering the cave. She turns and tries to calm herself.

Rehan- You are wake. You slept past afternoon. Are you fine?

Ruhi- Yeah, I am fine. Just my head is hurting.

Rehan- Do you remember any incidents of last night?

Ruhi- It’s hard to remember. Last I remember they had dropped me from the edge. How did I end up here?

Ruhi looks at Rehan when she stops. Rehan looks other way and starts keeping things over a rock.

Rehan- I found you stuck in bushes, unconscious, brought you here. By the way, I brought you food. You must be hungry.

Ruhi looks at him. He keeps looking different way. She starts eating. Ruhi thinks – Why are you lying? I can understand when you lie. Then did you really said those things to me? Or I am over thinking? But I am sure you are lying.

Rehan- You shouldn’t have gone behind them without telling me. It was risky.

Ruhi suddenly remembers about the bus accident Sunny told her.

Ruhi- Forget this. They are about to cause a bus accident. Oh, I forgot, it’s so…

Rehan looks at her.

Rehan- Sophia and Sunny who are behind all this. I know. When I took you here I found a handkerchief in your hand. I recognized it as Sunny’s.

Ruhi gets flashback while they dropped her she tries to get a hold of something, she had a found a piece of cloth, she had fall with it. Flashback ends. Rehan keeps talking.

Rehan- I doubted on him so I went to search him. Found him on the way back with Sophia. Heard everything they said, found out everything.

Ruhi- How come they didn’t saw you?

Rehan- cause I don’t peek stupidly. You don’t worry. The team isn’t leaving today. There is search party in these mountains in search of you. They won’t come in this side of course. And tomorrow the police will come for investigation. Then you will come out and we will tell everyone everything.

Ruhi finishes eating, washes her hand and goes outside. She looks at the view, sighs deeply. Rehan comes and stands beside her. He looks at her.

Rehan- I’m sorry. I know, Sophia is your friend.

Ruhi- Was. She was my friend. A friend doesn’t try to kill other friend.

Rehan- One shouldn’t put there trust over someone easily. At least you need to know enough.

Ruhi- I know. That’s why I took my time to know you, understand you better before I put my trust in you.

She then looks at him. Rehan looks at her. They have an eye lock.

Ruhi- I trust you.

She again looks forward.

She sighs again and murmurs – now,  I can guess how you felt mom. She put her hand on her neck and finds it empty. She fets shocked. Rehan holds her locket infront of her, it’s open and Aarohi and Deep’s photo is seen. She looks at him, shocked.

Rehan- Is this what are you looking for? You can trust me. But the question is can I trust you?

Ruhi smiles and takes the locket. She looks at the photo. She looks back at him.

Ruhi- It’s my mom and dad. Not you and me.

Rehan is shocked.

Ruhi- My mom Aarohi and Dad Deep. Mr. Deep Raj Singh. Don look surprised. He is not your father. Your father is Raj Deep Singh.

Rehan- How did you know my dad’s…..

Ruhi- You are not the only person who can take out information about students from college office.

Rehan- But my dad and your dad, their names, their face..

Ruhi- They are twins.

Rehan- Oh. I didn’t know my dad had a twin brother.

Ruhi- I have just heard…. stories.

Rehan- I have never met him actually. I know you have just heard stories. But….  How was he like.

Ruhi- Sorry. I am not in position to judge him. I can’t help you with this. I am not even sure about my dad. You know, they had a…… they had a complicated life. But that doesn’t define us of who we are.

Rehan smiles poorly at her and nods. He then looks at her.

Rehan- But, in your college from, there was no mention about this, your father. Your name is not Ruhi, nor does it have your father’s surname in there. And as a guardian it have someone else’s name.

Ruhi- It’s complicated to make you understand everything. Don’t you know anything about your dad?

Rehan- I…. I was brought up by my mom. Dad, never ever saw him. Asked mom about him several times. She only just said the name and nothing else. Until I found a diary of him, because of which I came to Mumbai. I just wanted to find out about him. That’s why when you told about him, I thought…. You see Ruhi, I am not expecting to be my hero. Anything about him, I can handle. Whatever it is, I won’t be disappointed. It’s just, he is my father and I wanna know about him. It’s my right. So anything, anything at all about him, if you know, please…

Ruhi-  I… I understand your feelings. And trust me, you are not only one in the line. But…. all I know is just he was my father’s brother. Nothing else. Just the name like you.

Ruhi turns and closes her eyes. She thinks – I am sorry Rehan. I am not enough strong to tell you everything.

Rehan says-“oh” and secretly wipes his tears. He says smiling – You know, when I got here, I found another diary of him, there is a name I found, Aarohi.

Ruhi turns. – What?

Rehan- Yeah, just the name. Nothing else. Seems everyone has only mentions name to us, nothing else.

Ruhi- That’s right.

Ruhi suddenly changes the topic.

Ruhi- So, you think you can caught them, Sunny & Sophia?

Rehan- Pretty much so. Until now the only allegation was over them of the drug racket. But now, they have attempted to murder. We will catch them. We just have to wait for tomorrow.

They both looks in front. The sun is setting. They looks at sun set, standing in the opening of the cave on the mountain. They keep looking.

Richand Mansion

Akash is waiting at the mandap. People are coming and greeting him. Tara is sitting at the bar. She has a drink in her hand but her eyes are over Akash. She is observing him. Vani appears at the staircase. Lakshya is with her. He takes her down, Akash looks at them, smiling. Lakshya comes to the dais and handover Vani’s hand at Akash’s. Akash helps her getting up. The marriage starts. Tara keeps looking at it, and to her phone. One by one the rituals are getting complete. Tara keeps looking at her phone. The marriage is almost complete. A call comes on her phone. She smiles, drinks her drink and goes inside a room.

Tara- Hello. Give me some good news.

–  Ma’am, we have cross checked everything. The boy didn’t lie about anything. But we didn’t get any other information about him either.

Tara breaks the phone in anger. Akash can see her through little open of her room’s door from the dais. He smiles. He thinks –  You thought you can win that easily. Just like you have erased all the proof of your crimes, I have erased everything about me. You will never find out everything about me.

The priest asks him to tie nuptial chain to Vani. Ajash takes it. He looks at Vani and smiles. Vani smiles back. Tara sees everything from the room. Akash ties the nuptial chain. The priest declares the marriage is complete. Everyone claps. Tara shuts the door. Lakshya comes and hugs Vani.

Lakshya- Are you happy now sis?

Vani nods. Lakshya goes and hugs Akash.

Lakshya- Keep my sis happy, ok?

Akash- Of course. You won’t hear any complain.

Lakshya looks around and says – Where is bua?

Everyone look around. A voice comes- I am here. Everyone sees Tara standing. She comes to the couple. Tara hugs Vani. She looks at Akash. – Welcome to the family. They both look on.

Next ep- Rehan is driving a bus on hillside road. It is out of control. Ruhi comes at edge and sees the bus from upper road. She screams REHAN.

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  1. The story is getting more interesting now… Specially episode 17 & 18???… Suspence and romance, a great combo carried with so much ease… You r doing very good… Excited for the next episode… Wondering what’ll happen after Vani-Akash wedding ???… Loving the intelligence of Akash… Looking forward…?

    1. Enoughshanti

      Thank you dear. Even I am wondering what will happen after Vani-Akash wedding ??. But a lot of drama is coming for Ruhi and Rehan. Not every secret is unveiled. Stay tuned.

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