Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep11

Ruhi is in her class. Someone calls her. Her phone is in silent mode. She doesn’t notice. She looks for Rehan but he isn’t inside class. The professor asks Ruhi some question but she doesn’t hear. Sophia pushes her and asks her to stand up. Ruhi notices professor this time. She stands up. The professor asks her again. Ruhi is about to give her answer but stops noticing Rehan at the door. He is holding a carton. She sees some paper inside it. The professor scolds Ruhi to answer but Ruhi doesn’t pay attention. The professor is about to scold her again but bell rings.  Ruhi comes out with everyone. She looks the way Rehan has gone.  Sophia comes beside her.

Sophia- Hey, you ok?

Ruhi- Uh?  Oh yeah I am fine. Just tensed about the play.  The problem in the pole is still not fixed. We still don’t have power. I don’t know how the play will go on. Special effects, sound system and all the other things, you know. You go to the auditorium and recheck everything. If the power comes back even in the last moment, things shouldn’t get wrong.  I will go and see if any alternative things could be done.

Sophia-  Ok.

Sophia leaves. Ruhi goes to the way Rehan has gone. She come to a room full of many machines, it seems like a lab which haven’t been used for a long time. Someone calls her again. She notices this time. She picks the call.

Ruhi- I’m kinda busy right now. I will talk later.

Ruhi cuts the call. While doing so her notes falls from her hand. She gets down to pick them. Someone also starts picking with her. Their hands touch. Ruhi notices the existence of the other person. She looks up, it’s Rehan.  They looks at each other. Romantic song plays in the back.

They both moves their hands. Ruhi stands up. Rehan picks all the notes. He stands up too and gives Ruhi the papers.

Rehan- Here you go.

Ruhi takes the notes.

Ruhi- What are you doing here?

Rehan- The question is what are you doing here?

Ruhi- I was..  One second. I asked first. You tell me what are you doing here. You are supposed to be in the hallroom. We might need you there.

Rehan- Actually I was trying to sort out the problem here.

Rehan moves and points towards a table.  Ruhi goes towards it. There is a machine on the table. Beside it is the cardboard box she saw.  She looks over it, there are wires, tools, and other electronic things, but no paper. Ruhi turns and looks the whole room but doesn’t see any paper. She looks at Rehan with a question look.

Rehan- It’s a generator I made.  I’m trying to fix it properly in case the power doesn’t get back.

Ruhi still looks doubtfully.

Rehan- Don’t worry. I know these things and trust me.  This is a good back up plan.

Ruhi starts helping Rehan.

Richand Mansion

Vani is sitting alone with sulk face. Lakshya comes and notice this. Lakshys taps on her head from behind.

Lakshya- Hey sis, what’s up?

Vani looks at him but doesn’t reply. She again looks front.  Lakshya comes in front of her and sits beside her.

Lakshya- What’s wrong?  Why are you upset?

Vani looks different way

Vani- I’m fine. I’m not interested in talking right now. Just leave me alone.

Lakshya- Vani tell me what’s wrong.

Vani- Don’t push it. I’m ok.

Lakshya- Vani I know you, ok? Recent days a lot of things happened but you still were happy. And now when everything is OK you are upset!  Something definitely happened. Tell me.

Vani tries to control herself but couldn’t and breaks down. She tells Lakshya about Akash’s reaction towards her and what he said to her last day. Lakshya fumes in anger and stands up and moves a little forward and says

-What! Anf you are saying this to me now! How dare he talk like that? I will make him pay for it.

Vani looks shocked and looks at Lakshya and hurriedly says

–  No no,  don’t do anything. He was right. I couldn’t able to do what he asked. He has the right to behave that way. It was all my fault.

Lakshya gets confused. He turns and looks at Vani. He goes to her and sits in front her.

Lakshya- Vani what’s wrong? You never used to behave this way. Back in london, if someone even raise there voice at you,  you used came to me and asked me to give that person a tight lesson. And now….  Hey look at me. Look at me.

Vani looks at him.

Lakshya- Now tell me. What’s in your heart?

Vani looks on.

Jai is tensed. The power is still not back. And the play is about to start. All the audience has taken there place. Everyone has managed to take make up. But Jai has started to think the act won’t be able to happen. He goes to the green room. Everyone is ready. They look at Jai. Jai’s assistant comes to him and informs him that the work in the pole is still going on and no chance of the power to come back in two hours at least. Jai thinks he have to go on stage and tell everyone that due to technical issues the play won’t happen tonight. Jai starts to go at the stage with a heavy heart. Suddenly Ruhi and Rehan enter the green room running. Rehan goes to backstage. Ruhi stops infront of Jai

– Jai, trust us. Go to the stage and announce the play. We have a plan.

Ruhi rushes behind Rehan. Jai looks at everyone. He tries to smile poorly but couldn’t. He goes to the stage with mike, still have no idea if it would even work. He comes in the middle stage and suddenly light fall over him. He gets surprised, then smiles and starts announcing the play. At the back stage Ruhi looks on at the stage.  She sees the lights and mike working. She hears the claps of the audience. She sighs of relief and looks at Rehan. She goes to him.

Ruhi- You know for a second I thought it won’t work!

Rehan looks at Ruhi from his generator. He smiles.

Rehan- The thing is Ms. Ruhi, I do know my work.  Now help me out. Our team has still not came. It’s up to you and me.

Ruhi- Oh, sorry.

Ruhi comes to another board.  The play has already started in the stage. Ruhi and Rehan both are managing the sounds and lighting. Ruhi looks at Rehan while her hand is over a switch.

Ruhi- We have to be careful. Now the dance performance of the hero and heroin would happen. After that horror part will start. That’s routine work. Everyone will be back by then. We will manage. But this is the most critical part.  Press that button.

Ruhi points to a button.  Rehan presses it. Ruhi keeps her eyes on the stage and manages the lights. The song is going on, the couple are dancing on stage. Ruhi is giving Rehan instructions, he is following it. Ruhi’s team has got stuck in the green room where the back dancers are entering at stage.  While changing the lights without noticing Ruhi and Rehan gets stuck.  Both of there hands are at the opposite side of them.  They have come close.  They tries to move but couldn’t. They look at each other eyes and the bright light on stage flashes over there faces. The music goes on.  Ruhi looks at the stage. Another light have to change. She tries to reach to the switch. She manages to push it just in time but falls over Rehan. The lighting in the stage changes to a light purple color.  Ruhi and Rehan have an eye lock. Behind them the stage back side is seen, a light purple color.  The song is at the ending moment. Ruhi fastly sits up.  She pushes another switch.  The stage slowly gets dark.  Ruhi’s team manages to reach.  Ruhi signals them.  Everyone takes there possitions. The play goes on. Everyone gets to work.  Ruhi looks at Rehan.  He is working. Ruhi looks at stage. Rehan looks at her.

Akash is at home.  The door bell rings. He opens the gates and gets surprised. It’s Lakshya and Vani. Vani waves at her and smiles.

Lakshya- Won’t you ask to come inside?

Akash comes back to sense and signal them to enter. Both of them enters the house and starts looking arround. Akash closes the gates and looks at the empty walls.  He says in heart- Thank god I brought down those pictures of us, Arohi di and Deep bhai’s that day while packing bags and never put them in again.  Otherwise I would have been gone for sure by now.

He looks at them and asks them to take seat. He sits in front of them.

Akash- How did you find my house?

Vani looks at Lakshya. Lakshya looks back.  He looks at Akash.

– You know Akash,  I work in police. It’s not a big deal to find out these informations.

Akash gives a smile in reply and thinks in heart- If that was true than me and Ruhi would have been long dead.  Tara would have found us long ago.  You don’t even have the ability of Virat and you think you can find me that easily. Obviously Vani followed me yesterday. The only reason that you found me and Tara couldn’t is called COINCIDENCE.

But he say to him

Akash- That’s true. But can you tell me, what can I do for you guys?

Vani smiles and hides eye contact from Akash.  She looks at another direction. Akash gets puzzled. Lakshya looks at Vani and then turns to Akash.

Lakshya- Akash, I will try to be straight forward. I am Lakashya Richand and this is my twin sis Vani Raichand. I can never see her in tears and I can do anything for her happiness.

Akash says in heart- Typical Richand brothers. Just like the way Virat protected Tara his whole life for nothing.

He says- I actually didn’t get you. What are you trying to say?

Lakshya- What I am saying is I am here with a proposal.

Akash- A proposal?

Lakshya- A marriage proposal for you with Vani.

Akash is shocked. He couldn’t respond.  Vani smiles shyly. Lakshya goes on.

Lakshya- We came to India three days ago. My sis saw you and she has fallen for you, and as I have says I can do anything for her happiness. And I took informations about you. I found out that you are just like me.  You have a sister whom you love dearly. I too love my sis.  So I hope you can understand my feelings.

Akash comes in senses. He says in heart- Now the trouble starts.

Lakshya- Well, even we lost our parents when we were young. But we have a bua, Tara Richand. I haven’t still speak to her about this. I came here straightly after talking with Vani.  I will talk to her once we get back and send you an official proposal.

Akash says in heart- keep calm Akash. You have to handle this gently.

Akash- Aren’t we going too fast? I mean first let me take some time after that you can inform her.  I mean we should not..

Lakshya stands up.  Akash stands up to, not able to understand where things were going. Lakshya takes Akash in a side. He places his hand over Akash’s shoulder.

Lakshya- I know it comes to you as a shock, I totally understand. Take your time. But remember I can’t see tears in Vani’s eyes. So the answer should be yes.  And I still haven’t write the report of that robbery and murder case.  But I have to write it fast. You understand, right?

Akash says in heart- I am doomed.

He smiles at Lakshya. Lakshya smiles back.  He turns to Vani.

Lakshya- Let’s go Vani.  We should give him some time. (looking at Akash) Remember.

He and Vani leaves. Vani again waves at Akash before going. Akash falls on sofa.

The play has end. Ruhi’s team shouts with joy. Ruhi asks sunny

Ruhi- Why you guys were late?

Sunny- We thought the play will not happen. So we were sad and sitting other side of the college. We heard Jai’s announce and understood that play would go on. But we got stuck in middle. Sorry.

Ruhi is about to say something. But Jai come in between. He is way too much happy. He says- ‘guys mission successful. The trip is on.’ Everyone screams in joy. Ruhi’s phone rings. She goes a little far from them.

– Hello.

–  Hello it’s confirmed. Rehan is Raj’s son.

Ruhi disconnects the phone.  She looks at Rehan.  She sees Rehan sneaking out of the place while everyone is chearing. She says in heart- ‘So my doubt was correct. You are son of Raj.’ she brings out some paper.  It has the details of Ruhi and other team members details with photo, she looks at the papers ‘ now I need to find out what is your intention.’ Ruhi looks on.  Fb shows while coming from the lab after Rehan leaves, Ruhi notices some papers hidden at a corner. She picks them out. Fb ends.

Ruhi, Rehan, Vani, Lakshya and Akash’s face is shown.

Next ep- Ruhi comes to house. He sees Akash burning a suitcase full of there pictures.

  1. nice update sisi….. pls update next episode fast

  2. Salley145

    So now it’s known that Rehan is Raj’s son.. oh no… Lakshya came with Vani’s proposal for Aakash… I hope Tara also dies before their marriage.. else everything would go wrong

  3. Enoughshanti

    I’m in a little confusion. Rehan and Ruhi is supposed to go on a trip with the rest of the crew of the play from next ep. There they will have some romantic moments and some secrets will open. But I’m unable to choose the name of the place. I prefer some place with hills, caves, where you can go camping. I am not from India. So, can anybody suggest me any place, please?

  4. Hi… I read all the episodes of ur ff and I’ve become a fan of ur writings… The way u express every character’s emotion through letters, it’s just a joy to read… I was really overwhelmed and proud to see such an ff which can answer all our questions that were left unanswered in IMMJ…???Good wishes and plz continue doing this…

    [I am also from Bangladesh (Ctg), just like you… And I would suggest ‘Coorg’ for the trip… U can Google that and get the pictures]

    1. Enoughshanti

      Thanks very much. I will try to keep up the good work.

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