Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep 7

Ruhi is preparing for going to college. Akash is also getting ready.

Ruhi- Where are you going?

Akash- You were right last night. It’s high time I need to find those answer. Cause if Tara catches me someday, I better be prepared.

Ruhi- You always talk like she is sure going to find us! I mean she doesn’t know about us. There is a slim chance of her to catch us. Very soon we will have the money and move from here. You worry for no reason.

Akash says in heart- I wish I could tell you Tara knows about us and she is in search of us. Your father made sure of that. Only thing Tara doesn’t know is that we look like Aarohi di and Abhimanyu.

Ruhi- What are you thinking so much?

Akash-Uh? Nothing.

Ruhi- Akash bhaiya, can I ask you something?

Akash- Hm.

Ruhi- Do I have any brother or sister? I mean does Dad have any other child than me?

Akash- No. Your father married thrice but has only one kid, and that is you.

Ruhi- Are you sure? I mean if there is any, who could say, some day if anyone come and start taking revenge, we should know. That’s why I was asking.

Akash- That’s why, after your parents died the first thing I did was to find about every details about your father’s life. Your mom whenever tried to move on, each time a secret of your father’s past used to come in between. I didn’t want to take any risk. That’s why I found out about him from birth to death. You are his only child.

Ruhi- Hmm.

Akash- And that’s why I am going to find those answers. Cause in this game whoever knows more secret, that person stays ahead.

Ruhi- It’s a game?

Akash- That’s what your parents used to say.

Ruhi- Anyway,  I am going. Otherwise I will miss my class. And good luck with finding those answers. Bye

Akash- Bye.

Richand Mansion

Tara- So, are you ready for first day?

Lakshya- Yes bua.

Tara- I have some work. I will come back at night. I will hear your experience than. Bye.

Lakshya- bye.

Tara leaves. Lakshya comes to Vani. She is getting ready.

Vani- You are looking handsome in this uniform.

Lakshya- Thanks.

Vani- But you would have looked more handsome in London police dress.

Lakshya- Vani, not again.

Vani- Why did you decide to come here. We were fine there.

Lakshya- Vani, you know tge reason. Bua wanted to settle here.

Vani- Than bua could come herself. Why did we move? Bua never used to stay with us. We don’t even know where she was in these past years. She didn’t came to meet us when mom and dad died. We was in boarding. We grew up ourselves and one day she suddenly appears and took us here. Didcwe really had to come?

Lakshya- Vani, it’s just not about bua. I myself wanted to come here. I want to do this for dad. I know you are not happy but we just got here. You take some times. You will like it here.

Vani- That’s what I am trying to do. I am going to sight seeing.

Lakshya- Great. I will tell the driver to take you to…

Vani- hold on. I am not planning to visit important places here. I just wanna explore the area. I’m going to drive myself. Don’t worry I will be fine, and you will be fine too.

Vani leaves.

Ruhi comes to auditorium. Everyone of her team is working. But Rehan is not there. Ruhi’s eyes searches him. She says in heart, I will find out the truth behind your face soon Rehan.

Sophia- Hey you came. I was waiting for you.

Ruhi doesn’t answer. Sophia place her hand on her

Sophia- Ruhi, are you listening?

Ruhi- Ah?  Oh sophia, have you seen the new boy, Rehan?

Sophia- Oh, that’s why you are so distracted. You wanna know about Rehan, huh?

Ruhi- What? No. You are thinking wrong. He is a member in my team. We have a lot of light works, he has to do those. I am searching him so, I can tell him what needs to be done. If something is wrong, Jai will question me. Just tell me where he is.

Sophia- You know when people gives a lot of explanation for no reason, you s know something is wrong. Anyway, I saw him going to backstage.

Ruhi- You talk too much.

Ruhi goes to backstage. She enters a room. It’s dark. She walks slowly inside. She isn’t able to see anybody. See says – hello, anybody here?

She tries to move forward but her foot gets stuck somewhere and she is about the fall but someone holds her and a lot of lights glow. Rehan is holding her, they have an eye lock. Ishq mein marjawan plays..

Ruhi stands up.

Ruhi- What is this?  Why is there so much wire at the ground?

Rehan- I was checking all the lights.

Ruhi- I was calling, why weren’t you answering?

Rehan shows her a screwdriver.

Rehan- I was holding it in my mouth. So, I couldn’t answer. When I was going to answer you, i got busy to hold you..

Ruhi- ok, fine fine. Is all the lights ok? We have to ready the dais in two days.

Rehan- yeah, I’m trying. I believe I will complete it in time. But I guess I won’t be able to be as good as your previous member.

Ruhi- Who? Nihal? If you complete the work, you will be way better than him. He never did much work.

Rehan was about to say something but someone screams outside. They look at each other and rush ouside. A girl is crying and other are talking with her. They see Sophia. Ruhi goes to her.

Ruhi- Hey, what happened? Why is she crying?

Sophia- She is saying she saw something scary.

Rehan- What?

Sophia- She is not able to say what it is. She got scared big times. I think she saw a ghost.

Ruhi- Don’t be silly. It’s daytime. How could anyone see a ghost?

Rehan- You are saying one can see a ghost in night time?

Ruhi- Who can say?

Rehan- Don’t tell me you believe in ghosts.

Ruhi- Do you know the act for which is we are preparing, is based on a true story. A ghost story which happened in this college a lot of time ago.

Some people were hearing them. One of them interr her

– hey Ruhi, stop. We have to stay late tomorrow night to complete our work. Don’t tell any ghost stories or we won’t able to work tomorrow night. Let’s go every body, back to work.

The girl who was crying has left the place. Everyone gets busy in working.

Akash is going to Abhimanyu’s house he has been in his slum. He has get to know that his mother, whom he thought his mother, wasn’t his biological mother. She had brought him from somewhere. But nobody knows from where. He had visited the village where abhimanyu and his mother used to stay but there he couldn’t find any information. Nobody lives there now. Now he is going to the house which used be there house, but wasu illegally takes it over.  It stays empty now, no-one stays there. Akash comes to a window. It was open. He enters in the house. Furnitures are covered in white clothes, there is a lot of dust. Akash searches everywhere. He comes to the store room. A lot of things are kept there. He finds something there, it’s a diary. He starts reading it. Someone comes from behind and is about to tap him in his shoulder. Akash turns and holds the person’s hand. He gets shocked to see the person. It’s Vani.

Vani- Hey, can you let the hand go.

Akash leaves her hand. He is surprised.

Vani- Thanks. Do you remember me. We met yesterday at the mall. There was a thief…

Akash stops her. – I remember you. What are you doing here.

Vani- Oh, I was passing by and

Fb shows Vani stops her car. She sees Akash going inside of the house. She comes out. And follows Akash. Fb ends.

Vani- I got curious. I mean I saw you enter this house this way, it’s just weird. I mean you obviously aren’t here to steal, I can tell that from yesterday’s incident.

Akash- You shouldn’t judge a person just by one meeting.

Vani- I am Vani.

Vani extends her hand. Akash stays silent.

Vani- if someone says there name the other person should also say the name.

Akash handshakes her. – I am Akash.

Next ep- Akash is in Vani’s car.  Someone is chasing them in a car. Ruhi, Rehan and others are working at night in the college. Suddenly the light goes of. The doors and windows start closing and opening. Someone starts laughing.

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