Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep 4

Aanjali is sitting alone in her room. Virat comes there.

Virat- Are you Ok?  I am noticing you are distracted since the wedding.

Aanjali- Nothing. I am fine.

Virat- Did something happen between you and Tara?

Aanjali- No,  of course not. It’s nothing.

Virat- Even it’s anything than don’t start the bhabi-nanad drama right now. I have to take care of Deep now.  He seems to have vanished. Wait, he did reach there but have no information about getting out of Shimla.  Yet,  we are not able to find it.

Aanjali- What are you trying to say?

Virat- I think I know where he is. Wait a minute.

Virat calls the hitman.

– Hey listen,  I am sending you the lists of hideout and safehouse’s of Deep, mine and Tara.  Check those out. I am sure he is in one of those.

Aanjali is scared by hearing safe house. She tried to stay calm and says – Why do you think he will be there?

Virat- That’s obvious. He is in Shimla but nobody is able to find him. His phone is out of reach,  we can’t even track it. He is obviously hiding.  But he is not in a state that he would manage a new safe house or hideout. He is gonna use the old ones. I have all the hideout details. He will get caught in no times. Come on. We will leave now. I believe by the time we will reach there, we will get his news and will find out what his plan is.

Aanjali looks on tensed.

Aarohi comes to Deep and sits beside him.

Deep- Aarohi, I want to say something.  I’m..  I’m sorry. I know there isn’t any forgiveness of…

Aarohi: Don’t Deep. Please don’t. I am not stupid. I know what people think. I know they think I am mad,  forgot my memories.  But neither did I loose my memory nor I am mad.  I remember everything.

Deep- Aarohi I….

Aarohi- Deep,  it’s just I realized the truth. The truth that we love each other so much that nobody ever could love. But love isn’t enough sometimes. We two are pole apart.  We raised up in different situations. We faced different types of trouble. Our natures are different, so is our thoughts about love.

For me love is stay together with trust and believe in every point of life.  We will celebrate our good moments together,  we will fight our bad times together.  But for you the meaning of love is different.

I get it.  You raised up in a circle of criminals, cruel people. You have seen torture and death your whole life. That’s why for you love means to make sure your love stays alive in any way,  by hook or by crook.  That’s why you always used say to me to go away from you. That’s not because you don’t love me.  That is the truth of your love. You were always trying to make me safe,  you were taking the hit of all the troubles and keeping me safe,  your own way of loving me,  and I always thought you are breaking my trust.

It’s just we never understood each other completely. When I realized this, I had no more complain against you. I have no doubt or hate for you. I just love you.  If you decide to go away tomorrow, again to Tara,  I won’t mind. If you deceive me again I don’t care. I only care about Ruhi snd this moment.

Aarohi looks at Deep.  Deep looks at Aarohi. Deeps eyes says thak you. Romantic song is playing in the background. They look forward. The sun is setting. Aarohi keeps her head on Deep’s shoulder. The sky is read. Akash and Ruhi are playing in the middle. Aarohi and Deep are sitting at the back in the bench. The sun is setting down.


Someone is watching Aarohi and Deep from behind the trees.  It’s the hitman. He had gone to one of Viratvs hideout,  there he got the adress of this safe house of Aanjali’s. He is surprised to find Deep at Aanjali’s safe house. But he is more surprised to see Aarohi there. He didn’t saw Ruhi or Akash because of the brunches. He calls Virat.

Virat,  Aanjali and Tara is at the hotel room. All of them are waiting for the phone.  The phone rings. Tara picks it. She hears

– Sir, I found Deep at Aanjali ma’am’s safe house….

Tara is shocked and looks at Aanjali. Aanjali is looking at Tara worriedly. Tara is about to say something but Virat tries to take the phone and it fall from there hands at the table and the speaker is on.  Three of them heard clearly.

– Sir, you didn’t tell me Tara ma’am will also be here.

Virat, Aanjali, Tara all are shocked.

Virat- What?

– Yes. She is infront of me sitting with Deep.

Virat looks at Tara and Aanjali. Then he looks at the phone.

Virat- Stay right there  and keep an eye on them.  We are coming.

Aanjali jumped from her place and than says text the place on my number.

Than she disconnects the call and takes the car keys. All of them gets out of the room.

The hitman thought, it’s Aanjali ma’am’s safe house. Why did she asked for the location?  Anyway, I would just do my job.  He sends the location and again start to watching them.

It’s evening time.  Akash takes Ruhi inside.  This time the hitman manages to notice Akash. He tries to watch more closely. Akash leaves Ruhi to Kia and says that she is going out for the evening walk.  Deep and Aarohi are still at the background.  Akash gets out of the house  and starts walking. When he came at the backside of the house by road,  he notices the hitman. Akash goes to check out on him. But hearing his footsteps he notices Akash, and immediately recognize that he saw him a little earlier infront of Deep and Tara.  He said to himself, if this boy tells Tara ma’am I am keeping an eye on them,  she will definitely kill me. Virat sir has trapped me for big time.  I better run.

The hitman start running. Akash follows him.  He caught him at the highway.

Akash- What were you doing there?

Hitman- I wasn’t doing anything. Trust me. It’s Virat sir,  he told me to keep an eye on Deep.  I didn’t know Tara ma’am will be there. Please don’t tell her.

Akash- What? What did you tell Virat?

Hitman- I just gave him the location, nothing else.  Let me go.

He pushes Akash and tries to cross Roads, Akash fall on one side of the road.  While crossing, the hitman looks behind to see Akash, suddenly a truck hits him. He dies. Akash stays sitting down there for sometimes. Than he remembers his last words.

– He sent the location.

He tells to himself. He stands up and starts running back realizing everyone back home is in danger.

Virat, Tara,  Aanjali reached the place.

Tara- Aarohi,  it got to be that Aarohi.  After all this time she again came back to snitch my Deep from me.  I will kill her myself.

Virat- Why isn’t he picking up the phone. I asked him to stay here and keep an eye on them.  Forget it.  Let’s go inside.

They go inside of the house.  Inside Kia is playing hide and seek with Ruhi. Ruhi has hide and Kiya is looking for her.  She finds that Ruhi is inside the closest. She is about to open it but stops, cause Tara, Virat and Aanjali has come inside of the room.  Kiya stands before the closest.

Virat- Kiya,  right?  I never got to really meet you.

Kiya- Who are you?  What do you want?

Virat- You don’t know us?  That can’t be possible.  At least you know these two girls. They looks like your sister. Doesn’t they? But the problem is none of them are your sister. That’s why we are here to meet your sister. Call her.

Kiya- There is nobody  here.

Virat brings out his gun.

Virat- Oh, really?

He points at a photo frame.  It is Aarohi and Kiya’s. Kiya looks at Aanjali.

Virat- Tell me where is she?

Suddenly a gun fire is heard and Kiya falls down. Virat and Tara looks surprised. Anjali has shot her.

Tara- Why did you shot her? How will you know where is Deep and Aarohi.

Aanjali sits beside Kiya and check her.  She is dead. She gets up and says

– Don’t forget, this girl was trained by Deep. She would have never told us the truth.  If there is anybody in the house,  that person should come running here.  But nobody came.  They are not here. Let’s go.

Aanjali leaves the room.  Virat and Tara looks at each other and follow her. After getting out of the house Tara said- wait, before we leave,  I will set this place in fire. If anyone is inside he would have to get out or burn inside.

Tara goes goes to the car and brings kerosene and matches. Soon she set the place on fire.  The house starts burning. They leaves the place.  Akash is running. He suddenly notices Tara and others and hides behind a tree. He hears that Virat is saying, I asked him to stay here.  Now I found only his phone. Where did he go?

Tara- Maybe he went inside this jungle. Aarohi and Deep might have gone this way and he followed them forgetting his phone. Virat- Tara,  I think you are right.  Let’s go this way.

They go inside the jungle. Akash thinks they didn’t find the house. They are safe.  But not for long.  I have to warn them. He goes to the house and sees the whole house on fire and screamed NO.  He breaks down and sits in ground.

In the Jungle, Aarohi,  Deep and Ruhi is staring at yhe burning house.  Deep and Aarohi looks at each other. Fb shows At the back of the house Aarohi and Deep had fallen asleep. By hearing the gun they woke up.

Aarohi- What was that?

Deep- I think it’s a gun.

Aarohi- What are you saying? Who would fire a gun here?

Deep- let’s go inside.

They hurriedly went inside. Suddenly Deep pulled Aarohi to a corner. Tara and others were leaving.  They missed to see them for a second.  After they left, they entered inside and see Kiya. Aarohi was falling down,  Deep holds her. They heard a knock and found its coming from the closest. They open it and Ruhi was there.  Arohi hug her crying, Deep hug both of them. Suddenly he got the smell of burning and understood the matter. He took them outside by back door. Fb ends.

Deep- I don’t understand. Who did this?

Somebody says from behind- Virat,  Tara and Aanjali. It’s Akash. Ruhi hugs Akash and starts crying. Deep and Aarohi looks puzzled. Akash describes what he has seen and known this evening.

Deep- How did you find us?

Akash- First I thought I am late.  Then I remember they were still trying to find you to. So I figured you would be here. But they are also here. We should leave.

Deep- It won’t be easy to leav. They will notice. Aarohi,  I will distract them.  You leave with Ruhi and Akash.

Aarohi- No,  I won’t leave you here.

Deep- Aarohi try to understand the situation…..

Aarohi- No,  you try to understand.  They know about me. After getting you they will come for me.  We all will get caught.  There is only one way.  We have to face it together.

Deep- I can’t…

Aarohi- Deep, I know how do you think. But this ain’t about us. It’s about Ruhi and Akash. They don’t know about them. We have to secure them and you know it’s the only way.

Deep and Aarohi looks at each other for sometimes. Suddenly footsteps and voices are heard. They are searching every corner. Deep hurriedly gives Akash a card and says,  as soon as they cornered us,  you will leave from here with Ruhi ok.

Aarohi hugs  ans kisses Ruhi.  She isn’t understanding anything. Akash is trying to control himself but his tears are seen.

Aarohi- Akash,  promise me you will protect Ruhi always.

Akash- I will.

Than he hugS Aarohi crying.  The voices come close. Deep takes Aarohi’s hand.  They both looks back at them and then look at each other.  Then runs the opposite direction. Footsteps and the voices stops for a moment and the next follow them.  Ruhi tries to run behind them. But Akash holds her.

Next ep- Tara is saying to Deep’s picture.  I will find them at any cost. A girl is showing getting ready.

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