Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep 32

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Sorry for the late update.

Ruhi is in her room, sitting in front of mirror, thinking about how Tara kidnapped her and put her inside the water tank. Rehan comes from behind and hugs her. Ruhi closes her eyes.
Rehan- Are you OK?
Ruhi- I’m fine as long as I am with you.
Rehan comes in front of her and sits down before her. He forwards his hand towards her. Ruhi holds it. Rehan makes her stands up and places his other hand over her eyes.
Ruhi- Rehan… …
Rehan- shhhh. Come.
Rehan takes Ruhi downstairs, in the hall. Rehan removes his hand, Ruhi opens her eyes but finds the room dark. She gets a little scared and tries to find Rehan.
Ruhi- Rehan? Re…
Suddenly light gets on. Ruhi gets surprised. Rehan, Akash, Vani and Lakshya all of them are there. Akash is bringing a cake. Rehan comes close to her and whispers in her ears – happy birthday Ruhi. Then he says normally
Rehan- It’s exactly like you wanted. With everyone, and it’s not even 12 yet. Are you happy?
Happiness can be seen on her face, she looks at Rehan and nods. Akash brings the cake in front of Ruhi and smiles. Ruhi looks at everyone and closes her eyes and wishes something and then blows the candles. Then she cuts the cake. Akash looks happy, Vani is trying to put on a happy face but Lakshya face says he is not happy at all and irritated. Ruhi makes everyone eat the cake. Rehan and Akash also feeds Ruhi.
Lakshya- Are you guys done? Can I go now? I thought I have been called for something important but I was wrong.
Lakshya turns to leave but Akash stops him.
Akash- When you have came then stay for sometime more.
Lakshya turns- And why should I? Is there more of your drama?
Akash- Because I called you all here tonight and it’s not for this birthday celebration.
Everyone has sit down on sofa and looking at Akash.
Akash- I know right now none of us is interested to watch each other faces. But still we are all connected through one thing, Tara. That’s why I called everyone. I got a lead on Tara.
Everyone suddenly seems shocked a little bit hearing this and looks at each other.
Lakshya- What sort of lead?
Akash- Tonight, Tara didn’t came here for taking any revenge on us or with any intention of ruining the party.
Rehan- She tried to kill Ruhi and took her place in the party.
Akash- But that was not her main intention, in fact it was a diversion. She came here for some other purpose. When I bumped into her, something had fallen from her hand.
Akash holds a locket before everyone.
Akash- She had came for this.
Lakshya takes it and tries to analysis it.
Lakshya- What so special about this? I mean Tara knew we are planning to trap her, right?
Akash- Yeah, she knew it very well. But this is pretty important for her right now and that’s why she took this risk.
Vani- What is it actually?
Akash- It’s a clue.
Ruhi- Clue of what?
Akash- I think you all know how Deep had deceived Aarohi di many times. Last time he had played a big game and earned a lot of money deceiving her and flew away with Tara. Actually both of them planned the whole thing while Virat was pulling the string from behind. And all of this drama started when Aarohi di had put Deep in jail for murder. Deep knew very well that if he starts earning money through these wrong ways, CBI won’t spare him and he needed some time. So in order to make CBI and others confused he had spread a rumor that something very big and destructive thing is gonna happen in the city. As this rumor spread, CBI decided to first find out the details before apprehending Deep. In the meantime Deep keep doing whatever he wants to do. He started his drama with Mr. X. Technically it was him who was Mr. X but he had brought Raj to play the role of Mr. X. Raj played along as Deep said while hiding from Deep he conspired with Tara against Deep. But there was another truth. Raj was a CBI officer and he was sent to find out what is Deep’s truth. Raj tried his best but ultimately died. But just before that he passed his secret and main mission to Aarohi di. Aarohi di joined CBI and tried to find out what is Deep actually wanna do but she couldn’t figure it out until the climax. Even Netra came for same reason, she had even got to know the truth that it was all rumors about something big happening in the city and Deep only wanted to make money and flew away. But before she could tell anybody, Deep killed her.
Lakshya- But how is these two things connected?
Akash- As you know that Tara had killed everyone close to them in past years in order to hide her identity. But not everyone has forget her. Tara and Deep, specially Deep is well known among criminals, underworld, mafia’s. They knows these stories of Deep’s betrayals. And there is a myth about him among them.
Ruhi- Myth?
Akash- They believes that it was not a rumor, Deep indeed had made some plans of destruction. Cause just with some rumors he couldn’t make CBI fool. So he had made some plans, blue prints and hide them somewhere and played hide and seek with those information with CBI. And as Deep’s every plan is always perfect, these destructive plans must be perfect and if these plans, blue prints gets on the wrong hand, the whole city, who knows maybe the country will be in danger.
Vani- But it was a myth.
Akash- Until now. Tara is the only person who knew each and every plan of Deep. Except for this one. No one knows where Deep had hide those plans, not even Tara. She only knows how to reach to the plans. And this locket is a clue of where those plans are hidden. We have ousted Tara from the house. So she is after those plans now. She wants to find those plans and possibly wanna sell them for good price.
Rehan- So, that means everyone is in danger. And before she gets her hand on those plans, we have to stop her.
Akash- Exactly.
Ruhi- Just like Tara murdered each people close to her in last 20 years in order to hide every information, you have worked hard to know every secret of them in theses years. Don’t you know where are those plans are hidden?
Akash- No, as I told you, it was a myth for everyone. I never believed in it. But after this locket, I know for sure it was no myth but truth. Deep indeed made some destructive plans and have hide them somewhere.
Lakshya- Then I will stop Tara before she puts everyone in danger.
Akash- I would also like to stop her.
Vani- Me too.
Rehan- I won’t stop until I put her in jail. That’s my duty as a CBI officer.
Ruhi stands up.
Ruhi- My dad has started this game. And now I will finish it.
Akash- Looks like we are all stuck with each other. And we have to do it together.
Akash forwards his hand. First Rehan gives his hand then Ruhi. Then Vani comes forwards and puts her hand. Then Lakshya keeps his hand. Ishq mein Marjawan plays. Tara’s face is shown.
Next ep- Vani says to Akash the lawyer has called. Their divorce will be done very soon.

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  1. Nice try… You have put some sense into some non-sensical incidents… Again I am surprised at your way of doing it so smoothly…😊

    1. Enoughshanti

      Kahaka smoothly! I wanted to give the details of clue on the locket. There was a locet drama on the show ever since Raj entered if I remember correctly, and the mistry of the locket was pretty confusing(to me). I wanted that locket to be the clue and from there I wanted to start a treasure hunt sort of thing. But I didn’t wanted to keep any loopholes and for that I had to revise the show. The thought scared me and I had to drop the idea and had to write down it simply. Earlier which was supposed to be a few eps drama, now it will finish in one. Spoiler- the plans will be found in the next part. To know by whom, stay tuned😉. But glad you still liked it. Thanks.

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