Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep 31

Sorry guys for the late update. I had to do some research for this episode so I took some extra time to write it. This is a special episode. I hope you all like it.
Rehan brings Vani in a room, Lakshya was already there.
Vani- Guys what’s going on?
Lakshya- Ask him, I was busy in my job, he forcefully brought me here.
Rehan- You know the reason Lakshya.
Vani- Well I don’t know anything, tell me first.
Lakshya- Tomorrow is Ruhi’s birthday, he wants to throw a party.
Vani looks at Rehan – Really!

Rehan- Not just a party, a surprise party.
Lakshya- You are the husband Rehan, you can plan anything for your wife, what are we supposed to do here?
Rehan- Come on man, we have been in so much trouble and pressure in last few days, now at least we get a chance to relax through this party. And don’t forget, even though step, you two are still Ruhi’s cousins.
Vani- Come on bro, it will be fun. And you know surprise parties are my favorites.
Lakshya goes to say something but stops as someone else has started talking. They all look at the person.
Ruhi- A surprise party? Are you guys planning for my birthday?

Ruhi comes inside.
Lakshya- Which is not a surprise anymore.
Rehan- Come on guys, even if she got to know that we are throwing a party, we could still plan a lots of surprises.
Vani smiles, Ruhi gives Rehan a look.
Ruhi- Really?
Rehan- Yeah I mean how hard could it be? I know giving surprise is kinda your and your brother’s department, but still I won’t be that bad. You will surely be surprised.
Vani- Count me in. What about you bro?
Lakshya doesn’t answer.

Vani- Bro?
Lakshya smiles.
Lakshya- You know if you are happy then I am OK with it.
Vani&Rehan- Yes.

Ruhi- But I am out.
Vani&Rehan- What!?
Lakshya- Well if the birthday girl doesn’t want anything, what can we do?
Lakshya stands to go but Vani stops him and signs to sit down. He sits down showing as if he doesn’t have any options.
Rehan- Why? What’s wrong?

Ruhi- Cause I remember clearly few days ago in the hospital some people were giving me a lot of knowledge of how to let things go, how to patch up with “people” and how important is that.
Rehan and Vani looks at each other.
Rehan&Vani- (to each other) you too? Seriously?
They realized Lakshya and Ruhi is looking at them. They fakes smile at them. Then again looks at ease other.
Rehan&Vani- You could have at least plan with me.

Both of them give each other a look. Then Vani hides her face behind a magazine and starts saying- Bro, this car looks amazing, should we gift it to Ruhi?
And Rehan coughs and looks at a different way, hiding eyes from Ruhi. Understanding the signal Vani holds the magazine correctly as she was holding it upside down earlier. Seeing these weird movements Ruhi and Lakshya are in a bit of shock.
Ruhi- Wait a sec, did you two formed a team or something against me, to patch me up with him?
Rehan coughs harder and drinks water. Vani smiles and tries to change the topic. So she asks Ruhi which car she would like. But by seeing Ruhi’s look both of them calms down and stays silent. By there silence Ruhi gets her answer and says- Are you two serious?

Lakshya- Will someone explain me what’s going on?
Everyone stays silent. Have no idea how to explain, what to explain.
Lakshya- Ok fine, don’t say anything. Ruhi you were saying something that why you don’t want to party.
Ruhi- Yes, as I wise saying that I think hardly about what I was told (she looks at harshly at Rehan and Vani but they are hiding eye contact) and decided to take the first step.
Rehan and Vani’s faces brighten up.
Ruhi- So, I will only join the party if everyone in it.

Both Rehan and Vani smiles looking at each other. Then Rehan looks at Ruhi and plays innocent.
Rehan- Well I knew you would say that, that’s why I brought everyone here. You have got everything you asked for already.
Ruhi- I meant everyone.
Rehan- That’s what I am saying, everyone is here.
Ruhi- You know who I am talking about.
Rehan smiles- No, I am not getting you. Who else do you want? Should I call Tara?
Ruhi- Rehan, you are so dead. You know I am talking about Akash bhaiya.
Rehan and Vani high fives.

Rehan- Oh, that! No problem he will also be there. After all we are all staying in the same house. Your problem solved.
Ruhi laughs a little villainously. Rehan and Vani seems puzzled.
Ruhi- Do you remember that Akash bhaiya said we are being childish if we think we can catch Tara that easily, that we don’t know her at all. Now I feel like saying that you guys are being childish if you think he would agree for a birthday party now, you don’t know him at all.
Vani- But he is your brother. He really cares for you. Why wouldn’t he want to celebrate your birthday?
Ruhi- He don’t have any problems with my birthday. In fact every year he tried his best to make my birthday special. It’s the party which he would not agree of. And if everyone does not participate as I said I won’t too.

Rehan- Calm down. We will request him. Vani, Vani will ask him. He will never disagree for anything if Vani asks.
Vani- Wait, what!?
Lakshya- What’s so wrong with him and birthday party?
Ruhi- Why don’t you all go and asks yourselves.
Rehan- Well, let’s go then.
Akash is in his room, sitting on his bed. Suddenly everyone comes inside his room and takes sit. Akash looks suspiciously at them.

Akash- Is everything okay? Why are you all in my room at this time.
Rehan- Let’s come to the point. I guess you remember tomorrow is Ruhi’s birthday.
Akash looks at Ruhi secretly, Ruhi looks at different direction.
Akash- So?
Rehan- Soo, we were planning a birthday party. I mean we have been so disturbed these days, it would be a good relaxing for us, A big birthday party and all… ..
Akash looks at everyone, they all looks at him.
Akash- What! Have you all lost it? You wanna throw a birthday party?
Ruhi smiles. Rehan and Vani looks at each other puzzled.
Vani- What’s wrong with a birthday party?
Akash- Nothing is wrong with birthday, it’s party which is the trouble. Have you guys forgot that Tara has still not got caught?
Rehan- Come on now, we can’t stops doing everything in our lives because of Tara. What this had to do with her?
Akash- Don’t you understand? All her works of years is ruined, everyone now knows about her, she is on the run. Whom do you think she is blaming it all? Us. And now if she knows that we are having a party, she will let us having it?
Lakshya- The police is already guarding our house, you are just freaking out. She can’t do anything.
Akash smiles- It’s Tara we are talking about. When she gets the news we are having Ruhi’s birthday party, she will not stop at anything to pay us a visit, to ruin the party.
Lakshya- Are you sure that Tara will show up?

Akash- Hundred percent.
Lakshya- Then we are having a party, no more discussion.
Lakshya stands up and calls his superior- Sir, I have a plan to catch Tara.
He goes out talking.
Akash- Someone make him understand, this is super risky.
Vani- No point of making him understand, he won’t listen. He won’t stop until he catches her. But why don’t you just forget about this. Even if Tara shows up the police will take care of her.
Rehan- Yeah, take guaranty from me. You just try to relax and enjoy the party.
Akash- (sounds frightened) that’s the problem. (he looks at Ruhi) I have this thing for a birthday party of this face in this house.
Vani- What do you mean?
Akash- I had joined two such parties in this house and both of them were horrified for me. One birthday was of Tara’s and the other was Aarohi di’s.
Vani- What had happened?
Akash looks at front as he goes down through memory lane.

Akash- First birthday was Tara’s, that time Aarohi di acted as Tara and celebrated it. But Tara came to ruin the party, to take revenge on Deep and Aarohi di. Deep had tight security so that she doesn’t come inside, but she came. I ran into her and before I could tell anyone she locked me in a room and then hanged me with rope from ceiling with Chakor di. Aarohi di and others came on time, otherwise I would have been dead that day.
Ruhi- You said she put RDX in the house that day. Why did you cut this part of the story?
Akash- I didn’t want to scare you by these stories.
Vani- And the next birthday? It was Aarohi’s as you said, did Tara showed up again?

Ruhi- I know this one. Tara didn’t showed up that day, my mom did.
Rehan- I didn’t get you, your mom, as in Aarohi. If it was her birthday then how come her showing up could be trouble?
Akash- Cause that was the first time she came with her new face in this house. I was staying quiet peacefully here for three months with Deep and Aarohi di, at least that’s what I thought. Little did I knew whom I was thinking to be Aarohi di was actually that psycho Tara all along.
Rehan- Let me get this clear. First it was Tara’s birthday and Aarohi, (looking at Ruhi) your mom celebrate it. Later it was your mom’s birthday and Tara celebrate it.
Ruhi- Yap.

Rehan- Have anyone ever celebrated their own birthday here?
Akash- Everyone have, except for those two party, where I was present. That’s why I am saying celebrating a birthday in a grand manner, where having Tara as a enemy is a total stupidity.
Vani- But it’s happening now, you heard your self. Lakshya plans to make it a trap for Tara. He won’t stop until he catches her.
Akash- This party won’t be any fun.
Everyone looks tense.
Ruhi is in her room, she is in tensions. Suddenly someone keeps hand on her eyes.
Ruhi- Rehan! I know it’s you.

Rehan moves his hand. Ruhi sees a beautiful dress in front of her.
Rehan- Do you like it?
Ruhi- It’s beautiful.
Rehan- I know you are tensed because of this whole Tara chapter. But don’t worry. I won’t let this special day of yours to get ruined.
Ruhi smiles and hugs Rehan.
Akash comes to the hall, it’s now decorated beautifully for birthday, people’s are everywhere. And a lots of them are police and CBI. Vani suddenly comes in front of Akash. She tries to pass him but every time they try, they take the same way and gets blocked by the other. Akash stops and gives her way to go. Vani passes him then stops and looks at him.
Vani- How is your shoulder, are you comfortable?

Akash- Yeah, I’m fine.
Vani nods and starts walking but stops as she notices he wants to say something.
Vani- Do you want to say anything?
Akash- Umm, you are looking good.
Vani smiles- Thanks.
Akash nods and goes. Vani looks at him going. Akash comes to Lakshya and Rehan, they are inside the party, talking about the security.
Akash- Everything OK?

Lakshya- Yeah, there is tight security so Tara doesn’t guess we are actually planning a trap.
Akash- I know her, she will be here. This security won’t stop her.
Rehan- But it’s enough not to raise her suspicious.
Lakshya- And she might tries to take Ruhi’s spot as they look alike, there are chances.
Rehan- So, we have make some questions as passwords. If we have a doubt we will ask her those questions. You remember them, right?
Akash- Yes, Vani?
Lakshya- She knows them too.
Akash- I don’t know. Maybe she’s already here.

Rehan- Don’t worry, most of the guests are CBI and police officer and they know the situation. Everyone is keeping there eyes open. If anything weird is going on then we will be informed.
Suddenly the lights gets dim and a spot light falls on stairs, Ruhi is standing there in her beautiful dress. She comes down. Rehan stands at the end and forwards his hand towards her. Compliments can be seen in his eyes. Ruhi holds his hand and comes down at the hall. Rehan makes her stands near him and says in her ears
Rehan- You are looking pretty today.

Ruhi smiles and answers- I think I look average.
Rehan smiles and takes her in the middle and announce
Rehan- Ladies are gentleman, the birthday girl.
Everyone claps and wishes Ruhi.
Ruhi says to Rehan- You don’t trust me today, do you?
Rehan- The moment I saw you, I knew it’s you. I never need anything to recognize you. I was saying the truth then, you are looking pretty.
Ruhi- Then why haven’t you wished me yet?
Rehan- Really?

Ruhi- (laughed in confusion) what?
Rehan- (smiles mysteriously) Keep patience. Patience has it’s reward.
Ruhi smiles and looks forward – Well, I’m waiting.
Rehan introduce guests to Ruhi. They are all wishing Ruhi and handing over gifts. Ruhi is receiving them. Suddenly Ruhi’s eyes goes on Akash, Rehan also notices. Akash is doing something on his phone. Suddenly Vani bumps into him looking at other way. Akash and Vani seems feeling awkward, Ruhi looks at Rehan, her feelings are clear on her face – “something needs to be done.” Rehan smiles and winks at her.

Rehan- (whispers in her ears) watch this.
Rehan takes a mike and announce- Ladies and gentlemen, till now this party is a little boring. So, spice things up a bit, my dear wife’s brother Akash and his wife Vani will now give us a performance. Ladies and gentlemen, Akash and Vani.
The spotlight falls on them, they were still on the place where they had bumped. They looks clueless. Everyone claps, they looks at each other. Rehan looks at Ruhi and says- Happy?
Ruhi smiles- You are the best.
Everyone looks forward. Akash and Vani dance on Hawayein song. Vani looks at Akash the whole time dancing. She starts imagining them dancing on Baarish song. Everyone claps, Vani comes to present. Akash was holding her, Vani looks around and leaves him and goes. Akash watches her going. Ruhi and Rehan comes and pushes him.
Ruhi- See, I won, I told Akash bhaiya is the best dancer.

Rehan- Don’t celebrate fast, I still haven’t performed.
Akash is still looking at the same way, as if he has not heard anything.
Ruhi and Rehan notice this, Rehan puts a hand around Akash
Rehan- But I think my brother-in-law is least interested in our challenge Ruhi, he seems to interested in more important things.
Ruhi tries to put up a serious face- Yeah, it seems so.
Akash looks at Ruhi and then at Rehan. Looking at his reaction Rehan moves his hand fast. Akash goes to leave but stops as he was going at the way Vani went, he turns to go different way but stops seeing Rehan and Ruhi standing there looking at him, smiling. He goes a different way. Rehan and Ruhi breaks into laughter and they high-five.

Ruhi- So, you think you dance better.
Rehan- Come on, you said that line without any planning. I had to say something for makeup. But, yeah I do dance well.
Ruhi- Have you seen me dancing, don’t think you are the best so fast.
Rehan- Well, I an not that lucky to see you dance yet. So how can I say who is the best. I just said I dance well. But I would like to find out who is the best.
Ruhi- I think you will get enough chances for that today.
Suddenly Rehan gets a call.
Rehan- Yeah Lakshya.

Rehan- Yeah, we are coming.
He cuts the call.
Ruhi- What happened?
Rehan- Come.
Rehan takes Ruhi from there. They comes at the control room, where CCTV footage is being checked. Lakshya, Akash and Vani are already there, they are looking something at the screens. When Ruhi and Rehan enters the room, they all look at them.
Lakshya- She’s here.
Ruhi & Rehan looks at each other. They comes hurriedly and looks at all the screens, but they are only party footage. Nothing unusual.

Ruhi- How did you know.
Akash- There have been attack on the previous guy who was checking footage.
Rehan- How is he?
Lakshya- He has been sent to hospital, we don’t have any information about him now. We are checking the footage if we could somehow spot her.
Ruhi- Have you got anything?
Vani- Nothing till now.

Rehan- (gently taps at the guy who is in the chair) Hey pause it.
He points at a footage. There is seen a big box in a gift wrapping.
Rehan- Don’t you think something is wrong?
Lakshya- Go backwards and play.
The guy does it. They sees some people in waiter dress, keeps the big box there and leaves. It stays there and nothing happens.
Lakshya- That quiet unusual. Hey listen (says to the guy) you take out the pictures of those people who has kept that box there and send them to our team and instruct them to find them. And keep checking the footage if anything is wrong or unusual or if you notice her.
-ok, sir.

Lakshya comes to others. They all come close.
Lakshya- What do you think about that box?
Rehan- Maybe she came inside using it? After all we did kept a tight security.
Akash- There are 50-50 chances. She came to one party this way.
Ruhi- This could be a diversion too.
Vani- We better check it out.
They all look at each other and leave. They comes to the place where the box is kept. Rehan and Lakshya scans the box with bomb detector. Then they open it. It is empty. They all looks puzzled. Akash sighs and looks at the others.
Akash- It’s her doing obviously, and it was a diversion. She has blend in the party now.
Akash looks at the people.
Akash- Now it’s hard to find her.

Ruhi- Now what do we do?
Lakshya- Now we need to wait for her first move, as soon as does something we will see her on the CCTV footage, it’s covering every inch tonight. And we will got her.
Akash- That won’t be that easy. She has already been in that CCTV room, she knows there are cameras. She won’t do any stupidity to come out open. Not when she will see us full alert.
Rehan- Then, we will make her think we are not.
Vani- What does that mean?
Rehan- We will act as if we lest care about her and totally enjoying the party.
Ruhi- And how is that possible?
Rehan- You remember the challenge we were talking about?

Ruhi smiles. Rehan smiles too. Everyone else looks puzzled.
Ruhi and Rehan dances on Ishq Mein Marjawan duet version inside the party, Akash and Vani joins them in the middle. Both the couples finish dancing. They looks at Lakshya, he hears something on his bluetooth earpiece and signals in negative. Then Ruhi and Rehan dances on Bekheyali. After finishing on that they looks at others but still nothing. Rehan comes close to others- Plan B.
Then music starts, The Jawaani Song, Rehan starts dancing. Soon Ruhi, Vani, Akash, Lakshya everyone joins. Everyone dances. The song ends.
Lakshya- I will go and check on that CCTV footage myself.
He leaves.
Akash- I’m gonna check that too.
Vani’s phone starts ringing. She takes the call and goes away. Ruhi and Rehan looks at each other. A waiter passes them. They takes drinks.
Ruhi- So, who wins?
Rehan- I, cause you slipped once.
Ruhi- No, I didn’t.
Rehan- Yes, you did. You were about to slip but it would have looked bad so I caught you before you could fall.
Ruhi- I didn’t slip.
Rehan- You would have if I didn’t catch you on time.
Ruhi- Nonsense, you hold me so that you could put up this fight now and avoid the fact that I dance better than you and I won.
Rehan- Well, you are not wrong, you do dance well.
Rehan pulls Ruhi closer.

Ruhi- Rehan, what are you doing? We are middle of the party. Everyone is looking at us.
Rehan- Then let them look, I am not afraid of anyone.
Suddenly Akash comes and Rehan leaves Ruhi and looks at different way.
Akash- There is no sign of her, I don’t think the plan have worked. One of those waiters is caught, I am going to check it out. You guys coming?
Rehan- Yeah, we are right behind you.
Akash- OK.
Akash leaves. Rehan sighs of relief.
Ruhi- So, someone was boasting about not afraid of anyone.
Rehan- This brother of your is such a mood killer. He could clearly see what we are doing, yet he has to disturb.
Ruhi tries to hide her laugh. But Rehan notices.
Rehan- No, don’t laugh. I am serious. He doesn’t know anything about romance. That’s why he can’t even notice how much Vani loves him.
Ruhi- You know what, you are right. I think we need to do something. The dance was fine but not good enough. But I am not having any idea.
Rehan- (murmurs to himself) sister is also like brother, no sense of romance. Looks like I have to do everything.
Ruhi- What? I can’t hear you.
Rehan- Nothing. Come, I have an idea.

Ruhi goes with Rehan.
Vani finishes talking in her phone. She turns and sees Ruhi. Ruhi smiles weirdly.
Ruhi- Hi.
Vani- (a little surprised) hi.
Ruhi- You are looking very beautiful.
Vani- Thanks, you are looking beautiful too. And Happy birthday.
Ruhi- thanks. Selfie?
Vani- Sure.
They takes selfies.
Ruhi- Now with your phone.
Vani- OK.
They again takes selfies.
Ruhi- Wow, let me see. You see selfies from my phone, check if you want any of them. I will send you. Let me see yours.
Ruhi gives her phone to Vani and checks her phone. She looks at Vani and does something. She thinks- Rehan, I hope you are on the spot.
Ruhi smiles- These are really pretty good pics.

She handover Vani’s phone.
In the other side, Lakshya is questioning the waiter, Akash is standing there, Rehan comes and stands behind him. He looks at his phone. Lakshya finish questioning the waiter and let him go. Turns out the waiter found the box outside with wishes for Ruhi, it was checked with bomb detector and then they took it inside. Lakshya goes inside. Akash is about to go but Rehan stops him.
Rehan- Can you lend your phone. My phone’s battery is dead and I have to do a important call to my team about this.
Akash- Yeah, sure.
Akash gives him his phone, Rehan calls his team and tells everything. While talking, he moves a little bit away from Akash. After talking, he does something on the phone. Then he returns the phone.
Rehan- Thanks.
Akash nods and leaves.
Rehan says- Yes.

Akash notices there is a message, So does Vani. Both notices it’s from the others. They opens the msg. It says “come at our room, I’m waiting.” Both of them get surprised. They heads for the room. Ruhi and Rehan was waiting at the door. Ruhi suddenly notice them and tells Rehan.
Ruhi- Here they come. Hurry.
Ruhi and Rehan hide at a side. First Akash enters the room, he sees it’s decorated with balloons, rose petals and candles but no one is there, then Vani enters. Akash looks back and sees her. Vani gets stuck seeing all this decorations and Akash looking at her like this. She slowly starts coming inside. Ruhi and Rehan was trying to see from the place they were hiding. There weren’t much space so they were very close to one another. Suddenly they notices how close they have come each other. Rehan presses the remote. Tera ban jaunga starts playing in a music player inside the room. Both Akash and Vani looks at it. Suddenly fan start and rose petals starts falling from above Akash looks at it. Vani gets happy and forward her hands and starts moving roundly, Akash goes to say something but stops looking at Vani and keeps looking at her. On the other hand fan’s air makes Ruhi’s hair fall on her face as they were close to window, Rehan removes her hair from her face, he caresses her face, Ruhi closes her eyes. Vani stops moving and tries to warm herself as she is feeling cold, but smile is still on her face. Akash slowly moves towards her. Vani looks at him, he comes close to her. Vani moves a bit but he comes more close. He suddenly covers her with a shawl. Ruhi and Rehan suddenly notice where are they, they moves and looks inside. They sees Akash putting that shawl on her. Rehan stops the fan through remote. Both of them looks up as the fan stops. Ruhi and Rehan come close to door to check on them clearly. Vani removes the shawl and while doing so she realizes there are petals all over her. She tries to make them fall. Akash helps her. Vani looks at him. The song ends. Akash and Vani realizes they are standing very close and goes behind a little. Ruhi looks at Rehan. She whispers
Ruhi- Don’t you find any idea except for falling roses from up?

Rehan whispers back- At least I got this idea. Did you had any? And this idea always works. 100 percent guaranty.
Ruhi- We will see that now.
They looks inside.
Vani- This was all beautiful.
Akash guess something- I think there is some sort of misunderstanding.
Vani looks puzzled- What?
Ruhi and Rehan’s expression seems they are caught. Ruhi hits her forehead.
Rehan- Arey, this brother of your will ruin everything, I told you he knows nothing about romance.
Ruhi- What happened to your guaranty?
Suddenly something pushes them and they goes inside the room. Akash and Vani both look surprised at them. Ruhi and Rehan looks at there face and then to each other. They smiles poorly.
Rehan- You guys are here? We will come later then, let’s go Ruhi.
Ruhi- Yeah, let’s go.
They turns to leave.

Akash- Stop.
They stops and looks at each other, they got caught and understood it very clearly. They turns again to face them.
Akash- Did you two did this?
Ruhi and Rehan looks at each other.
Vani looks surprised. Akash remembers Rehan asked his phones.
Akash- Is that why you took my phone?
Vani remembers Ruhi taking selfies in her phone and then checking it. She realizes and looks at them. It was clear on there face. She looks at Akash and remembers few moments ago, she again looks at them. It was clear from her face that she was hurt.
Akash- You know what, I was right, Ruhi, you are still a kid.
Vani- You guys did all this, seriously? Rehan? I thought you are my friend. You didn’t think a second before playing with my emotions.
Ruhi and Rehan tries to tell something but someone hurriedly comes at the door, they looks at the door, it’s Lakshya.
Lakshya- What drama are you guys doing there. I have been trying to contact you, why you were not answering? (looking at Rehan) Tara came so close to you, she even pushed you and you didn’t notice?

Ruhi and Rehan looks at each other, surprised. They remember someone pushed them inside the room. Flashback shows it was Tara.
Lakshya- Forget it. Looks like I have to handle her all alone.
Lakshya leaves. Akash looks at Ruhi and Rehan and leaves. Vani comes close to them and says
Vani- I didn’t expect this from you two.
Vani leaves too. Ruhi and Rehan looks at each other. They comes out of the room. They looks at all the way.
Rehan- I am going this way, you check that.
Ruhi nods. They goes different way. Ruhi comes to her room. She looks at every place and finds none. She suddenly notice there is a chit beside the bed. She opens it. It says “good morning sleepy head, happy birthday”. Ruhi smiles. She remembers when she said Rehan still haven’t wished him how he reacted. Ruhi thinks she must have missed seeing this in the morning. She looks at the chit again. There is a arrow in the end, she turns the paper. There is four digit – 5 6 8 3. Ruhi opens the cupboard, there is a password protected locker. She enters the password, the lockers opens. There is a red rose inside and a paper. She took them out. The paper says “follow the candles on your right”. She looks at right. There is a long line of candles, she starts following it holding the rose, smile on her face.
Everyone gather inside the party again.
Rehan- I have checked that side, no sign of her.

Lakshya- I checked outside, nothing is there.
Vani- No sign of her on up.
Akash- There is nothing in the kitchen area either. She seems to be invisible.
Rehan- Wait a second, where is Ruhi?
Suddenly the lights go out, everyone starts talking.
Vani- What’s happening?
Lakshya- I don’t know, but this has to do something with Tara, I’m sure. Someone needs to check the light.
Rehan- I am going.
Rehan moves to go but stops as everyone has gone silent suddenly. He turns and sees spotlight has fallen on someone, it’s Ruhi. She is standing positing opposite side. Music starts, Ruhi turns at them. She dances on Yaar naa miley song. She dances around all of them, Rehan, Akash, Vani, Lakshya. While passing Rehan she dances a little bit with him, she caresses his face with the rose and then gives him the rose. Rehan somehow manages to catch the rose. He looks surprised at Ruhi. Everyone stays at there place and looks at Ruhi dancing. The song stops. Everyone comes to Ruhi. Rehan goes to say something but the waiters bring the cake. Ruhi cuts the cake everyone claps and sings happy birthday. Ruhi takes a piece and goes to feed Rehan, but Rehan stops her and takes the piece on his hand.
Rehan- Today is your day. You will take the first bite.

Ruhi smiles and opens her mouth. Rehan smiles and makes her eat. Everyone claps. Then the guests moves back to their places. Ruhi looks at them and says “I need tissue” showing her hand. Rehan smiles and nods. Ruhi leaves. Suddenly Akash comes before her. She tries to pass him but he blocks her every time.
Ruhi- What?
Akash signals at his hand, he is holding tissue paper.
Akash- Tissue. You needed, right?
Ruhi takes them.
Ruhi- Thanks.
Ruhi turns and goes the other way but Lakshya comes in front of her.
Lakshya- You seem to be in a hurry. It’s your birthday party. Where are you going?
Ruhi notices Akash, Lakshya and Vani have surrounded her from each side. Suddenly someone taps her from behind. She looks back but no one is there. A voice comes from her opposite side suddenly and she looks at that way.
Rehan- You were supposed to say, I can’t eat as it’s not my favorite flavor.
Ruhi looks surprised. Rehan now looks at her in the eye and moves a little back in the same line with the others while saying- I guess this was not that hard to remember. They are all moving in a circle around her.
Akash- You know what is your main problem? That you are so predictable.

She looks around them surprised and suddenly she stops. She starts smiling. Tara’s whistle tune plays. She looks at them. Suddenly she pushes Vani. Vani screams and moves a little bit.
Akash-Lakshya-Rehan- VANI!
Both Akash and Lakshya comes running to her aid. Vani notices her hands have got cut and it’s bleeding. Tara laughs and runs. Rehan follows her. Akash and Lakshya looks at them going, they tries to help Vani.
Lakshya- You better stay away from my sis.
Akash looks irritated at Lakshya. He looks at Vani once. Then he goes behind them as well. Lakshya informs his teammates. Rehan follows Tara. He brings out his gun and points at her.
Rehan- Stop, or I will shoot.
Tara stops. She turns at Rehan. She smirks.
Tara- You are quite smart. But not enough. Don’t you wanna know what have happened to your darling wife? Or you have totally forgot about her?
Rehan’s face gets white.
Rehan- What did you do with her? Tell me what did you do?

Tara- Tick tock tick tock. She is running out of time. You better hurry.
Rehan screams- Where is she?
Tara throws a key towards him. He looks at it and recognize it’s of water tank. Ruhi is shown inside the tank and the tank is feeling with water. Ruhi screams Rehan’s name. Rehan looks shocked at the key and then at Tara. He is still pointing that gun at her.
Tara- You need to choose what you want to do. Catch me or save Ruhi?
Rehan looks at Tara and the key once. Then he takes the keys and leaves. Tara smiles. Tara’s whistle tune plays. She moves a little forward and hides behind a door. Everyone else comes there but find no one. Lakshya bandages Vani’s hand.
Vani- You shouldn’t have talked with him like that way.
Lakshya- I saw what happened in that room in CCTV footage.
Vani- Whatever it is, it is between him and me. You should not talk like that.
Lakshya looks angrily at Vani and goes away. He goes to a guy closely standing, who was checking footage from laptop. He takes laptop from him and sees Rehan have got Tara but then he leaves her and goes away. Lakshya angrily leaves. Akash was going to a room but Tara comes out of it hurriedly and bumps into him. Akash gets shocked. Tara looks at him and smiles.
Tara- Hello Chavanni. How is your shoulder?

Akash- You won’t get away this time easily.
Tara- You better worry about your so called sister. I hope you can count on your brother-in-law. Otherwise your sister will die drowning.
Akash gets shocked. He looks back. Tara leaves. He looks at Tara again but she has already gone. He goes to follow but stops as he notices something.
Ruhi is inside the water tank and the tank is feeling up pretty fast. She tries to open the opening but it won’t open. Rehan gets outside, he screams Ruhi’s name but his voice doesn’t reach her. He tries to open the gate but its out of his reach. Rehan brings a ladder and rides over the tank. Inside the tank gets filled, Ruhi holds her breath and tries to open. Rehan tries to open the gate but the lock isn’t opening as it gets wet. Akash was on his way to the room but he came across the switch boards. So he stops and switches off the pump. Rehan manages to open the gate and take Ruhi out of the tank. Ruhi coughs. Rehan takes Ruhi down. Akash comes there and sees them. Ruhi takes some time to handle herself then she hugs him. Lakshya with his team manages to found Tara outside the house. They even shoot at her, yet she manages to flee. Ruhi, Rehan, Akash gets shocked at hearing firing. They looks on.
Five of them are in the hall. Guests have leaved. Ruhi has changed dress. Her hair is still wet. Lakshya was moving from one place to another. He stops and looks at Rehan.
Lakshya- You had her on gun point. How could you let her go?

Akash- Ruhi’s life was in danger. That’s why.
Lakshya- I have seen the footage Akash, even you came face to face with her. Yet she got away.
Rehan- Even you got your chance Lakshya, What did you do?
Lakshya- When I saw her she was out of range. You guys had her in a few feet distance. If you haven’t blew up your chances then I would have got her.
Akash- Don’t talk nonsense Lakshya. You are talking as if only you care about catching her. We wanted her to go away. When she pushed Vani, instead of following her you stayed back. Same way when Ruhi was in trouble both of us choose her over Tara. Understand?
Lakshya angrily looks at everyone and leaves. Everyone leaves one by one.

Next ep- Akash says I call everyone here. I have got a lead on Tara.

  1. nice writing ? but poor show choice IMM is bakwas

    1. Enoughshanti

      Yap, I can’t agree more. IMMJ was the most nonsense show I had ever seen. Sometimes I used to think instead of thriller, if they make it a comedy, that would be more sense. I am just trying an experiment if there any way I could put some sense in that totally nonsense show. I’m glad you like my writing. Thanks for reading.

  2. Again a breathtaking episode…! Awesome dude… I loved Rehan’s comic timing… And also the big box drama! Thanks for keeping up the gears of excitement high in every episode…

    1. Enoughshanti

      Thanks Afrida. I was waiting for your comment. I hope you have noticed, this time I have mentioned a few songs. Cause you asked plus this ep needed as a party going on. I couldn’t keep saying song started every time in the whole episode. In fact I had to do research for songs. But this is like first and last time. From next episodes I will be back in writing music starts in the background. There is a very few chance that I might again choose songs as there is a slight chance of writing another party episode. Thanks again as you liked my work. Boroi mehenot hoeche ? uff. 20 page! Prothom bar eto likhechi, serial hle 2 ghontar moha episode hoto.

  3. Ahare bechari ! Asholei 1ta mahaepisode hoito !! Btw I understand,it definitely takes hardwork to materialise one’s creativity. I’m happy that u have continued with ur passion twrds writing…

  4. And also I’m happy that u took my advice(even if fr 1episode XD) !! no problem, u keep writing & we’ll keep imagining :)… Dkhte dkhte 31 ta episd hoye glo, ekhn voy laga shuru hoise 🙁 shesh hoye gele amr ki hobe type XD…

    1. Enoughshanti

      Kno? Charar matha IMMJ serial er s2 asche to. Oitai dekho. Bastobik e amar ff er ar besi ep baki nei.

  5. Hahahaha ????ladies are gentleman ?

    1. Enoughshanti

      Oopsi! I just noticed this. Actually I typed on phone. I typed “and” but my phone’s keyboard changed it automatically to “are”. Usually after completing I do revision so that nothing of this type silly mistakes remains. But this time I missed it as it was a long update.

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