Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan- Special Episode ( Chapter 37)

Iam Sorry. I got busy with some important works , that’s the reason why I couldn’t update. This is a special episode. I have added new characters to the show.

Episode 37:-

Will Sameeksha get exposed?

Next day , Morning.

Dev is getting ready. Dev thinks about Sameeksha . Dev – “ Sameeksha Chowdhary, this game is getting interesting. Having  a strong opponent gives me more adrenaline rush “. Trisha comes to the room. Trisha – “ Good Morning , Baby “. Dev – “ Good Morning, Darling. You seems to be in a good mood”. Trisha hugs him . Trisha- “ Now I feel relaxed , Dev “. Dev – “ That’s nice”. Trisha- “ Mamma has called Pandit ji to decide date for our marriage  “. Dev – “ Oho really ! “. Trisha- “ Dhruv Bhaiya’s fiancé Rituja is also coming today and even they want to fix the date for Dhruv Bhaiya and Rituja ‘s engagement and marriage ”. Dev – “ Good “.

In living room,

Pandit ji is checking dates. Roma Raichand is sitting there. Menaka Raichand is also present and Daksh is standing near. The talks silently. Menaka Raichand – “ Last year when  Dev and Trisha ‘s engagement was fixed my Bhaiya became sick. This time too we had much greater drama on engagement day. When finally when they got engaged, there came look alike of Samika. Who knows if she is Samika only?” Daksh – “ Here nothing happens without a drama. But she isn’t Samika for sure. Sameeksha and Samika are different like sky and earth”. Menaka Raichand looks him & says – “ Oho! You are behaving as if you starting knowing her quite closely? Are you in love  with her?”. Daksh – “ Maybe ! Afterall she is making me crazy. Her attitude and style is killer”. Menaka Raichand- “ Hope she doesn’t turn as killer of our happiness. Let it be. Iam thinking what will be the drama that can happen on this engagement “. Daksh looks her and they both smiles.

Dhruv’s fiancé comes there with her family. Dhruv goes near to Rituja. Dhruv- “ All good? How was your journey back from  Paris?”. Rituja (smiles)- “ Good! How are you Dhruv?” Dhruv – “ Feeling good as you came back ! Come “. Dhruv takes Rituja and her Family and get them seated. Roma Raichand greets them to. Bindhya brings Dilip Raichand in wheel chair. She then brings juice and snacks for everyone and keeps sweet boxes on the table.

Pandit ji gives date for Rituja-Dhruv’s engagement . It’s 3days after holi. Then he gives date for both couples marriage after 15 days. Both family agrees as they decided it 3 months before itself. They congratulate each other. They decides to keep every function together after Dhruv and Rituja get engaged. Everyone feed sweets to each other. Rituja doesn’t seems to be excited. Trisha is very much excited. She holds Dev’s arms happily. Dev is lost in some thoughts.

In Sameeksha’s home.

Sameeksha is talking to her mother in secretive room. Sameeksha – “ Dhruv’s engagement is fixed. Rituja is the daughter of the ruling party chairman Mr.Vishwajeet Mehra. This marriage deal is beneficial for both Roma Raichand will give him funds and in turn he will make her minister in the coming elections”. Mrs.Chowdhary – “ So you are going to break that upcoming collaboration. Right?” Sameeksha nods and continues- “  Rituja was in love with someone and broke up with him due to some issues. If that relation is true and if there is chance of them getting back together then I will do that. Rituja seems to be innocent girl and I won’t let her life spoiled by these Raichand”. Mrs. Chowdhary- “ That would be better. Now how will you approach her? That too without getting caught”. Then Mr.Chowdhary comes and says – “ In Raichand’s holi party. They have invited us too. Now tell me what can be a better opportunity ?” Sameeksha – “ You are right”. Mrs.Chowdhary – “ This can be a trap too like that party”. Sameeksha – “ I know , Dev isn’t going to sit quiet. He will be planning something for me . But should take it to execute our plans without getting trapped in Dev’s plan”.

Next day, Raichand Mansion, Holi Celebrations.

Their lawn is arranged for Holi Celebrations. Everyone is dressed in white dress. Raichands comes down. Dev and Trisha comes there holding their hands. Dev is wearing white Kurta and payjama like other men in the party and Trisha is wearing a white western top with white long skirt.  There are many guest.

Dev and Trisha colour each other and colour Roma Raichand on her cheeks and take her blessings. Then every Raichands colour each other.

Rituja’s Family comes and Raichands happily welcomes everyone. Then comes Sameeksha and her family. Sameeksha is wearing a white anarkali suite. Raichands welcomes them. As Dev and Trisha see Sameeksha they smirks and look each other. Sameeksha notices it too.

Daksh is eyeing Sameeksha. Daksh ( in mind) – “ I will colour her today in love too”. Menaka Raichand- “ Daksh , are you thinking something about her? I would advice not to get involved in that matter”. Daksh – “ Bua , you are really genius. You understands me better than Mom. I love you.  But … in this case I won’t accept your advice. Let me see if there is any scope for 3 marriage in one mandap “. Menaka- “ She haven’t considered you serious and she finds you irritating. You are thinking straight about marriage . Wow! “. Daksh – “ Just chill ! “.

There is dance performances and everyone is watching it. People are playing Holi. Daksh comes to Sameeksha with colours . Daksh smiles and he  wishes Mr.Chowdhary & Mrs.Chowdhary ‘ Happy Holi’. He tries to put colour on them but they stop by saying that they aren’t interested in getting coloured. He then goes towards Sameeksha with colour. Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Excuse me, Sam is allergic towards colours. I think you must colour someone who is interested in it”. Daksh gets disappointed but he ask her – “ It’s ok , but Iam not allergic to colours . You can colour me “. Sameeksha – “ If anyone gets coloured by me they won’t be able escape from it ever”. Daksh – “ I don’t mind being in your colour for whole life”. Sameeksha – “ But it matters to me , because Iam very particular . I don’t like to colour any random one “. Daksh gets disappointed. He leaves. Mrs.Chowdhary –  “ How shameless he is ? Ridiculous!! “. Sameeksha – “ That would be less to describe his character “.

Rituja seems to be lost in her thoughts. Dhruv comes to her. Dhruv- “ Ritu, What happened? You seems to be lost”. Rituja – “ Nothing. Iam Ok , Dhruv”. Dhruv- “ Iam your would be husband but Iam your friend too. We promised that we will be friends first”. Rituja smiles and replies- “ Yes, you stood with me when I was in a bad phase. You are my friend for sure”. Dhruv- “Then tell me what is bothering you”.  Rituja – “ It was during a Holi celebrations, I met Aryan. He was life to me but he cheated me… I don’t how will be able to move on from that “. Dhruv hold her hand. Dhruv- “ You leave it to me,Iam ready to wait for the day when you accept me as your partner. Don’t worry about marriage, even after marriage we can take time to know each other “. Rituja gets emotional seeing his care. Rituja- “ Iam so lucky to have someone like you”. Sameeksha sees this and smirks. Sameeksha walks towards them. Sameeksha – “ Excuse me”. Dhruv- “ Hai , Sameeksha . Are you Enjoying the party ?“. Rituja looks her with smile. Sameeksha – “ To be true , Then ‘No ‘ . I feel strange, because I don’t have friends here. Everything is professional relations here”. Dhruv – “Even you are not ready to make friends “. Sameeksha – “ Maybe ! Dhruv,  won’t you introduce me to your to be wife and introduce her to me ?” Dhruv- “ Yeah sure, She is Rituja Mehra my to be wife. Ritu , this is Sameeksha Chowdhary. Our new investor. By the way , how do you know that we are getting married?” Sameeksha –  “ I know from news, her father announced it before “. Dhruv- “ Yeah ! “. Sameeksha to Rituja – “ You are really lucky to have someone like Dhruv in your life. He is very sincere and dedicated person . Congrats. Hope I will do receive invitation for your marriage “. Rituja- “ Thank you, Sameeksha . You are so sweet. I personally invite you now for our engagement that will be held 3 days after”. Dhruv- “ I will come to your home with official invitation for your full family “. Sameeksha – “ Oho , that’s nice. Ok then you guys carry on. Rituja, it’s nice meeting you”. Sameeksha walks away.

Sameeksha collides with Trisha . Trisha doesn’t see her and says – “ Can’t you see?” Sameeksha – “ Excuse me , can’t you see?” Trisha- “ Oho, it was you Sameeksha. You haven’t got hurt, right?”. Sameeksha – “ No, Iam not hurt. I don’t anyone do that but if anyone does they will get it back with interest. I don’t like to keep things that don’t belong to me “.  Trisha- “ Its good. Even I believe in that and there is an addition for me . I won’t let anyone take my possessions away too”. Sameeksha – “ Me too. If anyone take my thing away , I will take back from them and will make their condition so worse that they won’t think about to do it again”. They smile at each other. Trisha ( in mind ) – “ Dev is right ! If she is Samika, we have to end it very soon before she starts with her plan”. Sameeksha  ( in mind) – “ You won’t be spared too. You are the biggest culprit after Dev”.

Just then Dev sees them together. He calls a waiter and ask him to bring Thandai with bhang but ask him not to mention it infront of Sameeksha . Dev gives him some money. Waiter agrees.

Dev goes near them. Dev (with a smile)- “ What’s topic on which two gorgeous ladies talking over? “ Dev keeps his hand over Trisha’s shoulder. Trisha- “ Nothing special “. Dev – “ Two ladies together and you are not talking anything special. That seems to be strange “.  Sameeksha – “ Actually we just discovered that we have some similar principles. Before we could talk something special you came “. Dev – “ So I interrupted you”. Trisha- “ Yes Ofcourse”.  Dev – “ Ok . Iam Sorry. Sameeksha , you haven’t got coloured yet “.  Sameeksha – “ Iam not interested. That’s it”.  The same waiter pass by and Dev calls him. Dev – “ Ok fine . Why don’t you have Thandai , then”. Sameeksha – “I  don’t have bhang”. Dev (to Waiter) – “ Bring Thandai without bhang”. Waiter- “ This Thandai doesn’t have bhang “. Dev – “ Now your problem is solved . Please have it, Sameeksha . It doesn’t feel good if you are not being part of our Holi celebration “. Dev insist her and Sameeksha have it. Trisha- “ Dev , I will come now . I totally forgot, Mamma called me and I got to see Sameeksha  . Let me see, why did Mamma called me “. Sameeksha is feeling different and catches her head. She walks away. Dev see this and thinks – “ So it’s working”.  Dev see her losing balance . He then goes near to her.

Dev – “ Sameeksha , Are you ok? “.

Sameeksha – “ I don’t know why , Iam not feeling good “. Dev – “ What happened? “.  Sameeksha – “ Iam feeling like Iam losing balance”. Sameeksha slips and she falls into Dev’s arm. They have eye lock ( Ishq Mein Marjawan Instrumental song played) . Then she stands straight. Daksh sees this. Daksh ( thinks ) – “ I don’t get this , why is he going behind Sameeksha when he is about to marry Trisha. Ridiculous. I can’t let this happen. I won’t allow him to come in between us. If Iam not able to get close with Sameeksha , then I won’t let Dev also”. Daksh looks around and spots Trisha . He walks towards her.

Dev – “ I think that stupid waiter gave  you Thandai with bhang . I will get you lime juice”. Dev takes Sameeksha to a side with less people. Sameeksha hears music and gets excited. Sameeksha ( inebriate state)- “ Music!! I want to dance “.Sameeksha dances there and tries to go into crowd. Dev holds her back. Dev – “ Where are you going? You are not in your senses . I will get lemon juice . Please wait”. Sameeksha ( inebriate state)- “ Who told you ? You know Iam Sameeksha Chowdhary. I am always in my senses”. Dev – “ Please listen to me “. Sameeksha ( inebriate state)- “ I don’t listen to people, people listen to me “. Dev ( in mind ) – “ I think she is fully inebriated now”.

Daksh comes to Trisha . He takes Trisha to a side . Daksh – “ You are busy with chatting with people and your would be is busy with other lady”. Trisha looks him. Daksh – “ Why are staring at me. Iam telling truth. Trisha take my advice , keep Dev away from Sameeksha . There are chances that he may find Samika in her and you loss him forever “. Trisha- “ I believe him. He isn’t you who flirts with every ladies around him and have multiple relationships at a time. Dev knows me and I know him well. If he is with her then they may be having any important talk regarding business “. Daksh – “ Really, But..” Trisha interrupts him and say – “ Iam not interested in your such talks , excuse me”. She leaves . Daksh – “ What happened to Trisha? So much trust ?”

Sameeksha start dancing there and says – “ Leave my way , I want to dance with others ”. Dev – “ I will take you there, But first my questions “. Sameeksha – “ What?? “. Dev – “ What is your opinion about me ? “. Sameeksha – “ You know you are really bad . I don’t like you  but …”  Dev – “But ?” Sameeksha – “ But … There is something for which I came here.. “. Dev – “ What ? “. Sameeksha smiles and whispers in his ears – “ For a purpose! But I won’t tell you “. Dev – “ Please tell me .. leave it are you really Sameeksha ?” Sameeksha looks down . Dev – “ Do know me before?”. Sameeksha nods yes. Dev – “ Really?” Sameeksha – “ How can I forget your face? By the way , Iam not Sameeksha! “. Dev gets curious and ask her – “ Then , Who ?” Sameeksha – “ Iam …. Why should I answer you? I don’t like you  eventhough I … “. Dev looks on.

Scene freezes on them.

Precap :- Dev talks to Sameeksha in her office. Dev – “ I got to know something about you yesterday “. Sameeksha gets tensed . Sameeksha – “ What?” Dev- “Something, that you want to hide”. Sameeksha gets worried and Dev smiles.

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