Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan (Chapter 42)

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Episode 42:-

Sameeksha’s unpredictable move!

Sameeksha gets a call . She speaks to the person- “ I will reach music club by 7.30pm. Let’s meet there”. Sameeksha hang up. Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Whose call was that ?” Sameeksha – “ Call of someone who is in our team. Mom, Iam leaving “.

Music Club ,Night , 7.30pm.

It’s a less crowded music club , it’s well furnished and there is a nice vibe. Many music lover come there for hearing soulful songs sung by many talented singers. Music show is on 3rd floor . Sameeksha reach there . She is wearing a

black dress , she removes her glares and she looks around. She enters the club.

Sameeksha enters stylishly. She takes the stairs .

A singer is singing . Song is ‘Aaiye Meharbha”. Sameeksha enters the venue.

She looks around and she see a lady in burqa sitting on table 4 which placed on right side of the hall. Sameeksha goes to that table and sit there without talking to that lady. Sameeksha listens to song.

Dev enters the hall and looks for Sameeksha. Dev calls someone and ask – “ Are you sure ? She came here only”. It’s Prithvi on the line . Prithvi – “ Yes, Dev . My men followed her as you asked me to keep an eye on her”. Dev – “ Okay, I will see “.

Dev looks around and finally spots Sameeksha sitting on the table 4 . Dev sits 2 tables behind her, so that she doesn’t notice him. Dev watch her. Sameeksha seems to be concentrating on the song. Dev couldn’t see any movements from her side. After a while , the lady in burqa sitting beside Sameeksha leaves . After 2 minutes, Sameeksha gets up and leave. Dev takes a magazine on table and hides his face . Dev see her leaving , he gets up and follows.

Now , singer in the hall sings song – ‘ Darling Ankhon se .. ( from 7 Khoon Maaf) ‘. Sameeksha gets down the stairs. Dev follows her by keeping a distance.

When Sameeksha reaches 1 floor stairs , she stops and turn back . Dev hides. Sameeksha doesn’t see anyone . Dev relaxes . Dev decides to continue following and he thinks to get down . Dev was above to get down, but Sameeksha goes close to him and blocks him. Sameeksha gives him a stern look and Dev is shocked. Sameeksha ( with attitude) – “ Who is now behind me that made you to follow me to guard me ?”. Dev doesn’t answer. Dev and Sameeksha is standing facing to each other . Dev and Sameeksha look each other. There isn’t anyone else there. Sameeksha – “ Dev Raichand, you haven’t answered me yet. Why are you following me now?” Dev – “ I was curious to know about you.. I felt so.. Thats reason why I followed you”. Sameeksha – “ Am I  an alien who  came from space ? Iam normal human being like everyone, What is special thing that you need to know about me? Why do you want to know about me? “. Dev – “ I don’t why , but there is something that’s make me crazy.. whenever I think about you.., The way you talk , does things, handle things … it’s really different. You always leave something mysterious behind you that tempts me to know about you. You are like a mysterious puzzle !” Sameeksha smiles little but she is still looking at his eyes. Sameeksha – “ Do you have the courage to solve this puzzle? Are you ready to unfold mystery behind me ? “. Dev nods. Sameeksha – “ Okay , let me end your curiosity tonight ! Come with me”. Sameeksha holds his hand and takes him with her. Dev is surprised. Dev – “ Where you taking me to ? “ Sameeksha – “ To a place where no one will disturb us, I hope you won’t mind spending some time with me “. Dev – “ But Where?” Sameeksha stops and turns to him and says – “ Will you stop asking questions for a while? I will give you time to ask , you can ask anything that time. Now come with me silently if you wish to know about me more”. Dev thinks – “ What is in her mind ? Is it a trap? But I have to take risk “.

They reach parking area. Sameeksha stops near her car. Sameeksha- “ I know you have your car, but now we are going in my car. I will drive . I hope you are okay with that”. Dev agrees. They get into the car. Sameeksha starts to drive . Dev is still confused and thinking abour her plan. Just then Dev gets call from Trisha. He was about to pick the call. Sameeksha – “ Cut the call and switch it off right now! Otherwise I will stop the car and you can get down . After that I shouldn’t see following me again like this”. Dev looks on . Sameeksha slows the car little . Dev cuts the call and switch off his phone reluctantly. Sameeksha speeds up the car normally . She smiles.

In Raichand Mansion, Trisha’s room.

Trisha gets upset seeing Dev cut her call. She try again but finds Dev’s phone off. She angrily throws her phone on the bed. Trisha- “ Why did he cut my call? He switched off his phone too. He didn’t told where he is going. Whom he is with?” Daksh enters her room and says – “ Iam sure that he is behind Sameeksha Chowdhary, or maybe with her”. Trisha turns to him. She fumes in anger. Daksha smiles . He comes near her. Daksh – “ Iam really feeling bad for you , there was a time when he use to do anything for you. A time when he use to do things against his ethics for just protecting you. But everything changed after Samika’s entry to his life”. Trisha – “ What are doing here? I know you came here to fill my ears against Dev “. Daksh – “ Not at all, Iam here to make you remember that Dev isn’t same after Samika’s entry. You killed her but see now. When he saw a girl with same face if Samika he started going behind her. I find history is repeating again but there are chances that it may conclude with you getting out of Dev’s life “. Trisha gets angry and comes near to him . Daksh – “ Relax , Sis! I do want to see you both together. Living happily ever after. Iam telling this for your good, don’t let Dev be with Sameeksha. It will affect your relationship with him”. Trisha – “ Dev , will not betray me ever! He loves me above all “. Daksh – “ Trust is good but blind trust isn’t “. Trisha feels low. Daksh – “ Do you remember everything happened in past right? “. Trisha stands silent.

Daksh leaves the room. Daksh thinks – “ Sorry, Trisha. I have to do this to get Sameeksha”.

Dev and Sameeksha is inside the car.

Dev looks her with suspiciously. Sameeksha – “ I thought you will be happy, but you seems to be in tension”. Dev – “ Ofcourse, since you are unpredictable , thus anything can happen! “. Sameeksha smiles and Dev looks her. Sameeksha – “ Don’t worry , you will be safe. I don’t have any intention to kill you”. Dev gets shocked and says – “ I didn’t mean that .. I don’t feel a danger with you”. Sameeksha – “ You should fear about people you don’t know”. Dev – “ I feel like I know you”.  Sameeksha – “ Sometimes looks are deceiving”. Dev confused.

They reach near a building of old style architecture. There are few shops near that building, there are some houses little away from there. They are still inside the car. Sameeksha – “ Keep your phone inside the car before we get down “. Sameeksha and Dev get down. Sameeksha goes inside the building and Dev follows her. They takes stairs , stairs aren’t much broad, it’s dimly lighted place. The place seems to be mysterious. They reach the first floor. There is no other customers apart from them. There is a showcase at end of that room, where there is many bottles of wine. Dev scans the place. There is a old man in the counter and younger waiter. Sameeksha smiles at the old man and waves her hand to him. He smiles. Sameeksha – “ This is a wine shop, you can best and pure wine. Exclusive only for wines, which is really old”. Dev – “ Okay … But why are we here?” Sameeksha – “ You can have sweet fruits which you are ready to wait. How old the wine is it tastes more good .. “. Dev – “ And some wounds won’t heal with time , it gets more worse”. Sameeksha – “ Do you have such wounds or have you given such wounds to someone?” Dev looks her for a moment and smiles. Dev – “ Do I look so ?” Sameeksha – “ No .. but sometimes your actions and words points towards such things “. Dev – “ Tell me , is a wounded person dangerous? “ Sameeksha – “ Not always , But it depends on the depth of the wound“.  Dev and Sameeksha look at each other. Sameeksha – “ I think we are going our syllabus. I brought you here for pacifying your curiosity. So let’s move on to that “. Dev – “ So you are planning to get me wine? “ Sameeksha – “ It isn’t always necessary that your conclusions are right”.

Sameeksha goes towards the old man and talks something. She comes back and they get seated . They seating opposite to each other . Their seats  are made of wood and one end of the table is attached to wall. The waiter brings a tray . There are few small glasses which is filled with wine . They are arranged in 2 rows. She smiles at waiter . He leaves. Sameeksha keeps it between them.

Sameeksha – “ Okay, You can ask 3questions about  me. But have to drink 3 glass of wine before asking me questions.  I will answer you honestly”. Dev – “ But Why should drink this for asking you questions ? “. Sameeksha – “ No pain , No gain. To know my mystery you have to pay a price. Here it is your consciousness . Iam just validating your point of my unpredictable nature “. Dev- “ Okay fine. But there is 10 glasses. If I have 3 for 1 question, 1 glass will be pending. What is the use of that then?” Sameeksha – “ After drinking 9 glasses of wine, if you could pronounce my name properly then you can ask me one more question “.

Dev – “ You are strange !” Sameeksha – “ Yes Iam “. Both of them look each other.

(Ishq mein Marjawan  – serious version is played)

Sameeksha thinks – “ Dev , Let me see your determination today”. Dev – “ I don’t know this wine will inebriate me but your smartness will do it for sure”.

Precap :- Dev is inebriated. He is asking Sameeksha – “ 3rd question, What is your aim of being our investor? “ Sameeksha with a smile  – “ Total destruction! “ Dev gets shocked.

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  1. How dev is gona remember his question’s answers if he is inebriated?Even sam will answer all the questions honestly!!
    I think dev will pass out after the third question.

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    That’s really superb episode …. Really loved it …. ??

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  4. Soo cool I liked daksh instigating Trisha keep it up gal

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