Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan ( Chapter 28)

Chapter 28:-

Is Sameeksha losing out?

Sameeksha ( Alisha) is driving her and stops near signal. Dev ( Arjun) is following her and he is one car behind her. Sameeksha gets a message for a number. Name is given as Spam . Message reads – ‘ Take the book – The Valentines Day Clue .’ Sameeksha replies – ‘Ok’. Dev – “ I will find something about you today. If I get anything your game is over Sameeksha or Samika “. He smirks.  Signal turns into green and Sameeksha goes . Dev is following her leaving some distance from her.

Sameeksha reaches a library. She parks the car and get down. She goes inside the library. Someone is standing near the door and he is talking to someone. Stranger – “ She has gone inside the library. I will wait here somewhere”. On other side of the phone , it Daksh Raichand. Daksh – “ Ok , remember I want you to do it at right time “. Stranger – “ Don’t worry my team is ready and your work will be done”. Daksh hangs up the phone and says- “ Sameeksha Chowdhary, You have to be mine “. Stranger moves to a side and Dev pass by . Dev goes inside the library . Sameeksha is searching for the book shelf  to take the book. Dev is following her . She feels like someone is following her. She stops and turns . She doesn’t see anyone. She walk forward and reaches the near the shelf.

Then it is seen that Dev and Trisha ( Nia)  is together behind two shelves behind. ( Fb:-

Dev was near to Sameeksha and she stops . Just before she turns Trisha pull him back . Thus he escapes being sighted by Sameeksha ) Dev – “ What are you doing here? “ Trisha- “ The same that you are doing . Following. I saw your car , when I came to shop near that signal . So I came behind you . I thought to talk you . Anyway everything happens for good . You would have been spotted by her if I didn’t came after you “.

Sameeksha gets the book and goes to the counter. She doesn’t notice them while passing as they turned towards the wall. They check her going. Dev – “ I don’t want to talk to you . Please let me do as I want. Iam tired of explaining “. Trisha- “ Iam Sorry, I know I made a mistake. You could have said your plan before. I just want you to share your plans with me . I won’t interfere “. Dev ( Sarcastically)- “ Yeah , I  have seen that before”. Trisha – “ I know what you meant by that. That was the only time when I did something against your will. I don’t regret “. Dev – “ Iam leaving, I don’t want you to follow me now. We can talk once I come back” . He leaves. Sameeksha gets the book issued in her name . She leaves the library. Dev look around as he didn’t find her on the counter. He then see her going out. He goes out too. She gets into car . He hides behind a car . That stranger gets to see Dev and even he hides from him. Sameeksha leaves in her car. Dev rushes to his car and follows her. That stranger too takes his bike and follows her.

Sameeksha visits an art exhibition . She goes inside. Dev follows her and covers his face with kerchief. She looks at each painting carefully. Dev remembers a past incident . ( Fb:- Dev and Samika is near lake side. Dev is painting and Samika is sitting as a model for him. Samika- “ How long it will take? Can I see it ? “. Dev – “ No, you can’t see it until I complete it”. Samika- “ Ok fine “. After a while , Dev – “ Now it is ready. Come “. Samika- “ I hope to see something like me”. Samika sees it. She smiles . Samika- “ WOW ! Dev you have done magic . Do I look that good?” Dev has drawn a beautiful portrait of Samika. Dev comes to her. Dev- “ I feel like I couldn’t bring your real beauty fully to the canvas “.  Samika- “ No , I look great in this than in real”. Dev – “ In my eyes, you looks more beautiful than this portrait. Once you see me through my eyes your perspective will change”. Samika looks Dev with a smile. ( Ishq Mein Marjawan song played) . )

Dev ( in mind ) – “ Samika use to like painting very much. As Sameeksha viewing those painting it isn’t different from how Samika use to do”.

Sameeksha see a painting and call the staff . Sameeksha – “ I want this one . Pack it “. Staff – “ Yeah sure, you got the one that was waiting for you”. He smiles. He takes and pack it. Sameeksha pays to it. Dev is looking her secretly. Dev ( in mind) – “ That painting wasn’t something great. But she bought it as if it is something valuable “. Dev thinks . Sameeksha takes it and leaves.

She meets a women at a Restaurant and gives her an envelope . There is a girl with that woman . They seems to be some ordinary people. Sameeksha – “ Don’t worry about Munni’s education. I will take care of it. Munni has a great future. This is for buying some essentials for your house. I have paid her fees “. Woman- “ Thank you , so much. If you haven’t..” Her eyes fills with tear. Sameeksha – “ Please.. Don’t thank me . Iam just doing something which is my human duty. Munni , I want you to study well and be a model to everyone. Promise me”. Munni promises on her hand. They have food together. Sameeksha talks to them. Dev is watching them. Dev ( in mind ) –  “ Who is that mother and daughter? Is it someone from Shimla ?” He thinks.

Outside the restaurant. That stranger is standing and he gets call from Daksh. Daksh- “ What happened? Did my work? “ Stranger- “ She is going to places which is crowded . She is going through crowded roads too”. Daksh- “ Call me , when your done”.

Sameeksha comes out with that woman and girl. Woman holds some parcels too. They gets an auto and they leave. Sameeksha leaves in her car. Both Dev and Stranger follows her. Dev ask someone to find about the lady and her daughter. He sends their photo to that person. He took their photo without their knowledge.

Sameeksha reach her home. She takes the book and painting out and rings the bell. Dev and that stranger leaves as they saw her proceeding to her home .

Mrs. Chowdhary opens the door. Sameeksha gets in. Mrs. Chowdhary closes the door. Sameeksha keeps the painting and book on the sofa . She opens the book and gets a paper with details of Raichand’s business ventures and new plans. She opens the painting covering. She checks the backside of the painting and she tears the covering behind the painting. She gets some documents. She smiles. Mrs. Chowdhary- “ So , you got it”. Sameeksha – “ Yes! Why did you called me ? “ Mrs. Chowdhary- “ Office boy got your hamper of biscuits you left in the office. And there is something more”. She shows a red rose bouquet, sweet box . Sameeksha smiles. Sameeksha opens the sweet box and see that it is milk cake. There is a note on it- ‘ Your favorite one , enjoy your old good days”. Sameeksha – “ You got it from door steps right? “  Mrs. Chowdhary nods. Sameeksha – “ Nice. Where is Dad? “. Mrs.Chowdhary- “ He is in the upstairs, he is talking with someone “. Sameeksha –  “ Mom, We will have a guest tonight “. Mrs.Chowdhary- “ Who?”

Sameeksha – “ Someone really special “.

Sameeksha’s home, Night.

Roma Raichand comes there. She gets down from her car with a small bouquet. Roma Raichand ( in mind) – “ Why did she called me here? Now what ?”. Roma Raichand presses the calling bell . Sameeksha opens the door. She is wearing a olive green dress . Sameeksha – “ Hai , Mrs.Roma Raichand. I was waiting for you “. Roma Raichand gives the bouquet and Sameeksha takes it. Sameeksha – “ Thank you “. Roma Raichand goes inside. Sameeksha keeps the bouquet on a table where she has the things given by Raichand boys. Roma Raichand finds it strange.

Roma Raichand and Sameeksha get seated on sofa . Sameeksha – “ What would you like to have Mrs. Raichand? Something cool or hot? “ Roma Raichand- “ Cool”. Sameeksha – “ Shema , Get some juice please”.  Roma Raichand- “ Mr. & Mrs.  Chowdhary?” Sameeksha – “ Mom and Dad went out for some important work. They will be back soon”. Roma Raichand smiles. Shema brings juice and gives to Roma . Sameeksha – “ Please ,have it”. Roma Raichand have it. Roma Raichand- “ What is the matter ? Why did you invite me here?”

Sameeksha – “ You are thinking in right direction. There is a purpose behind every move. I think we must have dinner now . Let’s discuss about other things after that”. Roma Raichand- “ But..”.  Sameeksha – “ Come on , Mrs.Raichand. Why to be tensed before knowing problem? “. They move towards dining table. They get seated. Shema serves them. Sameeksha looks at her intensely. Roma Raichand feels little awkward. After dinner, they get up. Sameeksha – “ What do think about me Mrs. Roma Raichand?” Roma Raichand gets confused. Sameeksha – “ Do I look like a fool or silly person?”. Roma Raichand- “ No,”.  Sameeksha – “ But your three sons think opposite “. Sameeksha takes her to the table with gifts . Sameeksha – “ Mrs. Raichand, this is what I wanted to show you”. Roma Raichand ( in mind ) – “ This girl seems to be crazy “. Sameeksha – “ This is imported biscuits and chocolates from Switzerland  from your elder son, Dhruv Raichand. Purpose- Recommend for him to get him back to the position in this project”.  Roma Raichand – “ What?” Sameeksha – “ Wait, there many more things to shock you further. Now these bouquets and this costly perfume, from your second son Daksh Raichand. Purpose – He wish to have me in his life. He has caught with loveria”. Roma Raichand- “ When did he ?” Sameeksha – “ You can ask him in detail. Now see this note . Do you recognize this hand writing? “  Roma Raichand – “ This is of ..” Sameeksha – “ Your youngest son , Dev Raichand. The person who speaks strange things and do strange things. This sweet box is from him. He believes that he is the only smart one . He made mistake not by sending this but by peeping him into my privacy. He was following me today”. Roma Raichand gets shocked. (Fb:- Sameeksha seeing Dev and Trisha in library and she pretends to be unaware. She see Dev in Art exhibition and Restaurant too) Sameeksha – “ He wasn’t alone , your to be daughter in law was with him. They thought I didn’t saw them but I did. I didn’t pretend because I want to see how long he will do it. Now tell me Mrs.Raichand , do you think after such blunders from your side will I sign the deal”. Roma Raichand – “ Iam Sorry , for their behavior. Please don’t ..” Sameeksha – “ I not so generous, Mrs.Raichand.  Dhruv was dedicated to this project and this was forgivable. Daksh isn’t active part of the company and I have handled many. But I can’t  ignore Dev’s act . So its done Mrs.Raichand. Hope you liked dinner”.  Roma Raichand gets upset. Roma Raichand takes the leave. Sameeksha go to see off her. Roma Raichand leaves in anger. Sameeksha – “ I have played mine. Dev, now its your turn”. Sameeksha smiles.

Precap :- Roma Raichand is upset with her sons .  All Raichands and Prithvi is present . Roma Raichand- “ It was all your fault”. Dev – “ Relax Mom. Day after tomorrow , you will see Sameeksha signing the deal”. Dhruv- “ That won’t happen “.  Dev – “ If it doesn’t happen, I will resign from our company. I will give my company shares to Dhruv Bhaiya “. Everyone is shocked.

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    And the episode, I must say it was an impressive episode!
    Are you by any chance EnoughShanti who used to write a FF on Ishq Mein Marjawan earlier?

  2. Adhu

    Thank you. No Iam not EnoughShanti. She still write Ishq Mein Marjawan FF. Mine is different one.

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      Oh okay! I had a doubt because I have not seen any FFs on IMM other than Enough Shanti’s. Apologies if that hurt you.
      And definitely this is a beautiful FF!

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