Ishq Mein Marjawan FF# Ishq nahi aasan ( Chapter 18)

Episode 18 : –

Everyone having lunch together. Dev ( Arjun) looks at Samika( Alisha). Samika seems to be upset. After lunch , Dev and Menaka Raichand leaves. Kashyap family see off them. Samika goes to her room. Samika is upset . Samika talks to herself. Samika-“ There is no reason for me to get upset by knowing that Dev loves someone. But….” . She reminisce about Dev saying about his lover. She gets jealous. Samika- “ Samika, don’t get affected by such silly things. You are ok. Iam his good friend and I should be happy for him”. She smiles.

Next day , morning. Mr. Kashyap seems to be in doubt. Samika- “ Papa , you have to do this. You should go to bank today , remember you were not at fault .Now get ready”. Mr.Kashyap gets ready. Samika goes to her room to take her bag . She gets call from Dev. Dev-“ Good morning “. Samika- “ Good morning “. Dev-“ So, you will come today ,Right?” . Samika – “ I have to talk to Papa”. Dev- “ Don’t worry. I will talk to him. Uncle is going to office today , right?” Samika- “ Yes, But.. He is not comfortable… Insecurities.. “. Dev- “ Everything will be fine. I will call him after sometime.Ok then . See you”. Samika-“ Ok “. Mr.Kashyap and Samika leaves to bank and college respectively.

Mr.Kashyap reaches his bank . Everyone is waiting for him outside the bank . Mr.Kashyap  gets confused seeing them. CEO – “ Kashap ji , we are really sorry for what happened. We should have trusted you after your sincere service till date. Please forgive us”. Mr.Kashyap gets surprised. Mr.Kashyap smiles. His colleagues welcome him nicely. He becomes confident. Mr.Kashyap’s friend is happy to see him back. Mr.Kashyap gets happy. He start to work .

Samika and Riya are sitting . Riya -“ Are you sure that Dev loves someone else? “. Samika- “ Dev told me himself. You seems to be more surprised by this?”. Riya – “ Yeah , Actually I thought you and Dev …” Samika- “ I know what you are talking about … Please ,not again. Keep your stupid thoughts for your self”. Riya looks at her and she notices the difference of expression on Samika’s face.She texts Dev – “ It’s working. Go ahead and All the best”. Dev is at his office and smiles as he get Riya’s message. Dev – “ It’s just a matter of fews hours after that everything will be fine”.

Her class finished early . Samika goes to home. She message Dev -“ Iam going to home now , since my classes finished early today. I will get fresh n up. So pick me from my home”. Dev gets her message and he message her back – “ Ok . Perfect”. Samika smiles. Samika calls her father. Mr.Kashyap picks the call . Mr.Kashyap – “ Haa , beta. Bolo”. Samika – “ Is everything fine there?” Mr.Kashyap – “ Yes, you may not believe this. CEO apologized to me when I came to bank and everyone welcomed me”. Samika gets happy – “ WOW! It’s great. I feel relaxed”. Mr. Kashyap – “ Me too”. Samika -“ Papa , did Dev called you?”. Mr.Kashyap – “ Yes. He told me that he want to take you out for a help. If it was someone else I would have thought more but since it’s Dev , Iam ok with that. Beta but don’t get much late. And one more thing , call me or your brother if needed while coming back”. Samika-“ Ok.”

Samika reaches home and gets ready. She wears a pink salwar suit. She messages him. Dev comes home to pick her up. Dev is wearing a black three piece suit Samika to her mother – “ Ma ,  Iam leaving . Dev has come. I have already messaged Papa. Ok , bye see you”.Dev comes out opens the front door of the car for her. Samika smiles and enters the car. He drives. They reaches a resort near by . They gets down. Samika looks around. Samika – “ Where is she?” Dev- “ Inside . Let’s go ”. Samika stops him – “ Dev wait a moment”. Dev stops. She goes near to him.She makes his collar straight as it was bend earlier. He looks on. Samika – “ Now it’s perfect. Otherwise she may think you are really careless”. She smiles. Dev smiles too. They go inside. They goes to restaurant area . They get seated. Samika looks for his lover. Samika- “ Where She ?” Dev – “ She is at lawn”. Samika – “ Then Why we came here? Let’s go to lawn then”. Dev gets a call . Dev – “ One sec.I will come now”. He goes to side. Samika waits and after a while she goes to him. She accidentally hears his conversation. Dev – “ Mr.Malhotra ,thank you  so much. Now Uncle will be comfortable at bank. It’s a get help. Thank you for doing what I asked you to do. Uncle will be relaxed”. Samika gets to know that Dev was the one behind Mr.Kashyap’s warm welcoming at bank. Samika goes back from where she came from. She gets emotional as she got to know about Dev’s care for her family. Samika-“ Dev, you are really good”. She smiles. Dev comes back. Dev – “ Ok. Let’s go”.He takes out a cloth piece.Dev -“ Not like this. You have blind fold your eyes . I will take you to her”. Samika- “ Why?” Dev- “ Because Iam asking you to do”. Samika smiles. Dev blind fold her eyes and take her to lawn. Samika  -“ Did we reached?” Dev – “ Yes”. He takes out the fold. Dev – “ She is just before you “. Samika opens her eyes and she see herself on the mirror. She gets surprised. He is standing behind her. Dev – “ This is the girl , I fell for”. Samika gets happy and shocked. Rose petals starts to fall on her. She turns back. Samika-“ Dev…” Dev knees down and tells – “ I love you , Samika. I wish to live my whole life with you . Iss ishq mein Marjawan tu jo kehe woh kar jawaan (Will die in this love and will do anything what you say)”. Samika smiles. He gets up. Dev – “ Do you love me ?” Dev gives her a rose. She takes it and nods yes. They hug each other. Samika- “ It’s new thing for me. I don’t know what to say. Dev promise me   that you will never leave me or stop loving me from now”. Dev – “ I promise “.Samika smiles. They look at each others.From a distance, that mysterious girl ( Nia ) is looking at them . Mysterious girl- “ Only in your dreams, Samika  Dev will never be yours. He is mine . Only mine”. She has rose with thorns and holds it tight angrily. Her hand starts to bleed. Dev and Samika looking at each other. Dev – “ I will be always yours”. They hug each other .

Suddenly some flashes are shown , with a voice over of Dev and Samika- “ We live for this love and will die for each other when ever time demands.But will never leave each other.

Dev and Samika holding their hands and sitting on a hill top.

Dev and Samika are in wedding attire and taking rounds around fire.

Dev hugging Samika from back . She smiles

Dev standing sad , as Samika going away from him wiping her tears

Dev looking around a deserted area

Samika running on the road ( scared) and get hit by car

Dev holds a bleeding Samika and cries aloud calling – “ Samika!…” 

Dev suddenly gets up from his bed. He is tensed. He is alone. Scene freezes on Dev.

Precap :- Dev taking out his blue shirt. He recalls Samika telling – “ Dev , blue looks great on you”. He looks around. He keeps it back . He wears a black shirt. He comes out of his room. A lady (in saree) talks to him – “ Is everything fine? Dev do you still …” Dev – “ No .. I have moved on”.


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