Ishq Mein Marjawan – Fan Fiction – Episode 32

Hi guys, sorry for the mini heart attack from my previous episode. I will try to make this one a little longer πŸ€—

Epi starts..

Riddhima finds herself on the side of the road on the floor. She only hurt her elbow but she was alright. She saw what had happened in front of her.

FB starts…

The car was speeding towards Riddhima from behind as she was lost in thoughts thinking of her pregnancy news that the doctor just told her, she did not hear the continuous honking from the car. Suddenly she felt a hand pushing her to the side of the road and she fell onto the floor. She did not know what had happened and realised that someone had just saved her and her baby from a major accident.

People from nearby shops started to come and see what was happening. Riddhima looked towards the car which had braked so rapidly that it had nearly hit the person who saved her. She at first thought it was Vansh but realised in fact that it was Angad. She was so confused that she did not know how or what he was doing there. He was inches away from the car ready to put his life in front of the car but it managed to stop just in time.

FB ends..

Riddhima was still on the floor when Angad came up to her to offer his hand.

Angad: Bhabii! Are you alright?

Riddhima: …

Angad: Bhabi! (He snaps his fingers)

Riddhima: Huh? I think soo

Angad grabbed her shoulders gently and made her stand up.

Angad: Bhabi, come on let’s get you checked up.

Riddhima: No I have already been there, I am fine

Angad: Bhabi in case you have forgotten, you are pregnant.

Riddhima (shocked): Wait!! How did you know?

Angad sighed: I was nearby buying some apples at the market when I saw you going into the clinic. I thought it was strange that you came alone so I followed you and overheard what the doctor’s true na?

Riddhima nods gently and looks away. She was on the verge of tears.

Riddhima looked at him: Please don’t tell Vansh.

Angad: What!? Why? He deserves to know

Riddhima: Yes but I want to tell him myself and I don’t know how he will react

Angad: Bhabi he will be thrilled trust me, but if that’s what you want I won’t tell him (he reassures her by smiling)

Riddhima: Thank you..for saving my and this little one’s life (she rubs her stomach)

Angad: I was hiding behind a tree near the clinic I thought you might see me but I saw the car speeding towards you and tried to call you but you were lost in thoughts that my only option was to push you on to the floor. I didn’t mean to injure you I’m sorry.

Riddhima: Arey no..thank you Angad. I am fine.

The driver of the car from behind steps out and shouts

Driver: Oye are you blind? What were you doing?

Angad turned away and was angry: I think you are blind. Who drives at that speed?

The driver stopped immediately and came over to Riddhima.

Driver: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been driving so fast. Are you sure you are ok?

Riddhima nods and turns to Angad who was standing next to her.

Riddhima: Can we go now?

Angad: Yes, come I will walk with you.

Riddhima walked back towards the house with Angad and shortly after they arrived Vansh saw them at the door. He was shocked to see Riddhima’s elbow covered in blood and her saree was dirty. He hugged her and then turns to Angad.

Vansh: Care to explain? (He was getting angry)

Angad: Umm..I..

Riddhima interrupts: It’s my fault Vansh, I told you I went for a walk but fell down in front of a car and Angad saved me.

Vansh: Whattt! Riddhima..are you blind? You didn’t see a car and what were you doing walking on the road alone?

Riddhima: I just needed some time to think. I am ok vansh don’t worry. Let’s go inside.

Vansh to Angad: Thank you.

Angad: Anytime bro..(he smiled as Vansh took Riddhima away)

In the room..

Vansh makes Riddhima sit on the bed. He takes out the first aid kit and puts some antiseptic gently and then bandages the arm. Riddhima was still thinking to herself when Vansh broke the silence.

Vansh: Are you sure you are ok Riddhima? You have been acting strange all day.

Riddhima turns to him: I wanted to tell you something.

Vansh: what is it?

Riddhima: I am

Dadi at the door interrupts them: Beta sorry to disturb you but I need a word with Vansh.

Vansh looks at Riddhima as she assured him it was ok so he walks away with Dadi

Riddhima to herself: How am I going to tell him about the baby? I need the right moment and also it should be happy. Maybe some time alone would help (she thinks)

Precap: Riddhima tries to tell Vansh again about the news during a romantic moment by the pool..she hesitates. Anupriya and Ragini starts to plan again but Angad overheard them and comes up with his own plan to stop them by the help of Vansh

Okay that’s all for today guys. Hope ya all enjoyed it.

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