Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi tries to kill Deep

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says she is dead now and so you will be you. I have decided everything. She throttles Arohi. Tara says no one can save you today. Arohi shoved her. She throttles arohi again. Arohi hits her. She hits Arohi’s head on wall. The hoodie man comes and takes Tara from there. Deep comes from that direction and says Tara.. Arohi says again deep is coming form same place. The shoes are same. Deep says are you okay Tara? Who was it? Was is some thug. I wont leave you alone. Lets go home. Arohi runs. Deep says Tara stop.

Virat and Prithvi look in Roma’s room. she says my charger. Prithvi says what are you looking for? She says I put my phone on charge its not here. She loks in other direction. Pritvhi places it ther and says its here. She says i wasn’t there I just saw. He says I think you are in stress. Roma says I am not crazy.

Arohi recalls moments with Ritu. she is in tears. Arohi says who is doing what I can’t understand. Deep is he in all this? Bhabhi.. SHe is in tears.
Roma says Virat pleas eat. What has food done. He leaves. Prithvib says my son was so good to me. He doesn’t even respect me now. I have to get my role back. I will get my position in society back. She sees Virat going back again. She says virat just left how can he be in again? He says are you crazy virat just went once.

Deep reports in police. Arohi comes in. He says where did you go. Whats happening. I was so worried. I called police. You were acting as if I attacked you. Aorhi u is dazed. He says please relax I am coming back in a while.
Arohi sees badge on deep’s jacket its the same as that hoodie. Arohi says he is with Tara. SHe calls Chawnai and tells him everything. He says this is so complicated. Aorhi says deep and Tara are one. He says why did deep keep you alive then? There is something. Maybe tara is fooling again. Arohi says I have seen everything. He shot bhabhi. I will kill Deep. Deep comes in. Arohi is dazed. He says change we are going for dinner.

Scene 2
Roma meets minister and says you have to get me my right. He says just give me money everything will be yours. Virat looks at heer.

ARohi takes Deep somewhere. He says where are you taking me? He says wow this place is very pretty. She says let me get you something to eat.
Deep and Arohi dance together on streets. Arohi says I brought your fav dish. He says lets eat it. He eats the dinner. Arohi says in heart this is y9our last dinner deep. She makes him eat. Deep coughs and sasy my stomach hurts. arohi says what happened.

The minister is leaving. Virat stops him and says don’t even try giving mom seat again. I will give you double the price she is paying. He says what of she gets to know. Deep says I am always ahead of her.
Arohi says in heart Deep should know that I am arohi in his last moments. Arohi says do you know why you have stomach? he says the pain went away. I can’t believe how is that possible. It feels like magic. He says what wer you saying? She says nothing. Arohi looks at the food. She says is deep playing this game again?

Roma meets the minister again. He says yes why have you called me? She says you came this morning. you said you will help me getting the ticket. He says I never came here are you crazy. Roma is dazed. She says you came and told me youw ill take money. He says are you mad. I can never take money. He leaves.

Tara calls arohi. She says I and deep changed the food. You thought you could kill him. Arohi says you will see on right time who wins. Deep will die. And then your viratt and mummy ji will die too. Tara says you can’t go back because i have your passport. Deep stole it. You can only go back only if I want. All your people in India have died too.
Precap-Arohi and deep go to cruisee. Tara is there too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nothing special in this episode i don’t know why they didn’t show what is there plan what they want to do. I feel like london track will show everything in the last episode at last before go back to india they will speack about tara and deep, what happend i don’t understand deep is with tara or not i don’t think but he is preparing something big but why and to trap arohi or tara? The story goes round and round.

    1. Agree with you

  2. Now arohi think that deep is with tara but she didn’t reveal his truth why ??? Why she didn’t say okay i’m arohi what is your game with tara ? Why she didn’t shoot him or i see the promo she will do it let’s see. Why i think tara is fooling arohi to turn her against deep, deep is not that stupid to let all this proof and if he know that she is arohi why he didn’t kill her why he didn’t search afer tara why he say to tara i love you arohi, why he say arohi life

  3. Really episode is too boring….same precape….same cat and mouse fight between arohi and Tara……and one more this show’s male lead is used as puppet sometimes for arohi…. sometimes for Tara….. sometimes for Roma….. That’s it.

    1. Yo r correct. But am very interesting. Wt happened next? Who is the unknown person?

  4. I am so excited to know who the person is who is helping Tara everyday.IMM is getting interesting day by day.I have a doubt is this show going to end because the promos are giving a hint.I hope it doesn’t

    1. Yes so interesting.

  5. After all these mess I don’t know why I am commenting here…….. this is the writer who continuosly bring down trp of the show

    1. Because of arjun and Alisha act.

  6. the only interesting part was when deep was imagining dancing wth Aarohi i enjoyed de background song dan de whole episode de rest of de part was jst a crap

    1. agreed but was he dreaming about Aarohi was all I was wandering he was day dreaming of the same dress mangalsutra which Tara wears??????

    2. Yes ardeep dance is awesome.

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nothing much in episode… I hope 11 may 12 may ya uss se aage tak na kitchta chala jaaye…. As it is goinggggggggg tooooooooo thriller bus little slow..

  8. I think it prithv and roma daughter who is helping tara out. I forgot her name. But I think she is also keeping arohi alive, from tara.
    Tara is not that smart, her temper is her down fall. All she can do is kill people.
    Arohi needs to get her head together. Arohi has done one thing, roma is going to fall. The London part not so much. I liked the India part. Everyone is making roma go crazy. Roma and her kids are nothing without deep.

    1. Hi mo she is VEDIKA

    2. Agree with you

  9. Damn boring episode…. Writers r out of content, i think so..

  10. Hello friends.
    I like today episode.
    I already watch ardeep dance on Instagram app.I think it’s a real but it was deep dream.whatever both are so cute.
    Again am sure deepnot help Tara.
    Tara jo jathi hey wahi tho chal raha hey.
    Nice virat plan.
    @nabs passport Tara ka hey
    @sathya am not sure this show end in guess only.
    Can’t understand precap.

    1. H RHivanya yah my confusion is if Tara came in her own passport from where did she get her passport from as deep and Aarohi as Tara came to together boarded their flight together so if the tickets have the respective names but if Aarohi traveled with Aarohi passport the ticket should and must be having Aarohi’s name…amd if she came in Taras passport then from where did Tara come from did she come from Aarohi’s, but yah Pks and many other commenters say right when u try to find logic in a fiction or a story you completely loose your brain???

      1. Hai nabs.yes please don’t see logic.

  11. Why the makers are showing Aarohi confused and always scared
    Why can’t they show the Protagonists strong

    1. Yes arohi always scared.but kesari character super. She was play a game very well.

  12. Lagtaa hain Viraat ki tarah Aarohi ki dimaag ki batti bhuj gayi hai
    Why will Tara reveal that deep is involved in her plans cant she think once again about it
    That her plan will be foiled if Aarohi come to know the involvement of deep in Tara’s plan
    I really hate these Mr unknown persons in serials
    Why are they always on antagonists side
    Now this has been a terrible mindset of directors to show Protagonists weak and happiness for just a moment and the antagonists ruling the serial

  13. hi?? today’s episode I felt that the side characters played much time more than arjun im I’m sick of this..i thought atleast we will get some scenes only of deep Aarohi and Tara in London scenes..its really annoying I hope there was a skip button that I could skip the crap of Roma.. todays epi only enjoyed the dance…but truly I JUST HATE AAROHI SHE WAS REALLY GOING TO KILL DEEP..u know I got some new vibes on this mystery man
    1deeps hamshakal?(doppelganger)
    2tara ki trap..someone Tara hired to make some1 like deep and Aarohi blindly believes in it
    3 someone we have no idea of
    4 may be Aarohi’s bhabhi but don’t think so;why would she shake hands with her husdbands murderer
    5someone we know shal but he’s dead…i have a lot in my head…
    But i strongly believe in the rest except no 4..i don’t think it’s vedika either as she in insta isn’t in London and why would Tara keep her like a unharmed toy know in she is her illegitimate sis and she will be like thumhari gala thabaungi???

    1. Yah nabs I also think that except no.4 bhabi….. because that unknown person doesn’t look like bhabi……but u know the writer can do anything

      1. Yah I just jotted down some opinions of others and mine..and true u never should underestimate 5he writers they change anything so it’s better that we don’t eat our heads??

    2. But im sure its not deep??

    3. Still I can’t guess who is the mystery person.but not deep.

  14. Deep dream was best part of episode i m very confused deep help Tara or not i agree with Aarohi don’t trust deep so much

  15. I am so exited about the next episode

    1. Mee too.

  16. Bhabhi is the master plan. She helps tara.

    1. How do you know ?……. Is there any spoiler. ?

  17. Really??

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