Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Virat and Arohi announce their wedding

Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says I will give you all this big news together with someone. Reporter tells reporter Deep’s story. Tara says deep do something stop all this. DEep says don’t do anyting. Media is here you have to control.
Deep says to Arohi what are you doing. She says truth always comes out. I will tell you I will stand in front of you. You can’t do anything. Deep says you think I can’t do anyting? HE says wanna live in this house? You know death any time comes here. The one who lives here is one I protect. No one knows what happens here. Better go from here. You don’t know who live who dies. Arohi says soon you will know. Arohi hugs Tara and says he is here.

Virat comes out of his car. Virat says I am here to get something back that is my mine. This raichand mansion. I and my sister tara have right on this property. No one else. I will live in this house with my gf Anjali. He recalls Anjali said I want our baby to live in the house that is his. So that we should live there. Tara wonders whats happening.

Tara takes Mausi inside and says I saw something. You did all this right? Mausi says if they kick you out I will be out as well. WHy would I o against you.
Virat says second news is that I will be marrying my gf Anjali. Please be part of our wedding. He makes her wear the ring. Deep says stops this drama. SHe can’t be his wife. Why are you doing this drama? You lost and I won. You are mine and you will always be because I can’t see you with anyone else. I want to tell all of you that this is my wife Arohi and she can’t marry anyone else. everyone is dazed. Deep says how can you marry virat when I am alive? You are my arohi. Tara says what are you saying. Deep says I can’t hide the news. Tell everyone that arohi is this. SHe is my life and my love. I did all that because I was helpless. Reporter says is Anajli arohi?
He says you thought only you could act? I did too. One day there was a party at my place. She said she is Arohi. She is a fraud. virat she is fooling you too. Ask her why is she doing all this. You saw how emotional she got? Virat she is getting you in a trap. Virat says anjali whata re you saying? Tara says she came to party and said she is Arohi. Mausi calls police. Virat says why you did this? She says I did that for you and for our baby. I went there and said that I am aRohi but she is tara. I went there to get you your right and job back. You don’t have any riht to live here. VIrat will live in this house. Get out right now.
Precap-Inspector says according to paper this property is of Deep and Arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What deep plan?

    1. Satya127

      Hi rhivanya
      I know nia is nothing do with this track but she is also responsible for it like she is not even giving us one reason to try accepting her as arohi but nia herself gave so many reasons to hate her being arohi…. I know I was a little bit harsh in the last comment but my idea is not to hurt anyone… If I hurt anyone I am sorry…. Basically my anger is on the stupid writers who brought these stupid tracks…. I feel like they r forcefully imposing us to support nia without giving us any reason… Naming a role with its name dies nit give the special connection…. We all r soo connected with arohi(alisha ) now how could they suddenly replace the main lead now a days I don’t find any connection with the story and especially not with nia… In my point of view alisha is the best as arohi no one can ever replace her and I want writers to understand this that they can’t take our feelings for granted and according to me nia is also not even trying to impress and make us believe that she is arohi without those flashback scenes no one will know that she is arohi nia does not even depict one trait of arohi…. I hope writers will get this point only when there is called revamp track they introduced to increase their trp is just a big flop and it happens only when immj gets it worst figures…. Ardeep is only arsha yaar I can’t even imagine anyone not arjun or alisha’s place…. If nia is the main lead from starting I don’t feel like this but not like this sudden shock…. I want the writers and producers the whole creative and colors team to bring back alisha as our AROHI to save the show….

    2. Hi satya.totally agree with you.

  2. This serial is my headache please close the serial

  3. when deep confess at moment that was very emotinal but only for alisha as arohi not for nia…and really i m not getting what deep is planing u r rght rhivanya…and when he heard of the child at that moment i thought that he might get some feeling…but now it seems like that she is arohi but memories is saying that she is then y deep dint take a single time her name as arohi like jab se nia ki entry hui hai tabse deep ne never called her arohi akhir what is exactly the scene not getting…and i don’t think that alisha as arohi coming back….now what will happen same fighting will go on in the house….all that rubbish this track is going to be so boring

    1. Hi preet.agree with you.

  4. I am a psychology student and well aware of hw a human mind works.. its human nature to find it hard to accept a change.. m sure if nia was d lead in d show from d start nd alisha was introduce midway (like nia was) u guys wud hav hated her too like d way nia is being hated nw… I still love d show nd will support it no matter if its nia or Alisha as Arohi..

  5. My opinion…
    Maybe Mahsi it’s a aarohi…
    Anything can be happen…
    Because deep too worried about her….

  6. My opinion…
    Anything can happen…
    Maybe Mahsi are Aarohi…
    Because deep too concerned about her…

  7. Hey guys.
    somebody told that nia skin color is different from Alisha. So we are hate my point of view, beautiful is not by color. It’s only depending upon character and am not hate nia by personally.
    And one more thing nia play a arohi role.that mean she just imitate like as arohi.but she acting,expression,dressing sense everything is her own style. That is a main problem for me.because she not play a any other role. She play a arohi arohi jaisa sab kuch karna zyadha zaroori hai.
    Important dialog: “chahara tho pathal gaya.par aathma dhodi ni bathli hai”
    Is dialog ko writers kayi baar dekna aur suna chahi hai.
    Am a big fan of Alisha.
    But Tara was killed someone. Am angry with her.arohi made a stupid plan in raichand house (after jail track) am was scolded arohi.
    Because am involved a story.
    Now arohi(nia) face more problems. But am not felt her pain.
    Writers make suspense that’s a good one.but create more suspense is not good.
    Two weeks trp trp decreased.
    Because ek suspense revealed kar ko dhusura suspense shuru hona chahiyey.sab log ithna patience show nahi dek sakthey hai.
    Current track not entertain me.
    Now watch this show for Tara.mujey story par involvement nahi hai.I just like Alisha performance.
    Without good story not increased trp.
    Writers thought that they was gave a surprise for viewers. But they was gave a shock for us.
    80% of people not accept nia as arohi.
    (First revealed all the truth. Then create a one more problem. )

    1. Satya127

      U r right rhivanya…. We all feel the same I could not find the connection with nia as she is depicting any feeling as arohi…. Me too I am bot feeling any pain or concern for the story….
      I am watching it for arjun….. And that to I trust deep that he had a very strong reason behind all this…. And for alisha I cannot support tara too guys but seeing alisha every time I miss my arohi….. Deep confessed the whole truth yesterday but told it was acting only….. It is the similar scene where he confess that he loves arogi o my to arohi assuming her to be tara and when he saw virat he changed the stance….. But yesterday I found true love in deep’s eyes…..
      Don’t loose hopes guys if we all immj fans we can bring alisha back….. Like
      1. In mjht when night is shown dead all the fans were also in our position they were not able to accept anyone opposite mayank so the trp decreased and with all the efforts they brought rati back as nupur….
      2. The same situation is faced in kasam too they replaced krithika with shivani and there to the same situation repeated and due o that they brought krithika back in the show…..
      Like these there r many same situations… Like that we also have to make the writers understand that only alisha can be our AROHI and only arsha is our ardeep…. For this whoever had the social networks like fb, Twitter, instagram….. Keep tagging or treanding each and every day with a tag that we want alisha back as our arohi and tag colors in each post….. We should see that they understand our point of view clearly that we r not hating nia for colour, or not anything but the truth is that she doesnt suit the role arohi and they can’t replace the main lead who was loved from starting of the show…..

  8. Agree satya.I don’t think Alisha will come back as chance.writers not consider our point.nia also not participate in bigg boss.
    Am very sad.

  9. i dont what is the problem. No one is calling Nia ugly that we have to justify our protests based on looks or skin color… just see this episodes last scene and tell me Nia didnt do over acting. my main problem is she is not Arohi. even when Arohi pretended to be Tara, even then she never behaved this aggressively that Nia behaved in the last scene. She is making faces, shouting… just nothing is like Arohi. Nia fans might think she was doing a good job if they have not a seen a single episode of this show before and dont know anything about Arohi’s character. Maybe Alisha portrayed Arohi’s character like that because she had to show a stark difference between Arohi and Tara. Nia obviously has a different face but that doesnt mean she can behave anyway she wants and still be Arohi. somebody said she also has to behave like Anjali, i am asking does anyone know anything about Anjali’s behavior? Nia is not portraying a new character, but a well-established lead role. it has certain expectations.
    i will just state it plain and simple, the writers were wrong to change the lead to Nia. they changed the premise of the show and made the story stupid. and Nia herself has done no study of Arohi’s previous portrayal to put up a convincing act. If anyone thinks otherwise, they can state their opinions and i dont mind. but dont ask me to keep my opinions to myself. i am not abusing anyone and i have every right to say what i feel as a fan and a viewer.

    1. Satya127

      I agree dhara and I am with u….. No one will ever know that nia is arohi without those flashback scenes yesterday I was too emotional seeing deep confession and those flashback scenes….. And that made me writers hate more each and every scene of arjun and alisha as our ardeep r soo cute and adorable….don’t u guys also felt like me seeing alisha in arohi attire but she tara I can’t miss alisha or I even can’t support tara…. But more than tara I don’t support this nia which has not given me one reason why I should accept her as my arohi….. I don’t feel her pain, everytime in the closeup shots I feel like I am seeing some devil that close, overacting…. Do u guys remember when durga came to raichand mansion how alisha portrayed arohi the anger the attitude which is soo clean neat and perfect….

    2. My Arohi.. LOL.. bada senti ho Gaya yaar tu uske liye

  10. Why deep kill sudha?

  11. and coming to the episode, not only Arjun, even Deep is a masterful actor lol. he showed it today. one moment he is holding Nia and crying, next moment he is mocking her. on live TV lol. now if someone’s acting face is so good, how do you what is his truth and what is his lie?? one year of show still full confusing character… i think he realized yesterday that Nia is pregnant, but shouldn’t Sudha have told him? I am sure Sudha is forgotten too. no more explanation of how she dies -_- god knows where the writers are taking the storyline…. Bichari fake mom. anything happens and Tara pulls her away to threaten her, lol. dont know what she wants, She called police against Virat and Nia but few episodes ago she was also talking secretly to Virat. every character has something hidden here… .
    Tonight Tara will ask Nia and Virat to stay in the house, pretending Arohi has such a big heart. then she will promptly start plotting ways to murder them lol. Tara already thinks Virat too is trying to catch her.

  12. I don’t feel bad for Arohi anymore… I actually feel bad for that person whom first Tara appointed then Deep, the guy whom Tara tried to kill… that poor man was stuck between their fights. And no matter whosoever he spies on, he is going to be troubled from both sides. Poor fellow??!!!

  13. I like this new Aarohi. i feel like nia is portraying a better angry Aarohi then Alisha was. I like Nia .

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