Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vedika is Roma and Prithvi’s daughter

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says there is something about Pritvhi that he hides from everyone. He has a secret room in this house too and its lockers is behind painting. Roma doesn’t know about his daughter. Vedika calls them. Arohi says don’t pick. We will only tell her everything when everything is clear for us. Arohi takes our another envelope. Deep is keeping an eye on Vedika. Vedika falls. Her phone falls. Deep picks it and says I will get it fixed. Arohi comes and says whats happening here? She says if you wanna stay here stay in your limits. Go and place this in your mom’s room. Arohi takes her phone and gives it back to her.

Vedika comes to Roma’s room. Prithvi is there. Virat comes too. Vedika gives roma what Arohi gave her. Virat says go now. He says mom be careful.
Deep says to Arohi are you happy? she says what were you talking to him about? he says I wnt to be around you all the time. Arohi says you can kill anyone. I don’t know if you actually love me or pretend all this. Deep says I can kill anyone for your. Arohi leaves.

roma says to Virat what happened now? he says Arohi is alive. Depp just pretended that he killed her. He wants to keep her alive. roma says deep can’t do this. If there is not dead body that doesn’t mean she is alive. Deep wont ever do this. don’t say this again. Virat says I will find a proof.

Arohi says to Chawani this is the new letter for Vedika. They text her to come to garden and take it. Vedika comes there.

Scene 2
Arohi and Chawani follow prthtvi. They see his locker and the code. He takes out some papers. Prithvi leaves. Arohi and chawani come there and open his locker. They see a picture.

Arohi sees Roma’s photo with child and prithvi. She is dazed. Vedika is in the garden. She is about to open her envelope. Deep comes and puts a napkin on her mouth. She faints and falls down.
Arohi says my doubt was right. so this is Roma’s destruction. Roma’s illegitimate child with Prithvi.
Deep takes the envelope from Vedika’s hand. It has the same photo’s piece. He fixes it with others and it becomes Roma. Deep is confused.
Deep says why does she have these pieces? Whats the connection.
Arohi says Roma now you see how I ruin your life with this truth.
Precap-Prithvi says to Vedika please go from here. Arohi texts Vedika something. deep is doing his investigation to find out who is doing all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Romas nasty while married she has extra marital affair with her servants lool this show cant get anymore crazier. I think taras alive n arohi n her might take revenge against deep for everything. She probably told tara watch how deep wont recognise u as the real tara n shoot u or something.

  2. Hi everyone, like most of you have guessed that vedika might be Roma’s daughter and it turned out to be true… I don’t get one thing,if she’s Roma’s illegitimate daughter then why did she keep vedika away from her ? Roma’s life lies within Tara but what about vedika? She’s also her daughter….I just don’t get it….as for prithvi, why the hell is he obeying Roma all the time? He could threaten her of her illegitimate daughter that can tarnish her reputation….well one thing is for sure that after vedika’s entry, the story is progressing at a very slow rate and so it’s becoming boring nowadays since the episode is only about Arohi giving clues to vedika and her conversations with chawanni which are usually used as fillers. Nowadays I feel even Arjun’s character Deep is shown less and is sidelined.

    Pls writers stop dragging the vedika’s matter…one more thing on today episode is Viraat might actually be right about Arohi (Tara) being alive…. very soon I guess the writters are going to introduce the return of Tara….( I personally believe it’s going to be memory loss drama if she returns)

    So guys what’s your opinion on my comment??

    1. Hi,
      Actually I am new here.
      Maybe, Tara and Arohi are twins and vedika is Roma’s real daughter. But as prithvi looks very caring about his daughter, maybe he didn’t want his daughter to have Roma’s influence so he might have swapped Tara and vedika.
      Well anything is possible as you never know the script.. but just my opinions though.

      1. Hai are welcome.

    2. Hello Sonia.I also want Tara come back.
      Yes writers not focus deep character.

    3. Hi Sonia! Vedika’s entry sure is boring men! There’s not much of the story or anything interesting! And what I said is absolutely right! Whatever Virat’s telling is true! I too feel Tara’s alive! Without Deep’s knowledge I must say! Because he said Aarohi as Tara that he could even kill anyone for her!

  3. Hello friends.
    How r u all?
    Nice episode. But I have a lot of questions in my mind.
    1.prithivi is Roma husband then who is dilip?
    2.who is the parents of Tara and virat?
    3.why prithivi love Maya?
    4.who is deep?

    1. Sayanika

      Hi Rhivanya.
      Actually.. Prithvi and Roma aren’t married. Vedika is their illegitimate(Unlawful/Najayaz) daughter.
      It’s not clear to me still.. Tara and Virat’s mom is Roma and dad is Dilip (hopefully)
      I don’t think Prithvi loves Maya.. i think he was having having some physical relations with her and not emotional ( because he did not go crazy and seemed to be at loss after Maya died)
      Okay. Deep. Deep is a character with so many ifs, buts, how’s and whys. His character is really deep and confusing. I am sorry I won’t be able to answer your 4th question. I myself can’t understand him till now. ?

      1. Hai sayanika.thank you for your reply.still the writers confuse d deep character.

    2. 1.prithvi is not roma’s husband, they r not married, in my opinion dilip is roma’s second husband.
      2.roma and her 1st husband are the parents of these devil kids.
      3.i don’t think there was any serious and committed relationship between them.
      4.deep is a dog, who loves following roma’s order and has no brains when it comes to think about right and wrong….. And deep, i don’t think even cvs knows the answer to this question.

      1. Hai Tanya.yes deep is just follow the Roma order.whatever she said.

    3. Hi Rhivanya! How are you? Am fine! Your questions are all right! Even I have the same questions but when will we get the answers?

  4. I thought Roma z jst A murdrer and munipulator but it neva cross my mind that she is a gold digger and have a doughter and yet she treat the farther of her child as a servernt for whom she considered a man and spread her legs for him

    1. Hai lutfa.

  5. Virat said arohi(Tara) is alive.
    I hope she comeback soon.she will know the roma real face what do with her?
    Because she hate cheaters.

  6. Like the deep and vedika scene.
    Love ardeep moments

  7. What the hell they r showing these days…… Anyway i just stopped seeing, from now on i will be here only to comment… Nothing exciting… They brought new topic, illegitimate, why they don’t focus on ardeep, I’m really yearning for ardeep…… Anyway nothing much 2 say…..

    1. Yes I don’t like to this vedika chapter.

  8. Deep again doubt arohi.
    I like this dialog: kitna tum jawab de rah ho utne toh sawaal nah poocha Tara.

  9. One word review of this episode is– CRAP
    ..Now they have no plot that doesn’t mean they can show anything…

    The story writer should learn how to present a thrilling story from naagin1 writer or Abbas mustan. Everyone has his own past experience deep. Now it is clear that vedika will be permanent or will be killed . The title does not describe its own name ISHQ MEIN MARJAWAN. But they should use confusion/secret/past mein marjawan. Where is ishq in this serial can anybody tell me.

    1. That is not experience that is expet deep

    2. Exactly pks.I agree with you.there is no ishq.

  10. Arjun should quit this show. Because he has nothing to do in this show.even he is removed from its montage also.

    1. Hi pks… I totally support u..

  11. Hi guys..waiting for your update dhara dear.

    1. Hai moneera.dhara is she didn’t give a you go and check this website

  12. After some days they will reveal virat secretly has married some one.And he has a son

  13. what’s happening yaar…. still very interesting…

  14. Superb episode, tara thought that her father cheated her mom, but now it turned out her mother was characterless…. virat see Prithrivi as their puppet, but he is his stepfather, now i want to see virat’s reaction…then Vedika is virat’s elder sister right? So funny,how many husband roma has?!! Vedika’s father is Prithrivi, tara’s father was the man who left her nd her mom, i won’t b so surprised if they bring another man as virat’s father….

    1. Exactly, then tara will definitely go to rome and prithvi to kill them…. This was much better when tara was on the screen….i don’t believe it what cvs is doing right now…

      1. Am not sure but Tara kill Roma means…it’s really super.

    2. Hai babe.

  15. my guess….

    one day arohi will follow deep doubting what he is upto… he would be actually going to tara( whom he believes to be arohi) who is still unconscious … he will blurt out how compelled he was to cheat her n how much he loves her etc… with full feeling he who’ll be telling… arohi will listen n realise howmuch really deep loved her bla bla….. n she Will change her opinion abt deep..

    1. Sayanika

      Aww Saras. That would be so nice.
      But I hope the writers don’t turn the tables and show that it was Deep’s plan to trap Aarohi.
      Sorry, I didn’t want to spoil your assumptions.. but I just don’t trust the writers anymore. ?

      1. You are correct sayanika.we don’t trust writers.

    2. Sara’s I like your idea.

  16. Hi Dhara, Shifa, Rhivanya, Shey, Sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, Saras, Arpi, Nayana, Avensha, Salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, Sobhana, Cherry, Lutfa

    Uff none of the truth about Raichand family is decent,,, Roma can be such a characterless women,,, So now Arohi got a trump card to end Roma’s political carrier,,, but she should be very careful in executing,,,, Deep is very clever on all these except infront of mummy ji,,,
    Does Deep really kept Arohi (Tara) alive,,,

    1. Hai sathya.I just hate raichand family. No one live a normal life.

  17. Sayanika

    Oh god. The episode was extremely funny.
    Firstly, when Roma refused to believe that Virat that Aarohi was not actually dead. (I am just in love with Virat’s expressions everytime he is annoyed ?)
    Secondly, Vedika is Roma and Prithvi’s illegitimate daughter. (Seriously, whatttt!!! ?)
    And they too have a proof of their illegitimate relationship.. the picture.. and Prithvi has kept it safe in his locker. Which implies he has true feelings for Roma. What was he doing with Maya then. This is so confusing.
    Thirdly, Aarohi has just got to know that Vedika is Roma’s daughter.. then how was she sending pieces of Roma’s picture to Vedika. (Baseless!)

    Oh god. I hope that the show doesn’t close soon because the makers are so confused with the story right now. To be honest, that thrilling charm of the serial has faded away and with the entry of Vedika it has become a stupid mainstream hindi serial.

    Everything in this show is about DOUBLE TROUBLE. Starting with the lead look alikes Tara and Aarohi. Then Deep and his two wives. Then Deep and his two look alike houses. Then all the antagonists have had two characters in the show already(even if it was all a drama). Then comes Dilip with his two wives. Then Roma and her affairs, one with his husband and the other with Prithvi ( God forbid, they don’t show anymore). Then Prithvi goes along with Roma as well as her sister Maya. IDK what’s happening here. ?

    1. U know wht, now i sometime feel that I’m watching CID…. They r just showing one after another and that too they show is so grosss…
      And they keep finding and solving problems, i feel I’m watching some crime show..

      1. Yah u r right nothing is existing in this show. The whole creative team should fallow on social media how the audience feel about their show, what they want.

      2. Sayanika

        You are right Tanya. They are digging out more problems to solve but are not focusing on the main problem.. Deep’s character. It’s high time we get to know who is Deep in real, protagonist or antagonist. And if he is really the protagonist then they should just show some ISHQ between the leads going with the serial name.
        I am not on any social media. But those of who are you can go to Vineet or Aalisha’s Instagram account and comment. Atleast to reach out to the makers. I won’t suggest Arjun because he has too many fan following and would probably never read all the comments.

      3. Good idea sayanika…. This time I’m definitely gonna bash them on social sites or atleast convey the message what v viewers r feeling nowadays…

    2. I agree with Tanya,pks,sayanika.

  18. Hello evry1 at list 2day episode is better dan saturdy episode

    1. Yes really today episode better than saturday episode.

  19. Salley145

    Haha…Plz bring back Tara, I so love her

    1. I also love Tara character.

  20. Salley145

    Haha…Plz bring back Tara, I so love her…also read my ff new part of Atheet ka bhoot

    1. Hai Salley.

  21. I think dilip and Roma are not married and deep must be the son of dilip and kalyani….. And coming to Tara , virat they are children of Roma and her. First husband and Roma made dilip handcrafted person such that she can blackmail deep emotionally

    1. Hai niharika.may be it’s true.

  22. i too want tara back…. i still like deep -:))….

    one upon a time when arohi was that masid… roma n pruthvi were in a room discussing secret….

    taara please come back with bigger knife as too Manny people are in line for you-:)))

    1. Hey saras.I also want Tara come back with knife.

  23. Arohi:agar Maine Roma raichand parivaar ko barbaad nah kiya mera naam arohi keshyap nhi.
    Deep: agar Maine iss parivaar ke dushman ko patha nhi lagya tho mera naam deep Raj Singh nhi.
    Let’s see who change the name.

    1. @Rhivanya i also was thinking who is the 1 going to change the name in the future

    2. Obviously the name arohi kashyap will be changed

  24. on todays epi, better than saturday’s epi but the cvs are dragging the story while confusing the viewers but the good thing is that our marstermind deep has come back..and we got to knw that tara isnt dead im just waiting till the london track hope they will even show it. intakaam ki april bola tha but i think they will make it intakaam ki july or even december why cant they unite ardeep soon trp is stooping down day by day i hope the writers will get something fresh and smooth the ishq the passion sab katam hogaya i dont even feel that arohi and deep are the main leads they only share the screen for around 10 to 15 secs…

    1. Hey nabs.agree with you.never shown London’s really disappointed me and all immj fans.

    2. Hai imm.

  25. Sanaa.khan

    Hi everyone, I am back after a 5 day trip to India….I didn’t get enough time to comment because of the wedding preparations….anyways guys what the hell is going on in this show..??? It has sort of lost it’s charm after Tara’s death and now they introduced the illegitimacy drama and that too of Roma and prithvi’s daughter…yuck…..?

    Anyways guys I peesonally miss the old golden days when Tara and Arohi stayed under the same roof…so guys to cheer your mood a bit I have made vm on Tara and arohi so pls have a look at it.

    And pls tell me which one did u like the most…

    1. Hai was wedding?
      I like all the videos.
      Best one is second video.

  26. This Deep everytime tries to keep his foot
    I really hated the way he behaved with Vedika

  27. I want 3 things.
    1.Tara entry
    2.arohi Bhabi entry
    3.London track

  28. whole day chawanni n tara (arohi).. keep roaming tu together in that house n nobody notices?…
    comedy ki had hoti hai -:))

  29. Hey everyone I have got some news the London track…click the link to know more

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