Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarohi gets to Know Masi Cheat

Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tara get very angry😡 and think how deep can do all this with me? He gave most beautiful gift to that Aarohi. Virat hold her shoulder. He ask her to calm down and think wisely. Tara say Deep cheated me, now I shall give most painful death to aarohi, deep and their baby with in 24 hours. Virat ask her we shall take revenge with full proof planning. Masi joins them.

At Raichand house
Masi call 📱aarohi and ask about her where abouts and her well being? Aarohi tell her every thing and goes to meet Maa (her face is still not shown). Masi ask about sulekha and kashyap? Aarohi tell they are very active and protecting me by standing outside house. Masi say I know you lost much in life but now move on. Aarohi says, yes I lost because of that face but now every thing is fine.🙂

Masi and Virat talk about their next move but suddenly realise that tara in not with them. Tara goes to kill aarohi using knife🔪. Virat say she left her gun🔫. Then he remember how Tara said, either I shall kill Aarohi, baby within 24 hours or shall shoot🔫 myself. Tara see aarohi doing packing and is about to go, but deep come and show her dresses of girls. Aarohi say but what if baby boy come? Deep says we shall try until we have baby girl. Aarohi say but its not good omen to buy clothes before birth of child. Deep pacify her saying Tara was bad omen and she is out now. Tara think about romantic moments spend with deep and say I used to be your world and now I am bad omen. She is about to attack, but Virat call her and ask her to relex, we shall attack them but not now. Just wait for sometime. Masi knocks on door 🚪and gift them Ladoos. Masi ask Deep to call doctor for Maa checkup, before travelling. Deep goes and Masi feed Ladoo to Kashyap and Sulekha. She goes to feed to Maa but realise she is in sleeping. Tara and Virat are waiting outside. Then she feed to aarohi. She think aarohi such big fool but aarohi hold gun🔫 on her and ask about her plans as she never ate laddoo when masi denied from eating. Just than tara and virat come.

Aarohi hide holding gun🔫 and Masi fool tara and Virat saying to search aarohi outside. Deep calls📱 aarohi, but masi lies that its my phone. Tara and Virat goes. Aarohi hold gun🔫 and masi ask for forgivness saying you are going to become mother, I just wanted money, you can’t kill anyone! Aarohi say yes I am aarohi, I can’t kill anyone but ask Masi to eat ladoo for long sleep and you should learn lesson before backstabbing Aarohi and Deep.

Aarohi feed ladoos to Masi and she faint, Aarohi take kashyap and sulekha inside. Aarohi call 📱deep and tell him everything and ask him return soon. Just than someone throw knifes🔪 on her. Aarohi shout deep.

Precap: Tara shoot🔫 at Aarohi but she get saved. Deep come Infront of tara. Kashyap ask deep to tell tara truth that you kept aarohi alive just for baby, after that she will die. Aarohi listen everything hidden.

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  1. Can’t understand the deep character.

  2. Hi shraddha. How r u?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Was feeling better but now right now..

  3. Deep is very much confusing.. Cant understanding that actually what is he 😕

  4. like I say this show will soon lose it charm or shall I say it has already lost its charm.

  5. You know what guys Arjun Bijlani’s Miley Jab Hum Tum show is much better than this one. The show was interesting at the starting before they involved this gold plot. I keep watching Miley Jab Hum Tum to get rid of IMM thoughts from my mind.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      And even better when he did left right left

    2. Satya127

      U r right and I also do the same in mjht arjun character is soo well defined strong always cute and all but here deep in real immj its ok but in revamp they made him a characterless betrayer…..And yes yhe ahow had already lost its charm…..

  6. In the update, nia says i lost everything because of that face but nw everything is fine. Which face is she talking about? Old face? That means arohi is happy her old face is gone? Alisha will never return as arohi….

    1. Satya127

      U know dhara nia speaks stupid things often and we all know that…she came to take revenge but done only web content,tells as if she planned a great plan but it will always flops…. seeing her like no one will say she is playing arohi…Like really arohi had lost her identity got a murder’s face whose her parents hate and wht not majority of the world thinks she is anjali not arohi infact for me also nia can suit for that murder avatar only not for the best roles like AROHI….and that great anjali is in coma for years like she want to come for deep’s daughter marriage r wht….U know if deep really loved arohi he will give back her identity which will make everything in the show to fall back in its right path but for that mamta should open her eyes which r closed by the invisible magic of nia….but u know everytime when they showed ARDEEP (arsha ) in flashbacks they made them sio cute and sweet u remember in one episode there in that vulgar romance suddenly it moves into flashback where they show arsha as ardeep there conversations and their movements….Soo sweet to watch
      always theses scenes made me believe that ALISHA will come back as arohi but u know now the audience requests out their make me believe that alisha will come back as arohi….because now seeing the story and all it is proved that this is the worst show and alisha is best as arohi….These days mostly everyone wanted tara to kill deep and nia role and seeing that it made my belief strong….hope soo….

      1. I wish Arohi herself would go and get her face back. Why deep has to do this… btw, who has that huge gold or whatever now? What happened to the 80 crores in Anjali’s account? Nia should use some of that money instead of depending on Deep. Does she seriously want to have the face that tortured her parents for six years? the face that traumatizes her parents and makes them hate her? If the writers bring back Alisha as Arohi and murder Tara, then in my mind i will just assume that Tara burnt and died on that wedding night and the story is continuing from there only. I will delete all Nia nonsense from my mind. I just cant see her. But right now i cant see Deep either. I am afraid that if i restart watching this show, i will forget i am Arjun’s fan 🙁

    2. Hi dhara.Alisha not come back as arohi. She only play a Tara role.
      nia not says everything fine. Nia(arohi) said,”she is not happy with this new face(anjali face).the main reason nia parents hate her because of that face.
      But she can’t express the pain in front of deep.that’s it.
      I think deep Tara side.
      I don’t know what happened next?
      But my guess deep not Jodi for arohi(nia).
      He only Jodi for Tara.
      May be nia(arohi) take revenge from deera.
      Tara ka ishq mey deep,deep ka ishq may Tara dono ek saath arohi haath sey marengi.

  7. what is deep

  8. Satya127

    From update i can understand that these writers had a great brain tumor problem….Like really…..
    U know friends today’s episode on ristey was super arjun cliff shot the sweet background music (which i did not recognize that time) at the starting with ARDEEP amd last but not the least alisha entry as tara of course according to the story it is arohi but it was super…..And made me question myself did deep also died along with arohi that day in that fire…..After london track they showed true love of ardeep they showed that deep cannot leave without his jaan,he really loves arohi so much….i still remember his dialogues when arohi( alisha) used be in death situations like when tara shot her and when tara kept her in that box….those proved that deep cannot be without arohi wht happened in that power cut that deep has neen changed this much….
    Like these producers and writers along with nia spoiled everything in the show they ruined the meaning of true love, spoiled the essence of each character,made the most famous and most loved love story of ARDEEP (arsha) into the dirty vulgar web content…..And what not…the list continues…
    By doing all these wht they really want too prove that they don’t care about viewers who r also the important part of the show success….There everywhere audiences around 90% r requesting them to bring alisha back as arohi still they r like this u know wht producers if u r stubborn then we r too because we r somewhat like tara in show tara only loves deep and we also only love our ardeep and will accept arsha as our ARDEEP only ….. U know friends ALISHA and arjun can act the whole episode without a single dialogue also their expressions r enough too run the whole episode when ardeep(arsha) r there in the show there is every element that they had promised for the show but now wht a character less betrayer who is such a selfish person who plays with both girls to complete his wishes and plans bullshit and on top this brother and sister vulgar romance between deep and nia….mamta is next gul Khan sister where gul choosed shivani over sanaya and damaged the name of ipkknd and this mamta choosed nia over alisha and i am sure this show really gonna face for its deeds…..such a worst show ever
    Nowadays only one thing is shown tara and virat plans creative murder plans and deep and that nia will escape or they plan a counter attack and after few episodes they come alive again…super thriller show was turned into a comedy show of web content…..Wah bhai wah sab ko inse sekna chahiye ki kharabhi kise kehethe hai….
    I hope deep again betray arohi and inturn give her identity back or make tara kill both deep and nia role…..
    I think it is waste of reading update too because the episode r just boring but shraddhasharma u r doing a great job with update here i am talking about story…..more than this i am some wht relaxed watching my ARDEEP (arsha) in immj in ristey tv….do guys if u want to be relaxed for some time please quit this khichidi at 7:30 and watch immj on ristey tv at 8:30 here the best benefit is that u dont need to worry about the coming story wr can all enjoy watching the real immj of our arsha as ARDEEP and deera…..
    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP….
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

  9. AkAnKsHa BaLi

    Yeh Arjun ko aarohi se Bache se Matlab fr with bacha woh Tara ko dega kyunki Tara ko bacha nhi ho rha

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