Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi to marry Virat

Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi wakes up and says deep..
Tara is on her way. She says I need to go. Mausi follow Tara..
Mausi comes to house Tara entered. She informs deep. Deep says I am coming.
Deep’s thug calls and says that girl ran. Deep says go find her. Mausi sees a doll hanging. There is smoke,. The door closes.
Arohi in in market. She hides behind women. All women shout at thugs and ask them to leave.

Deep comes to the house and opens the door. Mausi is trying to faint. She says there was a doll hanging. Someone closed the door. I don’t know who it was.
Arohi comes to chawani. She says why are you so scared? He says virat came he was looking for someone. Arohi says he can come back.

Tara asks the thug to sit in the car. She says how dare you let her go? How dare to help deep? He says I am sorry madam. Tara throttles him. Deep comes and saves him. He says go from here. He says are you crazy. I told you not to do something. If you dont’ want to be arrested stay away from all this.

Scene 2
Arohi comes to house. it is all decorated. Virat says welcome. I want to make this day very special for you. He gives her ring. Arohi recalls everything with deep. He says will you marry me? Arohi says I am ready but you have to do something.
Media comes to deep’s house. Reporter says you said you have an important news. He sasy there is no news. Arohi comes and says I have the important news.
Precap-Arohi says someone is coming. I will tell it with him. Virat comes and says we are marrying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. lol, i was right about Virat proposing Nia, wish i was also right about Alisha being tied up in that room. instead they gave us puppet lol. even Deep’s mother would have been a better option than puppet… i think half of tomorrows precap is false, a dream maybe. Nia and Virat will now stay with Tara and Deep but i dont think Deep will accept infront of anyone that Nia is Arohi. but i also dont want to see Deep getting jealous of Nia and Virat’s romance -_- uff. even thinking about it makes me mad. and this baby is still safe. every scene the doctor writes Nia tons of medicines but till now she hasnt taken even one of them. still her hercules is safe!
    and ‘Arohi’s’ dress progression is first fullsleeves, then sleeveless, then straps… very soon strapless will come. fine they changed Arohi’s actor, atleast maintain some features of her character. you have changed hairstyle, giving her mid-parting instead of Arohi’s side-parting. dressing also completely changed. dialogue delivery style also completely changed. when Arohi was with Deep after jail, she used to make better disgusted face when Deep hugged her than Nia made when Virat hugged her. better than this u would have just killed Arohi and brought a new character altogether. i am sorry if someone is offended by this. i dont have anything against sleeveless clothes or anything else i mentioned. its just that its not Arohi. but it seems Nia is continue going to play Arohi. where is any of Arohi’s sweetness or goodness evident on Nia’s expressions? i will just hope Tara actually murders her one day -_-

  2. Pls remove nia…???nia can’t even match arohi character…any new fce will cme it’s ok but for arohi no she cnt ever play ….we hate this serial

  3. I only read updates.. not watching the serial any way…
    I m not interested in characters in tgis serial except tara n virat… they both are same as before … everyone is changed including deep… i think very soo they will sgow deep is not deep but his looalike…. real deep is kept captive somewhere…i m at least hoping so…

    @dhara… u r right 100 percent… they should have kept something same as real arohi…

  4. I think precap is a dream.
    Am totally lose my hopes.
    No chance Alisha will come back as arohi.
    Nia also not participate in biggboss.
    Why writers do this?
    Totally am disappointed.

    Deep always told to Tara arohi was died.but yesterday episode he told to Tara am change her arohi identity.
    Agree with you dhara.not only change arohi face.her dressing sence and attitude everything change.totally ruined the arohi character.
    I don’t know deep help arohi or not.if he help arohi mean why he kill sudha.
    Is deep know arohi pregnancy.

  5. hey Saras, good thing you are not watching. my mother watches it anyways and i go only when Tara scenes come up ki at least little i will get to watch Alisha… the thing that makes me even more mad is Nia cant even act. watching her it doesnt feel that Deep ever meant anything to her. only crying doesnt mean pain, expressions are also something. if the writers have decided to give Nia this role then why they are still using Alisha in flashback scenes?? most of those flashbacks are new scenes. matlab steal Alisha’s role and then ask her to act so that new girl’s character can be established. wah!
    remember when Arohi was doing pregnancy drama, there was an episode where Deep had decorated baby’s room and was telling ‘Tara’ that when baby comes we will do this and that, i am very happy, planned everything… in that scene Arohi didnt have one dialogue, she was just watching Deep. but her expressions were so pianful that it was clear what she was thinking – ‘you made the same promises to me. if you can be this happy family-loving man then why not with me? why cheat me?’ it was a very moving scene… cut to Nia. Virat is proposing her. and the writers have to show all flashbacks of Deep’s proposal and their marriage to show what Nia is thinking because she herself cant portray anything. then she says to Virat ‘main taiyar hoon’, no emotion in that sentence, just hurriedly delivered… God knows what audition they do before selecting someone for the main lead. still cant believe the writers will be actually that stupid

    1. You are correct dhara.arohi(Alisha) expression said need a dialog.
      That’s why we love Alisa still watch this show only for Tara.

    2. Satya127

      I accept dhara that baby room scene was one the highlight there arjun and alisha made it look that real that we also thought how cute it would look we if deep has done all this for arohi and we also feared how broken he could have been when he get to know the truth… There alisha expressed all our thoughts without any dialogues… That scene with the cute background music it seemed soo cute…
      This nia just feels like she is in some electution competition where u recite the script… She told virat that she will marry without any emotion just like director will beat her if she do anything wrong… Nia is just proving how wrong and stupid is the writers and producers decision is…. I only want alisha as my arohi

  6. I don’t like deep and nia(arohi) chemistry.

    1. Satya127

      Same pinch…. If arsha was one of the best jodi of Arjun’s then this arjun and nia jodi is the worst of all because nia looks like aunty or any sister to arjun

  7. If this Nia will continue as aarohi.. we don’t want.. Plz writer just kill this aarohi role..

    1. Satya127

      Me too kill arohi role….

  8. In my point of view tara becomes arohi so it is her duty to replicate arohi attitude and it is easy for her because alisha is the one who portray as tara and arohi in previous segment. And coming to nia character she is arohi but her face is of anjali so obviously she has to portray anjali attitude which we have not seen before so it can be fresh and can be portrayed in any manner which nia is doing a good job in her way so we can’t judge nia acting to be good or bad. If any guys don’t like nia as arohi it is your problem and not the channel problem. If you guys don’t encourage nia it is ok but don’t discourage her acting ad saying anything rubbish about the actress. At least she is trying and putting full effort to portray the arohi character.

  9. Face can change skin color , sound also we move on but the original character and expressions ! How can be changed ???
    No problem we can accept all this if you do surgery again and comeback with original arohi ??

  10. Satya127

    Hi guys
    I don’t want to talk about the episode because it has no sense and seeing nia I real want to break the writers teeth and head…. Where did they get these stupid ideas nia dressing styles attitude and everything is the worst…. Guys how alisha used be dressed soo cutely simple but she used to look so Adorable….. But nia disgusting…..
    Coming to precap it is obviously a dream because raaz maharaj won’t confess that easily which can ruin all his planning and that he won’t risk arohi’s life… And we know pyari rakhas took more than 150 episodes to confess that he loves arohi…. So there is choice…
    Today watching the trp list I am happy because due to the great scripted emotionless expressionless nia immj went to straight 16th position from 11th position…. I wish it should be out of 20th position for betraying their loyal viewers and forcing their stupidity on the audience…. Immj can only come back to its top position when alisha will come back as AROHI…. And my favorite dance deewane came to 3 rd position from 4th position…. U know guys this week I loved all the parts of arjun in dance deewane and the best was neha entry and the way arjun confessed his love and the romantic dance of arjun and neha soo cute….

    1. I knew trp is decresed.I don’t like nia as arohi.but she do her we can’t blame only blame on writers. The story also not good. Arohi is a good girl.she lost everything. Family,house, most thing is her identity.I can’t accept this type of story.totally ruined the arohi character.
      I also love arjun neha couple.

  11. U r right satya127 even i am not watching the show just reading updates and all comments all fans want alisha mam as arohi nowadays it became the most worst serial I hope next week IMMJ will be out of top 20

  12. why some people hate nia so much??? Just because nia is not as much beautiful or fair skinned like alisha, u people hate her & always try to find her fault? dont be SO mean

  13. nia is butiful she has buty featurs ,her acting is diferent , she is good actress too she do her job !

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