Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi finds article about her parents’ accident

Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The reporter says please don’t kill me I will give you that paper. They go to record room. The girl hits Arohi and hides. Arohi says come out. Dont be smart with me. The girl sneaks out. Arohi says don’t do this drma with me. Give me that paper.
Arohi sees the paper and reads the Adi lakhsmi’s owner Wasundra Devi has ran with a lot of wealth. And manager and is wife have met an accident. Arohi says Deep’s mom was owner of the company my dad used to work in? Has deep hidden his parents? There is some connection. She recalls Malik asked her to ask her parents about some information and her dad said he wont tell anything. She says my papa has some information that is why all this is happening.

Tara takes out her gun. Arohi says papa you didn’t

tell me anything. I promise you I will protect you ma papa.
Virat comes home.
Tara says I don’t trust anyone. She loads her gun. Arohi says so Deep ruined my whole family to save his mom. He is disgusting. Aroi says Deep you have to give me all my answers. Virat sees Tara. He says if you try to harm Anjali I will give you to police. Tara says she is using you. Why didn’t she go to police? She is dangerous. Virat says she told me wy she wen to Deep. Tara says your Anju has many answers. Virat leaves.

Virat comes to Anju’s room and checks the camera. Tara comes to Anju’s room and shoots towards the bed. someone turns the lights on. Taa says where did she go? Virat comes in. Tara hides the gun and says your Anju ran. Tara says it shows she is upto something. We have to do something. Virat says her phone is off. Tara says Deep isn’t home either and his phone is off too.

Scene 2
Arohi wakes up in a bed. She recalls someone came to her room. The lights turns off and someone fainted her. Arohi’s hands are tied Deep is in the room. Deep says in heart today I will know if you are Anjali or Arohi. He takes off his jacket and caresses her. He opens her hands. Arohi says in heart I wont let you know how much I hate you. Deep kisses her leg. arohi says you were so dying to be with me that you had to pick me? Deep says you wanted to say something yesterday? Deep pulls her. Arohi comes on top. Deep comes close to her. Arohi recalls their moments together. Deep kisses her. Arohi says do I know you? He says yes you know me very well. The dangerous it is the more fun it is. Arohi shoves him and takes a knife. She says tell me everything. You tried to kill me so many times. Deep takes the knife and says I saved you every time. You would have died if you were somewhere else. I saved you by bringing you here. Arohi says what? He says its morning. Go home. Only Deep decides your fate. I don’t give that right to anyone.
Precap-A guy comes to Arohi and asys I know you are Arohi. She says no I am Anjali. He says no I know you are here Arohi. Take this letter and find your parents.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Really i stop watching immj deep is disgusting i hate him and i start hate everything in this show at the begning it was so good is sad to see what king of show is now

  2. worst show
    I hate deep he is not behaving like a human disgusting

  3. Enough is enough now.I can’t bear this.end this stupid drama.

  4. this show gave headache i hope to end it soon

  5. This serial is really disgusting…dnt knw what they want to show…frm wer the show has started and wer it is reached….all confusng n irritating…cant bear dis now..

  6. All u people hating deep now still don’t realise that he still is helping Arohi b safe.. remember how he put Arohi in jail to save her from Tara nd her mom dat time also it felt dat he is bad but actually he was saving arohi.. nw also m sure there is a reason why deep is doing all this..

    1. Satya127

      We all know deep has some reason behind all this, but the way the story is being presented looks disgusting….. And that is making everyone hate the show…..

  7. Now suddenly deep himself doesn’t know she is arohi or anjali and Tara is side tracked..What secret her mom was hiding all forgotten

  8. Satya127

    Before thereby main reasons for watching immj :story, arohi, arsha….
    But now for not watching the show :story, arohi, arsha…
    How the show highlights strengths turned into weekness and loop holes….. This is only because of this track and writers….

  9. Satya127

    Friends today I watched the only the flashback scene of our ardeep and literary I really felt like after so many days I watched them and how cute and perfect they look and their romance chemistry looks perfect on screen it looks decent and the curtains and all made the scene look really romantic…. And once I thought how could writers even think to spoil this cutest jodi which is the heart and soul of the show…. Only alisha and arjun acting brought popularity for this show but now making alisha just a side character and making arjun do all the dirty stupid scenes which made his own fans hate him for doing it
    …. Disgusting writers and producers
    Please bring alisha back as arohi that can only bring the lost charm of immj….
    And guys this is the time please keep trending tagging commenting that #wewantonlyalishaasarohi in youtube FB twitter and instagram on all related posts of colors, immj, beyond dreams. Etc…
    This week it already got out of top 20 in online trp list and it is at the last 2nd position in trp sooo please guys this is the time to make those brainless writers to realise their mistake and bring back alisha back as AROHI…. And I know now most of the people r fed up watching these twisted indecent web series on tv and confusing rotten khichidi on TV…. So please keep commenting….

  10. Satya127

    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP….
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

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