Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara is alive

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says to Deep are you coming to London with me? He says I can’t go. You have to go from here alone. I have a wife who I promised to spend my whole life with. I am going far away from here. Take Niku from here. Look for a new life partner. She says will you be able to live? He says I am taking Tara london to make my life better. he leaves. Arohi laughs and says so I am going to London with him. I will meet Bhabhi.

Deep and Arohi fly to London. They reach home. Deep says we are far away from all troubles and Arohi. He saays you stay here I am coming. Deep looks. Arohi looks around for Ritu. She says its so cold. Arohi comes to a room. She gets a call. Its Ritu. Arohi says bahbhi where are you? I will come. Ritu says an address. Arohi says where is that? Deep comes back home. Arohi says I wanna go out for walk. He says okay you go I am home. She leaves. Deep calls roma and says we are here.

Arohi comes out to look for the address. She is lost. She tries asking people. A man guides her. She feels lost. Arohi says where could she be. She asks more people. Arohi reaches to a place. she says to a man is she inside? She shows him picture of Ritu. He says I run this restaurant. I don’t know any such woman. Arohi recalls what deep did. she says you will pay for your sins deep. Chawani calls Arohi. He says we are both fine here. Niku asks about Ritu. Arohi says I will find her soon and we will come back.
Chawani says please find her soon. Arohi says I am trying. Its a new city and everything is new.

Deep texts Arohi name of a place. He says Tara I am going there come there. Deep pats on her shoulders. She gets scared. he says why didn’t you come? She says I was seeing the city. He says when did your change your dress? She says dress? I was wearing the same dress all day.. Deep says lets go. He says Tara wait here I am coming. Deep says have this burger. You love it. We always try it in London. He says why are you not smiling? What happened? I feel like you don’t wanna start anew. Arohi says you are right. We should try to fix our relationship. I feel like you will leave me after all those things. He says what are you saying. You said you those were of Arohi. Arohi says but she is dead right? We are here to start a new life? Deep says yes. Deep says I wont lie to ever again. Lets have this burger. A clown is keeping an eye on Arohi. A child comes to her and says there.. Arohi says what? She goes in that direction. Arohi says what is this? She sees a man. He says I didn’t do anything. Please forgive me. He runs. Arohi says what is all this? Is someone fooling me? Is that deep? Arohi gets a text come straight. Your bhabhi is waiting. Arohi turns back. Deep is there. He says where did you go Tara? she says you left me alone. He says lets go there. Arohi wonders why is he taking me to that direction? He says lets go. Arohi sees a man singing. Deep stands with him.
He says let me bring something to heat. Arohi sees Turn around written on guitar.. she sees a joker. The joker says hello Arohi. Arohi is scared and lost. Arohi says Tara.. she is shocked.
She turns back. The joker is Tara. Arohi is in a shock. She says welcome to London.

Precap-Arohi says to Tara you died. She says you were fooled. Arohi goes back to Deep.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i just knew could aarohi not think about it

    1. Hey nabs..
      Because she is arohi. ……….very busy????

      1. hii nabs no matter what she do she can never be a cunning person like raichands

    2. Hai nabs.agar arohi ye think kare kahani katham ho jayenga liye….

  2. Tara is back

    1. Hai lutfa.yes Tara is back.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    I knew tara is alive and i m sure, aarohi’s bhabhi is 100% dead, and this move is planned by deep and tara jointly….. I hope london episode me last me aarohi fir se na haar jaaye…

    1. hii shraddha i m also worried because there is no one to help arohi in london

    2. Hai shraddha.I hope so everything will be good.


    Best part- Thrilling episode and Tara is back

    Worst part- Arjun has only just 5 minutes even that is not worth watching.. in whole episode Alisha was Only walking and walking except the climax part.

    Conclusion- It is all about deep and Tara’ plan to trap but poor arohi think he trapped London episode again the cat and mouse game between Tara and arohi (boring)

    But in this trapping I want arohi should succeed and kill deep brutally otherwise it will be boring again
    London track will increase trp for 2/3 days Only ..then all fans keeping faith on ardeep romance Will stop watching this seriel
    Reply ur view

    1. After Tara came Arjun will have 5to10 min scene Only average per episode in upcoming episode that is worst part

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Agreed with u

    3. i agree with your views

    4. True Pks! London track days will gdt could trp and once again it’ll drop if any interesting thing doesn’t happen!

  5. I wasn’t completely satisfied that Tara died, I knew wouldn’t die she would come back, Tara is the andekha toofan they were talking about in the London promo ?

    1. Hai anonymous.

  6. Hello evry1….i think de person wth Deep in precap is Tara and not Aarohi

    1. Am not sure.

  7. I’m wondering how Aarohi wil b able 2 complete her revenge now dt Tara is back and what if Deep is actually wth Tara and dey r planing 2 Trap Aarohi again bydeway deep cant be trusted he always change colour like chameleon

    1. yes lutfa this is going to be the biggest challenge of arohi’s revenge

    2. Yes u r correct.

  8. Hello friends. How r u all?
    Finally London track start.
    Deep advice to arohi.and then reached London.hide and seek game start.but who play the game?
    I have a lot of questions in my mind.
    Deep love arohi or Tara.
    Arohi love deep or
    Tara love deep.
    Tara trap arohi it’s clear.but is deep involved Tara plan.who help Tara.mrs.singh is tara.i think she is lady don of london.
    now Tara change into joker.veryyyyyy cute Alisha.fabulous Tara entry and bgm.what happened in precap.
    Where is arohi Bhabi? Is she alive.
    Happy birthday Alisha panwar.
    @shifa once again happy birthday. How was the day.
    Good night friends.

    1. I think it both deep and tara traps. Not happy that tara is alive.
      I was hoping that she might have died.
      I think nikku mum is dead.
      This is crazy!

      1. Oh no.deep again trap arohi.

      2. Am waiting anvesha.

    2. hii rhivanya this london track confused me more i hope we will get our answers soon

    3. Hi Rhivanya! Sometimes I feel Aarohi really loves Deep though it’s suppressed by her revenge! Tara doesn’t love Deep! She’s passionate about him that’s it! Well Deep’s intentions are a confusion

  9. Hello dhara dii, Rhivanya, sathya, sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, saras, Arpi, arohi&deep, lutfa, Nayana, Avensha, salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, imm, Hj, mo, nabs, critic, cherry, priya, emli, Ashi, vicky, arya, maya,pks,adhira, amaira, deeyana,riena P.S.T,ardeep,hardika,zain,sahina,manu,
    Deepa,naman and all…….Sorry if l miss anyone….How r u all.?
    London special…Episode no:1… Superb…..???
    Finally tara is back?????????????….I am eargerly waiting for it?….(So my guess got right)???…..I loved today’s episode???….Because there was no roma no virat no prithvi???….Only three main lead Arohi deep and tara???…….
    Tara was too good in her planning???….Way she execute it was awesome???….Chits,guitar message,statues etc and etc ???……
    But l want to see my tara in her stunning dress not in this joker’s dress…..????
    Now tara is back….again deep will be sidelined??? (bechara deep)
    Well arohi have already taken lot avatar’s like waiter,kesari,electrician,pandit..etc etc….I think now its
    time for tara….Well she starts with joker…lol???
    Precap. ..Really excited for upcoming episodes…??
    Who will be going to india with deep..Arohi ?or Tara.?.
    who is gonna win this war of love and revenge…Arohi? or Tara
    @Rhivanya…..Thank you very for the wish…..
    @Nabs………Thanks for the birthday wish…..
    (Ooopss l think its become big comment……????)

    1. Salley145

      Happy bday

      1. Thank u salley

    2. happy birthday Shifa 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Thank you so much……..dhara dii,mo,lutfa,maya

    3. Happy Birthday.
      Enjoy your day.

    4. Happy Happy Happy birthday Shifa?

    5. Hpy bday Shifa…..???????????????????….have a nice day

      1. Thank you so much……….dhara dii,mo,lutfa,maya

    6. happy birthday shifa and about imm i have the same ques

    7. Hai shifa.nice view.

    8. Happy Birthday Shifa di!
      Sorry for the delay!

  10. hi everyone…. i just want to say that i will be commenting less from now on as i dont want to fill the comments section with negativity. its just that i am enjoying the show less and less everyday. Tara’s reentry could have been amazing but today i felt just frustrated. the whole episode was just Arohi roaming the streets of London. she was behaving… i dont what she was doing. what was that chit with james written? just like that a guy tells her who james is, she goes to the man, then discovers james is restaurant or something, and then doesnt even enter the restaurant lol…. she uses a smart phone, every time she acts so smart… but today she was roaming London like she doesnt even know how to use google…. people were calling her Mrs. Singh and she is like why are you calling me that? excuse me, you are Tara Raj singh, Deep’s wife? and what was Deep doing? going to get food again and again, i was like what the hell. Deep goes to get something and Arohi starts roaming again… Arohi as Tara told Deep that she was faking the pregnancy and lying to him and what did Deep do? he wore a hurt expression for 2 seconds and then went to get burger. LOL. two minutes later he is enjoying a song while Arohi looks on worried… Deep is the lead, but today he was like the extra on set or something. his character is getting totally ruined with no emotional development.
    when Deep asked Arohi when she changed dress, and Arohi was thinking who came to meet Deep with different clothes, and she got afraid with bursting balloons, i was invested for a second, then Tara comes juggling bowling pins lol….. its just….. i felt like Tara’s entry just got spoiled. i dont know guys, enjoy the show. i will comment again when i find something nice to say.

    1. hey dhara dii
      I think you are feeling really frustrated. ………It seems very funny while reading…….
      l agree ……..Both deep and arohi are behaving like kids…….But try to comment diii…….Otherwise we will gonna you ….plz

      1. heu shifa…. i will comment sometimes. but i wont be commenting regularly…. i also have a marriage ceremony to attend this week. after that, if story picks up then good…. :0

    2. Hiii dhara I completely agree with u.
      In my previous comments I said now onwards deep’s charechter will be sidelined.. Now both tara and arohi will roam in the show. I have no complaints about Tara’s back but the writer should have created a good chemistry (positive) between ardeep before tara came
      After London track I will stop watching like before

      1. hi pks… truth be told, i am tired of seein Arohi/Tara in every frame…. i love her acting, but i want a story and not just her. i suppose as long as this london track continues, we wont be seeing what happened to Roma/Virat/Prithvi….. only Tara/Arohi cat mouse game and confusion over Deep….

    3. Same here dhara…. I expected londin track to be fun… But seems like they r going to the same point they started…. I don’t feel like eatching immj anymore, it doesn’t thrill or excite me anymore…

      1. hey Tanya… i am saddened to admit, but even the same is happening to me 🙁 i cant even ask logical questions anymore because then they give me headache lol. saw your comments after a long time. how are you?

    4. hii dhara pls don’t leave as i m gonna miss u but yaa i agree this episode is not thrilling it’s just dragging and irritating

      1. hi anvesha…. i come back to comment because i love reading all your comments and the discussion that takes place here. truth be told, i enjoy the comments here more that the show itself lol… i will miss you too. will try to comment occassionaly 🙂

    5. Hai dhara.agree with you. Please comment daily.

      1. hi Rhivanya… will try. would comment if something nice happens 🙂

    6. Hi Dhara dii! Omg I completely forgot Tara’s surname is Singh! I was wondering why theh were calling her Mrs. Singh just like Aarohi??! And completely agree with you! Why was she roaming round London as if she’s a lunatic! She should control herself and react normally! Otherwise she’s gonna fall in trouble!

      1. hi shey, good to hear from you after such a long time. 😀 i really miss you. even sonakshi doesnt comment anymore… how are you?

  11. When the promo came of Immj they had shown Deep sent Aarohi to jail but one thing i still doubt in that second promo it is whom Aarohi or tara who was seen outside the jail meeting deep

  12. The precap is wrong
    Tara say maut ke pharishtey ko kaun maar saktaa hain

  13. just one small thing, the photo that Arohi showed of her bhabhi, i thought it was of a different woman. i am not sure though, can anyone else verify? Because if its a different woman then definitely bhabhi will be introduced later with a new actor…. else cant say.

    1. It was of her beloved bbabhi only…

    2. Yes dhara.I also noticed. It’s a different women.

  14. I don’t know why I feel that deep ,Tara,Arohi all of them are playing games.It was sure that call of Bhabhi was really a trap for Arohi.Tara is watching Deep and Arohi in precap without being noticed by Deep.But I really wish that Deep fall in love with Arohi and taste the pain if betrayal as Arohi felt in past. Tara should feel the pain by losing Deep forever. Even I am feed up seeing Deep’s character being emotionless and being mummy ji’s chamcha.

    1. Hai adhira.deep is not a emotionless.he can’t think from heart.he only think from mind.

  15. I knew Tara will be alive.She is the main antagonist.

    1. Tara is the main antagonist and arohi is the main protagonist what about deep il. Is he lead of the show

  16. Walahi am starting to hate this show i feel like to dis follow this show and not to watch it anymore

  17. what the hell? is arohi so dumb ??? how can she get alll clues so easily !! cant she think once? and deep was so normak after knowing she faked pregnancy ? she has bhabi’s photo in her pocket which deep can obiously see or it can fall by mistake.
    guys what do u think is deep involved or not ?

    1. ?% deep involved

  18. Belated happy birthday shifa

    1. Thank you very much. …..Zain

      1. Belated very very happy birthday.. Shifa

      2. Thank u so much…………… Tanya

  19. I m not watching this episode miss it it’s seems good episode Finally Tara is back
    I really miss tara.

  20. Tara is main antagonist and arohi is main protagonist what about deep is he lead of the show… sorry I feel he even doesn’t look like a supporting character in the show……. bullshit….. Sometimes it’s roma Vs arohi or sometime its Tara Vs arohi……why deep always sideline

  21. Pharishtey mean

    1. God/ bhagwan

      1. Thanks.

  22. Its going to be very very very Tough Difficult and Complicated for Aarohi to win the battle she’s been fighting since she taught the lesson to Jailor Durga Yadav and minister
    Now that Tara is back it is pretty sure that she will threaten her and play emotional tricks with her in name of Riddhi Bhabhi
    But Aarohi don’t get scared of Tara
    Stay strong and brave you have come this far so fulfill your revenge
    Tara going to play same game that Aarohi played by threatening her that she will blast Roma if she doesn’t do what she says

    1. hii imm i also wish arohi to stay strong when the situation is unfavourable

  23. Remember ardeep marriage comments were above 250 but Now a days it is difficult to cross 50-60 because of ongoing track

  24. Total bastard show no need to u see all is dream.Total crap.

  25. arohi and deep make good couple rather than tara and deep. whose plan is to expose arohi??

  26. hiii friend i don’t know what to say today’s episode just confuse and irritate me more i felt like deep is with tara and arohi what happened to her atleast behave like common woman who get fooled so easily and without thinking practical there is nothing practical in whole episode not even one thing was logical i am just confuse and upset.I think the writers ruins an amazing concept and make it stupid sometimes i find everything funny and out of track

  27. Ardeep

    I am sure tara will scare arohi and also think that she will also take revenge from deep for not recognizing her and somehow arohi and deep will come close

  28. Hello Everyone! What a fantastic episode! Tara’s revelation scene was epic! Though Tara’s death was stereotypical, that flaw just vanished in no time with her entry! Mind blowing! The London track is going to be super amazing! Eagerly waiting for next episodes! Roma being cornered by everyone is a very nice thing to see. Only Deep is foolish enough to be attracted to Roma. Deep’s intentions are yet again confusing! I just don’t understand why bhabi keeps giving calls all of a sudden (Is bhabhi under Tara’s custody? What if Tara manipulate Aarohi making use of Bhabhi?) Tara’s background track ?! I’m so scared Aarohi would lose the game!

  29. Hai r u?I don’t think arohi Bhabi is under Tara’s custody.

  30. You r correct shey.deep cofuse us.

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