Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep gives Arohi killing injection

Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says you don’t even know what this game is. Arohi says better now start a new drama. Arohi says you came to kill me come on. You stab from back but I have money so you wont kill me. Deep says tell me where that money is. She says I am safe till I tell you where that money is. a car comes. Deep holds her. Tara is hidden. Arohi falls. deep holds her. She says attack me I am ready deep. He leaves.

Virat calls Anjali. He says why isn’t she picking phone. Why she doesn’t understand her life is in danger. Arohi says I have to go to Virat and look for anjali’s signatures.
A bike stops Arohi and round around her.
Fake mom tells Deep that Tara asked her to leave. she left somewhere. Deep says where could she go? He goes out to look for her. He calls the spy and says where is tara find out.
Tara takes off helmet. Arohi says tara.. Someone hits arohi in head and she faints.

Chawani is in the house. He is worried. He picks the food from outside and eats it. Virat dfinds Adarsh guest house card in Arohi’s bag.
Tara calls Deep and says you couldn’t find her but I did. I caught her. Enough of these games. Deep tells Mausi she has that girl. I have to go. He rushes.
Virat comes to Adarsh guest house. THere is no booking with anjali’s name. Virat comes outside the room. Chawani hides. Virat looks everywhere but can’t find anyone.

Tara pours water on Arohi’s face and says tell me who are you? Anjali Sharma. A rich man’s daughter. Your dad was shot. Who told you about arohi? Arohi says you? You said you are Arohi. If you want answers tell me if you are arohi or tara. Tara says what will you do with your money if I ruin your face. Arohi shoves her. Tara picks the gun. Deep comes and says Tara what are you doing. You are ruining my plan. I am trying to save you and you do these things. You have to be arohi and not do anything that arohi can’t. I will handle her. You go from here. Tara leaves. Deep throws a knife towards Arohi. It its the wall. Arohi says I wont leave this city. He says you wont be alive to do so. He takes out injection. Deep says you will die if I inject this. rohi says please don’t do this deep. for our.. He says our what? There is nothing between us. He gives her injection.
Precap-Arohi runs. Deep calls mausi. She says tara didn’t come home. She went to a house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. i have several things to say about today’s episode, i liked everything except for the fact that they played the title tune for Deep and Nia.
    1. Deep keeps referring to Nia as the other woman. not once has he called her Arohi. is that because he wants everyone to think Arohi is dead or is there some other reason? He tells the fake mom that Tara is Tara. then why lie about Arohi? what is his plan?
    2. the fake mom is related to his past. he called her mausi. and the Mausi knows a lot.
    3. in the fight between Nia and Tara, i was supporting Tara through and through. sorry, but just cant feel for Nia. please, Nia who is pregnant and hasnt eaten properly for days can no way overpower Tara.
    4. this virat has the room number. why doesnt he just check in whose name it is registered instead of going to room and searching. Nia has most probably saved it in Arohi’s name. Also, the way he was talking to the photos, i feel like he is going to propose Nia to marry soon.
    5. When Deep threw the knife at Nia, he did it just so that Nia would scream and Tara would hear that, thinking that Nia is dead. Also, what kind of mother is Nia? Deep injected her. Shouldnt she at least have told him about the baby and pleaded for the baby’s life? if even after this they show that the baby is all right, then the writers are showing crap. Nia’s uterus is made of iron??
    6. and the thing i am most excited about. THE PRECAP. guys, those who watched, did it seem that Tara had kept someone tied in another place? a girl? i saw a shadow with hands raised… i Just pray and pray that Tara has Arohi (Alisha) somewhere and Nia has been brought by Deep. all this drama is because Deep knows Tara’s goons are always following him because Tara still doesnt trust him?? i know it wont explain all scenes dedicated to Nia but anything to get Alisha back as Arohi!! do tell me what you all think…
    p.s. Alisha looked great in jacket and jeans. she has great personality as Tara. bike+knife=killer attitude (pun intended) 😛

    1. I thinl Deep is siding Tara because she might has kept his mother hidden and he changed arohi’s face to make release Tara that he still loves her ?

    2. hey preety, this is also a good option… just that the shadow had straight open hair and something about it made me think it was Alisha. but that might be my inner fan deceiving me and it might turn out to be Deep’s mother 🙁

    3. You are right the womb is made of iron + baby is superhuman that’s why nia is not telling deep about the baby she knows the baby will survive the poison too ?
      Just love your comments it gives hope that arohi played by alisha is still thete even though chances are low. Tara is the only one who gives me the strength to watch this hopeless show

    4. true Pia, whenever Tara comes on screen i start feeling so happy lol

    5. Satya127

      I agree with all ur points…. Guys I also feel chawani is also saved by deep only
      If deep want to kill chavani he can kill him anywhere and if he want to also why would he take the video of it…. He has very big reason behind all his planning…. Bechara his brain is a store of secrets and plans…..
      Guys I feel after this revenge nia will send deep to jail where he is punished for few years and then arohi will have another surgery and will get her identity back ( alisha) and will stay far away at some new place along with her child…. Then after few years deep comes out of the jail and think arohi is died but in his like destiny he comes to meet AROHI and his child and their they again start fresh cute love story of ardeep played by arjun and alisha…
      Dhara and rhivanya I had replied to ur comments in the previous update and I tried to give clarification about that all big boss rumour

    6. Hi satya.again love revenge story.this is unique conclusion also different from our thoughts.
      I like one thing from ur idea.finally ardeep start a fresh love story.that was nice.

    7. hi Satya… yes i saw your comments on big boss. i dont what will happen with Nia. If the real Anjali was still alive then there was some hope that Nia’s role will be a short one. but they showed Anjali dying so dont know what will happen now. Also, Anjali was also pregnant. is that is supposed to be significant? and tara mentioned Anajali’s father was a smuggler. have no idea how all these plot points will tie up… i liked your term ‘raaz maharaj’ for Deep 😛

    8. Agree with you.

  2. What does Deep actually want? Is Virat really trustworthy person?

  3. The more I try to understand the more I get confuse this is such a hopeless serial what d hell is going y do I feel this deep is fake

  4. Wow Tara is amazing ???
    What is deep plan ??
    Nia ?????? ??
    I can’t tolerate her she is telling dialogues
    like poem ????

  5. Love arjun and Alisha performance. Otherwise nothing interested.
    I think arohi fake mom(deep maasi) knew deep past.deep always said o ladki.that mean what. Nia is not real she really pregnant. How her baby is safe?so many wars happened with her.may be that baby made by iron.both nia and Tara fight together. I am support Tara.because I don’t feel nia pain.
    p.s. today Tara looking so hot??wt a killer attitude.??????????

  6. If arohi fake mom deep maasi mean why she talk with virat ?

    1. this is a good question Rhivanya… also, Roma, Virat and Tara supposedly knew everything about Deep’s past. so Virat should be surprised that why ‘Arohi’ is calling Deep’s maasi as her own mother? maybe Deep called her maasi just out of respect, like we sometimes call our friend’s mother…. still this woman definitely knows more than the rest of the characters lol.
      what is this woman’s name btw? did someone mention?

    2. Hi dhara.No one mentioned arohi fake mom name.
      In current track deep dialog like as a code am not understand anything.

  7. Satya127

    Hi guys
    I felt for alisha entry if they play the song arohi background music instead of tara then I think it is on top…. But still alisha is super….
    The worst part now is to see arjun with nia along with our favourite background music…. And for that I am feeling more hate towards nia….
    Talking about deep the raaz maharaj is of no use but day by day the trust that he is good is increasing….. Along with the anger that I have towards writers…. Don’t know guys before when I was watching the show it used to be my stress buster I used love alisha and arjun as my ardeep and used live their twisted love story but now watching the show I feel depressed sometimes and angry and confused sometimes….. If I could request anything for the show I only ask them to bring alisha as arohi….. After that they can make any stupid illogical twists I don’t care I really miss my arohi…. My ardeep which r the main soul of immj

  8. One humble request for writers. Please do something. We want Alisha as arohi.
    Somebody told that Alisha fans hurt and disrespect nia.I just said that we can’t accept anyone play a arohi role.because we saw Alisha as arohi in more than 200 episodes. How can we accept it?
    If nia play a any other role(except arohi & Tara) no problem with Alisha fans side.
    Why this small thing not understand?
    Not problem with nia.problem with nia play a arohi role.that’s it.and nia dressing sense different from arohi.she never wear sleeveless salwar.if am said anything wrong mean please tell me guys.

    1. Satya127

      U said everything correctly…. We all don’t have problem nia being part of the show but nia being arohi is our problem…. I can’t accept her as my arohi ever…. Writers please understand our point of view and feelings we alone those fans who supported u and ur show and expected every good thing for it…. We accept it is the best and unique show and want immj to stay like that but nia being arohi turned this our favourite show in to something that is going to be worat day by day we all love alisha and arjun as our arohi and deep and we can’t imagine anyone in their place…. Please end this track and bring back my and our arohi (alisha) and after this u can make any twist with remaining characters but please bring back alisha as arohi

  9. I think deep will go to jail and Aarohi will do surgery again and will get her identity back.
    These all are my thoughts….stupid writters will
    Again make Aarohi fall for deep and again the
    Same betrayal drama……fedup with this

    1. Satya127

      That is quite better than watching ni for me I am ready to watch the repeat or any fresh story only with arjun and alisha being the main leads as our ardeep

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