Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi gives Vedika first clue

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says thank God you followed Prithvi and saw that girl in that house. who knew this Prithvi has a daughter too that no one knows about. She agreed too. Chawai says she is dark and she will do anything to know the truth. Arohi says we have to keep an eye on that girl. She shouldn’t know we brought her here. We should only talk to her on text. Write her that wait for the right time she will get all the answers. Chawani says I am really worried for Niku. Lets get him out of here. Arohi says if he stays in front of my eyes at least I will able to save him when he’s in danger. We have to force them to keep him here and safe.

Roma gets ready. Roma says so much you have to do to become a minister. Tara says you look so pretty. Virat says yes you do. Virat says should I kill that child here and kill him outside? Arohi says are you crazy. Mom this isn’t the right time to kill him, There is media after you and Vedika is in this house. You have to use that child to create your positive image. Deep says Tara is right. We have to keep him alive. Virat says he has a soft corner for him. Deep says we only care about ma’s dream. Roma says they are right. Nothing should happen to that child. I wont’ let my dream to be affected at any cost. Arohi hugs her and says good luck.

Scene 2
Arohi comes to Niku and says your aunt won’t let your enemies have anything. I will ruin Roma’s image. She leaves a paper near the side table.
Roma says Deep I think we should hire a PR agency.. Virat says I will. Roma says no Deep will do it. Tara is right that we should cash that child that roma has adopted an orphan baby. Hire a PR agency to make this news viral. And make sure everything between you and Tara is smooth.
Arohi texts Vedika soon you will have answer to all your questions. She texts back I want to know who are you. Arohi says don’t worry you will know soon.

Virat says to Roma you give everything to Deep. You think I can’t do anything for you? Roma says let deep do small things. You have to do big things only.. He says you think I am good for nothing. Roma says you don’t have to mess with all this. Forget all this and come with me.
Deep calls for Roma’s agency. Arohi slips. He holds her. He says why don’t you want to talk to me. Arohi is dead too. Arohi says don’t you miss her? Have we found her dead body? Where is it? Maybe you saved her. Deep says I killed her for you. You never trust me. Arohi says you even pointed gun at me. You had to keep your child alive. Otherwise you had to kill me and live with that Arohi. Deep says i thought you were Arohi. He says we have to live for our child’s future. She says you can never understand.

Vedika collides with arohi. Arohi says can’t you see? And what are you doing here? Mom asked me to take that soup to that child. I hate doing all this. Vedika says I can take it. Why do you hate that child. Arohi says go and take it to him.
Chawani comes and says you are so clever. Arohi says lets go and see.
Deep comes to Niku’s room before Vedika. He sees the envelope on his side table. Arohi and chawani are following vedika.
Deep picks the envelope and is about to open it. He reads for vedika and leaves it.

Vedika comes to the room and sees the envelope. She says is this answer to my questions? Deep hiding and hearing. She opens the envelope and sees a woman’s torn photo in it.
Vedika opens the envelope and sees torn photo she says who is this?
Arohi says to Chawani we can’t reveal it all together;. We have to use her against this family on right time. Deep sees photos in his phone. He took photos of the torn photo in the envelope. He says I have to find out who this photo belongs to. Arohi says this photo is a time bomb.
Precap-Arohi says Vedika you will be weapon. Deep says I wont let anyone harm my family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hello every1 either that photo belong to kalyani or most probably Maya

    1. Hai lutfa.kalyani or Maya.but the lips look like roma.

      1. That is also possible Rhivanya

    2. Hi Lutfa! I can’t imagine Kalyani to be related in any way to Prithvi! I hope it’s Roma but this photo thing doesn’t spark any curiosity!

  2. Hi everyone, today’s episode was boring….. Arohi, u are stupid…you didnt think that your jasoos pati Deep is still in the house and you kept the envelope over there openly for him to see what’s inside it….
    Vedika is simply like Qasim in Ali baba and the forty thieves who enter the Raichand mansion where not forty but only four criminals are there….
    I don’t think the comments would reach even 50 today…

    1. Hello Sonia.agree with you.last Saturday episode we crossed 400 comments.but today?

    2. hey sonia…. i am not even curious what the photo is lol, time bomb or whatever….. even i feel there wont be many comments today…

    3. Hi sonia totally agree with u that was indeed stupid move

    4. Hey Sonia! Agree nowadays they are only dragging and not focussing on the story-. –

    5. Hi Sonia! Epi was boring indeed I read the update so I don’t feel like watching it either! Aarohi is repeatedly making mistakes now! She found a chance to keep Nikku safe once again she got him here!?

  3. Sayanika

    Guys any guesses about whose picture it could be. I strongly felt that was Roma. But still am not sure. And just guessing.. Vedika might be here to find out about her mom. IDK. ?

    1. Hai guess also Roma.

    2. hey sayanika… i once considered that Vedika might be there to find about her mom. but all these years she didnt stay with Prithvi so i assumed she stayed with her mother and when she died, Vedika insisted that Prithvi let her stay with him…. but could be what you said also

      1. Sayanika

        Hi Dhara. That’s what it’s confusing me all the more. How can Aarohi answer Vedika’s questions. If it’s at all related to her mother’s death then Prithvi could have blamed Kalyani and Kesari for that.
        And what’s so big a question that Prithvi can’t answer. Maybe it’s related to Roma. Prithvi is so over loyal to her that maybe he doesn’t want to disclose anything about Roma to his own daughter.

    3. Hello sayanika di! she z actualy their to get answers to her quesion what i jst hope is that wateva answer she wil get wil be something shocking for her to the extent that she wil go to any level to ruin Roma’s family that too by joining hand with Arohi and probably convince prithvi to help them but i dont no if he wil surely help becouse prithvi is over loyal when it come to going against Roma?

      1. Sayanika

        Hi Lutfa. If at all this happens what you have said then I would be glad. Maybe the answers to Vedika’s questions can be too shocking for Prithvi to digest and that would turn him against Roma (She is such a selfish lady.. maybe she even planned to ruin Prithvi in the past).
        It would be nice to see one of Roma’s trusted personnel to turn against her.

    4. Hi Sayanika! It could be just a distraction done by Aarohi I suppose!

  4. hi friends…. i dont have much to comment today. i thought the photo was of Roma’s and i am only wondering how long Arohi will take in supplying Vedika with the complete photo…. Deep is after that too so maybe he will discover before Arohi reveals. i just hope Arohi really manages to stop Roma from being a member of Rajya Sabha. cant believe how old Roma suddenly looked when she changed her make up and saree style……

    1. Sayanika

      Haha. Absolutely Dhara. Even though Roma looked old but she was looking pretty good and decent. And she herself said.. Rajya Sabha member banne ke liye kya kya bhes badalne padhte hai. ?

    2. ? That creature should look old or else older! Deep would find it before her yess! And like I don’t want the next whole week being spent on sending pieces of that photo to that Vedika! And those pieces being recognized by deep!

  5. Hello friends.
    Nice episode. I hope arohi succeed the plan.
    The piece of photo is Roma.what next idea.same precap.
    I want more ardeep scenes. And more fun.
    This show never shown any fun.
    Good night friends.

    1. hi Rhivanya…. it seems Ardeep are the leads of the show. i had thought Arohi will be alone but their remarriage seemed like a sign that they will be the couple….. so i just wish that their love story will start. Arohi shouts at Deep that you love Arohi just to blame him, she does not really believe that and she herself has too much hate for him….. i dont know when true love will start between them.

      1. Hello Dhara may b when she find out that Tara is not actually dead an deep save her thinking her to be Tara may be she wil see things from diffrnt point and realize that deep actually love her and he has become a beast becouse of Roma

      2. hey lutfa…. i hope that happens, but it seems it will not happen anytime soon 🙁 right now Vedika and Roma’s Rajya sabha membership is going on…. so i dont think Tara will shown to be alive now. and i cant understand when Arohi and Deep will go to london or even go or not…..

    2. Hi Rhivanya! The next move is all in the hands of writers which they’re not doing properly even! Like Dhara di said, the leads are Ardeep! I felt it on their marriage day! Roma trying to kill Deep and her unlikeliness towards him are hints that later he might go against them, realize his mistakes and join hands with Aarohi! I guess that’s the writers plan? “which I don’t approve at all”

  6. btw one thing…. i read the update today and it has very few mistakes than it usually does. who said what is correct, just the places are not mentioned but still better…. thanq Atiba

  7. Deeyaana

    Yeah that photo may be of Roma. And arohi is sooooo dumb to leave the letter free

  8. Hi Dhara, Shifa, Rhivanya, Shey, Sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, Saras, Arpi, Nayana, Avensha, Salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, Sobhana, Cherry, Lutfa

    I think the pic is Roma’s,,,, And finally Arohi asks about Arohi’s (Tara) dead body,,, Maybe they will bring back Tara character when the trp goes down,,,, Todays episode was boring,,, Arohi should plot like Roma’s minister dream teared apart at the same time she should project like it’s due to Virat’s activities,,, Because Roma already knows that Virat is so careless

    1. hi sathya…. Arohi mentioned that ‘Arohi’ dead body has not been found and Deep didnt give any explanation either, so Tara will definitely return one day.

    2. Hello Dhara may b when she find out that Tara is not actually dead an deep save her thinking her to be Tara may be she wil see things from diffrnt point and realize that deep actually love her and he has become a beast becouse of Roma

    3. Hello sathya if that rilly hapen the show wil get 500 comment dt day

    4. Hey sathya! Yup I believe Tara isn’t dead and that pic was also roma’s
      Maybe they will show a dhamakedar entry of Tara! She can’t die so soon

    5. Hai sathya. Without Tara this show not interested. So she return very soon.

    6. Hi Sathya! Epis are getting boring with Tara’s death! And yeah Aarohi should shatter that creature’s minister dream!

  9. I sometimes think that Tara is not dead maybe they will show a track where in flashback Tara will be shown to be taken to hospital by someone and will return in a revengeful mood to Aarohi

    1. Hi! IMm dt z quite possible

    2. Hai’s also possible.

    3. Hiiii Imm! Yeah Tara’s definitely alive I also feel

  10. Hello buddies
    Yah i guess the same it might be maya
    Byw i feel arohi should stop this blaming business against deep coz that’s boring n can make him feel suspicious too after all tara wasn’t that irritating

    1. hi Amaira, i agree. she keeps saying that Deep should be happy in life, but literally no one loves Deep lol, so how can he be happy? and if Arohi also keeps blaming him then he will remain depressed

      1. Thanks dhara for ur reply
        Btw nice to hear from u

    2. Hello one care deep.

    3. Hi Amaira! Yeah Aarohi is like repeating the same thing all the time! That’s a nuisance really!

  11. Immj is lagging behind nothing interesting of much…I wud lyk arohi to b Strong have a well planed revenge.
    Also arohi is making another mistake bringing nikku back to the monsters… One more thing is Tara really dead

    1. Hai munim.

    2. Hi Munim! Tara might be alive! And I agree Aarohi should be more strong and plan a proper attack! This track is boring!

  12. i dont thinks that tara is really dead i don’t kwon if someone help her or just her manage the mess but i don’t think

    1. Yeah Aarohi&Deep, she is alive I suppose!

  13. Helloo Everyone! Dhara di I saw your comments on the previous episode! Oh nooo I am really going to miss you for a week! Have a safe journey and please come back soon! And I was also very busy! I missed around 3 episodes So I’ve got nothing to comment either! The thing is our New year which is tje one and only national festival (like Diwali) is falling this week so like the whole SL is busy this week! So my comments will also be a bit less! And @Shifa di I heard you’re not well! I’m so sorry I couldn’t even wish u a speedy recovery but now I’ll do! Get well soon! And @Tanya I saw your previous comment thought of replying here since none of u would check it! I’m from Sri Lanka! And hi @Munim! You’re very welcome here! Do comment regularly we’d love to hear your opinions!

    1. hi shey…. happy new year in advance 🙂 enjoy the celebrations 😀
      i will be leaving tomorrow morning, so cant watch the epi. i still would have tried to comment but the updates are full of mistakes so dont know if i can :/

      1. Hai
        This website give clear u will check there.and comment here.
        Safe journey. I will miss your comments.

      2. Yeah dii! I too can’t comment reading this update! And thanks for the wish! Gonna miss u big-time! Enjoy your journey! Stay safe!

    2. hello r u?
      Advance happy new year. Enjoy a lot.

      1. Hi Rhivanya! I’m fine! How about you? Thanks you soo much dear!

      2. Hey Rhivanya, just read the written update on the site you gave! That’s more detailed and good! Obvs it’s not like Dhara di’s update! But thanks that’s a good site to read a proper IMMJ update! @Dhara, u can check it out during this week! It’s good!

      3. Fine shey.

  14. Hai everyone, i think as roma is using nikku for publicity .. One day arohi’s bhabi may see nikku on tv news or posters nd ahe will come back for nikku… I really hope that nikku will meet his mom soon…

    1. hey…. thats a possible guess. Arohi didnt know anything about the real Raichands so maybe bhabhi didnt know it either and that is why have not been able to locate them yet…. but if the newspaper article carries a photo of nikku then bhabhi might come searching…. i wish for some happy moments for nikku too….

    2. Nice idea.

    3. Hi! ( Well your name has quite alot of characters, so I stopped it with a hi?) What you said is right! She might really be searching for the kid too unable to find him! I also wish she returns atleast we’re familiar with her!

  15. Hello everyone! I am commenting after 3 episodes …
    This week wasn’t that interesting only Bakwas episodes -.- except the episode where Tara died(though I believe she didn’t)
    And that pic was definitely of Roma’s
    Is vedika prithvi and Roma ‘s daughter ?
    That’s how Arohi is gonna spoil her image?
    And I. Don’t get one thing if nikku can’t speak how did he say that day “doctor uncle ap muje injection to Nahi lagaoge na? ”
    So many inconsistencies!!

    1. hi cherry, i noticed your comments were missing….. and very nice point! i had completely forgotten that Arohi had first heard nikku’s voice in hospital and then gone searching for him lol… and now he cant speak. well we can assume that nikku went into more shock when he thought ‘tara’ was attacking him in the hospital…. but he wasnt talking/replying/shouting when Arohi had caugh him before that either…. so it seems it is a real mistake…….
      as for Arohi trying to prove that Vedika is Roma and Prithvi’s daughter…… Arohi didnt know that Vedika was Prithvi’s daughter to begin with, so her plan when she brought Vedika on the house should have been something else. but what you said will be more convenient for Aeohi so maybe she will go with that….

      1. Yeah dhara Di! Yup. I agree the cv’s forget what they show but we viewers don’t
        It’s a big mistake because nikku said those lines clearly and now they are showing that he cannot speak?
        And I really don’t know about vedika but just a guess
        Let’s see what happens!

      2. And I’m also busy this week so maybe I don’t comment regularly Next Week also ?but will try

      3. oh my god everyone including writers have forgotten.. initially niku was speaking….

    2. Hai are you?
      I also noticed your comment missing.
      Agree with you.

      1. Hey rhivanya! I am fine
        Ha I was busy so could not comment
        BTW, comments are decreasing!?

    3. Hi Cherry! Good observation! He really did speak! And he started being dumb after meeting Aarohi as Tara! Yeah he could have gotten shocked! And Vedika could be their daughter too!

  16. I don’t think that arohi is going to give vedica’s answers because she didn’t know even relation between vedica and Prithvi. She would give any false picture to confuse and use her.
    @shifa get well soon.

    1. hey mohit, i hope it doesnt turn out that Vedika is a complete innocent person like Arohi once was and gets hurt in Arohi’s plan….. i mean Vedika is just daughter of Prithvi, as far as we know, she has never hurt anyone and is just looking for family. i hope unknowingly Arohi doesnt do to Vedika what Deep once did to Arohi……

      1. I also hope so but I am surprised that arohi herself doesn’t know anything about Vedika so how can she give answeres of Vedika’s questions.

    2. hai mohit.agree with you

    3. Hi Mohit! Yeah even I felt Aarohi is trying to distract her!

  17. btw friends…. for one last time i thought to discuss about Deep. see, when we first saw Deep i dont think he was very nice person because he was brought up with monsters by a monster. then he met Arohi and i remember the scene where Arohi came to mental hospital behind Deep. when Deep told her the fake story that his ex-gf Tara was mentally ill and is asking him again and again to come back to him and he hid it from Arohi to not hurt her, Deep had expected Arohi to get angry. instead Arohi was worried for Tara and hoped that she will get well soon. Deep was shocked that someone could be so selfless and i feel that was the point that he realised people can be really good and not everyone always react by screaming and threatening. he saw more goodness in Arohi and began to love her, care for her. BUT, and it is a big but for me, when Roma doubted him and asked him for clarification he decided to give up on Arohi and follow orders. even if it hurt him, he let Maya and others torture Arohi, sent her to jail and even went to jail to lie t her about Lakshya’s death. (now that we know Roma she most probably sent Deep to do such ‘small work’)
    now the goodness he saw changed him a little. although he did not disobey Roma, he began to hide things from her. he kept nikku alive and safe. and he was no longer happy with Tara. i feel in the beginning he did have a crazy devotion for Tara but now all that was lost and he began to get depressed. then we come to the present…… he still obeys Roma. yesterday Roma told to his face that i am going to use that orphan ‘nikku’ to highlight my political career and still Deep didnt think that Roma is using him too, another orphan. now that nikku is in that house, he did nothing to protect him. he even shot ‘Arohi.’ and he now knows that Roma does crimes, destroys people’s lives but he still respects her….
    does that make him a good person? regret and guilt is all he has 🙁 insane devotion to someone evil cannot be positive trait. its not like he is actively trying to plan to protect innocents from Roma. if nikku had died he would have cried, and then continued with his life. when he thought Arohi is dead in jail, he beat himself up and then was happy about his baby…. i really want Deep to become positive (and i have given up hoping that he knows the real Arohi, if he did and was helping her behind her back then why does he question her all the time?) but i dont feel Deep is a very nice person. he will not give his hundred percent to protect the innocents or even Arohi. Arohi is a far far better person than him (though emotionally stupid sometimes) and i wish the writers had written up a better life partner for her 🙁
    any opinion friends?

    1. btw, i would like to add, Deep does have potential to improve and become better. but i feel it will be long long before he becomes deserving of Arohi. right now he doesnt even try much dammit 🙁

      1. i agree if today roma order him to kill niku he will do it.Arohi is a much better person than him we think her stupid sometimes but it is because sometimes she is still the inocent arohi who cares for everyone.she loves dilip knowing that he is good. she can’t do anything to harm any innocent and i still i think if deep comes to know that she is arohi so tom protect his so called family he doesn’t hesitate to kill her once again. i agree with u that arohi deserve a miuch better person.

      2. Valid point dhara.but what writers Idea.?

    2. Hey dhara Di, I agree deep is purposeless man he is only like a ‘Tommy ‘ to his mummyji
      Who keeps wagging his tail in front of his “mummyji” I think we can call him a loyal dog to the raichands who obeys there each and every order
      But I think deep is not really an orphan it’s only a cooked up story by Roma I believe
      And I think as soon as deep realizes that Roma cheated and used him he will turn against them and would repent like hell to get back Arohi
      But Arohi won’t forgive him

    3. I don’t think that they will introduce someone for arohi, the all story is about their hate-love we didn’t see romantic moment between tara and deep as deep and arohi there are the partener, couple of the serie.

      I think arohi will see that deep really love her she will use it, she will destroy him and his family and maybe we will seen a new enemy which will get arohi and deep working together at last i think deep will die saving arohi life from roma or he will kill roma for arohi somethink like that

    4. I don’t know but somehow I’m felling that whole story and plot is useless, if they keep stretching it like cheese, I’m surely gonna kill cvs, r thay deaf or ill literate, why they don’t get what r v saying they r just spoiling the beauty of the content…… If its short and spicy everyone gonna remember forever but if they do stretch then needed it will become blunder..

    5. @Dhara, Very true! Yeah I agree! Deep is that person what you described! I too don’t want him to pair with Aarohi but thw sad truth is, I feel Writer’s intention is Ardeep as the couple of the story!

    6. hi everyone, thanq for your replies. i am going to keep it short as i am busy packing and everything for the trip…
      @anvesha, agree, Arohi’s stupidity comes from her emotional attachments, unlike others who are simply mean and hot headed. i might get angry at her for stupid decisions, but i can never hate her
      @Rhivanya…. i have no idea what the writers want dear, and it feels the writers dont know either :p maybe they should check this page lol, some of the commentators have pretty interesting ideas :p
      @Cherry, i also feel Deep has a family and one day he will turn against Roma, but i hope Arohi gives him enough punshment before even considering forgiveness. (but Arjun acts so well i start feeling sorry for him very soon lol)
      @Arohi&Deep, i like your idea about bringing a common enemy for them, if they start fighting together and remain somewhat honest with each other, maybe we will finally get some bonding 🙁
      @Tanya, i agree, short and consistent is more enjoyable, that is why first naagin series was so popular, amazing leads and things wrapped up almost in a year…. too much drag and people will lose interest no matter how interesting the concept is…
      @shey, i suppose we are stuck with this pair, at least the writers should make some effort in actually showing connection between them, it seems that has not even started and i just hope they dont rush through it, Arohi and Deep will need a long time before forgiving and understanding starts….

  18. @dhara. Maybe some visa problems that why there dragging the story this much without showing the London track.

    1. Hi rivhanya u shudn’t be expecting so much, there is not going to be any London track….. I know its disappointing but truth is truth…

      1. Hi Tanya.really disappointed me.but it truth mean what can we do?
        Whatever I watch only for arjun and Alisha act.

    2. That could also be true Rhivanya! That promo is still shown here! I wonder if it’s even happening because there’re new incidents taking place! That’s so annoying!

  19. from ydays episode n precap its very clear they dont have content for next week ready as well as they have not thoughr of the plot too….

    they r simply using fillers of arohji n chawannis discussion

    1. Yup actually…. Most of the screen space is taken by alisha and what the heck how much she can do it alone… I think slowly and steadily it is becoming arohi’s centric story…… I think cvs has stopped thinking further, even they don’t have any clue what’s going on….. The episode was totally boring……why they r showing deep as a dumb and coward personality….. It’s pissing me off…… I think they shud come to the climax now its high time……….

    2. Yeah Saras! I hate this new track! So boring!

  20. I guess everyone is loosing there interest, see the total number of likes and dislikes we r getting these days….

  21. my guess….

    one day arohi will follow deep doubting what he is upto… he would be actually going to tara( whom he believes to be arohi) who is still unconscious … he will blurt out how compelled he was to cheat her n how much he loves her etc… with full feeling he who’ll be telling… arohi will listen n realise howmuch really deep loved her bla bla….. n she Will change her opinion abt deep..

    what say ??

    1. Hey saras.nice guess.may be it will be true.

  22. Hello Dhara di, Rhivanya, Sathya, Munim, Sonia, Cherry, Shifa di, Tanya, Sana,Sonakshi, Mohit, Vicky, Lutfa, Sayanika, Saras, Imm, Ardeep, Emli, Pks, and everyone!
    I personally am not liking Vedika’s entry on the show! She brought boredem to ths story along with her! Please end this track soon! My hate towards that disgusting creature is increasing day by day (Roma) I wish VIrat were dead So that creature could mourn over its good for nothing son (I hate him “Recap narrator stop calling him Lakshya for God’s sake!”)
    I hope it doesn’t become a minister! Like seriously! ? they shouldn’t get anything more than this please! Stop making evils powerful!
    Aarohi knew Vedika! (how?) when Chawanni saw Prithvi talking to her! He looked amazed as if he’s seen her before and informed Aarohi! But how could it be? If they together got to know about Raichands and all? Confusion! I didn’t like how Aarohi left Nikku to die there without even checking on him again! What’s this nonsense? If she really asked Vedika to save Nikku, she could’ve sent him near Chawanni (He would’ve been safe) rather than bringing him there? She”d better keep him away from this revenge thing!
    And if the track doesn’t improve trp is going to drop! I wish the story was as before! It’s getting boring!

  23. Excuse my long comment! The thing is I had alot to say! Some were said by y’all!

  24. And about the photo! The connecting pieces will be given to Vedika by Aarohi step by step, it’ll also be collected by Deep! The remaining piece will be the face after connecting all the pieces Deep won’t be able to get that part! That’s what usually happens in serials!
    As for Tara, I think she’ll make a grand entry after we all forget about her! ( Another thing I don’t like about serials! Dead coming alive after years) this’ll be bad for the unique concept of the story!

    1. Hey shey I agree with you.

    2. if tara comes back alive its not like other serials.. here viewers do not know of she is dead its a suspense… only they are thinking she’s dead…. they had thought arohi is dead in prison but viewers knew shes alive…

  25. I jst watch the episode now and that half photo is deffintly Roma

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