Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep killed his mom

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep hugs Arohi. He kisses her neck. Arohi says don’t tease me let me cook. He says I will stay here. Deep takes measurements of her body. He says I am going to get your wedding dress. Deep pulls her close. Arohi gets a call. Its Tara she says don’t be happy about your new house. Arohi it was tara. She said happy wedding and happy new house. Arohi calls inspector and says where is chawani? She says we are bringing him to your new house. Deep says you shouldn’t have told police.
Deep runs to lift. Chawani is there. Te door closes. Chawani screams. Deep stops the elevator from his hand. He pulls Chawani outside.
Arohi screams.. Depp runs in. Deep sees that she is tied. he releases her. Deep says we have to go from here. He says we have to go from here. Thhis place is not safe. Arohi says but you decorated this house with love. He says your life is more important. He takes her from there. It was Tara.

Virat and Tara hit arohi on head took her ring and Tara wore her clothes. Tara goes with Deep. Virat and roma take Arohi from there.
Tara says to deep promise me you will love me forever. He says I promise. She says if you break the promise there will be a punishment. He says I don’t mind. Tara hugs her. Tara says in heart you should be punished. tara says kiss me. He comes close. Tara tries to put in a tablet in his house. He comes close and slaps her. He says you thought I wont know you are tara? He saw that tattoo isn’t there. Deep says now you will tell me about my past and where is arohi? She says you wont ever know. If you can’t be mine you wont be anyone else. Deep says I will kill you. SHe hits her head on the wall and says I dont’ fear death or pain.

Virat says lets kill her. By now Tara must have killed deep. Roma shoves arohi and roma puts gun on her. Arohi puts sindur in their eyes. Roma catches her. Deep calls from tara’ number. He says wanna see your daughter? He shows her tara tied. Deep says if you harm arohi i will cut her into pieces. Bring arohi to the address I text you and take Tara.

Virat and Roma bring Arohi to a shed. Deep comes with tara and says leave Arohi I will leave tara. They both walk. Tara stops near Arohi and hits her head. Virat and deep take out their guns. Police comes. Deep sees roma hidden on a corner. He takes her to a side an says tell me about my past. Or I will kill you. She says once you know you would want to kill yourself. She says your mom was a very nice woman. The man who killed her was.. Deep raj singh. deep is dazed.
Precap-Roma laughs and says you killed your own mom. You shot her. Deep drinks in stress./strong>

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Same old villian winning… I am sure someone from roma, virat, dilip, tara or their people killed deep’s mom and hit his head for using deep as his pawn… But its too irritating now, all time winner of villians either this way or that way…

  2. This is going from bad to worse… When deep untied ‘arohi’ who tge raichands had left unhurt, i knw it was tara and the same game was going to start again…. Seriously i feel like a great opportunity was lost when dilip’s character turned evil. He could hv been a good positive factor with mysteries and backstory but no…. And also the brave cunning arohi is gone. When tara slapped her i wanted her to slap tara back. She had done it lots if times before when she wanted to get her revenge. But now this Arohi is nt able to do anything…. Hugely disappointed

  3. No deep cant kill his mom no…… and this virat Tara roma what is wrong with them oh my god plz help ardeep to escape.

    And hey dudes I posted my story’s epi 2 plz read and comment

    1. Hi miya.the link is not Available.

  4. Hello friends.
    Ardeep scenes and deera scene are?????????☺???
    I don’t think deep kill his own mom.
    Roma,Tara,virat play with deep feelings.
    One happy thing chawani is safe.

  5. Hi Everyone,

    I don’t know how much longer this back and forth will continue…it’s irritating. The reason this show has lasted as long as it has (almost a year), is because of Arjun and Aalisha. Their talent is what has carried forth this show. Not to mention the chemistry between them, AMAZING.

    That being said, a HUGE oversight and error on the part of the writers and Yash and Mamta is….The police know Aarohi as the murderer, not Tara. They have been looking for Tara and wanting to arrest her, but without explanation. Aarohi was always pretending to be Tara, now suddenly they forgot all about that. It’s pathetic how many foolish errors are made. I guess we’ll never know the story of Kalyani. Apparently the mansion was hers and Dilip was her husband, but I think the writers also forgot about all that. They introduce all these characters, but they don’t add any real purpose to the show.

    I hope Ardeep can kill Tara, Roma and Virat once and for all, get married and have lots of babies so this show can finally come to an end.

  6. Hi frnds…
    nice episode..
    ardeep are so cute…
    in the ending part deep expression was awesome..
    I don’t trust Roma… I think she is playing with deep emotions…
    so worried for deep..

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