Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi has brought Vedika to the house

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The girl is asleep. Deep comes there. Arohi syas why are you here? Wanna kill her too? He says no wanna ask some questions. Deep asks her how did you get here with that child? She says everyone was talking about Roma in the hospital. Everyone knows who she is. Roma says you did right you deserve a present. She says I need permission to live here my landlord kicked me. I will be here for few days only. Roma says you can stay.

Virat says why did you let her live here? Roma says we have a name is society we have to live upto it. Don’t worry. If she leaves Niku will be taken by police. You will be arrested.
Prithvi says to the girl why are you here? She says you didn’t want me to come here but God made niku the reason. If you force me I will tell Roma.
Deep says she might be clever. I was given task to kill Arohi and I did that Virat had to kill Niku. Virat says i did i don’t know how he got safe.
Someone texts the girl you entry was amazing. You will get your answer be careful of deep and virat.

Virat comes to niku’s room. He is about to give him an injection. Doctor comes and says I am here to check him. Arohi is with him. Virat says who called him? Arohi says I don’t know. virat says go out. Doctor says the child is not well. I have to treat him or I will need to call police.
Roma says to deep when Virat said he will kill niku you got worried why? Virat says I am worried for your reputation and Virat not Niku.
Media comes to Roma to talk to her about her social service. Virat says I will take this doctor to mom. Deep comes and stops Virat. He says there is media if you take the doctor out we will be defamed. Virat says to doctor who called you? Doctor says learn to behave first. Deep says I am sorry. Please tell me who called you. He says a woman called me. Arohi goes ot her room.

Arohi says to Chawani because of you I could save Niku. He says I didn’t do anything. Roma says he told Virat some woman called him. Roma says to Deep and virat find out who called him. And end this chapter as soon as possible. Chawani says you have to do something. If you send him away they might harm him. Arohi hears someone saying I didn’t do anything.
Virat puts gun on the girl and says you called the doctor. Arohi says stop what are you doing. Virat says she shouldn’t have called the doctor. Prithvi says stop. I have found everything about this girl.. She is not lying. She went there for checkup and found niku there. Virat says okay if you say so. I don’t know then who called the doctor. There is someone in this house. He leaves.
Prithvi says to her why are you here? You know this isn’t the right time. She says you are here papa.. Arohi overhears. Prithvi says this place is dangerous for you. She says papa you are here I know nothing would happen. After so many years I got to spend time with you. Prithvi says I dont’ have answers. Please go from here. He leaves.
She says if you can’t tell me the person who brought me here can help me. She texts someone and says I am here now, when will I get my answers.

Chawani gets a text from Vedika. He saysv how should i answer this. Arohi is with him. Arohi replies her you will get all the answer just wait. Arohi says she is our trump card. We have to play it right. She is a weapon that will ruin Raichand family. Just wait and watch.
Precap-Arohi says to Vedika you will be my next weapon. Deep says I will do anything to save my family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hi everyone, today’s episode had some interesting twists… vedika is prithvi’s daughter and Arohi is using her as a trump card…,I think vedika is the illegitimate daughter of prithvi and Maya and she has come here to know about her mom’s death..
    As for Deep, I think that Tara is really dead now…In the precap, the way Deep said that he will be the shield of ‘his’ family and would protect them from any attack, I was like.. you dumbo, how will you protect them when your own life is at risk around them??
    Now I completely support Arohi, she should torture Deep emotionally because he already tortures himself physically…
    One more thing,I didn’t get it… Arohi could simply hide nikku, where she used to hide Tara…no one knows the place from the Raichand family where Tara was actually kidnapped. This is another dumb move that Arohi is making by keeping nikku with her.. Roma has already ordered Deep to finish nikku’s chapter and I don’t think he will disobey his dear ” mummy ji”.

    1. hi sonia…. i think keeping nikku there is the dumbest move. Virat is just itching to kill nikku. Arohi said that she will keep an eye on nikku and protect, but Virat shot nikku in front of her and she was not able to do anything. it is nikku’s luck that the bullet just grazed his head. how the hell will she protect nikku when she is roaming all over the house?

    2. also about Maya… Maya told Prithvi that he might be getting attracted to her after playing fake fathe/mother to Deep. before that they said Maya went away from them and tried to be an actress. she failed and then had to act as Deep’s mother instead ๐Ÿ˜› so i dont know if Prithvi and Maya were involved that long back… although i am curious if Vedika’s mother turns out to be someone we know…. i think Prithvi doesnt want Vedika there because he doesnt trust Roma. Roma ordered her son-in-law to be murdered. so it is possible if she ever got angry at Prithvi she will use Vedika against him to torture him…

    3. Hai sonia.I don’t think Maya is vedika mother. Some mystery to be unfold.

  2. Hi friendsโ€ฆ. I am just so confused about todayโ€™s episode. I didnโ€™t understand anything. But I will write an update as properly I can remember and can someone please ans my questions?
    Vedika is lying asleep in one of the many spare rooms of Raichand mansion and Deep is sitting beside her waiting for her to regain senses. Vedika moves and Deep comes to her. At the moment Arohi enters the room and says what are you doing Deep? Were you going to kill her too? Deep says no, I was just going to get the answers for the questions that were asked before she fainted. Vedika hears them talking and sits up. Virat enter and also questions her. Roma and Prithvi also come one by one. Vedika says, โ€˜I was in the hospital when I saw this child. There everyone was talking about roma Raichand who is famous for her social work. They were saying that she takes care of children like this and she is even going to become member of Rajya Sabha because of her work. So I thought I will bring this child here. everyone knows where Roma Raichand and her son Virat lives.โ€™ Roma gets very happy listening to this and believes her. Everyone else is shocked that how could Roma believe this girl. But Roma is so sure of her fame that she finds it nothing doubtful. She tells Vedika if she wants any help too? Vedika says that she is homeless right now. Her previous landlord threw her out because he got someone willing to pay higher rent. Vedika requests to let her stay in this house and to the shock of everyone Roma again agrees. Everyone leaves from there except Vedika.
    They gather in another place and discuss about this. Prithvi leaves saying he has to make a phone call. Virat (or maybe Deep) questions Roma that how she can let an unknown person stay here like this. Roma says it is good for her name. she is going to enter politics and everyone should know how good she is. Deep says I donโ€™t understand how that child is still alive who should have been in morgue. Arohi gets angry at him for saying this. Virat also gets angry and asks what you are trying to say? Deep says, why? You keep pointing finger at me always. But I did the job of killing Arohi which I was sent for. You were supposed to kill nikku and you failed. Virat says fine I will go and kill him right now. Roma says it is good that nikku is here where we can keep an eye on him. otherwise Virat could have again landed in jail. Virat doesnโ€™t listen and says he will not leave nikku. He leaves. Deep tries to stop Virat but Roma says leave him, he will not listen to you, come with me I have some important talks with you. Arohi watches as Virat goes to nikkuโ€™s room.
    In Vedikaโ€™s room Prithvi arrives. He says why have you come here? I told you to stay away. Vedika says its my wish, I wont listen to you. Prithvi tries to take her out of the house but Vedika says if you force me I will tell Roma about you. Prithvi says, fine, do what you want and leaves. Vedika gets a message congratulating her for her entry into Raichand mansion. Vedika texts back when will the work begin for which I have come. reply comes ‘soon’โ€ฆ.
    Virat goes to nikkus room with a syringe. He is about to give injection to nikku when a doctor comes. He says I got call that there is a child here, he looks in serious condition I have to check him. Virat argues with the doctor asking who called you here? he mishandles the doctor. Arohi also comes there and stops Virat with her talks. The Doctor says I will call police and brings out phone. Virat throws his phone and says idiot you are threatening police officer about police! Arohi says there is no point arguing with doctor, lets take him to mom, she will decide.
    Downstairs, Roma is again questioning Deep. She says I am noticing a change in your behaviour since the last few days. Whenever we win you become sad. Deep says mummy ji I killed Arohi for you, how can you still doubt me? I was stopping Virat because I was worried for your name. if something happens to nikku here then your name will get spoiled. Roma doesnโ€™t believe him entirely but says my responsibilities are increasing, not a single blot should come to my name now. Just then media person arrive to their house. Roma acts sweetly to them asking them for refreshments. She talks to them and Deep notices Virat is dragging some person downstairs with Tara behind. Deep runs to the stairs and pulls Virat and the doctor inside.
    Immediately Virat starts shouting at Deep. Virat says I knew you were the one who had called the doctor. Deep says donโ€™t talk nonsense I didnโ€™t even this person is a doctor. Media persons are downstairs look. That is why I stopped you. Arohi smiles from behind. Virat says what is happening in this house? Who called doctor and who called media? He again grabs doctorโ€™s collar and asks him to say. Doctor says is this way to talk? Deep pulls Viratโ€™s hands away and says sorry to doctor. He says it is really imp that we know who called you so please tell us. Doctor says a woman called me saying a child is injured here so I came soon. But it seems it is a mistake to do good these days. Doctor goes away and Arohi is still smiling behind them. Deep says which lady called and Deep and Virat both look at her. Arohi is still smiling (-_-) but she changes her expression then. She says I am also wondering if one of our ex-enemy became alive again or some new enemy is born. She then goes away with attitude while Deep and Virat donโ€™t know what to do.
    After the media leaves they both tell Roma about the doctor. Roma gets more worried saying what doctor, who called doctor? Virat says there are only four women in this house, you and Tara didnโ€™t do it, Bindya doesnโ€™t have the courage to do it. It only leaves the new girl Vedika. Roma says then handle her, what more can I say? Virat says I will handle her and leaves. Roma tells Deep that do something about that nikku, I am fed up of this Arohi drama. End it. Deep looks on.
    Arohi goes to store room and chawanni comes there (!) chawanni says you were lucky that nikku is alive. Listen to my advice and run away with nikku to some far away place. Arohi says even I thought of sending nikku away but these people are so clever that they will find him again. Its better I keep him in front of my eye so that I can save him (huh!) Arohi then hears Vedikaโ€™s voice coming from somewhere that I have done nothing, leave me! Arohi goes to see.
    In Vedikaโ€™s room Virat has pointed gun at her, insisting that it was she who had called the doctor. Vedika declines repeatedly. Arohi comes and is shocked. She tries to stop Virat but Virat refuses to listen. He says this woman is of no importance, I will murder her and bury her behind our house. No one will even know. He is about to shoot when Pritvhi comes and stops him. Prithvi says I checked and found out everything about this girl. What she is saying is true, she has indeed found nikku in hospital. Virat keeps the gun down and says if you are saying this Prithvi then I believe you. Virat and Arohi leave. Arohi listens to what Prithvi and Vedika are talking by hiding. Prithvi says to vedika, do you see now why I didnโ€™t want you to come here? these people are dangerous, leave before you get hurt. Vedika says but I want to be with you papa. Arohi is shocked to know that vedika is Prithviโ€™s daughter. Vedika says all these years I have been away from you. This is my first chance and I wont leave. Prithvi asks her not be stubborn. Vedika says why? Prithvi says I cant answer your questions and leaves. Vedika says if you wont answer my question then that person will who brought me here. she picks her phone and messages, โ€˜I have come here through nikku. When will I get my answers?โ€™ Arohi leaves for storeroom again.
    In the store room chawanni gets Vedikaโ€™s message. Arohi sees it and replies โ€˜soonโ€ฆ when the time is rightโ€™. Arohi says she will use Vedika now to destroy the Raichands.
    Precap: Deep goes angrily to a table with laptop and does something. Arohi looks at him. a voiceover says traps are being laid, who will attack and who will be trapped? Deep says angrily that he will not any harm come to his familyโ€ฆ

    1. Thankyou thankyouuuu Dhara di! I was clueless yesterday without your update! Thank you so much!

    2. you are welcome shey… if you miss episodes you can try to watch on it is colors own channel where they upload their episodes soon after telecast ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Voot is not available for our country dii!?

    4. Hi shey… U belong to which country??

  3. hi friends… so here are my confusions…
    1. what actually happened that day? did police actually come or not? Vedika says she found nikku in a hospital. if police took him there then there is no way the police will allow Vedika to take the child away who has just been shot at. Besides, nikku’s head was not bandaged. it was just red headband type of thing and not white bandage (i am surprised no body mentioned that, Virat, Deep, Roma… no one). so was nikku even in a hospital? if he wasnt, does that mean chawanni took nikku away from the spot?
    2. this brings me to my second confusion. in the end it showed Chawanni was messaging Vedika. it was Chawanni who had asked Vedika to bring nikku back to Raichand mansion…. so chawanni told this to Arohi or not from before? because yesterday Arohi really believed nikku was dead. she was repeatedly saying sorry to nikku’s photo and went to kill Virat and crying on bed…. in the morning she hurried to check if nikku is alive. if she already knew nikku was alive then why she would go to check nikku in front of the Raichands?
    3. if chawanni/Arohi knew nikku was alive then why god why did they bring him back to that hell house????? the Raichands were celebrating that nikku is dead and chawanni could have kept nikku hidden in his house. no Raichand would have gone searching for nikku. what nonsense stupidity is this? why Arohi is hell bent on getting nikku tortured in hands of the Virat/Roma?
    4. which tunnel Chawanni has dug under the house store room that he just appears there whenever he wishes? if chawanni stayed in Raichand mansion, i would understand. but he went away. so how the hell he keeps entering the store room?
    5. this is a big confusion. why the hell is Arohi smiling all the time? the doctor said that nikku’s condition is serious, he is badly hurt and needs immediate attention. the doctor seemed very concerned for nikku and Virat just send the doctor away and Arohi is standing and smiling…. like its almost 24 hours since nikku’s head was injured. is any body going to get him treated or nikku will turn like Dilip and always stay paralysed in wheel chair ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ what are you smiling for Arohi?
    now i know what saras will say lol. dont look for logic. but if any one can provide any answer i will be happy. i was watching the whole episode confused. even Vedika’s cover story was bogus but roma just let an unknown woman stay in their house. ugh, i cant enjoy a show if am this confused….

    1. lol lol…. dhara u made me laugh like anything….especially your 4th n 5th confusion…

      infact i first thought it was chawannis place… later i realised they were in the same house….

      let me add one more ch confusion of mine too…

      while vedikas conversation was audible to arohi n chawanni y not theirs audible to others??

    2. hi saras… i am so frustrated i dont know whether to laugh or cry ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
      as for your confusion, i was thinking the same thing. Tara was kept in the same store room and many times she shouted but no one heard…. i think it is a spare room and no one usually stays in that part of the house. they put Vedika somewhere near the storeroom and maybe Vedika was shouting at Virat to leave her alone why Arohi and chawanni were talking normally….. i know there are a lot of maybe’s in my ans lol

    3. i think i know the answer for your confusion no.1.

      actually it was chawanni who made that sirun sound as though police came so that these guys leave.

      n took nikku away.. but y did he not get him treated??
      arohi knew vedika was sent by chawanni but did not know her relation with prithvi

    4. i was also wondering if Chawanni faked that siren. and that idiot Virat didnt recognise it was false lol… but chawanni didnt get him treated and he didnt tell Arohi either, because even in the morning Arohi was shocked to see nikku there and happily went to check his breathe… ๐Ÿ™ i am wondering exactly when Arohi came to know that vedika was sent by chawanni

    5. Salley145

      Even I thought the same that why is she smiling..
      She might be telling herself jokes inside because she might be bored of crying all the time..
      4th statement is a big lol
      3rd Aarohi has turned into a psychic living with Raichands
      2nd Chawani takes Aarohi as a sister so he should’ve told her Niku is alive
      1st is a mystery

      PS: I m anticlockwise haha

    6. lol salley ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› i like your explanation that she is telling herself jokes inside her head lol! total confusion. maybe that is why comments are so less today ๐Ÿ™

    7. So I am here on behalf of imm team and colors. I am starting from your last confusion.
      5. Arohi was not smiling all the time. When they (deep,virat) were talking about media then only she smiled because it was her plan and it also became successful.
      4. I think chawanni didn’t go from mansion but we thought so because arohi was calling him on her wedding night. But he told that he was there to save danger and chintu with help of someone….remember…. but next day he was following prithvi from raichand mansion and they talk in store room secretely.
      3. You think no raichand would have gone searching for nikku but arohi don’t think so, that’s why she brought him back.
      2. Chawanni told arohi about nikku before but when someone get something unbelivable then he says to pinch or something to believe like that arohi also wants to confirm if it’s true or not….human nature.
      1. There are both possibilites. But I think police actually arived there but police didn’t know about shooting because there was no bullet in his body and if someone goes to police for a waif boy, they can handover by taking his identity proof and investigation goes on and ya imp thing is that arohi send cahvanni there to get info about nikku but vedica said that the boy was under her bed but it can be also be justified by many other possibility and yes if police didn’t arrived there then – chavanni messaged vedica (he got her no with help of his gang and he already knew her address) to take nikku with her.

    8. hey mohit… thanx for replying. some of your points are possibilities…. i suppose we can each try to explain these in our own way but the confusion remains somewhat ๐Ÿ™ i just wish the writers would themselves keep it a bit more clear. else everything becomes so fuzzy…. one moment it seems chawanni has left, two episodes later it seems chawanni hasnt left… one episode it seem police arrived, next episode we dont know whether police arrived or not…. and i was questioning about Arohi smiling because it often feels that i am more concerned for nikku than arohi ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› the doctor left without treating nikku right? but Arohi is not even thinking about it…. anyways lets see what happens in todays epi ๐Ÿ™‚

    9. Hai dhara.same confusion here.
      Actually writers always confused the characters. Now confused total episode.

    10. lol Rhivanya ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› i was liking the last three episodes very much, when Tara kidnapped nikku and Arohi was forced to marry, and when Deep shot Tara and Virat shot nikku…. everything was so tensed and i felt so excited to watch, but yesterday i was just confused ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. sorry for the long comment…. the episode just didnt make any sense to me. and this murderous woman is going to be member of Rajya sabha…. although i must say this is a fresh one in an Indian serial, where they show a criminal becoming politician. it seems believable to me…. and i am happy that Prithvi is getting a backstory although i had hopped Vedika to be related to Deep ๐Ÿ™ now Deep’s story will come after another month while we just keep guessing about him. i am getting tired of soldier Deep. i am waiting for the day Deep punches Roma -_-

  5. Vedika doesn’t seem like roma’s daughter, she doesn’t concern about her mom, she just asking to stay with her father, she might b Prithrivi’s first wife’s daughter…. Nd i feel that she is innocent unlike her father,she might b emotional fool like deep aur arohi, she easily get a teary eye when virat point his gun at her….Prithrivi also hiding something from them, when she told if he forced her then she will tell everything to them,Prithrivi doesn’t allow her, something is there i can’t get whats their hidden story but its seem Prithrivi really care about his daughter, he warned her that place is unsafe for her… I found out funny when deep told that he worried for virat, like seriously, when did he started worrying for virat!!!…..

    1. hi babe… even i felt like Vedika is an innocent girl who just wants to stay wth her father. atleast her face looked innocent, and she doesnt seem to have any ulterior motive for now…

    2. Hai babe.I don’t think deep worried for virat.he something hide from Roma.but what?….

  6. I mean maya’s daughter not roma…

  7. Hello evry1 2day I absolutly have nothing to say at fast the show is confusing me but now even the coment have confused me even more and my mouth have become paralyse jst like dilip?

    1. hi lutfa…. so i wasnt the only one confused ๐Ÿ™ tara and nikku’s shootout was one of the high points… but after that suddenly what the writers did i dont understand ๐Ÿ™

  8. Go for the kill Arohi!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    They all deserve it!!! :O

    I do agree of some of your comments about nikku.
    But I can understand why Arohi kept him near her. She thought that he was dead. For two years of his life nikku didn’t find any love. Deep made sure that he can’t speak.
    Arohi can’t send him anywhere, because she doesn’t have someone she can trust. Even if she does, deep and the rest well find him.
    Didn’t I say that deep love tara, NOT Arohi. I can’t wait when kill these scums.
    I hope arohi leave deep last.what arohi should do is divided and RULE!
    The relationship that she should brake is deep and the rest of the family, even prithivi. Deep is the smart one there. With out him the rest is nothing. Arohi has to find a way to break their trust with deep.

    1. hi Mo… Arohi trusts chawanni more that anyone right now. she tells him everything and he does most of the work for Arohi, from bringing trucks to block ways, to prank calls to distract Deep, to bringing glasses, keeping Tara and now Vedika…. Arohi tells everything to chawanni and with how much resources chawanni is shown to have, he could easily hide nikku with himself now that everyone believed niku to be dead…. anyways i agree that Arohi should employ divide and rule. more than Deep i feel Roma should be attacked, because the rest are against Deep anyways. Deep follows them because of Roma and once the trust for Roma is gone, there will be nothing binding them…. i hope with Vedika Arohi manages to force Prithvi to lie to the Raichands. they blindly trust Prithvi, and will believe anything he says…. although i feel like Prithvi is going to die soon lol

    2. Agree!
      I really enjoying this drama, it causes me to have a heart attack.
      But I am also addicted to the show.

  9. dhara dear don’t get frustrated… its a thriller soap epera. its not that easy or possible to do things so meticulously with logic… writer is doing a fair job of keeping us curious everyday…

    i loved the way roma was doubting deep today n as always virat was soo entertaining…

    1. i agree about Virat lol. the actor delivers his dialogue in such a way, i keep laughing half the time… like he is so tired of everyone’s stupidity where in fact he is the stupid one lol ๐Ÿ˜› but i didnt like Roma questioning Deep again, like why the hell does she keep questioning him and not her own son? Virat failed, Deep did what he was asked to do…. but i feel like Roma will soon ask Virat to kill Deep again. hope the next time Deep finds out Roma’s true colors -_-

    2. Hai just enjoy the’s a logic or not.but sometime…..

  10. one more confusion…
    dilip is on wheelchair n he cannot push it himself too as his hands are not in his control… yet he suddenly appears where roma is plotting something ?

    1. Sayanika

      Hahaa. Hi Saras. Even I had the same thing going on in my mind. Moreover he writes on the paper to inform Aarohi that his life is in danger that too so quickly.
      Doing it your way. Don’t look for logic in thriller serials. Hahahaaa ?

    2. same question saras…. maybe chawanni takes dilip with him in his underground tunnel and then pushes him up whenever the plot requires ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› Dilip cant move his hands, his wheelchair is not electric, no one is shown pushing him…. but he just appears everywhere. chawanni and Dilip are realted lol, they know how to reach a place directly without moving through doors or walking on floor ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Hi dhara dii, Rhivanya, sathya, sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, saras, Arpi, arohi&deep, Nayana, Avensha, salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, imm, Hj, Sobhana, Babi,adhira, amaira, deeyana, cherry,lutfa,Mo,pks,imm,shey and all other. ….sorry if l miss anyone

    So l was right…prithvi and vedika is interrelated. …Father daughter relation…..who is her mother???
    Wow roma is going to become a rajya sabha member……An another disaster for the state. …..
    Chawani brings vedika here……..She needs to gets answers of her questions. ..What questions? ??????

    Dhara dii and Rhivanya yesterday l was feeling better
    But today………
    Not feeling better guys…..

    1. Sayanika

      Hi Shifa. Even we are unaware of the questions for which Vedika came into the Raichand Mansion. And for Roma, I think either Virat or Deep (tricked by Aarohi) won’t let her become a Rajya Sabha member.
      As for Vedika, Maya could be her mother orelse we would have another new entry in the show (which I don’t want because they haven’t already shown the real Deep.. I hope they don’t bring in too many new characters as confusing as Deep and they themselves get confused with the story line).
      As of now.. I am missing Tara. I hope in her absence IMMJ doesn’t become a mainstream serial.

      Well Shifa.. getting back to you. Get well soon. Take care. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Hi Shifa,,, How are you?
      Yeah as you and Dhara said episodes are keep confusing,,,
      Atleast they should have shown Chawani n Arohi as persons with Super Power who can be visible and invisible anytime when they wish and can bring anyone anytime at a matter of minutes and sometimes seconds ??
      Why police are not getting any dead bodies of recent murders including Tara,,,, Roma saying if police took Nikku, virat will get cought then what about Deep killed Tara (Arohi)

    3. Hai sathya.agree with you.

    4. And how come Arohi can leave Nikku just like that there just to continue pretend as Tara,,, She could have again went to the spot to check out na,,,, Instead she is taking knife and going to Virat room

    5. hi shifa, i hope you get well soon….
      Vedika was asking Prithvi that why i cant stay with you and Prithvi said he cant answer…. although i dont why Vedika will believe that chawanni/Arohi can answer her questions. it seems they have lied to Vedika and Vedika had blindly believed them to be close to her father (Arohi/chawanni didnt even know that Vedika was Prithvi’s daughter. what questions they can answer??)….. if Vedika really turns out naive and innocent like Arohi once was and she gets hurt or loses her father for Arohi’s revenge…… it seems like Arohi will do to Vedika what Deep had once done to Arohi ๐Ÿ™ i hope this does not happen and Arohi doesnt uses an innocent person too much….
      take care dear. ๐Ÿ™‚ have rest ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. Hai shifa.I hope you get well soon.take care.

  12. sanaa………enjoy the wedding

  13. @sathya…. funny comment ๐Ÿ˜› btw i hadnt thought about Roma telling Virat will be arrested but no one paid attention that Deep too might be arrested for killing ‘Arohi’. no one cares about Deep lol. not even Deep himself…. bt now it seems police hadnt even come that day (confused confused)… so no more comments ๐Ÿ™

  14. @sayanika…. i too dont want another entry for Vedika’s mother. if it is not someone we already knew, then i hope it will be shown that Vedika’s mother is dead…. again Deep will be in soldier mode trying to protect his ‘family’…. i am afraid fro Deep’s backstory we will gets weeks of Dilip watching and crying -_- i too hope that instead of introducing more complex characters, they first make Deep’s character stronger!
    it will be fun if Roma’s political career drowns because of Dep/Virat (Arohi’s plan)…. i hope its because of Deep somehow. then Roma will again scream at him and most probably send Virat to kill Deep and then hopefully Deep’s eyes will open…. btw when the hell will Arohi go to London among all this? ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  15. Hello friends.
    Sorry for late comment.
    Nice episode.
    I think vedika is a cancer patient. My guess only.

    1. what?? i mean…. where did this guess come from? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ anyways, no need to say sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Hi rivhanya… Why do u think she is a cancer patient..

    3. Just I think dhara and Tanya.

  16. Sayanika

    Does anyone of you know whether IMMJ will air today(SATURDAY) ?

    1. Yes it’s going to air at 7:30 p. m. IST….. So this time everyone do watch don’t miss it..

    2. most probably it will…

  17. Nothing much to comment… So hi dhara, sonakshi, sana, shifa, babe, sathya, arohi and deep , rivhanya, sanyanika, saras, mo, lufta, salley, and everyone… Sorry if i miss anyone..
    I m really sorry to say but i don’t know why i can’t feel that there chemistry is not awesome, i mean it looks like everything is fake, no one loves anyone… Even though the acting of lead characters is fabulous but there is lack of chemistry, i guess this is because they haven’t yet started that track, may be…….
    I m really thinking to take brake from immj till arohi succeds , but anyway today’s episode was much better than the previous one….

    1. And sonia too hiii

    2. Hi Tanya…I have just came out of a big shock….A man with his parents came to our house before an hour ago…I asked my mom about them, she told me they have come to see my elder sister but I was dumbstruck when the suitors mom said she and her son have choosen me instead….my mom explained I am only 16 but they still they didn’t mind.
      When I told my didi about it, she just laughed her heart out…. especially seeing my angry and worried face. I asked her the reason and she told me how her friend and she pranked me….I am just Soo pissed off at her?????

    3. Hahaha….that would have been the worst feeling, anyway thankfully it was just a prank….

    4. hi Tanya…. i was going to write a long reply to you lol, but the bottom line is i agree. there are just no scenes of just love and caring ๐Ÿ™ everyone has secrets and plotting and the leads seem miles apart ๐Ÿ™ i will be going out of station next week and hence wont be able to watch the show for a week and not comment either…. maybe after i come back i will feel better about watching it again

    5. Oh no.waiting for your comments dhara.

    6. Don’t worry, i’m going to take over your department , over here…. Just kidding… BTW enjoy and have a safe journey..

    7. Hi Dhara,,, Take care and have a happy journey ๐Ÿ™‚ i will miss your detailed update ? and comments…. See you soon ,?

    8. thank you everyone…. i will miss you all too ๐Ÿ™‚

    9. Hi Tanya,, actually writers are not taking time to justify anything,,,, keep showing next n next to increase the thrill but they are not realising that if many questions are unanswered viewers will loose the interest

  18. btw shey what happened? your comments are very less yesterday and today too….

  19. Last Saturday episode we crossed 400+ comments.this Saturday episode?…..

  20. I understand why Aarohi keeps Nikku in Raichand mansion. If she keeps him in Chawanni’s place then she would have to go there to see him at least once per day. Anyone of the four might doubt her meeting Nikku! She might have thought she could care Nikku if he is near. That’s a common thing. Don’t scold Aarohi for bringing Nikku to the villainous house. ??

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