Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Is Deep Shot Dead? or Is he Alive?

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tara confront deep about his cheat. She tell him that I always loved😍 you, but you always cheated me. Deep say to tara that if you want to kill🔪 me do it, but not before listening to that hidden truth. Tara say what hidden truth? Deep say I shall tell you alone otherwise I know Aarohi shall play game.
Virat and Aarohi warn tara not to trust deep, but tara get week. Deep hold her gun 🔫and take tara capative by holding gun on his head. He laugh😆 saying, you are so stupid tara, virat and aarohi asked you not to believe me, but you did.. Ishq me marjawana music🎼🎼
Virat and aarohi ask deep to leave tara.
Deep: Love❤ always save me. (pyar ne mujge hmesha bachaya hai)

Virat shoot at Deep, but Deep ask him not to do again otherwise I shall shoot your sister.

I hate you. (Main tumse Nafrat Karti hun)😡
Deep: Hate is another name of Love. Love take life and save life. (Nafart ka Dusra naam Pyar hai) (Yeh ishq❤ kabhi Jaan leta hai or Kabhi Jaan bachata hai)
Virat: I told you tara deep never loved you.
Deep push tara and run away using bike

Virt: I told you Tara, Deep never loved you.
Aarohi: Deep never loved
any of us, he played with our feelings only.
Tara: He should die, I will kill🔪 him myself.
Ishq me marjawan music🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

Deep run on bike and is chased by Virat and his men on bike and aarohi and tara on car. Deep get surrounded and all three hold gun. But deep create bike smoke and run away.

Deep bike get stop at bridge type thing and all surround him again.

Aarohi: Now you have no place to run away. Now all your lies and cheats are over.
Deep smile 🙂and sit on railing of bridge.
Deep: How can you both Kill 🔪me? You both always loved and believed me. You both always gave me second chance. Uff!! this love❤. (tum dono mujge kaise maar sakti ho, tumne toh hmesha mujg se pyar kiya hai, hmesha mujge dusra mukka diya hai, kambhkat ishq❤!!)

Aarohi: Wrong, love is your sheild till now, but its our weapon now for your death (galt, pyar❤ jo tumhra raksha kavach tha, aaj vo humara hattiyar🔫 hai)
Deep: Why are you both crying? Killers don’t cry.
Aarohi: You need to die for my child future.
Tara: I shall not spare you, as you never loved me.

Deep look tensely below and smile🙂 and spread his hand ishq me marjawa marjawa…🎼🎼🎼🎼

Tara and Aarohi shoot🔫 at him one by one. Ishq me marjawa, ishq me marjawan…🎼🎼🎼

Deep: People who loved me, gave me death, this is the most precious gift I have got.(jinhone mhjg se pyar❤ kiya, unhone hi maut ka yeh kimiti toffa diya) And he fall down, with aarohi and tara dropping gun.

Aarohi shout deep and see him falling and sit near railing and tara sit there.
Virat see down and see deep dead.

Virat: Now his game is over, no one will cheat you both in love❤ now.

Tara: Heart want to trust in love but what we get in return is unpredictable (pyar❤ me waaffa ki khwaish karta har dil hai, par pyar me kya mile kehna mushkil hai)
Tara remember deep love and cries.😢😢

Kashyap inform Virat that police may arrive at any time, we have just 5 minutes.
Virat: Tara lets leave.
Tara cries😢😢: I can’t leave, deep is dead there.
Virat: Stop behaving crazy, Deep was cheater, he is dead now. Police may come at any time, they will catch aarohi in charge of deep murder. Now aarohi and her baby should live her rest of life in jail.

Virat now turn towards aarohi: We shall go and hide Deep body. You wait here.

Tara and virat and his men leave on bike.
Aarohi get up and goes smriking.

Aarohi knock on door🚪, Masi open door and say everything is done as per our plan. And get call.📱 She goes from there.

Tara start pouring Kerosine. Virat ask Tara to calm down but she doesn’t stop and he slap her.
Virat: Stop punishing yourself, you did right by killing🔫 deep. Now aarohi is left, we shall kill her very soon. And we shall not trust anyone else blindly now..

Aarohi: Finally our planned worked out. Our enemies believed us blindly and saw what we wanted. They know now you are dead.
Deep come into lime light and smiles.🙂🙂
Deep: You did good acting, and now no one come in our life and we shall give good life to our child.
Aarohi: Even you did good dead acting.
Both hug each other and song plays ishq me marjawana…🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

Precap: Maasi call Virat and tell him breaking news. Tara is crying😢 holding Deep picture. Virat break news to tara that Deep is alive. Tara get angry😡 and say now I shall give you 24 hours….

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  1. Hi shraddha. Am really impressed your update. So nice.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thank u rhivanya

      1. Welcome dear.

  2. I love Alisha and arjun act.super,fabulous, amazing.👍👍👍👌👌👌👏👏👏💗💗💗.
    Today my full focus on Tara eyes.wt a expression. Nailed it.
    Bike ride scene wow.wt a hero swag.

    1. Hi rhivanya.. How are you? me too missing arohi

      1. Hi sravanthi. Fine r u?

    2. fine dear..

  3. I can’t understand why deep change arohi face?
    Who is anjali?
    Where is anjali?
    Deep maasi help deep or virat.only confusion.
    If I am the writer of this show I will include only one scene in today episode.
    That scene is:
    Last part after nia(arohi) dialog, she remove her face mask and old arohi is back.
    Because I miss my arohi a lot.

    1. Same rhivanya..
      I hope last part nia remove her face and tell the deep our planned worked out….

      1. But this makers decided nia only continue the arohi role.

    2. Satya127

      This deep’s mausi is really confusing actually she is on who’s side God knows

      1. I have one doubt. Arohi(nia) & deep planned everything. But Tara shoot deep.then how he alive?

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Even I want alisha back as aarohi.. Nia doesn’t look good nor her pair with Arjun..

      1. Satya127

        That is wht the most irritating part shraddha nia does not suit arjun….U know they look like brother and sister and romance between them looks sooo vulgar why dont they understand this point….

  4. Ardeep die hard fan

    Todays epi made me climb or fly to cloud 9
    And i loved ardeep especially act it was mindblowing and the smule deep gave in epi end was fabulous 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  5. Satya127

    Today arsha were like fire on no one can ever act that perfectly…..Today my favourite scene are:
    The bike racing….What a stunt arjun really nailed it…..
    Today i felt only Tara’s pain her eyes said that she has true love for deep which over years turned into obsession….Like in that gun shooting i really felt only the pain of tara and arohi only in Alisha face in the other side nia the battery less robot is standing there without any emotions on face (my personal opinion no offence : who told that she is an actress yaar…. nia does not act she just reads….far there r many best actress who can play more gracefully and perfectly than nia….Dont know what mamta had seen in nia)
    And this scene brought me the memories of London…..The common in both is arsha and deep’s last sentences only arsha can bring such emotions on screen be it ardeep or deera…..
    Today in total episode mein the worst is only nia parts u know if today in nia place alisha is there than this episode will be one of the best and u know we would all be soo happy too…..
    Yes rhivanya ur thought is nice
    If i would be the writer than i will do like this:
    That reportor will take the video of tara virat and nia killing deep and will give it to police and there on the other side anjali gets out of coma and comes in search of virat but unfortunately the police will arrest tara,virat and anjali and the court will punish them then the show will take a leap of one year where there the whole plot shifts to a new place there the opening shot will be deep playing with his soo cute raj kumari and telling her that they will meet her mother soo soon then deep along with arohi’s parents and deep’s mom will go to the hospital there the doctor says everything is fine and the recovery had been perfect then imagine slowly the bandages on arohi face are opened where Alisha is seen as AROHI….Deep emotionally walks forward slowly remembering their every moment and hugs her and expresses his true love to her where our sweet music is played in background….Then there few days it will be shown deep and all others helping arohi(alisha) to recover….arohi sees her cute family and tells to ardeep’s cute raj kumari that this is the best moment of her life….But on the other side anjali escapes from jail and is in full revenge mode for ardeep and is determined to teach a lesson and then the plot will be interesting ki how will ardeep (arsha) face this sudden cyclone in their lives wht happens to the future of their daughter….

    1. Hi satya.. ela vunnav? e stupid track kante nuv chepina story chala bagundi..

      1. Satya127

        Hi sravanthi….I am fine nuvvu ela vunavu chala rojulu ayindhi kadha
        Thank u hope that brainless mamatha watch my story and copy it i don’t have any problem i only want alisha to continue as AROHI for that they can have any illogical track but in my story i atleast brought some logic but their stupid trash brain don’t even know wht is logic waste…..I mean sravanthi 90% andharu alisha Malli AROHI role continue cheyalani mothukinte a mamatha yash ki ardham kavatam ledu valla fb insta Twitter lo antha mana requests vuntayi kanni stubborn la Alage vundhi…..Neku okati chepana show chudam maney kavalam sagadesutunaru arsha ni addu pettukuni endhukante manam atleast valla kosam chustam ani kani e illogical show kanna mana immj lo arsha as ardeep story ristey tv lo chudadam chalaa manchidhi….Soo please do watch immj on ristey tv i promise u will feel so relaxed watching araha as ARDEEP…..

    2. Hi satya.thanks. and your story is nice.

    3. fine satya.. nakite asalu hope kuda ledu alisha arohi ga vasatadani.. last one week nundi show asalu nachatledu nenu chudaledu kuda bcoz of nia n deep role. asalu aa nia ni chustene pichiga headache vastundi naku.. alisha arohi ga kavalani enthamandi request chestuna vallu enduku vinatledo naku artam kavatledu.. immj ristey channel lo malli start aindi kada 2 days nundi chustunna nenu kuda. avunu chala relax ga vundi really ardeep ni chala miss avtunam

  6. I Expected these Scenes..
    Episode was Intresting today…
    I love Watching IMMJ in Rishtey
    Once Again Loved to See Arsha as Ardeep

    1. Satya127

      Yes watching Immj on ristey gives us so relaxed feeling…..Hope they realize and bring alisha back as AROHI…..

  7. DannyComments

    I give up on Arohi and this show! If this is love then I want no part of it! Damn!!! After everything he Did?? Seriously?

  8. wowwww bike racing scene is really awesome.. arsha acting super 👌👌 and arjun smile in the ending part awesome I loved it

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