Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Niku is alive, Tara dies

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep shoots. Tara falls down. She is shocked. Niku falls down too. Arohi is dazed. Tara says Deep.. Tara. Deep looks at her in tears. Arohi looks at Niku and says get up after Virat leaves. Virat comes and says Tara wont come running to him. You are Arohi. Police comes. Virat runs from there. Deep sees Tara’s dead body in tears. Virat takes Arohi with her.

They come home and open wine. Virat says Deep fulfilled his promise. Cheers everyone. Roma says Arohi is dead finally. Virat says deep why are you so silent. Lets enjoy everyone. He gives a drink to Arohi. Arohi breaks the glass. Arohi says I can’t drink in this condition. Roma says she is right she shouldn’t drink.

Arohi comes to her room and cries madly. she says Niku I couldn’t even save you. She cries madly. She sees her family photo and says I couldn’t save any of you. I will avenge your death. I will kill them all.
At night Arohi takes a knife and goes to Virat’s room. He isn’t there.

Virat is with Roma downstairs. He says we don’t need that deep anymore. Pritvi comes and says I saw Tara going towards Virat’s room with a knife. Virat says is she Arohi? Roma says that can’t be possible. Arohi comes downstairs. roma says tara.. she falls down. Arohi says you all here. What happened? Who brought me here? She sees a knife in her hand. She says who gave me this knife? Have I killed someone? Roma says no you didn’t kill anyone. Relax. Arohi says am I going to kill anyone again? I want to be a good mother. Roma says you will be a good mother. Arohi is gone too. Don’t stay in shock. You will be fine.
Virat takes arohi to her room. He says you need rest. He says are you okay? He says why did you come to my room to kill me? Deep comes in. Virat leaves.
deep says what happened? She says nothing I wanna sleep. Arohi is crying.
Deep hugs her and sleeps. Arohi goes away from him. Bindya knocks on the door. she says downstairs.. Please come.

A woman is waiting for them downstairs. Deep says who are you? She turns back. Deep is dazed. The girl says I am devika. Deep says what do you want? She says that child.. Niku is on the sofa. He is alive. Virat says I.. Roma says quite. Arohi sees that he’s alive. she says he is alive deep. Why didn’t Virat kill him?
She says I found him in hospital. He was injured. He probably fell. Arohi recalls that he didn’t get shot. He just fell.

Precap-Virat says to Devika who sent you? I will kill you. Arohi comes and says what are you doing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi everyone, today’s episode was like a breath of relief in the fresh air after some high voltage thriller episodes…I am glad that nikku is alive…and Deep was so heart broken by the death of arohi(Tara) …for the first time I really felt bad for him when he got beaten up by that boxer and no one was there to apply ointment on his wounds…
    Viraat’s expression was hilarious when he got to know nikku is alive..he is like “how’s that possible?” And Roma ki toh hosh hi udgayi when she got to know this….So Roma you see how nikamma your son is… Viraat ye , Viraat hell with your Viraat. I just hope vedika helps arohi and gives her some sense to control her emotions and make suspicion proof plans.

    1. Hai sonia.agree what are you said.
      My guess vedika is Jodi for virat.and also help arohi.

      1. Hiii sonia…
        Yaa breath taking episode. ……l agree
        But Rhivanya. …….virat and vedika. …..that man don’t deserve a lady in his life….
        the roma is enough………If she is with arohi….good to see vedika iritating virat and making him more dump

    2. hi sonia…. Roma always get proofs that Virat doesnt dp any work properly, still two days later she will again say mera Virat ye mera Virat wo…. huh! i just hope that now nikku is back in that place, they dont try to harm him again ๐Ÿ™ i will be curious to see if Vedika herself is smart or not, Virat shootong questions after questions to her lol, lets see how she escape today….

  2. Sayanika

    I did not want Tara to die. Maybe she hasn’t even.
    Happy to see Nikku alive. Excited for the ongoing track.

    1. Hai sayanika.same here.

      1. i don’t think that tara really died we will see in some episodes i think

    2. hi sayanika… me too, if Tara dies it somehow feels that half the story is gone lol, feels incomplete somehow…. but like many are guessing, i hope Deep has saved her. dont why he had to shoot her first though….

  3. Hello every1 Im soooooooo happpppy and relieve that nikku is a life i dont no which word i wil use to describe my hapiness

    1. Hello also happy to see nikku is alive.but I did not want tara to die.come back Tara.come back.

      1. Hello Rhivanya i’m glad she is dead othrwise she would ruin Arohis plan

  4. Hello friends.
    Very disappointment,sad and unexpected episode for me.
    I can’t to see Tara death.
    Virat is a police officer. But his point is missing. Deep point the gun very proper and shoot Tara.oh no please come back Tara.
    I hate all the characters.
    Only one gud news.nikku is alive.

    1. hi Rhivanya… truly Virat cant shoot a target just infront of him makes no sense, i still remember his intro scene in shimla where he killed a grown man just with his hands…. and now he cant even kill a child! truly, they just did a great intro for him, but have continuously made his character useless after that! i would like to know one thing that he did competently -_-

  5. I dont think if Tara is dead either may be she is a life too

  6. One more thing deep is finally showing that he is a good human and it also means that even last time he ask that man to bit him not becouse of Roma but becouse of Arohi

    1. Deep love arohi.

  7. In today’s episode the way Arohi went to nikku and held his hand emotionally,I thought Viraat has got to know her truth but Viraat is soooo dumb that he still didn’t notice anything weird about Tara.
    As for Deep I am still confused about his character, he got beaten up to punish himself for killing Tara whom he assumed to be Arohi…but the very next scene he wants to gain sympathy from Arohi aka Tara and then went to bed hugging Tara ( arohi)….ufff I give up guessing about his character. I guess he has split personality since a normal person can never change colors like a chameleon so soon

    1. Hai Emli.still we don’t know wt’s deep character. One thing is clear he really love arohi.

    2. I think deep love tara, after all she is his first love.
      Arohi is like a mistress, for deep and nothing else. I still don’t trust him. The reason I say deep love tara is because, when you love someone you do anything for them.
      I want tara to be dead, looks like I am the only one here. I believe if deep found out that he killed tara, he would want Arohi dead!
      But I want Arohi to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. hi mo… sometimes i wonder if Roma wasnt there, even then would Deep had done everything for Tara? i mean, in his interactions he give more importance to Roma’s wishes then Tara’s…..

    3. hi emli, true. and Arohi was also crying when she saw nikku’s body and didnt want leave his hand when Virat was pulling her away…. but Virat just didnt use his mind. he has not seen how the other ‘Arohi’ was looking like, or what her get up was, but he didnt doubt for one second if the woman infront of him was Arohi or Tara lol, he knew Tara was in house but he loks at her Arohi, assumes her Tara and leaves with her -_-

  8. Tara rily surprises me today when people r actually dying they repent for what wrong they did or may be rem their good time with their loved once but her last breath was bloddy! She was saying blo*dy something but i couldnt hia well

    1. This is a Tara character.

    2. hey lutfa… i also her ‘blo*dy…’ was a bit odd…. at first she was trying to tell Deep she is Tara, but then she sees him and says ‘blo*dy..’ and closes her eyes…. did she want to say, ‘blo*dy Deep, you think i am Arohi and you are crying because of Arohi’s death, you blo*dy traitor’ (lol) or did she meant ‘blo*dy hell, i am really going to die like this @#$%’

      1. I was also confused about that Dhara

  9. I was really feeling bad for Aarohi when she was weeping for Nikku’s death. But after I saw him and her happiness, I got happy too. She has at least one of her family members alive. Vedika behaved too weird, like fainting and stammering. I can’t guess what she is upto.

    I’ve seen for the first time that Virat has questioned very intelligently. He has flowed a river of questions to Vedika. Those were really valid, as she wouldn’t know Nikku’s address at all. How could she drop him there?

    This show can’t be dragged for long as it’s just about Aarohi seeking revenge on her tormenters. It’s definitely finite. The twists in London are what I don’t know but I guess they would show Ardeep’s romance.

    Deep’s emotional scene when he shot Tara assuming her to Aarohi was really sad for me. He loves Aarohi but can’t offend Roma. That’s what he would do (offend) when Roma orders Virat to kill Deep again.

    1. I felt bad for arohi.waiting for London track.

    2. hi critic…. i too was surprised when Virat started questioning Vedika lol. and his questions were not stupid but made sense, i am curious to see what explanation Vedika will give today….. i dont understand Deep, he is sad for shooting ‘Arohi’ but in the night he comes back to Tara…. anyways when nikku came back, not only Arohi but even Deep look relieved, so theres that….

  10. hi friends… i am abit busy so very sorry if is didnt reply in yesterday’s update to all…. and i wont be able to write an update today either…. coming to today’s episode, at first i was really shocked, i thought the writers had really dont the unthinkable! they killed both nikku and Tara!! sure i didnt want that, but for a few minutes i was beyond thrilled because i thought here was serial that was actually daring and killing off good characters even now…. and i was blaming Arohi the whole time, even when she was crying i was thinking, you dont have a right to blame Virat for this, Deep had kept nikku alive for three years but you brought him into Raichand mansion and repeatedly left him alone to be in danger! nikku didnt deserve to die but he paid for his aunt’s stupidity….. but scene 2 and nikku is alive lol. (turns out Virat is so incompetent that he cant even shoot a running child like three feet away from him!)…. and then the spell broke for me lol. now i know even Tara will come out alive after few episodes. think about it friends, Maya dies no police, Kalyani dies no police…. suddenly Tara and nikku have just been shot and police arrives and takes the bodies away? yeah, i am sure few weeks later Tara will be shown to be alive (and just when Tara was dying or fainting, she seemed angry at Deep for shooting her or something. so maybe Tara will come back angry at Deep for shooting her or something….). i just wish they hadnt shown people dying and then coming back because every other serial does that lol…..

    1. Hai also very shock to see Tara death.

    2. Yaaa dhara dii l agree

  11. Enjoy how Arohi manage to confuse Virat,prithvi and Roma but when nikku was brought and Arohi was emotional and went to him i jump out of wea i was sitting i was like Arohi no no no please hold your emotion dont go closer to him plz dont ruin evryth with your stupid emotion i was standing up since she manage to control the situation somehow

    1. Exactly I also felt that.

  12. Why the heck is it that all my comment are awaiting moderation

  13. anyways, about the rest of the episode… it was hilarious when Virat sees nikku alive and thinks how did this happen, and Roma says you tell me that lol. and just when they ask vedika how did you know where to bring nikku, Vedika faints ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› for some reason i found that very funny…… and then Arohi says she is sleepwalking because she is pregnant ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› lol, like what?? do people really sleepwalk during pregnancy? lol….. maybe its time Arohi will be taken to hospital again and she will again do fake drama…. anyways, today’s episode, Virat against seemed concerned for his sister Tara and went to catch her when she hit herself at the table….. so Virat isnt worried about property and the baby anymore??

    1. Agree with you.

  14. and lastly coming to Deep, he got beat up again by the boxer just after he shot who he thinks to be Arohi…. so i suppose it is clear that last time also he was getting himself beaten thinking about Arohi and he has been punishing himself regularly about that…. ok, he has remorse and guilt and is not completely heartless, he is just as much of an emotional fool as Arohi is. Arohi will cry and grow weak for people she loves…. and Deep will do anything blindly to please mummy ji and get her love, even if it hurts him. i dont know what magic Roma has done on him….. but atleast today Roma said that Deep has always been loyal to them and hopefully she wont ask Virat to go after Deep again (vile woman, how sweetly she talks to Deep!)…. again no one talked about missing chawanni, the Raichand have just forgotten him it seems….
    and at last talking about Arohi, for some reason i am angry at her i dont know why….. she was standing there like an idiot when nikku was shot, and then crying. what good is crying? she didnt even check properly if nikku has died and left him there to go with Virat. i wish she had snatched Virat’s gun and killed him right there! but no…. turns out nikku WAS alive and if police hadnt come at the right moment nikku would really have died because Arohi did not check properly….. then she comes home and cries again. and picks up a knife to kill Virat when Virat isnt there to be killed…. i mean come on Arohi, please grow stronger and use your mind! if you have any sense then atleast now run away with nikku or hide him somewhere safe!….. anyways, hope Vedika will bring something new and will be connected to Deep or Dilip or the past crimes of Raichand. right now it doesnt seem Arohi has brough Vedika in that house, because she and nikku were a complete surprise to Arohi….

    1. Deep is emotional fool.

  15. I just loved the epi it was so melodramatical i realy got emotional at the tym when deep shed his tears and understood his love 4 arohi but yet i was mad at deep for shooting arohi(tara) even though he is confused by himself and his feelings..juat waiting for the london track and the revelation

    1. Hai nabs.viewers all are waiting for London track.

    2. hi nabs…. i wonder how Arohi will agree to go to london leaving nikku with these people again. hopefully she will hide nikku first….. i just wish that if Ardeep are the real couple of this show then their romance will really start. right now i feel Deep will shoot Arohi if he realises the woman in the house is actually Arohi and he is not going to be a father ๐Ÿ™

      1. Hi Dhara im also confused what will arohi do with nikku and for the londin track i think its going to air by the last week of the month..yah ur prediction on deep killing arohi yah may be he will if that mummy ji orders him..but lets c

  16. May be vedika is kalyani’s doughter

    1. hi lutfa… it seems possible and will give some closure to Kalyani’s track at least….. would that make her Deep’s sister? i really hope so lol, once Deep finds out he has real family members, hopefully he will stop listening to Roma ๐Ÿ™

  17. Deep was crying just bcoz he feel guilty, everyone said that deep will support arohi if he finds out arohi is staying with him, now u get the answer? After seeing today’s episode, i feel that deep will kill nikku also if roma ask him to do… Can we still say that he kill arohi bcoz he loves her? Now he is also murderer like tara or virat… At first i think that he won’t kill anyone, but i was wrong… So disgusting, can’t he stand for himself?.. I feel happy for nikku,but i want tara alive,if they wanna show tara die in deep’s hand, after sometimes deep will turn out to b terrorists also for the sake of mummy ji

    1. Agree
      But for me today, made me realised that deep love tara, arohi is tara face. That all. He wish tara wouldn’t kill people. What deep see in arohi is, what he want with tara. To be honest I don’t care for deep. It is deep fault! What he did to Arohi. Deep did this because he love tara. I am the only one here, hoping that tara is dead. I want deep to be in pain. I want him to feel what arohi went through, also the other families. That lost love ones, because of tara.

    2. hi Babe…. even i had my doubts that whether Deep will support Arohi and now we have our answer, he will shoot her instead ๐Ÿ™ i just hope that he has not murdered ‘Arohi’ and taken her some place safe. (Virat is a police officer and after finding nikku alive he should inquire if Arohi’s dead body was even found or not). i am still hopeful that Deep thinks the best way to save Arohi and nikku is to keep them hidden else Roma will keep ordering him to kill them. he had kept nikku hidden all these years and i hope now ‘Arohi’ too….. else even i will have to agree that Deep just isnt the right person to be someone’s life partner yet…

  18. for sure tara is not dead… i think deep took her to hospital after shooting her….. she may be in coma or so…

    our tara cannot die so easily i love her….

    1. hi Saras even i thought something like that would have happened because they didnt show what happened afterwards….Tara is an imp role in immj she just cant die so soon. i just hope they will make Deep’s character positive gradually without confusing us whether he loves Tara or Arohi….But yeah if Deep has admitted Tara assuming its Arohi then its a guarantee he really loves Arohi

  19. Hello everyone
    Yah it’s good to see tara die but something is fishy with the same, u know so many so called dead people are being continously brought to life?
    What’s this vedika’s real name, can anyone tell me?
    Till then, goodbye
    Sweet dreams ?

    1. Sayanika

      Vedika in real life is Akanksha Juneja.
      Good night, btw.
      Take care.

    2. hi Amaira true lol… specially those people are brought to life who Deep had said are dead…. Deep said Lakshya is dead. nope. Deep said nikku is dead. nope. now Deep is saying ‘Arohi’ is dead….. and hopefully this time also he is lying!

  20. I’ll tell u one thing
    I’d thought that arohi will do some drama of mental disorder in order to get away with the knife incident

  21. Salley145

    Hey guys, please read Atheet ka bhoot, its updated since yesterday… Felt bad for Deep and Tara’s death

  22. Yeah emli, we can compare him with chameleon, his name is deep nd his character is also really deep, noone will know whats going on his mind,really hard to understand…he is too loyal to mummy ji,if mummy ji ask him to kill his relative also, will he do so?….

  23. Salley145

    Hey guys, please read atheet ka bhoot..updated since yesterday… Felt bad for Deep and Tara’s death

  24. I want to know that who was helping Tara in keeping a watch on Aarohi

    1. me too imm….. the big thing will be if Deep was helping Tara and then he came and shot her knowing she was Tara lol. that is why Tara said ‘blo*dy..’ before fainting and Deep (the intelligent) didnt question Arohi when he saw her dressed as bride on the road…. but i am sure that will not happen. i always keep hoping that Deep has done something in support of Arohi and he always disappoints ๐Ÿ™

  25. I agree with you. No matter if deep is sad about having killed arohi or not. The fact that he has killed tara thinking it was arohi shows that he has killed his love because of roma, he is a murderer like everybody in this family. I have always hoped that deep will help arohi even in this situation when he thinks that tara is also there. But he didnยดt, DISGUSTING!

  26. hi guys.. i have another opinion….
    deep gets beatenup by boxer whenever he doesnt/fails to obey roma. that time when he couldn’t kil kalyani he got beaten up. today too i think he has saved tara after shooting her so for not obeying roma he gets beaten up

    1. Exactly l think the same…….

    2. hey Saras…. that night be another way of looking at this too! i thought Deep beats himself up for failing Arohi but it was never clearly said why he does so… so if he does it for failing to obey Roma, then i suppose it makes sense and is indication that he is hiding something from Roma again…. but you know, Deep didnt look like he was hiding something, instead he looked like he was completely broken, ๐Ÿ™ so dont know what to think…

  27. Today’s episode was very nice.From today onwards it is difficult For me to comment.Because I am going to my hometown.I will come back after 1 month.So I will comment regularly after coming back.Bye friends…..

    1. Hiii vicky
      Yaa episode was nice… have a nice and save journey

      1. hey vicky, enjoy in your hometown ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Hai Vicky.enjoy your journey.

  28. Hello dhara dii, Rhivanya, sathya, sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi,shey. Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, saras, Arpi, arohi&deep, lutfa, Nayana, Avensha, salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera,imm,pks,lutfa, cherry, deeyana,Emli,vicky,Arpi, Babi,adhira,amaira,mo,nabs,critic and all sorry if l miss anyone
    Past two days l can’t comment because of a sudden fever ……..l miss u a lot guys…..
    Coming to episode. ………..A mixture episode for me….when we separate this mixture we get Suspense, shocking, twist,emotions, trust,love,revenge etc etc etc
    For a minute l was so shocked. …….When virat shots niku and deep shot tara………But after entry of vedika makes me so happy..Our niku is back…..he is still alive…Tara will be also alive.l think deep saves her (only a guess)
    Finally writers are making deep positive for making ardeep. ….In today’s episode its confirmed……l saw true tears in deep eyes…….And l don’t want tara to die because she is the backbone of the show…….l need tara back….please please please ….
    I think vedika is the same girl that prithvi was talking……on the past episode. …..Have anyone notice prithvi ‘s expression. …….his expression says..Why did you came her …l told you to not come bla bla bla bla bla (stupid guess)
    Virat such a dump ,stupid, idiot…l hate him………He only know only to give shocking expression on very situation
    Roma……l will kill that women (chukde chukde karugii)
    Deep and Dilip is connected……may be father or son..Then kalyani will be deep mother…
    Whole property Raichand mension belongs deep..So later they will try to kill deep…..but arohi save him again……..

    1. hi shifa… how is your health today?
      i didnt notice Prithvi’s expression when Vedika came but i will be careful next time, actually Prithvi gives so little expression and has so few dialogues that most of the time i forget he is even there on the screen lol…. but Prithvi surely has some hidden agenda. when Virat was planning against Tara and Deep, the camera would often focus on Prithvi’s face to show that he was trying to take advantage of the situation…. so i wonder what he wants and what is his connection with vedika. and if vedika knew nikku is alive, does that mean Prithvi also knew and had hidden it from the rest?

    2. Hai is your health?
      I also noticed prithivi reaction.

  29. Does anyone watch “India’s next superstar”. I think arohi’s friend Vishal was played by aashish mehrotra who is participant in that serial one of the finalist and he can win the show this week because he has won most spotlight performances and ya interesting thing is that many actors are going to perform with them and arjun bijlani is also going, we can watch it tonight. Btw nice episode.

    1. Woww …aashish ….He is my favorite contestants. …l wish he won
      Thank for the news Mohit. …..

      1. welcome shifa btw I like aman gandotra.

    2. I watch it alot but Aman z my favourite

      1. I also like Aman & Shruti.

  30. Very interesting show..

  31. Hello everyone, i m busy now a days…… Anyway getting beaten up won’t do any good, he even doesn’t know how to respect and love himself, forget about someone else…… Tara died,like really…. Immj team don’t become another ekta kapoor, u people r too dragging the plot, if they r thinking to bring back tara again, i guess they r also in full mood to join ghost community….. I think they shud start love story between ardeep if not they r going to loose trp, this week it’s on 15th position with trp 2.0, i think next week it wud increase due to death scene and i know them well, that they r again going to stretch the topic and then they will again loose their trp….. I too felt bad seeing nikku dieing but for show it was good it wud hve given different angle to the story, and arohi wud hve speed up her velocity…. But see it went round and round and again reached at the same place…… U know in promo it said ” iss saal ka sabse bada intekaam” .. Does it mean that arohi will take a yr to avenge her enemies….. Gid knows…

    1. lol, hi Tanya… your comment seemed funny to me ๐Ÿ˜› even i agree that if nikku had remained dead then nothing would have stopped Arohi from getting her revenge and would have shook her too…. but nikku is dead, nikku is alive, nikku is dead, nikku is alive…. give that child some rest now and get on with the story! and i feel Tara will come back too ๐Ÿ™ (i wish she didnt die, but now that they have killed i wish they would keep her dead. seeing supposedly dead people alive doesnt surprise me anymore lol. no one in these TV lands die lol, after two three months all of them keep coming back!)
      and i feel about Deep beating himself the same i feel about Arohi crying after causing nikku’s ‘death’ indirectly… what will crying or self harm do? what difference it will make? Deep is an emotional fool who doesnt have it in him to stand up to Roma out of fear that he will be agin be called traitor and lose mother’s love. and Arohi is a emotional fool who thinks the best way to keep nikku safe is with her -_- both are emotional fools! huh…. anyways, i too hope that start with Ardeep romance. right now Arohi still wants to kill Deep and we shot Deep shoot ‘Arohi’…. how can these two ever love and trust each other?????

      1. we saw* Deep shoot Arohi

      2. exactly same way they were sleeping yday…. -:) LOL

  32. hi Saras even i thought something like that would have happened because they didnt show what happened afterwards….Tara is an imp role in immj she just cant die so soon. i just hope they will make Deep’s character positive gradually without confusing us whether he loves Tara or Arohi….But yeah if Deep has admitted Tara assuming its Arohi then its a guarantee he really loves Arohi

    1. I don’t like yesterday episode . Tara is a important character in serial . To be honest , I am in love with Tara’s acting & because of her it look like thriller . Arohi , Deep & Tara are three important characters . I am not going to watch serial if Arohi fall in love with Deep again. I thought that it is different from other serials not like typical serial in which heroine want revenge & fall in lov with hero instead of revenge .

  33. When niku is only alive, how can tara die??….
    This virat and family are such idiots, they never bothered to chk what happened at the scene of crime after they left,,, joker virat is assuming police might have done panchnama and burnt the dead bodies….
    taaliyaan the great virat lakshya….

    Tara is uncoicious and deep is taking care of her thinking shes arohi…and tara will really know how caring deep is towards arohi….( if she has concious she would tell him shes tara…. )..
    So once she gains concious she will come with her knife and kill deep for that -:)))

    1. Absolutely…. I guess someone else might also helped Tara in the same way they did to nikku, but we heard police siren too…. aaaa i m totally confused..

  34. Hi guys I still couldn’t watch the episode! I just got home so I’ll have to watch the repeat telecasted at 5! I’ll comment after that! I can’t trust this written update so won’t be replying your comments as for now!

    1. Hai shey.waiting for your comments.

  35. Sanaa.khan

    Hi everyone, I agree to all of your comments….I am sorry that I wasn’t able to comment in the past two episodes… yesterday evening i have arrived Delhi and today evening I am going to be busy at the wedding functions and thus I won’t be able to comment on today’s episode…
    So anyways yesterday’s episode was ok and like most of you have guessed that Tara might be actually alive and deep is hiding her from the Raichands just like he hid nikku from them for 3 years.
    From this episode one thing is Crystal clear– Viraat ki dimaag Deep ki burai or dhulai karte karte adha se zyada sadchuka hai….Roma soon your brain is also going to rot like your son because of tension that your bin dimaagwala beta gives you…
    1-firstly …by going to jail on being accused of rape and that too grabbing a lot of media attention
    2-secondly…by not being able to kill nikku (I was laughing seeing Roma’s dialoge and her expression change when Viraat said how is it possible..
    3- my guess: by Viraat marrying (viraat bhaag ke Shaadi karne ke baad)lol ??

    1. hey sanaa… i was going to ask when you will arrive in india ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy the wedding a lot ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Hai Sanaa.enjoy the wedding.

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