Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi and deep runaway

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi and deep are in detention. Prithvi comes to Virat and says where were you? Your mom needs you. Virat says first tell me about Vedika’s father right. I went to dig in a place. She was killed there. I found her bracelet there.
Arohi opens her eyes and says deep.. Some thugs put gun on them. Deep says who are you? He says where is niku? Arohi says roma sent you? He slaps her and says tell me first.
Virat hits Prithvi and says had this relationship with my mom. Prithvi says how can you doubt me. VIrat says I will find truth soon. Get ready for DNA tests. I have Vedika’s hair. Pritvi says I hope Vedika is fine.

DEep says you don’t know who I am. Thug says we know you are deep. get ready to die now.
DEep says can’t believe mummy ji is doing this.
Prithvi comes to roma and says virat is going to get dna done. Roma says this about Arohio first. He says what about this problem.
Arohi says to deep see that roma did to you. I was right all this time. He says there is nothing in my heart. Arohi says why you saved niku then? He says because I can’t see kids dying.
The thugs come and say tell us where is niku. They hit Aorhi. Deep says stop it. He says sht up. Arohi faints. DEep says are you okay Arohi?

Virat says to Prithvi why are you worried? If I find out about you and roma I will kill you. I have your DNA reports. According to them you are Vedika’s father. Prithvi is dazed. He says you are my mom’s lover and vedika’s your daughter.She had died. Prithvi sits down and says no she can’t leave me. She can’t die. He says yes She is my daughter please kill me.

Deep says Arohi open your eyes. She says I don’t need your sympathy in begging. He says you want to know truth. I know all this isn’t right. I gave you a chance to run from here but you didn’t listen. Niku and you are in trouble because of you.
Prithvi says are you sure she has died. Virat says I will tell you who killed her. Prithvi says I will let you know very soon. I wont kill you. You are my pawn. i will take everything from Roma by using you. Will you shake hand with me? Prtthvi says why would I? He says because Roma got Vedika killed. Do you wanna take revenge from her? Virat says Roma can do anything. She can kill her own daughter too. Shake hand with me or die. Prithvi leaves.

Arohi says to deep so I responsible for all that happened to my family too? You love me thats why you saved me. he says i gave you a chance because I am human. Arohi says I wanted to go away from you but I couldn’t. Thugs come and say tell us where is niku. He hits Deep.Arohiv says he doesn’t know anything please leave him. He hits deep and says madam has given us money to even kill you. They hit him badly. Deep falls down. Arohi says please leave him. He falls down. Arohi says deep open your eyes.

Roma says to Prithvi I am really worried for Tara. He says vedika is our daughter too. She say we will find her once Arohi’s chapter is over. Prithvib throttles her.

Thugs leave food. Arohi says deep get up. Please eat something. Deep recalls their moments together. Deep shows her the key he stole from thugs. He says go from here. She says I wont go alone you will come too.
Prithvi says you killed your own daughter. You asked deep to bury her. She says are you crazy don’t leave me. He says I know what can you do. She says arohi did. Deep says to Arohi are you crazy please go from here. Prothvi puts gun her. She says you love me. He says if you have killed my daughter I will kill you.

Deep and Arohi run. The thugs see them. Arohi says you will come with me. they run out. Arohi’s foot bleeds. He says what happened. She says my pain hurts you too right? I know you can’t live without me. The thugs say to each other this is all Aorhi madam’s plan.
Deep picks Arohi and takes her out.
Precap-ARohi says bhabhi I can hear you. Please tell me where are you? London. Arohi says to deep please come to london with me. Please forget this life and start anew. Deep comes home and says to roma I wanna talk.Roma says please save me deep. Only you can save me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. When goons were slapping Arohi before Deep, then I thought them to be Arohi’s goons. Waiting for next.

    1. U r right it’s all arohi’s plan
      .. When the goons told ye arohi madam ka plan hai….It was clear

    2. Even I knew it was arohi’ plan to make immotional so that deep realise his love toward arohi… That’s it.

      1. Ya Pks, it was cleared later, but when they were slapping Arohi, that was the point I thought about them to be sent by Arohi and also they were taking breaks again and again so I thought it can’t be Tara or someone other.

    3. hey mohit…. for me it was when Roma said that tara has left a note that she is going away somewhere that i knew it was Arohi’s plan. she knew form beforehand that she would be kidnapped and wont return home that night lol 😛

    4. Hai mohit.yes it’s a arohi plan

  2. Fabulous, amazinggggg, magic i was sure that was arohi plan when she say roma sent you !! Magic i hope deep will really fall in her trap, some people say that deep is planning to trap arohi again, i wonder if this is true . Maybe in london deep will plan to change proof of vedika murder to blame arohi and prithi will be traped by roma and deep. I hope that arohi will plan something very big to trap deep and roma.

    1. hii i hope so this time atleast arohi be careful and can’t fall in trap

    2. Hai.I hope so London track will be good.


    Hi all,, i couldn’t fully enjoy Ardeep because it’s half fake and to trap each other always….
    Ardeep is cute to see,,, i wish writers unite them truly and start some fresh track revealing Dilip and Deep’s connection & Arohi and Deep both stand against Roma or Tara or Virat,,,

    1. hey sathya… i agree, even i cant see their romance because i know it is all fake. before Deep trapped Arohi, now Arohi is trapping Deep exactly. before Deep got a truck to hit Arohi so that she could save her and gain her trust. now Arohi got them kidnapped so that she can show that she cares for him and Roma does not….. its all trap, trap, trap. they look good together, but nothing is real. in fact when Arohi started screaming that dont hurt Deep, i was more sure that this is Arohi’s plan….

    2. Hai sathya.agree with you.its a fake.but something happened in ardeep heart.

  4. Hello evry1 ……..Aarohi z doing an amazing job but evn den Deep iz not saying dt he love her evn though she z torturing herself 2 and deep was right if any thing happen 2 nikku and Aarohi she is fully responsible 4 it coz she is putin nikku’s life in danger in de process of her thurst 4 revenge…. and london truck z quite confusing “cant figure out who wil b fooling who?

    1. hi lutfa… i agree that it will be Arohi’s fault. all the time that nikku got shot, or kidnapped and tortured… it was all Arohi’s fault. Deep is right in a way that if Arohi wants a peaceful life she should just run away with nikku somewhere far and take care of him. but Arohi is also not wrong. true revenge will not help her future or nikku, but revenge is necessary to stop these devils.

    2. Hai lutfa.absolutely correct.

  5. and virat doesn’t care about anythn except 4 property but dt z not bad either as long as Roma wil b tortured in all of dz

    1. Yes virat don’t care about anything.

  6. Finally my exams got over and after such a long time i saw immj… It was quite expected that the goons were sent by arohi because she is that strong, that she can find her own way out and obviously she is not a cry baby…
    Overall the episode was master blaster of the day…

    1. hii tanya yes arohi is emotional and strong i find her inspiring

    2. Hi TanyaTanya, welcome back..missed u.

    3. hi Tanya, welcome back 🙂 how did your exams go?

    4. Hai r u? Welcome back.yes it’s a blockbuster episode.

    5. Hii anvesha, moneera, dhara, rivhanya…i am fine… . I missed my telly update family to the core….. And yaa my exam’s went well…… This week immj ranked 14th position on BARC… Hope it soon regains its position..

  7. I liked this episode amazing how arohi traped deep, when she say roma sent you i was sure she was traping him i hope he will not trap her again. AMAZING SMART AROHI

    1. hi…. it seems finally Deep doesnt have any plans up his sleeve at this moment. he is broken about knowing that Tara’s pregnancy was false and that Roma doesnt trust him but keeps saying hurtful words to him. with Arohi’s continuous blaming that no one loves you there, you are a toy, Deep is breaking down. hopefully when he leaves with Arohi, he will be true to his words…… and then get cheated by Arohi, lol. seems like these two can never have a happy life together 🙁

      1. maybe at last but now its compliqued, deep have to prove her that he love her, we will see if deep is traping her or not. I can’t enjoy ardeep scene until i know if deep is sincery or not i want him to suffer and be traped by arohi as he do

  8. i jst hop Prithvi accept 2 join hand wth virat and ruin Roma compltly dt way Virat wil b de 1 taking Aarohi’s revenge evn though he is doing it 4 his gain

    1. hii lutfa u r right then arohi work would be easy

  9. @Mohit they are Arohi’s goon

    1. Yes Sahina, actually I mean that was the point when I thought but later it was cleared by their convoy.

      1. *Convo

  10. hii friends from past two days updates are really late.Finally a good episode happy with virat’a move,arohi’s plan and prithvi’s reaction i think now virat and prithvi go against roma but can’t say as she is great with manipulation plants the blame on arohi.Finally they are leaving for london but now i m sure it is a trap for arohi.I can’t get one thing if arohi traps deep in london then don’t it will be so soon and easy and what about other’s like roma tara virat and prithvi. if writers want then the show would be more interesting i think in between this revenge drama and plottings makers would gave us some glimpses of past too like
    1:how are dilip and deep related(atleast they show dilip thinking about deep)??
    2:how did roma trap dilip and made him paralysed and frame kalyani in everything??
    3:why prithvi is still stuck with roma??
    4:about tara’s and virat’s childhood and roma’s past.
    5: how kalyani is clueless if deep is related to her??
    Cvs show us that while staying in house as tara and spying on them arohi came across with some hidden about of them and their mystery’s but all the while they show herself proving as tara all the time no spying nothing.

    1. hi anvesha…. about your third question, i think Prithvi really did love Roma. he said to Roma, ‘if i had stopped loving you then i would have shot your right now’ and ‘you promised to come back to me after getting Dilip’s property but later you changed your words…’ so even if Roma used Prithvi and lied to him and killed his daughter, Prithvi is the elder version of Deep lol. he is still loyal to Roma for something that happened between them like 20 years ago and Roma’s sweet words.
      i am also curious what will happen to the rest of characters if only Arohi and Deep are going to london

    2. Hai anvesha.valid questions. I hope writers will give a solution very soon.

  11. Plus i can’t get this deep’s change of heart so soon nobody can change that very second complain is how is deep behaves like dumb one deep who plan such a big game with arohi can’t even stand in front of roma just because she does a favour on him some 20 years ago.Why he can’t get the simple thing that to compensate for that favour he already had done enough for roma and raichand’s now he also has his rights to speak for right and wrong and how come he can’t understand that roma is wrong which even a child like chawani understands and roma own children’s find her culprit.And why he can’t get that for his one favour noone gave him right to spoil anyone’s life.why he can’t get that roma is selfish who even get her own daughter killed for her profit.He even don’t think that what they did with arohi and vedika was wrong when she don’t have anything to do with them.
    A wrong is always wrong no matter what.

    1. hi anvesha…. it seems every character around Roma knows how evil she is but still supported her with utmost loyalty until now…. Deep, Prithvi, Virat…. Deep planned the whole thing about Arohi. apparently Pritvhi is the reason that Roma’s business is so big and successful. obviously such characters should be smart enough to know that they are being used by Roma but still they are/were devoted to her. at least Deep’s part i can understand a little. if form your childhood you are repeatedly told by everyone around you that your life is a gift, you should devote it entirely to Roma, that you would have been useless without her kindness… and not a single friend that genuinely supported him or showed him that this is not true and no one has the right to enslave him for just one act of kindness, then it makes sense that he has to struggle very hard to come out of that mentality. he tries, but he fails. talking about it, i think…. before Arohi got jailed, Deep at one point thought that he would run away with Arohi. maybe if Arohi had continued trusting him and loving him he would have still tried. but then Arohi knew the truth and started running away from him and he thought, yeah this is my life. Arohi will never stay with me and i have to be loyal to my family…. does it seem possible to you?

      1. yes dhara u r right but at somepoint he has to realise that roma is not that great she picked him from road but what she does with others is wrong as they are also human and got a family like him.Paying someone for their kindness doesn’t mean u make urself their slave but yes u r right as no one is there to make him realize this

      2. yes it’s possible i was thinking the same thing, when arohi discovers the truth he change because he know that he will be alone, i think he say to himself if i lose her i don’t want to lose my family too it’s all i have now

    2. Hi anvesha what u said that is not only urs thought but also everyone’s …… Everyone want to clear those confusion………..But somehow London track is really unpredictable because u can find everything like revenge murder and betrayal except Love in this serial……………It was clear arohi wants to trap deep but it is confused if deep make a big plan to trap arohi after watching the promo

  12. Sonakshi5

    Hello everyone?? …..
    So less comments today? ….
    Where are everyone ? ?
    These were arohi’s goons? ….i thought them to be either of roma or deep? ….i still doubt deep ??…i can’t trust him fully? …..
    Good job virat????????
    prithvi should kill ????roma…..
    Hope deep is not planning again something ???????

    1. Ya even I don’t trust deep

      1. Sonakshi5

        Yes moneera di ….deep is untrustworthy ….always shatters my hopes on him?????

    2. hi sonakshi…. how r u?
      i agree Prithvi should have killed Roma. with her death Arohi’s revenge would have been a lot easier. Virat could have arrested Prithvi for murder (Virat will obviously do that. his hands are still clean that way 😛 ) sending him to jail and then he would have got the property anyways with Tara never been able to have a child. that chapter taken care of for the time being, Arohi could get info about bhabhi form Deep and then killed him…. but Roma is a main character and wont die so soon. it would have been so satisfying to watch though. it has been so long since a bad character died on this show 🙁

      1. but virat also murdered kalayani and many more like constable etc.

      2. hey mohit, what i meant that in Roma’s death case Virat’s hand would have been clean. the media knows about Vedika, so Virat can say Roma killed Vedika and then Prithvi killed Roma…. since Virat is himself an inspector he can make sure that Prithvi is punished while he remains blameless. now of course Pritvhi can open his mouth against Virat but i dont think he will be believed. what is the evidence in Kalyani’s murder? Arohi cant come in court because in the eyes of law she is dead/criminal. Deep wont support Pritvhi who killed his mummyji. Arohi in her trial was also saying she didnt do anything and was being framed but still she was jailed. surely, Virat could have got Pritvhi arrested and jailed that way too while in front of the world he would have been a wronged son. Dilip is still silent and he would have got the property after Roma…

      3. You are right, he is innocent in front of everyone that way. But I think in the end of serial, arohi will reveal her identity to the world to get them arrested because she can’t kill anyone for her revenge. You also asked whether she would take fake name in the end.

      4. Sonakshi5

        Hi dhara di ?….i am fine …how are you ?
        Agree di ….hope some bad character dies in this show ?….though i don’t like deaths ….but think next person to die is prithvi ???

    3. Hai sonakshi. Still we can’t trust deep.

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi Rhivanya di ?….yes deep always breaks our hopes ??????… can’t trust him.

  13. Hi the London track for love or revenge?..

    1. Hai moneera. Same question here.let see.

  14. and what thing deep want to tell mummyji…in precape.

  15. ShraddhaSharma392

    Mystery mstery and mystery…..
    Show me sivaye thrill ke kuch bhi nhi hai….
    I think aarohi will punish deep for his deeds in london, but i am sure even tara is there…

    1. hey shraddha… i feel Tara is there too and she knows about bhabhi or atleast using bhabhi to trap Arohi. still curious to know who was Tara’s helper…

    2. Hai shraddha.I also think Tara stay in London.

  16. Ardeep

    I was watching their live again and I saw arjun saying don’t talk while being drunk and in some pics I saw a bottle of alcohol I am sure that arohi will get drunk and she will tell deep about everything

    1. hi Ardeep… Arohi does talk a lot when she is drunk so hope that doesnt happen 😮

    2. Hai ardeep.I don’t think it will happened.

  17. hi everyone….. it was a good episode. especially with Arohi’s and Virat’s plans. it would have been better if they showed Virat genuinely caring for his father and wanting to punish his cheater mom. but he is all about property. i am a little disappointed but still glad that Roma has lost all supporters. now she has only Deep and even he is thinking of leaving. yay!
    coming to Arohi, it was again brilliant. she is doing to him what he did to her. tricking him to believe that she loves him a lot and that Roma does not at all (which is true.) i hope ARohi tells him that Roma actually sent Virat to kill Deep after their marriage. it will be a big shock to Deep and shatter him. maybe Arohi has forgotten… so much happens in this show that even we forget things half the time lol. still the plan was solid. she even got a plate of food so that she could accidently drop food on him and remind him of their first interaction…. too good! my only problem with this is once Deep knows the truth, he will be very very angry at her and i think we will ever have a true relationship of trust and love between these two! there is no ishq in ishq mein marjawan lol

    1. Hai dhara.agree with you.

    2. hii dhara u r right no true love is in this show and even if makers show it a viewer like me never feel it real because afterall this no one in real world stays together and yes roma’s kids are like her only selfish and self centered

  18. btw, i have a question. in the second last episode, it was shown that when Roma is about to shoot Arohi, police comes and says they have come to arrest the escaped criminal Arohi. Arohi says it is her plan to trap Roma and Roma sends Arohi away to nikku. now, if it was fake police then all right. but if it was real police, then why the hell would Arohi do that??? why would she let the police know that she is alive? i understand why Virat doesnt want the police to know because then the case will reopen and here everyone know Tara and people will realise Arohi Tara are lookalikes and so who is the actual criminal and why Arohi is after their family. so it makes sense that no one wants to go to the police as of yet….. but does Arohi plan to clear her name at all? she always talks of revenge but once that is over, will she take a fake name and live with nikku? does she not want the world to know that Roma along with having illegitimate children, is also a murderer and her daughter is a serial killer? that Roma got her own son to investigate the crimes that her daughter was committing and they trapped another innocent girl? that they hired actors and killed them too? that Vishal (Arohi’s bf) is dead because of them? when are Vishal’s parents?? all in all, i just hope that Arohi will bring out the entire truth infront of the world. hell, she could even send two photos to shimla police commissioner…. with them saying ‘Arohi serial killer and Tara, serial killer lookalike and inspector Lakshya’s sister – who is the true criminal?’

    1. yes i feel atleast something reasonable would be shown in this revenge i sometime find things really illogical and yes arohi think about what after her revenge

  19. i am not able to reply to everyone…. but shey, even if you watch the epi late, i would still love to read your comments. miss you a lot 🙂 🙂
    Nabs, hats off to you that you noticed Roma having samsung phone and Deep having iphone lol 😛 😛 very funny!

    1. me too miss Rhivanya and Nabs the updates are late from two days so comments of people should not match with each other

  20. Hello friends.
    Sry for late comment.
    I already said we can’t trust virat.he was do everything for property. He is a very selfish person.
    It’s a arohi am really shock and surprise.
    Kahi deep aur arohi pyaar ka natak may sach may ek dusoroko pyaar tho nahi kar they hay.
    I like ardeep scene.
    I expect prithivi kill Roma.but he didn’t.

  21. One more thing, when Virat was in forest, he found no one burried there, where did the body go? So that means Vedika is still alive. I also suspected that day so I wrote it that day in my comment thinking that Deep saved Vedika after seeing movement in body but when Deep told Arohi that Vedika got killed because of her so I thought she is really dead because Deep himself said that. I hope she is alive.

    1. Also why Prithvi was saying that arohi can’t kill Vedika because both were together in planning. How he got to know. Was it shown? If yes that’s mean he also know it was arohi who was living with them and tara and pregnancy was her drama.

    2. hey mohit… remember Arohi agreed to meet Deep so that she could rescue Vedika and asked Deep to bring Vedika in a car. she made it perfectly clear that time that Vedika was her friend and working with her… i was also thinking that if Vedika’s body was not found then maybe she is alive….

      1. Thanks dhara, I totally forgot that scene.

    Brand new’s a Tara tune.

    1. hey…. it seems that last pair of eyes belonged to Tara because the promo said ‘ayega ek naya/anjana khatra’ when those eyes were shown and then Tara’s music started!! i just hope now Tara doesnt pretend to be Arohi lol….. seems like only Deep and Arohi will be in London :/ Roma said take Tara on holiday somewhere in the precap…. dont know if Roma will go also

  23. Hi All, i too made a small slide show of Ardeep like Rhivanya dii,,, do watch hope you all like it…

    1. Really awesome video.I loved it.

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