Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep lays trap for Aarohi, Virat and Tara

Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aarohi call for ambulance 🚑and sulekha tell her that all plan is done Deep, I was working for him and when I said no to his work, he did this. Deep has taken gold, Aarohi say ambulance is on way. Sulekha say I am having less time and she breathe heavy. Virat ask tell us more and sulekha dies.

Virat talk to tara and say I have his mother and gold, how deep found? Tara get shocked😨 and you didn’t even told me. Virat say because you have told to deep as you are mad in his love😍. Tara say I got message and came here. They both sit in car and leave.

Virat and Tara reach one place and Ask his men about gold and deep mother. Aarohi is put on gun🔫 point and tara and virat confront her. She says she came hiding in their car. And add that deep is behind all this. She say

you can talk to him. Virat say to aarohi to call📱Deep by your phone by putting it on speaker. Aarohi call him and say deep I am feeling lonely. Deep as I am coming to you and cut phone. She again call but number is switch off. Tara break things and virat’s men capture aarohi. Tara break glasses and see some thing in her phone📱.
Virat ask his men to shift gold and Deep mom to some other place and say that Tara is mad behind Deep, she will say everything to him. His another man inform him that tara ran away from washroom. Virat slap him.

Tara reach at some place and her sandal slip and deep hold tara, deep hug tara and try to romance with her, tara put gun🔫 on him. Deep say that I told to wait for 24 hours, so believe me I am doing everything for both of us. Someone knock on door, Deep ask Tara to hide for us and open door to find aarohi. Aarohi hug deep and say I knew you will save me and virat come behind her.

Virat confront Deep about all his lies, he recieve call and get shocked. Virat hold gun🔫 at deep and ask where he want to leave and why he lied about casino thing. Tara hold gun🔫 at aarohi and say I shall kill your child, aarohi hold gun🔫 at virat and say to tara that I care about my child but not deep so think before doing anything. Deep man hold gun🔫 at tara. (it looked just like gun is their business when they want they get it easily😄😄😄)

Deep laughs😄😄😄 and say you can’t win over me as all was my plan since start and spray and all 3 faint. Later aarohi, tara and virat are shown tied up and tara shout deep betrayed me again. Deep talk to them using speaker📟 and say I told you all that after 24 hours you all will know, and see only some time is left and all will die as i have fixed bomb💣 too… Deep further says that tara, aarohi and virat clear your misunderstandings and problems as after that you can’t do anything and laughs😄😄..

Precap: Aarohi cut her rope and free others. They try to run, but find door 🚪is locked and aarohi decide to defuse bomb 💣and virat try to stop her but she take risk.

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  1. Wow shraddha sharma.your update is awesome.
    I think arohi(nia) involved deep plan.but i don’t want this. Because deep is a cheater.
    And I have only one question.
    Why this makers change the main lead? Any valid reason.I saw some serials in Tamil.there also changed the main lead. But they had some reasons.
    1.main lead(actress) quit the show. Some personal reasons.
    2.main lead(actress) acting not good.
    Coming to immj here,
    Alisha not quit this show.still she play tara role.
    Her acting super(everyone knows).
    Trp decreased ( because most of the people not interested in current track ).
    I can’t understand why they changed main lead.
    And this writers not listened to response our request.Then only focused how dragging the story without logic.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thanks for liking it rhivanya… Trp decreased for 2 main reasons sudden change of alisha into nia as aarohi and repeating almost same story

      1. Satya127

        But i don’t understand one thing that wht they saw in nia that they brought her as main lead and that too they side lined the soul of the show ALISHA…..Why don’t that writers and producers understand our point and why cant they bring alisha back as AROHI in this way trp will be back audience be kush or charm of the show will be back….

      2. ShraddhaSharma392

        If writers had this much brain than story will not be like this and repeatative

      3. Welcome shraddha.

  2. Lol, today I enjoyed listening to Virat’s dialogue, when he says to Deep that “Kabhi Tara ke saath romance tho Kabhi Aarohi ke saath romance, thum tho jhut ki mkachine bn gaye”. I seriously laughed of a lot.

    1. Me too

  3. Just go to hell imm

    Immj could’ve better storyline like
    Deep trapping Aarohi by marrying fake for Tara and sending Aarohi to jail n then in jail after 3 years Aarohi fights back against jailor and minister impressing Kalyani and other prisoners and and creating fake death report and escape bravely from there n then seach for deep and tara and after finding them
    Starting her revenge plan by trapping Tara and also dress like Tara everytime(not usually the outfit she wore during her revenge track)
    During her revenge she is joined with companions like Kalyani,Bini(a girl whose brother was trapped in false murder case),Vedika, and chavanni and her friends.During the recenge track she also meets a male companion eho also wants revenge from Raichand family who falls in love with her and Aarohi who already lost trust in love also falls with him Bini kalyani and vedika tease Aarohi with him a little
    Bonding should be developed between them
    By smartly confronting Tara,by smartly conspiring against Raichand family her search for bhabhi and nikku finally ends by reuniting with them thus Bhabhi also joining in the revenge plan and getting Dilip Singh released in roma clutches ( who was shown positive but ended up getting negative ), collecting proofs of her innocence and also of her companions
    She manages to punish the devils for their deeds and send them to jail including Tara and Deep

  4. Colors’ popular show Ishq Mein Marjawan produced by Beyond Dreams will reach a stunning and shocking development this week with a huge revelation!!

    As we know, the ongoing track has seen Virat (Vineet Raina), Aarohi (Niaa Sharma) and Tara (Aalisha Panwar) doubting Deep (Arjun Bijlani) and his real intentions.

    The upcoming track will be huge as all the three of them will get to a point where they will want Deep dead.

    A reliable source tells us, “A high voltage scene has been shot of Tara, Aarohi and Virat pointing their guns at Deep to kill him.”

    At the end of this sequence, it will be shown that Deep will be dead after falling from a great height.

    But the revelation will only begin here…

    And here is the big spoiler news – All of that what the viewers will see will actually be a plan of Deep and Aarohi. The two of them will want to live life afresh and would have worked out a big plan of Deep’s death so that Tara and Virat will move away from their life.

    Viewers will realize at the end of the happening that Deep and Aarohi will want to live their life along with Deep’s mother in a new place without the intervention of anyone else.

    Will Deep and Aarohi be able to fulfil their plan?

    We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

    As we know, loyal viewers of the show can now enjoy watching Ishq Mein Marjawan on Saturdays too, as the show will be aired from Monday to Saturday from this week.

    1. Satya127

      Hope deep gives back arohi’s identity to her Back……
      Now i request please stop this nonsense track please bring alisha as AROHI….Theae many people r literally shouting that we only want alisha as arohi all the insta posts of mamta and yash r filled with our requests and in youtube mostly 95% people also want only alisha as AROHI why cant they understand this one point….Agar alisha as arohi vapas ayegi to such me show ko vo ronak or pyar vapas ayegi… These many days one thing is for sure that nia is unfit for arohi role but don’t know why producers r interested in showing vulgarity and alll….

  5. Team Aardeep❤

  6. Ananya Saraswat

    The best writer of telly updates…..
    You are just awesome yaar
    Loved it
    Please write all the updates
    I knkw its not possible to take out much time
    But do as more as possible

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thank u so much for liking my update…

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