Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi saves Deep’s mom

Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says bring water. Virat says it is from electricity we can’t pour water. Let me call fire brigade. She says hurry up call. He pretends to call but doesn’t call them.
arohi says what did I do. Abhi says was this your plan? Arohi says please do something. i didn’t want to risk her life. Arohi jumps in and takes Deep’s mom out. arohi and deep are stuck in the fire. he wraps her with a shawl and says we will get out of here. Abhi extinguishes the fire. Arohi coughs. Deep gives her water. Wasundra says are you okay? She says yes. Deep says your saved my mom’s life. Arohi goes to her room. Deep takes Wasundra to her room.
Virat says to Tara there is somethin wrong with that girl. She is upto something. tara says no there is nothing wrong.

Virat says I can’t believe that.

Abhi says to Arohi why are you stupid. You could take Wasundra’s life. she is innocent. She says I didn’t want to kill her.
Deep comes. Abhi hides. Deeo says I want to thank you for savin my mom’s life. He leaves. abhi says he made you drink water and broke your fast. wow. What a karwa chauth. Arohi says i will kill him anyone.

Arohi covers her face and looks for Deep in the house. she has a knife. Deep is asleep in his room with Tara. Arohi takes out two knives. She recalls her moments with deep. Abhi takes him out.
Abhi says a coward kills someone sleeping. Arohi says didn’t want to be like this. I just wanted to live with my child. He killed my child. He has everything. i have nothing. He even changed my face. My parents didn’t recognize me. Abhi says take everything he loves from him. Just like he did to you. Aroi says you are right. I will take everything from him. He will be helpless like me. He will die every day and every night.

Deep asks his guards if they saw anyone coming in the house?? He says no sir. Deep says how did all this happen then.
Mausi comes downstairs. Mausi sees Wasundra says I want to tell you something. there is a secret. A dagger is thrown on her and stabs her. Wasundra screams. Everyone comes. Abhi says to Arohi if we didn’t stab who did? Deep says mausi nothing will happen. they take her to hospital. arohi and abhi are dazed. Virat says who could do this? wasundra says she was in front of me. She wanted to tell me something. DEep says maybe they were aiming at you.
Precap-Arohi wonders who wants to kill Mausi. Arohi sees a woman running. she runs after her. Arohi gets a letter, mind your business. you will be killed if you involve in all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Uncessary and unwanted drama… Better to end show… Nia spoiled show…

    1. Satya127

      Yes undoubtedly nia spoiled everything in this show slowly…..That now we don’t fund our favorite factors for which we used watch this show before…..Kash ye koi arohi ka bad dream hi or ake koltheyi alisha as arohi vapas ajaya….Soo sad ki one time best show turned into a copy cat worst show

    2. I think it is not Nia’s mistake. Just CVs are stupid and think fans are stupid uneducated people. Show has become very stupid from Nia’s entry, I agree, but it has not been better before also.. If anyone asks me, show was the best and the most interesting show on the world before Aarohi went to jail. When Aarohi came out of jail… Show was so different and stupid that I am speechless. I kept watching anyway and then so many unlogical mysteries and twists… About Kalyani, Tara’s dad, Virat (Laksh) … Also, once Tara has said to Deep that she started killing cheaters because her dad also cheated her mother and left her. And then.. like 20 episodes baad, we see there her whole happy family. No logic… There is no logic. And then after Nia entered.. very stupid track it was. Why did Deep change Aarohi’s face?? Phir, what happened with that Anjali?? She stayed in coma forever. Was she Aarohi’s enemy or what… Then whole that thing with Aarohi’s parents… That’s why I really want this show to end ASAP. I heard that three new shows are coming Colors TV par: Tantra, Alibaba aur chalis for and one more. I hope IMMJ will end.. I also hope Bigg Boss 12 will end because it is so stupid and rating is low. And that’s it!!
      But really this show should end. It was so ruined…

      1. Satya127

        I too felt that it is writer’s mistake and i opposed bashing against nia but after all what she did with the feelings of the fans and that to on the serious issue i hate her and lost all the respect towards her and now i feel it’s her mistake too and coming to nia she is a culprit for spoiling the show as an actor acting should depict the character emotions that is what connects people with the character and the show but nia always she just reads the dialogues do all that vulgar content and she did not try to come out of her shell of most s*xist women….Literally she spoiled arohi essence with her acting….And yes i know there r many illogical points before but the show was perfect with arsha as ardeep because their story is perfect it used to have that thrill and excitement factor and humshakals is the most big usb of the show which attracted everyone to watch the show….And mostly i find acting of every actor is perfect…..That is why it has become the best show and made us all hooked to it….
        I accept now this khichidi should be off air or alisha should continue as arohi again only that will bring that thrill and perfection to the show because when it was humshakals u try to figure out who it is along with the other questions but spoiling their own factor they killed that thrill and made it a never ending question bank with all illogical stuff….And my point is why to spoil the jodi which everyone love to watch them together for whom we gave this much support arsha as ardeep is one the most loving jodi of recent times…..
        And we all miss them badly….
        But these days thanks to those segments of arsha and to that app tik tok we now get to watch them together….And i feel watching them like this i felt my ardeep is back as arsha….Such a sweet jodi

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      I agree with you all…. Nia do too over acting… Her and arjun doesn’t look good… Though CV mistake is more, but actors should think also before playing characters…

  2. Satya127

    Please whoever updated this please change the cover photo of it….And keep the original one only….Which resembles the original and real immj…Please it’s a kind request

  3. Satya127

    Happy birthday ARJUN BIJLANI….my favorite sharukhan….A real hero….a rockstar…
    Mr.Kurafathi..Mr.Nautanki..And wht not….I really learnt from u that we should smile in life at every phase and should make others laugh whole heartily be how tough phase u r under going in life….
    May God bless u with lots of happiness and success and good health and a better show then this rotten khichidi….

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