Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sheetal Dhanrajgir brings along Tara with her. Sheetal obviously calls her Aarohi and says she had got accused of false murder charges,she is innocent so I rescued her from jail and now she will stay with us for some time. Ahaan’s dad says sure, Tara acts like Aarohi and thanks the Dhanrajgirs. Sheetal says God is great, you will get justice ,now all the good time will start.
Deep comes home drunk,he goes to the kitchen. Roma and Prithvi ask him why Tara is not with him,Deep says Tara went out. She will come whenever she wants to.Roma says you are talking about my daughter,you are not like this you will never come back without Tara, she asks Deep is everything is going back to normal why are you messing up everything now. Deep says if you are thinking so much about your family then why can’t you tell me about my family. I have been looking for them for so long but you don’t tell me anything. He leaves. Prithvi tells Roma to calm down,Roma is very angry she says I should do something about Deep. Prithvi says you never sail a boat in a high tide,you can drown,right now its important that you show love to Deep.

Deep sits in the garden crying. Aarohi comes there and tells Deep to freshen up,she gives him a towel. Deep shouts at her and says he is tired of her …Then Deep realizes that he was only imagining Arohi. Again he sees Aarohi giving him cold milk, he shouts but he sees that Arohi is not there ,he sees Roma. Roma asks what happened, I know you are worried but in your worries you have broken my heart. You made me feel like I am a stranger. Roma does a lot of drama and cries, she tells him that she never talked about his mom because she thought he will get sad.Roma says you know very well that you are my son, I have never treated you like an orphan you are mine. And you are right , I keep thinking only about my Tara but that is because all mothers are worried about their weakest chil and you know Tara is weak. Roma says you give me one clue where your parents are I will do everything to find her.Roma cries, Deep says he is sorry and says he will go find Tara ,he looks for his phone to call Aarohi.Deep realises he doesn’t have his phone.

Aarohi puts Chawanni to sleep and she remembers how Deep had blamed her for everything that happened wrong with him her bhaiyya bhabhi and niku. Deep calls on his phone, Aarohi sees his phone ringing. She picks it up, Deep says so now you stole my phone. Aarohi acts like Tra aand says I have also stolen your heart, if you Somebody is hiding under the table and the person pulls Aarohi,she starts screaming. Deep asks her what happened, Aarohi screams looking at the person. Aarohi tells Chawanni to hide in the other room, and tries to hit the person. The person is wearing a black hooded dress, she tries to see his face but she can’t. Till then Deep reaches there and kicks the person.Aarohi hugs Deep,he protects her. Deep tries to remove the person’s mask but he hits Deep with a vase and Deep faints. Aarohi puts bandage on his wound, Deep gets up but feels dizzy. Aarohi acts in her own loving and childlike way. She says jaanu you shouldn’t leave in this condition you need rest. Deep says now what is this new trouble you have got yourself into,Aarohi says aww are you so worried about your jaanu Deep? Deep says I am just worried for Tara. Deep says I need to find out who this new enemy is, Aarohi says I iwll also come along because he is my enemy.

Aarohi and Deep go home. Roma is anxiously strolling in the garden.She asks Arohi and Deep where they were, she says we were worried as first Tara disappeared, then Deep also vanished.Roma sees the bandage on Deep’s forehead and asks if somebody attacked them, Deep says yes ,Aarohi says no. Roma scolds them and tells them to say the truth, Aarohi as Tara says she was strolling near the chaupati , a thief stole her purse so Deep got it back from him but they had a fight and Deep got hurt.Roma says Dilipji hasn’t eaten yet as he was worried about them. Aarohi asks Dilipji why he hasn’t taken his dinner yet. Aarohi gets soup and starts feeding him the soup, she notices a scratch on Dilip’s hand and recalls that the person who attacked her that similar scratch on his hand.

PRECAP: Aarohi plans to expose Dilipji in front of Deep.

Update Credit to: Kriyansh

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Today episode was ok ok.. dilip is also bad?? I thought him to be good person atleast…

    1. maybe he think her tara so that why he wanted to kill her, and he doesn not tell anythink to deep to protect him i don’t but i hope there is some reason

      1. He knows she is arohi clearly

      2. ShraddhaSharma392

        He knows she is aarohi as deep itself told when he returned from london

      3. that’s true

  2. y z it dt Aarohi’s enemy keep increasing day by day can’t they intrude a single person who will stand by Aarohi and help her in fighting dz devil and as 4 Deep i cant compltly trust him as he change his colour like camilion its difficult 2 no if he is actually on Aarohi’s side or not even though he save Aarohi stil he keep calling her Tara! Tara! Tara! and as if de rest of enemy were not enough do dey really want 2 introduce Delip as a new dushman?

  3. i didnt like Tara part at all….. i read in tu ahisqui update, that Sheetal says she will get Arohi bailed…. correct me if i am wrong, a person can be bailed only before the court decides guilt and gives punishment, once a criminal is sentenced, how can she be bailed??? everyone thinks this is Arohi, the one who was serving her sentence and then escaped, so Arohi’s sentence should be increased and given no bail whatsoever….. can someone clear this doubt of mine??
    this is going to be Mahasangam week and i hate it, Deep got Tara arrested and then someone from some other serial comes and gets Tara released, wow, wow, wow. why should i even care for these character’s actions then? every mahasangam someone can come just out of the blue and help them out, come on, Chkor, Teni, Soumya, Zoya just come to this show and create more problems for Arohi. yay! why the hell would Tara stay in JD’s house for even one moment when she is always focused on Arohi and Deep. whatever

    1. so true dhara..but i think after mahasangam she will be back in jail

  4. 2dai i saw Aarohi in Tara even though she is jst putting on an act

  5. oh and now Dilip is evil, which makes just NO sense. all doctors over the years said Dilip cannot be cured, so this Dilip man just likes to sit quietly in his wheelchair for years or what?? i am sure Arohi is making another mistake or the writers are stupid…. next in line will be Chawanni the main masterblastermind!! i am sorry if someone is hurt by reading my comments, but i am just so angry… ugh. no relief for Arohi and her enemies increasing everyday, Deep magically entering closed rooms in three seconds, Virat holidaying in Shimla, writers want to turn all good characters evil, i have lost all hope of Arohi getting any revenge at all against Roma/Virat/Prithvi because now she only wants Deep and Bhabhi…… anyways, the update today was more detailed and accurate, thank you Kriyansh 🙂

    1. Hii dhara nobody will be hurt on your comments…… because what u said is 100% correct…the writer doesn’t have brain..he will make anybody negative and positive…. the writer thinks like him everyone is stupid…and one things dillip Singh is a negative person this make no sense…

    2. helllo @dhara…one thing i dont understand guyz what writers are thinking like if dilip is ohk then first thing what he must do is to expose roma and prithvi but if he is in their side then why he is doing all such drama..dont know what makers are planning…but one thing sure tara is out now she will not sit quietly……. and where the hell virat now what twist he is going to do now….i think he gonna come back with arohi’s bhabhi as his wife may be he will marry her and all master plan is done by arohi’s bhabhi….bcz makers are doing such things to think us like negative

  6. Dilip is also villain

  7. Ohno Tara is free again
    All credit goes to Miss Sheetal Rajput/Dhanrajgir
    I really hate that episode when Aarohi set Tara free

  8. Seriously i really mourn Nikku’s death andbi wish that the devils soon get punished for bad deeds

  9. Seriously i really mourn Nikku’s death and wish that the devils soon get punished for bad deeds

  10. I thik so roma and her gang knows that the one staying in her home is aarohi and in prison roma went there in yesterday episode to talk to tara (as when she said aarohi ko me dekh lugi it sounds like romas voice). And in today’s episode it must b virat who attacked aarohi and they must b knowing that dilip is also supporting deep n aarohi n they wants to devide them so they scratch dilip hand in same way aarohi did to virat so aarohi will start doubting on dilip

  11. This dilip track is gonna be the bakwaaas track at all! It is not making sense at all! Their are some confusions 1) if dilip is an evil, then he might be with tara and others! He knew from the first day that the girl is arohi then why he helped her.
    2) deep told dilip that he changed the dna report, arohi also came to him after tara got jailed, then why he said tara to arohi?
    3) kalyani’ track
    4) all doctors checked him why all said he cant be okay, was he bribing all the doctors of india?
    And if dilip is the person then i would say him a magician because he was in the hospital with deep, he reached to arohi in a second, well that can be possible as deep reached there in a second,
    By the way i heard that kushal punjabi is also entering the show, is it a confirm news?

  12. A12345

    Har ek show mein acche log ki quantity zyada hoti hai..yeh pehela show hoga jisme heroin ke alaawa koi acche log hai hi nahi???

  13. Hi frnds..
    To day episode is some what interesting..
    Oh god it is unbelievable delip also a cheater.. I think he is the only good one in whole raichand family.. Now who will help deep.. How the truth comes out..

  14. dilip is the main mastermind i already know this, as his character is already dull.but we should not forget that he(yash) is the producer of immj and founder of beyond dreams so his negative role is justified , jo dikhta hai wo hota nahi. arohi must expose him to get deep love.

  15. i feel dilip may be fine but acting tobe ill..
    but for sure he is positive…

    what happened today n why we dont know…lets wait… but indeef it was a good twist

  16. Hi friends.
    I hate mahasangam. Irritating me.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Me too… Becoz mahasangam me kuch dikhate to hai nhi, show ko or boring kr dete hain.

  17. If dilip is bad..
    He knows about aarohi from the day one and now also that Tara got arrested not aarohi why he didn’t tell to anyone…
    If dilip is good
    Why is he doing drama.. why he is not helping deep in finding truth about his parents…

  18. Sonakshi5

    Hi everyone..
    Sorry I couldn’t reply to all comments ….
    Coming to today’s episode
    Sheetal rescued Tara thinking her to be Arohi …Wah! What a twist !!!….
    I think it is not Dilip who attacked Arohi… maybe some one among the raichands attacked Arohi and made the same mark which he/she got on Dilip intentionally ??..or if maybe Dilip is the mastermind ?…
    This Roma is overacting ki dukan ….. should receive an Oscar ? for acting…
    Where is Virat?….no one asked where is Virat .. everyone is asking where is Tara ?….
    I think it is time they kill Prithvi….he is useless …. many from Arohi’s side are dying….any from the raichands should also die …

    1. Sheetal is a good or bad person in tu asshiqui i don’t watch she really think that she is arohi or she know that it’s tara ?? because i remember her call her tara and say let me arohi i will hundle her something like that no ???? sO I DON’t understand can sdomeone explain me please ? in jail tara faint to be arohi to escape ?? and how they get escape from jail ?

      1. Sonakshi5

        She is a good person in tu Ashiqui…she thinks that Tara is Arohi so she is helping her and ya I don’t know about her saying she will handle Arohi because I missed few minutes at the starting of the episode… but as I read in yesterday’s precap …it was as Sheetal was saying that she will handle Arohi’s matter now but it is not in today’s episode ?.. don’t know why …

      2. ah okayyy thnk you so much

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