Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: deep kidnaps Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The thugs ask Anjali to sign the papers. Deep says in a few moments I will have what I want. The thugs call deep and says someone else kidnapped her before we got her. Deep says I want that girl alive. If anything happens to her. I will kill you. Deep says she has to stay alive for my plan to work.
Virat calls anjali and says where has she gone. She told me to come to this address. He says where will I find you Anjali.

Tara comes to doctor to get her tests done. She syas its impossible for you to be a mother. Tara says there is nothing impossible. I want a baby at any cost. Do anything you can. Doctor says madam please try to understand. Its not that easy. Tara says I know its not easy but possible. Tara says I want a baby. Doctor says okay there is a way.

The thug slaps Arohi. He says sing them. Arohi says I wont sign unless you tell me what these papers are. He hits her and says sign them. Arohi signs them. He says what are you doing? Don’t write name. sign like you generally do. She says in heart I don’t know her singature. THe thug says she is lying. Arohi does fake sign. A thug says these are wrong sign. Kill her. They hit her and put a knife on her stomach. Deep’s thugs come in and hit them. They shoot them. arohi screams. They release Arohi. She says I don’t know who you are but thanks for saving me. They faint her and take her somewhere else.

Arohi wakes up. Se says where am I? What is happening? Why are they all after anjali? The thug says this injection can give you death in a minute. We gave you this. Our boss has antidote. She says who is boss and what e wants? The thug says your face. Its the key to that locket that opens everything. There is so much wealth in it that 80 croroe is nothing in front of it. Arohi wonders how did anjali have so much money who was she?

Scene 2
The fake mother tells virat something. Tara comes in. She hides and wonders what were they talking about. Virat leaves.
Arohi is worried. she says I can’t give them everything. If they are deep’s men I wont let them succeed. arohi faints. Thug says hey wake up.. Te manager says why are you scaring her. They say we have to open the locker. Manager says you can’t open it with her closed eyes.
Tara’s spy calls Tara and says that girl is roaming around with Viat. He knows her. Taara wonders how. She says what game is that virat playing now.
Arohi runs. She collides with Deep. Arohi says you are their boss. You ruined my life He says you have to open that locker. Arohi says I am arohi. You love money more than me? You wanted to kill me. You ruined my life. Someone records their photos. Deep pulls her towards locker. ARohi says I will not let you open it. You made so many promises but couldn’t keep one. You did all this for money. Arohi cuts his hand and runs.

Precap-Tara’s thug tells her that deep was with that girl. Deep comes in. Tara stabs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Pretty confusing , not understanding what deep wants , he is villain or hero of the show, I think he doesn’t love tara nor arohi but himself only . Now tara would come to know about this baby of deep and arohi and she will snatch this baby from arohi , maybe

    1. May be it is possible. Still can’t understand deep is a villain or hero.

  2. i had an idea. could it be that the fake mom is actually related to Anjali? that the fake mom came and told Deep something because of which Deep made plans. why else would Virat come there to talk to her. also, i wonder what is actually inside the safe, more money and precious stones or something else altogether… also, what nonsense is this, plastic surgery doesnt meant that people change retina also!! the doctor changed face, not Arohi’s eyes that if she stands in front of locker it will open us, lol!!
    and Nia is being stupid, big talk but no brain work. Deep obviously didnt change her face for the money because he was actually sending her across border. now that Anjali is dead, people are mistaking her for Anjali, but what could have been Deep’s original plan? Also, i think precap is Tara’s dream. she didnt kill Deep even after he sent her to jail, why will she kill Deep now. she is mad, but mad for Deep. it is Nia that she will go after

    1. I think writers don’t know what to do, they have new idea every episode that contradict what was shown previously. None of this makes sense.
      They tried to write a triller but forgot they don’t have enough creativity, ingenuity and good memory to remember the past storyline in order to smoothly link the new track. In an fictional story we can sometimes overlook logic but they are testing our patience with this stupidity.

    2. Hi dhara.just dragging the story. No meaning. No sense. No connectivity. No logic.
      Make suspense only.

  3. Again again arohi beinged fooled by deep. What kind of rubish is this? Every time they show the same track, evils victory. And goodness lost.

  4. I think Tara will be pregnant.I don’t know how it is possible. But everything possible in this show.

    1. Dawn

      Artificial insemination

    2. I think the same one.and how deep handle both wives.

    3. did the show specify why Tara cannot be pregnant? if there is problem in her uterus then there is no way she can carry a baby to full term… but if it is something to do with her ovaries then she might get pregnant. but these doctors keep saying there is no way, so who knows. plus, it is ridiculous that the doctor suggested a blood test lol. I mean how a blood test can remotely be connected to determining pregnancy problems? i mean, a blood test might reveal abnormal hormones but that is not something incurable like the problems Tara supposedly faces. atleast she could have suggested sonography or something like that. i know i am thinking too much, this is the show where Deep took a bullet out of his chest using a knife without complication, and Arohi is going to have the same retina as Anjali without an eye donation lol. so…. the writers may come up with a nonsense way to make Tara pregnant

  5. Two groups kidnapped arohi(anjali).
    Who is the leader of first group?
    is deep greedy person.
    Is he really want anjali property.
    Wt is the relationship between deep and anjali?
    Why the fake mom call virat?
    Can’t understand anything.
    Virat will saves arohi(anjali)
    Deep will saves Tara.I mean Tara not kill deep.she hurt herself.

    1. regarding kidnapping, same thing happened way back, when Virat sent goons to Kidnap Arohi when he thought ‘Tara’ was pregnant but somebody else came and tried to kidnap Arohi. Deep saved Arohi but till now, we dont know who was the other person who sent goons after ‘Tara’. now again, Deep and mysterious person send goons after Anjali but i dont know if the writers will tell us who the other person is. seriously, whole story is so messed up with nothing getting cleared and the writers have forgotten half of these mysteries

    2. Agree with you.

  6. Maybe she will fake a pregnancy or maybe she will take arohi baby !

  7. Liking the episode ??

  8. Arohi should have some rich wise guy’s support and help to find everything.Be bold arohi.

  9. I don’t but I kind off felt that I saw some concern inn Deep’s eyes for Aarohi when Aarohi questioned Deep for his sin. Maybe I am seeing things. At the same time I don’t why I feel that Virat also can’t be trusted. Aarohi has to be careful.

  10. What is going on.. not getting anything.. so much confusion..

  11. So much thrill and suspense in this show

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