Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi becomes like Tara

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep recalls throwing arohi out of the house. Bell rings. Deep says she is back again. He looks outside and sees its Roma. Roma says why is the gate locked? Where is tara? Arohi is going out. she recalls what Deep said. ROma says I brought clothes for you and Tara. Where is she? Arohi comes to outhouse and says chawani where are you? She looks everywhere. She asks people. Chawani is sitting on a bench. someone is coming towards him but Arohi comes.
Arohi sees Chawani. She hugs him. Arohi says where did you go? Why are you so scared? He says Tara came to kill me. She says it must be a nightmare. Tara is in jail. She hugs him.
Deep says to Roma Tara has gone out. she didn’t tell me where she went. Roma says if she is angry find her you know she can do anything. Deep says don’t worry Tara can’t harm people anymore.
Arohi gives Chawani phone. She says Deep asked me to leave the house. I know he doesn’t want everyone to know my reality. He is alone too and he needs me. I will never leave him alone. I will go back there. I know he hates Arohi. I will become Tara for him if he wants me to be like her. He says what are you saying.

Scene 2
Tara is in jail. She fights with a prisoner and says I will kill you. Constable slaps her. Tara says in 24 hours I will be out of here and you will be dead first.
Deep is in couch. someone puts knife of his neck. Deep pulls her and says put it on knife but didn’t do anything. You aren’t the one in jail. You are the one who wants to be Arohi. Why are you back here? She says because no one can separate deep and tara. Deep says go from here. Arohi comes close to him. She caresses his face. Deep shoves her. Roma comes and says what is this Deep? Roma says he is angry at me for no reason. Arohi is the problem. He hates her and so he hates my face too. From now on he wont call me Tara. He will call me Janu. Deep says will you stop this drama. she says okay don’t call me that should I kill myself. Roma says tara where are you going? She stands in balcony and says deep call me janu or I will kill myself. Deep says stop I can’t see you dying janu. She smiles. Tara jumps in deep’s lap. Roma says she is crazy. Arohi says lets go out.

The inspector hits Tara and says you will clean all the toilets in the jail.

Scene 3
Arohi brings deep somewhere. He says where am I? The whole place is decorated. Arohi says sit. He says or what? Will you kill me janu? She says its a new beginning. Chawani comes. Deep says what is all this. Arohi cuts cake and holds deep’s hand. Chawani says make your janu eat cake. Deep says shut up don’t say that word again. He says I hate myself. When I see your face I see I ruined your life. I sent you to jail. I don’t want to see this face. Go away from my life. He leaves. arohi says this isn’t your mistake Deep.
A woman collides with Tara and gives her a letter. It says I have your freedom’s plan. She says Deep I am coming to kill you. And that Arohi.. The woman says I will see that Arohi don’t worry.
Precap-Deep says thank you Arohi. Tara plans to flee from the jail.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What does it mena janu please ?

    1. Janu is something that lovers calls each other out of love…. like jaan, shona…. hindi version of baby and darling lol

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Jaanu means, when person like husband wife, gf/bf call each other with love instead of their name.

    3. Darling or my love


  2. Hi frnds…
    In to day episode aarohi is soo beautiful..
    One thing im not getting aarohi knows that chawani has danger why can’t she kept him in a secret place.. some one is trying to harm chawani who is that..
    why can’t deep stop his nonsense hating drama.. How long it will goes.. It’s boring and irritating..
    In next episode I think sure Tara will come out..

    1. hi Sravanthi….. i also dont understand why Arohi doesnt make the safety of her close ones a greater priority…. nikku died because of that and now chawanni is also in danger 🙁

    2. guyz did you notice that from 3 days virat is missing where is he?? now what he is planning…what makers are doing creating more n more suspense…first who was tht lady to help tara…no one came to save arohi when she is in jail then why tara ? why they are saving her…who is this sheetal dhanraj i think this character is in tu aashique…..i think again maha sangam……and who is harming that chawani…..

  3. hi everyone…. I liked parts of today’s episode because of the lightheartedness in few scenes. Arohi suddenly dancing in the living room was weird and funny but when she insisted that Deep should call her janu and the way Deep continued saying janu with so much anger was very funny…. but that was about it. i cant believe that Arohi really thought they can cut a cake and start a new love story. there are so many issues to solve… but still would have preferred if they had shown the entire episode Arohi trying to please Deep in stupid ways and Deep reacting in the very end… all the rest could have come in the next episode, just want to see these two have some light moments together…..
    as for the rest, i am sad to see chawanni having nightmares 🙁 and he lives alone too. i hope Arohi just sends him far away in another good hostel with proper security. and i also didnt like the fact that so soon Tara found a helper in jail. the woman even said ‘leave Arohi to me’ -_- like seriously, Arohi is not getting any helpers but her enemy count is increasing day by day! at least Arohi didnt cry much today and that’s a relief!

  4. another thing i forgot to mention, Arohi at one point said something like ‘Tara is in jail so i and Deep can finally live happily’…. its like she is completely ignoring Roma, Prithvi and Virat and the role they played in her misfortune. Tara didnt like the plan of Deep marrying Arohi and trapping her either, in fact when she thought Deep was falling for Arohi, she kept saying to stop this plan and even said she would go to jail and say everything but not lose Deep…. Agreed Arohi doesnt know all this, but she is living comfortably in Raichand Mansion and is not thinking of any revenge anymore……

  5. ??at list de way Aarohi was dancing and asking him 2 call him janu was quite amazing

  6. As i predicted!
    Arohi has gone ‘tarafying’

  7. Hey. I’m back<3 Everybody, Vedika is back… she didn't die. and why does she help Tara out of prison?

    1. Hi Martina… please tell me this is false news! i would be happy to know that Vedika is alive but i dont want her helping Tara against Arohi….

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    I know deep love aarohi but he is regreting more than hating aarohi.. But promo shows deep putting revolver on aarohi, is deep backstabbing aarohi again????????? ans writer change story little..

    1. hey sraddha… if Deep backstabs again then i will stop watching for sure. i like this Deep a lot better and would no way accept Deep trapping Arohi again!

  9. Sorry I missed some Episodes…
    Anyone here tell me…
    How does Arohi changed from Hatred to love towards Deep..?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Deep always had soft cornor for aarohi, as he was not ready to put tara crime on aarohi and not to hurt her family, but he was helpless, but he all tym secretly protected aarohi and after aarohi shot him in london, all this was confessed by roma, virat and prithvi.

    2. hi Sabari…. Arohi and Deep went to London where Tara told Arohi that Deep has murdered her bhahbi. Arohi decides to take her revenge their itself, calls Deep to a place and shoots him after telling him about she had been fooling him all these months by staying with him in the Raichand Mansion. but after she comes back to India, she finds that Roma, Virat and Prithvi are celebrating Deep’s death. they then tell her (thinking her to be Tara) that Deep was a cheater, he always used to fight with them in support of Arohi and once he even came with gun to shoot Virat when Arohi’s brother was killed. Roma was able to control Deep through her drama of motherly love and also because Deep wanted to know about his parents the secret of which is only known to Roma. but Deep still saved nikku and Arohi’s bhabhi without telling them and so they are happy that the cheater died. Arohi also receives a video msg from chawanni where he tells her that Deep found them out and and also got nikku operated by a good doctor. then nikku comes in the video in tells Arohi that Deep is a good guy who took care of him very much and never hurt him. Arohi also gets pendrive in which Deep is playing with nikku, feeding him, preparing him for school etc…. seeing all this Arohi realizes that Deep was a good man who always supported her indirectly. she feels very bad and has a change of heart regarding Deep

  10. Hi all
    myself Miya and I am new one and I am going to join here to comment and I want to make friends from here Bye…

    1. hi Miya, you are welcome to comment here 🙂

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi Miya ?..
      Welcome ..
      Keep commenting…

    3. Hi miya.u r welcome.

  11. where does deep say thanks arohi inprecap?
    i did not see theepisode.can someone excplain thw precap please

    1. hey saras… i dont remember the precap exactly, but it was mixture of tu ashiqui and immj…. there were several shots…. in one scene Deep tells Arohi that he loves her, in another scene he is pointing a gun at her…. the same old writers trying to confuse us about Deep’s loyalty with precap

  12. Im not understanding one thing why is deep not even asking to roma about his parents..
    When tara was in trouble roma said that plz save tara first this time sure I will tell you what I know..
    Not only dilip I think roma also know all that about deep parents…
    where is virat?

  13. Isn’t she vedika? Why is she helping tara?

  14. Today’s prec confused me ,,,,is really deep point a gun on Arohi

  15. Hello everyone………
    Arohi…??????????Is she gone mad………???Starting a new life without solving current problems
    Janu??????????Oooooo………Deep calling janu????
    Precap ……Always misleading…….?????
    @ sravanthi……..I agree…..Why she is not make sure of chawani safety????
    @dhara dii…….yaaa……Arohi weird dancing and deep janu was highlight…..???
    I think arohi is completely lost………She is behaving like roma is her orginal mother??
    @lutfa……..Yes those are the highlights of today’s episode
    @Amaira………Yes you predicted well
    @Miya…………Welcome …keep commenting
    @sravanthi……..Yes l was also thinking the same…But l am sure she will make
    a cook up story about deep parents …….bichara deep will believe that……..
    @kshah……..May be vedika because she know more about chawani and arohi..
    But l don’t want that…..again a backstabber …….

  16. Sahina

    In that letter it was written about Sheetal dhanrajgir..means JD’s wife…Why she wants to save Tara too,she is a good woman right?

    1. hi sahina…. i thought sheetal dhanrajgir will be a new character but now that you have mentioned it, i am dreading another mahasangam uff! is Sheetal in jail too in tu ashiqui? else how will Tara help her? ugh…. i want people within this story helping each other and not some other character from some other serial. this is a stupid idea. Next they can show Aditya Hooda suddenly coming and solving Arohi’s problems but that will be very bad

  17. Sonakshi5

    Hi everyone….
    This janu -janu thing was funny ???…
    Arohi should keep chawanni in a safe place atleast now …
    This Roma just came and said where is Tara ? …where is Tara ?…. I meant normally they don’t care but the moment she goes out …they know everything by their 6th sense ….
    Deep hates himself,hates Arohi ,hates Tara ….. Then who does he love ….

  18. Hello friends.
    Nice episode.

  19. Tommorows episod was ossom what to say about it

  20. from voice it looks like vedika only…. is she for arohi or against her????

    virate is missing in action and i am missing his comedy….

    within no time chawanni could identify arohi tobe arohi but roma and family could not recognise real tara….

    whatever deep told that whomever arohi is with will die seemtobe true,,,, chawanni and chillar party were so hapily living in their own world… this arohi has used chawanni so much that he is also scared for life now… felt very bad seeing chawanni so scared…

    Arohi is assuring CHAWANNI as though she has protected everyone its actually other way round….
    deep had kept niku safe and sound idiot arohi got him to raichand house ensured he is killed by them….same with vedika… prithvi had kept her safe n arohi madam ensured she is also murdered….

    now arohi has become serial killer -:))))

    1. agree… arohi’s assurances seem like false promises now. she has not been able to save one single person in this whole story 🙁

  21. some spoilers for immj i want to see deep jealousy i hope i will die of jealousy because some new men will save arohi but some spoiler say that he is sent by deep to save aorhi and clean her name he is lawyer as deep can’t do it directly

  22. he has already arrived do u remember that mask man he is khushal punjabi

    1. i was thinking the say bit why he was on tara side or mayabe he wanted to trap tara i don’t know but i hope he will help arohi getting justice and clear her name and start loving her i want to seep deep jaelous. I read somewhere that he is a lawyer sent by deep to help arohi directly as he can’t do it himself

      1. But why she required lawyer now i mean tara is in jail no thn y arohi required auch things

  23. why my comment is not showing here??/
    help guyz

    1. hey preet… the comments take some to upload. earlier we could at least see our comments with an additional line telling ‘comments awaiting moderation’ but now the comments simply disappear before being posted. it is a little frustrating…

  24. hello why i m not able to comment anything here

  25. hello need help

  26. Plz somebody help i wanna talk but my comments are not showing

  27. hello P.R we see you coms but they need some time to be in the list me too when i write i have to wait before seeing my coms

  28. i couldn’t watch todays episode..
    update still not uploaded?

  29. Sahina

    Ishq mein marjawan updates are too slow…Even Tu aashiqui’s today’s part got updated but Ishq mein marjawan didn’t..

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