Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi’s target are her parents

Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi cries adn says someone died because of me.
Deep says her body shows Tara did this but she made my work easy to stop this engagement.
Arohi gives Chwani juice. He says I am really scared after what happened. we have to be safe from everyone. ARohi says I couldn’t save nisha but I want to save you. I don’t know where to keep you. Surekha says I know you are worried. I know where to send him for safety. You can send him to my place. He will be safe there. Chawani leaves with Surekha. Tara sees Chawani leaving. She says did virat tell anjali? She will leave this house as well.

Arohi comes to her room and sees that nothing is there. She says who took my stuff. Deep comes and says here’s yoru luggage. You came here for engagement but thats called off so why do you wanna stay here? If you wanna stay you should have decided that before calling the engagement off. SHe says we are under police safety. He will I get you safety in new house too. Now go. Virat holds Arohi’s hand and says this house is mine too. She will stay here. I love her. I will prove myself. No matter how you try you can’t separate us. He says lets go Anjali. No one can take you from this house because you are pregnant to my baby. I wont let anything happen to you.
Tara says virat is never trustworthy.

Tara comes to Virat and says you fooled me again. Virat says see your husband. She says at least he always stands by me not like you.
Deep comes to Arohi. She says what game are you playing. Virat says Anjali is pregnant. I can’t let her go. I am not playing any game I am just concerned. don’t tell deep because I don’t trust him at all. Arohi leaves. Tara sees her and says she is pregnant. I got to know this in asylum but at that time Virat was in jail. So is that baby virat’s or?
ARohi wonders why tara hates Anjali. She says and what is virat doing? Is he doing all this for baby or some other reason? And who is this malik?

Scene 2
Malik calls Arohi and says I was testing you with fake pistol. He says yes I wanted to see if you are still smart. Virat wasn’t our target. Someone else is our target. Go out and sit in the car. When you meet the target ask them our questions. If they don’t answer shoot any of them.
Arohi sits in the car. The thug takes her phone and says malik asked. He also blindfolds her.
Arohi comes to a place. The thug says your target is waiting for you. He gives her a loaded gun. Arohi sees the target. She is dazed. Its her parents. she recalls her moments with them. Arohi says papa oh God. This was Anjali’s task. Is this why deep gave me this face? Arohi is crying.
Precap-Arohi tries to take them out. Her mom says you are a murderer we don’t need your help. She says come please. Her mom slaps her and says stay away from us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. #wewantaalishaasaarohi @yashpatnaikofficial @mamtayashpatnaik plz

  2. Confusion confusion.
    Can’t get anything. This week also we won’t get any answers. I don’t know what happened next.
    But my guess:
    1.Deep & sureka in one team.because sureka save nia and chawani. Indirectly deep help nia.but why he changed her face and y he call Tara as arohi.don’t know?????
    2.the Malik is deep humshakal(may be his bro) I mean arjun play double role.and he killed sudha.but wt his connection between anjali and arohi parents don’t know???
    3.virat and deep mausi in one team.wt virat plan ? Is he really love anjali. Don’t know???
    4.current track Tara feelings like as immj viewers feelings.she is very confused like us. nia decided to deep is Malik.
    So she will kill deep.through out deep into pool. Then deep will try save himself or tara will come to save deep.(yesterday arjun told that his shoot was 7 hrs in cold water)that’s why am guessing this will be happened.

    1. Satya127

      Yes rhivanya…. Only confusion….
      Ha I saw that insta post of arjun 7 hrs in cold water…. Omg
      But discusses notice from when that nia went to Switzerland secretly getting lot of arsha pics on insta…. If nia is out of the show then everything would be nice and everything will fall in its place
      Rhivanya I had seen the sbs video that came about major changes of big boss in that it is clearly stated that deepika, nia sharma and some other r already selected for Big boss 12…. And in my feeling this can be true to about 85 to 90% as we got the information that this stupid track is about 2 months and now we r just 10 -15 days nearer to it and now some of immj fans feel that now everything raaz of the show will open…. And if nia play double role then she can never get these many holidays because alisha even used stay in sets when she is doing the double role…. And big boss is to start on 16th sep….. These all can make nia out of the show what u think about this guys
      One note please keep commenting trending and tagging #colorstv #wewantalishaasarohi
      This is the major time, if this track is really of 2 months then we had completed one and month nearly…. In the remaining days the writers can do anything for that please don’t stop raising our points of view….
      We want only #arsha as our #ardeep….. #beyonddreams….

    2. Satya127

      I mean from when nia went to Switzerland we r getting a lot of arsha offscreen pics
      Above due to auto correction there is some other thing that is not correct the thing I posted here is correct….

    3. Hi satya.I hope so.

    4. yaar… concerntrate on the serial if you want. why are you after Nia. It was alisha’s decision to do one character. so the makers bought Nia as the other one.
      And it has been more than a month and still you are bothered why Nia is there.

    5. Satya127

      Yes janu we r bothered because we can’t tolerate nia as arohi…. And kind information it is not alisha decision of doing one role and this stupid track only brought nia
      If anyone is connected and supported the same character and they suddenly change u will really feel bad…
      And talking about nia she just spoiled all the traits of our favorite character AROHI in every possible way…. Nia can be anyone but not AROHI…. Soo we all want her to be out of the show… Or play any other character… Forever for all the fans arsha r only ardeep… Arjun and Alisha are the heart and soul of the show and we want our alisha to be back as arohi in any way….

  3. Omg finally proven deep has done all this for arohi ,he still love her ??????????

  4. Can anyone explain Tara virat conversation part.

    1. HI Rhivanya, read this.
      Tara&Virat furious conversation.

      Tara-what do you think of yourself? how can you go against me?

      Virat- What’s your problem with anjali i don’t know ,but if your husband can go out of control,it doesn’t
      mean anjali is also similiar.
      I have full believe on anjali she will never do that.

      Tara- Do not even say a single word against deep ,whatever is as it is ,he always stands in every
      difficulty in mine.
      Unlike you,Being a brother turned into enemy, Dont’t you feel embarrassed to shake the tail
      behind a girl who does not even talk to you?

      Virat- okay, your love is love and my love is wiggling the tail. be caution tara ,don’t say a single word
      about anjali.

      Tara-why do you think she is yours? why do you always go about doing her favour, who is she?

      Virat- I am not playing any game,tara.Wanted to know why i can not let her go. So listen anjali is about
      to become my baby’s mother.
      only engagement is broken ,not relationship.infact my relationship became even deeper.Therefore i
      will not tolerate anyone saying anything to anjali.
      And of course ,open your ears listen to it- do not tell this thing to deep because i have no faith in
      And yes if you tell this thing to deep,then you very well what virat can do.

    2. correction-then you know very well what virat can do.

    3. Hi arjun.thank you.
      Do not tell this thing to deep that mean virat talk about nia pregnancy or something.

    4. Its Nia’s pregnancy.

  5. Maybe deep and arohi are still together and they introduce nia as arohi to find arohi s parents

    1. Satya127

      This would be best

  6. Ardeep die hard fan

    Can be

  7. Stephanie Cyril

    I agree that Nia has completely destroyed Aarohi’s character.And it’s completely confusing why Deep alias Malik is acting in this manner.Who all are participants to the character.

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