Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara attacks Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says I don’t wanna repeat my mistake. I am sure ma isnt’ at those addresses. I will find her. Arohi says go there and check. Take care. He picks her and takes her to temple.
Deep takes her to a room behind temple. He says you will be safe here. Let me get you something to eat then I will go out to find mom.

Arohi is waiting for deep. He gives her food. Deep serves and makes her eat. She makes him eat too. she says my tummy hurts. Deep says I will get your meds. He locks the door from outside.
Tara opens the door and comes in. She throttles deeps and says I will kill you. I will not let you live with my deep. Arohi shoves her and runs. Tara comes outside with a hammer. Tara says you can’t save yourself. If you wanna save yourself then take this weapon and kill yourself. You don’t have a reason to live. You don’t even have your face. You hate the face you have. You have lost. You don’t have a reason to live. Tara walks towards Arohi. Arohi picks Trishul. arohi says I am not Arohi anymore. I am a mother. I have to live for my baby. Tara attacks her. Arohi stops her with trishul. Arohi says you forget that you fail everytime you try to kill me. Deep will always be mine because he was never yours. Tara falls. Arohi says I wanted law to punish you but I don’t now. I will kill you for my baby. You will die in this temple. Tara laughs and says you are a fool. The one you are embracing as life is death. He will fool and kill you again. She leaves. Arohi recalls what he did.

Deeep sees tara and says did you harm arohi again? Tara says why did you save her? Deep says give me 24 hours. I will fix everything. Arohi doesn’t trust me completely. She will have to. No one can come between you and me.
Deep looks for Arohi. He says Arohi where are you. He calls his thugs and says Arohi ran look for her. Arohi comes. He says I was looking for you. Door was locked from outside. He hugs her. Arohi recalls what Tara said.
Precap-Deep says Arohi in 24 hours everything will be clear to you. Its upto you if you want to trust me or not. Arohi gets a call. Someone says your life is in danger. Arohi says who is it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. As I thought………………….I doubt if Deep ever loved Aarohi. Does Deep really love Aarohi or Tara? Whose side is Deep in?

  2. Now I don’t feel like watching this show sometimes. I feel they should end this show once and for all. It is quite confusing to understand Deep’s character.

  3. When I watch today’s episode, it feels like nonsense. The scene where Arohi holds the Trisulam is so nonsensical. All that Deep tells Tara is that he is being true to her. He has locked the door from outside and left. Who had given Tara the key to open the door? Technically, she should break it if Deep and she are not working together.

  4. In the past, Deep tatooed Arohi’s back. Then, he did for Tara after that. Now he has tatooed Arohi again. How can a pregnant woman bear it? Tara says she should torture him. How can he tatoo Arohi just for her?

    A pregnant lady will get fever and be in so much pain then

  5. The writers are totally tarnishing Arohi’s image. Deep is working part time with Tara and Arohi in love. He should tatoo one side of his back with Arohi name and another side with Tara name. When he is with Tara, he should show the side that has her name on. When with Arohi, he should show the other side.

    1. i find this comment very funny

      1. Hi dhara can u plz create wikipedia page of Aalisha Panwar

  6. Deep keeps saying he cannot be won. In that case, where is his mother? Even if Arohi had kidnapped his mother in real instead of Virat, the mother will be safe. Nevertheless, she must make him writhe and make him see betrayal. Now, the writers made it that the mum is with Virat.

    You can imagine her state then.

  7. From now on, they should not bring the words that Deep cannot be won. Virat and Tara had whisked Arohi away under his nose and placed her on the pyre.

    How foolish can Arohi be? Arohi is at least 4 months pregnant now. How can she run around like crazy, do dance with Deep and do all of these crazy things that the writers are showing?

    Deep should be the one dying at the end of the show instead of Tara. He can never be a good father because all he does is lies. That is his true wealth.

    In one of the scenes, he had locked Arohi’s arms and told her that only those who know martial arts will be able to release it. On Thursday episode, Deep gave in to very slight burns from saving Arohi. As a person who knows martial arts, how is he this weak?

  8. When Roma was around, she controlled everyone. Nobody could win her over. Drama was very interesting then.

    First of all, they should give Arohi decent clothes to wear given she is pregnant. Arohi should win in the end. She should have all the gold and Deep’s mum.

  9. Virat should be given some space in every episode. When Virat controlled Tara yesterday and did not let her act in her anger, he looked very good. Pls do not show Deep anymore. It is irritating.

    I am in Singapore. So, I see this close to midnight and I get so pissed off after seeing this drama. In Monday’s episode, Arohi should win. He should beg Arohi at her feet.

  10. I miss Kashmir Apple!

    1. Salley145

      Hahaha Kashmir apple lol

  11. I am seriously not going to watch this show now. Instead of Ishq mein marjawan the title should be Confusion or Dokha mein marajwan. Better than this is to watch Arjun Bijlani’s old show like Miley Jab Hum Tum. At least his character as Mayank was very clear to the audience, unlike Deep’s character.

    1. Satya127

      Yes i too watch mjht to get rid if this rotten immj….I hope they bring mjht back with the same cast or they should retelecaste mjht on starustav

  12. 👍👍👍 ur comment is more entertaining than this jalebi show…😝😝😝

  13. OK now r we going to ignore the fact that nia I mean arohi is pregnant and by which is 4 months olds. Come on guys stop taking us for a fool,the stomach is so f**king flat. Just do something abt that,and for heaven sake wat us arohi doing there with deep she got her parents ryt? Y can’t she take them far away and explain everything in detail and even them the real anjali. I mean can’t she stop acting dump each and every time its annoying its either she is with deep or she go far away til she gives birth to her child and come do the f**kinv revenge men I should be one of the writers,no disrespect but this movie has turned the real arohi to be so dumb. I love nia so much but there’s no chemistry btwn her and deep. Sometimes she sounds like she is reading from a paper

  14. It’s waste of time to see the show guys totally bakwas ho gaya #wewantaalishaasaarohi @yashpatnaikofficial @mamtayashpatnaik

  15. Satya127

    Friends did anyone watch the video which is like nia last scene in immj where there is a video of arjun and nia like telling they miss each other and will party together…..
    Don’t know wht to get from this….
    I hope she should quit the show fastly as possible…..
    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP….
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

    1. Hi satya.that is a prank video.

      1. Satya127

        How do u know it That it is a prank video….There nia is looking very serious and she is telling that they will be partying together…..
        I hope she gets lost from this show….In recent interviews of alisha i really felt how bad and sad she is feeling about the current track anyone in her situation will feel bad like after bringing a show to the top point and making it popular and got a side role in return will obviously be very painful…
        I don’t know about the story but i want justice for ALISHA….They can’t do this much bad to an dedicated actress like her and give importance to a irresponsible actress like nia….
        I think mamtha and yash r deaf blind and brainless and heartless…..
        They r not able listen our voices,they r not able to watch the growing hatred for the show from all including their loyal viewers how supported their once called unique show And how could thwy even that to spoil the most popular and cutest jodi of recent times with some jodi which looks vulgar and indecent and they teally don’t have heart because always alisha used to do treat them like parents kind always used to be dedicated to work and wht they gave alisha in return a negative role indirectly a side role….Who made the show popular is now staying aside being just like doll….Irritating…. Nia can’t be arohi ever and ever….
        Please why dont they see that due to their this act of injustice they r losing TRP for which they all did this khichidi now immj official trp is 1.5 which is the lowest in the history of immj because till now immj did not face this kind of trp… Before few months i could not believe that how much love and support that immj used to get because everywhere there used be lovely and supportive comments about the show everyone used to enjoy the show…..But now this much hatred everywhere….And basically it requires more than this hatred…..For doing this with their viewers and to alisha….
        Better now they realize their mistakes anf bring arsha as main leads…..Because moving the story forward will only be a trash…..But if they bring a new story with arsha as main leads will be super then i bet the trp will be moving like a rocket…..( like first they kill deep, arohi,tara,virat and create something like a new birth story where here this time rather than hero betraying herion like they can show herion betraying hero….How different it will look of alisha as heroin betrays arjun as deep)….

      2. The makers no response our request.
        Most of the people quit this show.
        I don’t know what is the makers plan.why they bring as nonsense illogical stupid track.I personally want Alisha quit this show.

      3. Can u plz create wikipedia page of Aalisha Panwar

  16. Can anyone understand wt’s going on.

  17. Can anyone plz create wikipedia page of our aalisha di

  18. Satya127

    Hi friends….
    Today one of the unique show is coming to present a different story…it is the story of love and betrayal between Deep raichand and Arohi kasyap whose unconditional love lands them.In unwanted circumstances where they betray each other but though the every stage u can feel the true unspoken love between ARDEEP (arsha)… This show starts its beautiful journey again today at 8:30pm on ristey tv i know unfortunately this show was ended on 13th July… But now it is returning back to give us same treat of pleasure….So guys leave and kick this khichidi revamp (untill when they will get back our ALISHA as AROHI again and when they will do justice to Alisha and arjun) and come on watch the beautiful journey of ardeep in the streets of shimla….

  19. Satya127

    This is a special request friends….Why should we watch their khichidi immj when they r not listening to their viewers Request….Let us all show them that we only and only love the immj which has arsha as ARDEEP….Alisha is arohi and tara and arjun is deep…..So guys boycott this stupid illogical rotten show at 7:30 and watch the awesome cute sa pyara sa ishq mein marjawan at 8:30 on ristey tv…..

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