Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Deep arrested

Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi runs. Deep runs after her. Arohi locks the gate and runs towards main gate. Deep says Arohi don’t try to run or it will be worse. We have to stop her. Tara says I knew she would run. Arohi runs from the house. Deep breaks the gate but Arohi is gone. Tara says lets find her. Deep says we have to stop her from going to police. She wont go to police first. She will go to her family. Tara says but she isn’t home. Deep says if she has memory cards she will go there. Arohi comes to their house and sees that its locked. She says where are they? Someone comes there. Arohi is scared. Its Ritu. Arohi hugs her. She says thank God you are fine. Ritu says I took police to the house you weren’t there. Arohi says they locked me in the trunk. Rity says I have locked the gate so people think no one is home. Lets enter from back door. They come in the house. Deep is there with Niku. Arohi says leave Niku. Deep takes out knife and says don’t play games with me. If you listen to me I won’t do anything to this kid.
Arohi says I made a mistake by marrying you. Leave Niku. Deep says give me memory cards first. Arohi says leave Niku first. Deep says give me memory cards or I will send Niku where your brother is. Tell me where the memory cards are. Niku bites Deep’s hand and tries to run. Maya stops them. She says don’t play so clever. Pritvhi calls Deep and says Prithvi is coming there. Arohi says police will come any moment. They wont leave you. Deep says tell me where those memory cards are. Arohi says I won’t tell you. Ritu says please leave Arohi. Deep throws away her dupaata. He grasps her hair and says where are those memory cards. Maya and Dia lock Ritu is a room. Dia and Maya tear Arohoi’s clothes. Police comes. Deep and his people run. Laksh comes in. He says who did this to you Arohi? She says Deep. Laksh says I won’t leave him.

Deep and everyone looks for memory cards everywhere. Laksh comes to Deep’s house. He says Deep come out. Don’t try to run. I wont leave you this time. Deep comes. Laksh arrests Deep. They take Deep with him. Tara and pritvhi nod at Deep.

Scene 2
Ritu and Arohi are in police station. Deep looks at Arohi. Deep says don’t be so happy. What happens can’t be seen. Jails are waiting for you. Laksh takes of his hand cuffs. Arohi says why are you leaving him? Laksh says don’t worry he can’t run till I am here. Deep says see what you have done to yourself Arohi. My doors are open to you. Go home change and eat something. Arohi says please lock him up. Laksh locks Deep. Deep says love doesn’t leave anyone. Its not easy. Its a fire everyone burns in. Arohi says you will burn in fire of my hatred. Laksh says Aorhi and Ritu our people will drop you home. I will send some policemen with you. Deep says good night sweet heart.

Precap-Deep throws a party. He says Arohi will come to get those memory cards. Ritu says to Arohi you wont go there. Arohi says I have to.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Oh no deep behavior is so rude but arjun acting is awesome I want some changes in this series

  2. You r such a monster deep raichand.. I really can’t hold this much negativity… Show some positive views for our courageous team (i mean arohi team) i just want arohi to be rock solid and knock out deep… And please change this track i was really sick how they were torturing arohi by tearing her dress.. Deep u have crossed all limits of a gentleman and shamelessness….deep u were worst can ever happen to arohi and arohi oneu should definitely try this makeover, stop being dumb and don’t nag every now and then.. Her character has become so unreal… Writer sir, i beg u to show some positive..

    1. What happened to deep

  3. I hate deep raichand he never deserve arohi I think it is revenge story

    1. I hoped for a thriller romantic series not as a revenge story

  4. it seems lyk deep himself is not hppy doing oll tht… while tearing her cloaths he turned back. it seems lyk something is cooking in his mind!!!

  5. Really wanted Deep to change and love Arohi!! Seeing his evil side makes me angry, he chose the wrong woman. Tara is horrible person! Hopefully Arohi gets them behind bars and gets with someone like Laksh.

  6. This serial is losting its charm .Deep u r so cruel .So the promo shows right deep is in jail because of his love but only for hours

  7. what a story.the story should possess some revange but this shoudent include deep.nd whole family is fack how is this possible.

  8. Deep is now acting strange towards aarohi

  9. Be the show is amazing. I think Deep loves no one because if he truly loved his first psychotic b*t*h wife, he would gotten her helped mentally instead of hiding her crimes n blaming her doppelganger. That ain’t saving her, it just made her more psycho. He is using poor Arohi who loves him or loved him b4 she found out his wickedness. There is no love or loving couple in her what so ever. It is very thrilling series n good job to all actors & actresses 4 their performances.

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