Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Virat shakes hand with Tara

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi images shooting Virat. Virat turns back and says you here anju? She says don’t be mad at me. She says if I ask you something will you answer? He says of course. Anjali says what happened on 20th Feb? He says we decided we wont ever talk about that night. Forget that night. She says you can’t say. She says you don’t love me. Virat says I love you. she says then why you hide things from me?
Deep comes back to room. he says I wasn’t feeling well. Tara says glad you are better now. Please take care. Deep says let me go out.

Virat comes and puts gun on Tara. He says are you ARohi or Tara? She says I am Arohi. Virat says you thought you would change name and I wont know? You are my sister. I always knew you are Tara. Tara puts his gun down and says will you shoot your sister?

Arohi says to Chawani I brought Nisha here and asked her to tell her every time someone asks her who asked her to come that its Nisha.
Deep says she must have done this to stop engagement because she is Arohi.
Arohi says Malik gave me empty gun. When I shot at virat it didn’t work. I wonder what is malik’s connection with deep.

Tara says you knew everything still fooled me. Virat says I wanted us to be one team again So? Will you be in my team? She says yes. Virat says we are siblings after all. Tara says always a team. Tara says we wont hide anything from each other now.
Tara calls Virat and says keep an eye on Virat all the time.
Arohi is walking. Deep holds her and says are you Anjali or Arohi? Arohi bites his hand and runs. Virat says why are you running? She say did you do what I ask? Virat asys she will be behind bars soon.
Police comes outside. They say nisha is missing and she came here last time. We will search in your house. Virat says she ran because she is fraud. Check the house. Police checks everywhere. Tara says can you go now? A policeman comes in and says we have found a deadbody in the graveyard near the house. Someone killed Nisha there. Arohi is dazed. Inspector says virat had the reason to kill her. Where were you virat says you have no proof against me. Inspector says you can’t leave this city. Arohi leaves. Virat says anjali listen to me. Deep says virat stay way from anjali. I know you killed nisha. You can kill anyone. Virat says you must have done this to blame me. arohi says we wont get married until you prove yourself Virat.
Precap-Malik calls Arohi adn says virat was never out target. Your target somewhere else. Arohi sees her target and is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Deep devil smile??
    I think in precap arohi(nia) target is her parents.and who is the Malik virat or confusion.

    1. hii rhivanya how are you?? and i am also confuse about the whole scenerio. I mean what the hell is happening? Characters pops out from nowhere and make show more dragging and confusing.

      1. Hi anvesha.glad to c back with your r u?
        Too much dragging.

  2. i dont know why i bother watching the episodes anymore. after so many days, i thought i would watch a few scenes. i started watching right about the time when Virat and Tara were shaking hands and…
    1. they searched the whole Richand Mansion in three seconds. i mean sure dont show the full search, but atleast show something. like Tara was thinking about blood stains on her basin. at least show police going there but finding nothing. you waste time on Deep pulling Nia and covering her mouth all the time pointlessly, those scenes achieve nothing and then show other scenes in fast forward mode.
    2. why were they searching the graveyard adjacent to Raichand Mansion. was there any reason? any tip? or do the police just randomly search all near by graveyards?
    3. then the police asks, ‘Virat where were you when murder happened?’ and Virat says, ‘I was fixing the lights’ and no one says anything…. i mean come on! the right response from Virat would have been ‘how the hell am i supposed to know WHEN the murder happened?’ at least the police should have done autopsy to determine the time of murder and then asked everyone where they were at that time. no. direct question. as if everyone from beforehand knows when the murder happened. so, so stupid writing, the writers are not putting ANY effort.
    4. what is happening in this serial? so much of drag… absolutely nothing is cleared and then you have to add extra villain outline in the dark. if Nisha was called by Nia, then whom was the fake mom calling on the phone and for what purpose?
    5. give some modern clothes to Nia, she cannot handle these heavy Indian clothes at all. half the time she grabs at her dupatta as if she finds it a nuisance to manage. and today when she was climbing the stairs, she had pulled her skirt up almost to her knees! the writers have anyhow changed ‘Arohi’s’ personality completely, just give Nia some clothes that she is comfortable wearing so that it isnt that cringey to watch the scenes.
    6. damn right that Arohi is responsible for Nisha’s death. Infact, directly or indirectly, Arohi had been responsible for half the good character deaths in this serial. starting from Kalyani. Arohi could have easily let Kalyani go instead of doing that stupid sindoor drama with Dilip (who later became a villain and then completely disappeared) but she wasted time then and later went as Kesari and Virat shot Kalyani. Vedika was also having a good life, but Arohi had to bring her in to know Roma’s secret and then Vedika died. Nikku was safe and sound and attending school sent by Deep, but Arohi had to bring him right into Raichand Mansion and then nikku died. chawanni almost died and still Nia keeps him in Raichand Mansion with the same old dialogue ‘if you are in front of my eyes i can protects you’ (remember nikku?) what is even more frustrating is Arohi never learns from the past. she keeps ruining innocent lives for her own convenience, cries for two days and then never think of them again.
    7. can anyone tell me what happened to Tara’s tests and desire to become a mother? was it mentioned again?
    8. what happened to the 15 days deadline that Deep had to return the money to the investors? does he have any money at all now, or is he trying to get the money? Deep threw the engagement party for Virat and Nia…… with money obtained from where?
    9. okay, so is Nia’s belly ever going to show up?
    10. i was doing some thinking (obviously) and i think 20 February was before Holi?? so if Anjali and Virat were in a relationship before Holi, where was she when Virat got dragged to jail on molestation charges?
    11. this serial has about 5 characters, and except for Tara, i am not sure about any other person. everyone seems to have a hidden agenda, some ulterior motive, making plans and talking in coded language… its too much! so many days of new track and what we know? that Deep knew Anjali from before and for some reason chose to give Arohi that face and send her across to Nepal. Virat and Anjali were in a relationship and were involved in Arohi’s suddenly alive parents’ kidnap/murder. Deep has ‘reasons’ and calls fake mom Mausi which no one else is supposed to know. Tara as usual is obsessed about Deep still. fake mom is playing some game. someone wants Anjali to complete a target…. Also Anjali is dead, no alive, no dead, no alive. and Nia is pregnant with super baby who doesnt grow.
    wow, this serial really sucks now
    p.s. i know i said i wont comment again or stop caring (and one day i surely will) but had to take frustration out somewhere. better watch old episodes and imagine that the serial ended with Deep and Arohi’s remarriage and suhagraat. THE END

    1. Mona146

      haha true to every word. even reading updates is a waste of time. this serial proves why the tv is called idiot box.

    2. Hiii Dhara how are you and i agree i also watched the episode almost after 1 month and feel the same the storyline would be good if writers put some effort in it nia really need a total makeover and change of clothes and the makers stop adding some unnecessary characters without revealing any connection and a secret and stop dragging the show. Arohi is same stupid girl who can cry anytime and nia acts like she is stuck in someone’s body and her dress arohi is reason of almost every death after she return from jail because she makes plan without thinking and acts stupid. Tara is still crazy after everything happened and snatching arohi’s personality and life i mean how can she be so selfish. Virat is still dumb. Deep is over mysterious and acts possesive and obsessed sometimes

    3. Hi r u?
      Agree with you.totally this writers ruined our favorite show.

      1. Satya127

        Hi dhara…
        Yes I know the show has been going really worst…. And on top tolerating that nia granny is a big headache….. That why I am also not watching the show just reading the updates….. But in all these I am really missing our arsha performance…..
        From when this track started with nia immj lost everything….. When for some time I watch our old episodes of our ardeep I feel how cute twisted and perfect was our show immj with thrill perfect revenge love and all…. I really miss them….. #colorstv #wewantalishaasarohi…. Bringing alisha back as arohi can only set everything right….

    4. hi Rhivanya and Anvesha… i am fine, how are you guys? i miss talking to you all in the comments but the serial has turned so disappointing that it seems pointless talking about it any more. 🙁
      hey mona, i agree, even reading updates is waste of time. some days i just read the heading of the update and then leave. until i saw yesterday’s epi i didnt even know that the new girl was dead after being shown in just one episode! sad and pointless… i suppose they want to show Tara as still a murderess but cant afford to kill any of the major characters (just 3/4 left), so they introduce new characters just so that Tara can murder them -_-

    5. absolutely right even I feel the same… They have made it just disgusting….. In the old episodes they show that Tara killed her father’s second wife which was her first murder….. Then who was kalyani…. And I just can’t when this deep change his mind…. Ek bar Tara se Sacha payar kar ta hai…. Phir arohi se phir Tara se jab wo pregnant hoti hai…. Phir arohi se….. Phir Tara se….

      seriously kitne bar ye Sacha payar hoga…..
      and this Nia seriously looks valgar in her dresses ….how the hell design her clothes….. And the Doctor Who had done the surgery is really very great…… If it was really possible to get a face exactly same as an another person then all the Africans would have done surgery and have been like madhuri dixith or like deepika…… And the main thing is that even the skin color and height also changes.

      do from any angle Nia is similar to Alisha……. deep wanted to know about his past….. till where has the investigation come……

      he is not at all worried about his past….. p v Sindhu ne bhi itni tez nahi bhaga hoga jitna arohi bhagthi hai wo bhi pregnant ho Kar. …………seriously this show is becoming disgusting and ridiculous. day by day……….. you are right even I will think that there suhagrat was the end

      1. hi Habeeba, while i agree to almost everything you said, i would just like to point out that your comments about Africans is wrong and also racist. while Deepika and Madhuri are beautiful woman, it makes no sense to compare their beauty with all Africans in general. fair skin or other features are no measure for looks and women from Africa win world beauty pageants and are beautiful… i dont want to discuss this topic too much here, and plz dont think i want to offend you or pick a fight, but please bear in mind that people all over the world watch indian serials and visit the written update pages of this website. when they read such comments, it will be hurtful towards them. i hope you understand what i am trying to say 🙂

  3. is it only me who feels like though deep is being selfish and seems like trapping arohi, he still loves her and is very much possessive about her??
    so much confusions… i hope they will reveal at least some mysteries soon, i am losing interest now…

    1. Mona146

      many people who dump their gf or partners cant digest if their ex girlfriends move on life happily. possessiveness is not always an indication of love.

    2. I agree

  4. hi guyz i stopped watching this show even updates i only come here to know one thing is this reveal in the story that y did deep do this all with arohi…changes face ?????

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