Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi drinks poison

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says stop deep. We can’t trust anyone in this house. You are new here. drink it first yourself. Arohi says is that how you treat guests? Tara says drink it. Guddan says don’t insult me. Wasundra says she is only doing this for deep. Take one sip please.
Abhi takes the cup and says I will drink it first. Arohi says no they have asked me. She takes the cup. Arohi takes a sip. She says happy now? Arohi gives it to deep. But the glass breaks. Deep says are you crazy. Arohi says how could I fail. She is fainting. Deep leaves.

Arohi comes to her room. she coughs. Wasundra says deep don’t leave the house please. I am not having a good vibe. Deep says people are waiting for me. Abhi comes to Arohi and says nothing would happen to you Arohi. I will bring

the medicine.
Arohi is coughing and vomiting. Deep opens his a and sees bottle of the medicine in his bag. He says this fell in my bag. i think this is that doctor’s. Abhi is looking for the medicine. He sees Deep. Deep leaves the medicine in her room. abhi has hidden Arohi.
Abhi gives Arohi the medicine. Arohi coughs.

Wasundra says Tara is this your wedding dress? Why was it in another room. Deep says in heart this is Arohi’s. Wasundra says I want you to wear this on karwa chauth. Tara says yes this is mine. My mama also gave me a dress. I couldn’t wear it. can I wear that tomorrow? Wasundra says sure wear that one. she takes Arohi’s dress from her. Tara tears that dress into small pieces.

Abhi says to Arohi thank God you are fine. Arohi says I wont die until I take my revenge from deep. I wont leave this time.
Tara gets ready and comes to Wasundra. Arohi looks for more information about deep. Her door knocks. It is wasundra. Wasundra says are you up? Are you married? Arohi says it all ended. I would fast anyway. wasundra says you love him still? I will give you sargi because I am like your mom.
Arohi says in heart after marrying deep this was all that I wanted. wasundra gives her a dress. Arohi says her mom can’t make me weak.

Wasundra says Tara would make you eat sweets. You will break coconut for her and give her a gift. Arohi shows sweets that have bomb. She says this coconut has poisonous gas and this gift has current all over it. Deep has to die one way or other.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aarohi role is very bad. Nia is playing negative role killing deep with electricity, bomb,poison😁.Tara is looking positive. Yahi sab bakwaas dikhana hai to Alisha as tara hi sahi hai. Nia aur uska bodyguard dono criminals.

    1. Satya127

      U r right arjun….By bringing nia and all these tracks they proved arohi’s love is not true…..But u know i always felt arohi(alisha) love for deep even in revenge time and normally tou always i find true feelings for deep by arohi aka alisha this nia does nothing just idiotic… Nowadays i feel tara love as true love because she is firm about her love she can do anything for deep and she is always there to save him be it anytime and i am feed up with all the nonsense its better they show more about deera now…..Such a cute couple….And these days these arsha r looking damn cute in their outfits…..Why did they destroy such a talented and cute couple amd made ardeep love a big shit and meaningless….Now i think again tara will save deep and nia and her bodyguard will plan other ways to kill……Wht nonsense…..

      1. I do feel arohi (aalisha) love was true and that season ended successfully. Season 2 is different with nia , Roma is exchanged with good lady deep mom’s. She will ultimately protect Tara. Deep was loyal to Roma but gone against her in the end. But this not going to happen this time as vasundra is his real mom. Deep and Tara will remain a couple and I don’t want to relate nia to aarohi, I feel they will show bodyguard loves nia. I just consider Tara is positive to feel happy.

      2. Satya127

        Ya i too feel same hope they bring deera together and push that nia and her bodygaurd kabab mein hadhi banke ayahe….

    2. Satya127

      Hi arjun how r u
      Well i think its after so many days….

      1. Hi , I am fine, after so many days because this nia is all over the show. How I watch it online- show starts nia comes, then I skip 5min again nia then I skip to 10 min still nia, at the end again nia. Then I go to reverse mode finding those scenes where nia is not present. I waste 10 min in scrolling video but still nia faltu dialogue comes in between.

      2. Satya127

        U know i to do the same and i am fed up with the ads to but it is better than watvhing this shit in tv….I only watch immj on ristey chanel on my tv….
        But dont u feel nia as occupied the whole screen the new montage also has less alisha part soo sad who brought the ahow this far as now been given less importantance….Alisha not only played double role but sometimes she played three different roles at a time and we did any similarity with each other….Alisha is just super she maintains a separate style for everything but this nia i reall wany to throw her out because now i am.Not interested in nia nor the character arohi congratulations to great writers and nia for spoiling oir favourite arohi and killing her forever….

      3. Hi, watching on jiotv app is better its just like watching on TV on same time.but Jio sim is needed.

      4. Satya127

        Yes arjun i used to see if i had missed the episodes before……But truely speaking i miss those days when our show is soo perfect…..
        U know new news is that nia failed again in killing deep i dont understand why to make such big budget flop plans just like their own flop idea of bringing nia….So boring….

      5. Yes satya i heard that news nia always make flop plans. The old episode are best. My books and exams gives me more tension and if.I care about this show it will add more frustration. Bahut hi bakwas serial hai par dekh leta serial khatam ho jaye uske baad zindagi me kabhi kyoi bi serial nahi dekhuga.

      6. Satya127

        Yes arjun i also have exams completely this month and infact it started today only….and i really dont want this rotten khichidi to spoil my mind but this nia and those writers will really face a tough time by bringing such useless tracks and for going against fans wish….Such a stupid move by those brainless creatives…..I hope they realize it soon that what we and story want…..
        All the best for ur exams arjun

  2. Just go to hell imm

    I really feeling like breaking all the characters into pieces

    1. Satya127

      Same feeling

  3. Just go to hell imm

    Kuch bhi bolne kaa

  4. Satya127

    U know friends all the people i know r just trolling these writers very much like everyone felt if alisha us arohi and nia is tara or anjali then the show could have been in other level with soo much suspence and thrill and that modern character may suit nia but they truly spoiled everything they r only intetested in showing vulgarity and revenge….

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