Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi and chawani delete the cctv video

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says my heart still beats for you. You love me and I know that, You never loved Tara. she is your responsibility. Take me away from all this. We will start a new life. Deep says do you really want to live with me? You can’t because you will die. I am a stone, I can never love anyone. I have only responsibilities you have to die. He grasps her hand. Arohi shoves him in a room and locks him. Deep says I will kill you one day or other. Arohi says I know you love me. You will accept it one day.

Virat comes to Arohi’s room. He says tara wake up. Arohi comes in. He says where were you? She says went out to take off stress of all this happening in this house. Virat says take rest. He leaves.
Deep recalls what Arohi said. Arohi says I have to save my bhabhi. She is in trouble. Roma comes to deep and says you lost again? That aohi is ruining my life. He says mummy ji she will lose one day or other. roma leaves. Aroho says niku I am so sorry. I couldn’t do anything.

Scene 2
Deep calls Arohi again but she doesn’t pick.
Deep looks at the cctv camera. Arohi sees him. He says in heart this camera will help us. Chawani says I ruined all cameras. Arohi says this one was working. This camera must have all the recordings. Deep shouldn’t see them. He will know everythign. We have to stop him. Deep goes to see the video. Arohi says there is only one way.

Arohi comes to Virat and says you came to tell me one thing. Virat says someone came to that place and burned all the photos but I found one proof. He looks for the photo but its not there.
Chawani stops Deep.
Virat says someone stole this proof. Arohi says mom must have stolen this. Chwani pretends to fall in front deep. Deep picks him.
Virat says I know who that is. i can stop them.

Virat comes downstairss and says mom.. Virat says you are trying to stop that man. Deep coems downstairs too. Chawnai goes to CCTV room to delete the videos. Viraat says you are saving him because you still love that man. Arohi says mom do you love that man? How can you be like that. Deep says shut up you both. Virat says she is characterless. Deep slaps him. Virat slpas him back and says how dare you hit me. We picked you from road.

Roma fires up in the air. She puts gun on her head she says stop fighting or you will see me dead. I picked an orphan who isn’t my blood.. He respects and and this Virat my son he called me characterless. Deep says mummy ji please stop it. Virat says don’t so this drama. I will kill that man you can’t save him..
Prithivi wonders who stole the photo from Virat’s room. Arohi stole them.

Arohi says to chawani see how Roma is paying for her sins. The kids she did all this for are calling her characterless. She deserves this. Arohi gets a call from Ritu. Aorhi says bhabhii where you? She says save me. Her call hangs up. Arohi says I have to go and save her. CHawani says no. You can’t go. We have to remove that camera from there. Arohi says we have to make deep do it. chawai says I deleted the video from his laptop.

Deep says VIrat shouldn’t have done this. Arohi says now I will make you delete it. Arohi sends deep video of deep and vorat fighting. DEep calls Arohi and says how dare you get this video? How did you get it? From our CCTV? I will not let you do this. He breaks the CCTV/

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hello evry1…..actually Aarohi did well she manage 2 kill 2 bird wth 1 stone on one hand she made Deep and Virat 2 fight and she made Deep 2 get rid of the CCTV by himself and by de way evn though Aarohi is not taking her revenge compltly she is not letting Raichand family to live in peace they are always tense and keep fighting 1 another….For that Hats off to you Aarohi

    1. and de part were Deep was dreaming of killing Aarohi it was extra superb

    2. hi lutfa… i agree, it was a very good move! but i just wish Arohi tells somehow to Virat that Prithvi is Vedika’s father. now that Vedika is dead, there is no need for Arohi to keep that a secret any longer. then Virat will kill both Prithvi and Roma lol….

    3. Hai lutfa.yes raichand family is not live a normal life.I also love deep dream.

  2. Clever Arohi. Very Clever!

    1. Hai arohi is very Clever.

  3. Hello friends. How r u all.i love today episode.very nice episode. Best part is deep dream.I can’t understand what viraat said about Roma.can anyone explain me that word.
    Best dialog: virat said or kya natak kar rahi hai.
    Arohi ka nice move.excellent job arohi.
    Again mahasangam I hate this mahasangam.

    1. batchalan/badchalan…. it roughly means characterless……. i also liked the fact that Virat didnt believe one word Roma said and knew that it was all drama. he really knows his mother unlike Deep who is just blinded by Roma

      1. Now am understanding.

    2. Hi Rhivanya even thats my fav dialogue of todays..dialogue of th day credit goes to virat?????

      1. Yes nowadays virat acting and thoughts are so smart.

  4. For the first time deep say that he don’t love tara he say ” I am a stone, I can never love anyone. I have only responsibilities you have to die” he really love arohi but he don’t want to accept this. Beautiful episode when deep dream that he killed arohi it was just amazing we can see in his eyes his love. BUT he is still a dog son of dog. He hope deep will kill roma by his hand to save arohi that will be really good

    1. **I hope


    2. hi…. i also want Deep to be the one to punish Roma. but that will only happen if it is revealed that Roma was the one to make Deep orphan and has been lying to him since childhood. waiting eagerly for that big revela because i feel that will happen…..

      1. I feel like that too but i don’t this happen like that i want deep to realise his love for arohi and accept that before then he turn to help her and protect her and then he learn roma truth. Because i want the main reason to deep kill or turn aiganst roma is to protect arohi not to take revenge because of the lie

      2. umm… Arohi&Deep, even i wanted that for so long, but Deep has already sent Arohi to jail, shot at her leg and tried to capture her…. i dont think he will ever go against Roma just for Arohi. his love is not that strong enough. it is deeply ingrained in his brain that his life is just for Roma. its not unrealistic since we know Roma is good at manipulation and Deep is an emotional fool who stayed with her form childhood…. but it is sad to see that Deep doesnt try to even fight these things, and even now blindly follows after seeing so many things. this makes Deep just spineless πŸ™ i feel that first this Roma magic has to break and then only Deep can do something else πŸ™

    3. Hai arohi&deep.agree with you.

  5. hi everyone! loved today’s episode πŸ˜€ now that i have stopped expecting Deep to support Arohi, the scenes where he tries to capture Arohi doesnt make me that upset anymore lol…. Arohi’s move was brilliant. Deep not only destroyed the cctv but he will never think of reinstalling them again from fear of Arohi getting news about them. Deep was so angry that he didnt think why Arohi was showing him the video and revealing her source of information (Deep will think that is how Arohi was knowing about everything in their house since it was Arohi who installed the cctv in disguise… even more reason to not doubt Arohi/Tara anymore)……
    and i am liking Virat more everyday. Deep is loyal to Roma but Virat sees Roma for who she is and has the guts to say it to her face. nice that Roma was having to hear such accusations from her children with no support. i want Roma to suffer even more. i am just surprised that the writers have completely forgotten the sub-plot of Virat trying to kidnap Tara to harm the baby. now Virat seems really worried for Tara and doesnt want her to take extra stress…. seems they are trying to make Virat more likeable, he is even using his brains more!

    1. Hai dhara.I also think how virat change. And more care for Tara.

  6. Hi Dhara, Shifa, Rhivanya, Shey, Sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, Saras, Arpi, Nayana, Avensha, Salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, Sobhana, Cherry

    How are you all,,, it’s been a long time…

    Coming to the episode,,, Smart move Arohi ? It’s not at all good to see Deep so dump,,, Virat is using mind but this Deep blindly follows mummy ji ? when Roma kept gun on her head i was like let me trigger it no worries,,, how much drama she is creating but it’s good when they fight with each other….
    We are keep telling Deep should use his brain and turn positive and unite with Arohi but it’s not happening
    Will see how it goes

    1. Hi Sathya even i wished deep hadnt stopped her. she would have acted to faint she will never shoot herself even virat knew about it and loved that dialogue of his☺☺ what else shes just doing a drama??..Roma cant cheat her son whos her same blood. blood identifies blood he very well knows about romas qualities..the selfish mother who killed her own daughter for her own comforts like shes going to die shoot herself for such minor issues(FOR HER its minor issues)..and idiotic brave deep saves the day by saving the villain killing the protoganist and now he himself becoming the antagonist??

    2. hi Sathya…. Virat and Arohi didnt believe that Roma will shoot herself, i think Prithvi didnt believe either. only Deep believed her like an idiot! in the name of loyalty, Deep is being stupidest character. first Roma pretended to accept Vedika and said she will stay in this house. Deep started fighting with Tara/Arohi that Vedika will stay there only. then Roma calls Deep and tells him to finish off Vedika but he doesnt notice this two-faced nature of Roma and still sings mummy ji, mummy ji….. right now i like Virat more than Deep. if only he had stayed as inspector Laksh and not related to this crazy family πŸ™ πŸ™

    3. Hai sathya.I also want deep realise the truth and live a happy beautiful life.

  7. btw…. i had a feeling today that the call that Arohi got with her bhabhi’s voice was not her bhabhi but a recording only….. the call came twice, but it doesnt make sense that bhabhi should even have Arohi’s number or if she has constant access to a phone, she doesnt actually have a conversation but keeps asking for help repeatedly…. i feel like it is Tara (or maybe someone else. still cant understand why Tara doesnt show up and tell the truth to everyone. maybe because Deep got confused and shot her, so she thinks her family wont believe her either and she need more proof?) who is calling her with a recording, to force Arohi to do something stupid and reveal herself. and it seems it is working because each time Arohi gets the call, she says she will go infront of Deep if that is necessary to get the location of bhabhi….. i hope Arohi doesnt get trapped. felt bad for nikku though πŸ™

    1. Hi Dhara di even i thought about it is just a repetition i think its some trap for aarohi but also i feel that she can ne alive i really felt sorry for nikku.?and as aalisha said there will be some1 appearing in london track..hence forth i hope and suggest it should be ritu in london captivated and aarohi will get to know about it and take deep with her to guess though..but y couldnt ritu just tell the place was the suprising part for me??(if she is alive) anyways hows your trip i was missing your comments alot?

      1. hi nabs, my trip was fantastic. i will suggest everyone to visit Sikkim if they get a chance πŸ™‚ …. i also feel Bhabhi is alive but Arohi will not reach her through these phone calls or by trapping Deep. maybe Bhabhi will come by herself (i hope she comes as a strong character and not as someone depending on Arohi. she lost her husband and son, she should be revengeful too)…. Arohi should realise that this is recording since she herself uses recording from time to time to misguide Deep…

    2. yes even i feel strongly its a recording.. but this stupid arohi is believing…
      i m also thinking/ hoping its tara….lol

      1. hey Saras…. i miss Tara a lot lol, even when she was present there were less scenes of her and more of Arohi, but i love Tara’s attitude and spark…

    3. I think somebody trap arohi.may be Tara or deep.

  8. arohi locked deep… howcome he came home araamse… who opened the door???….

    i m liking virat more n more.. why this suit boot prithvi not searching for vedika???

    1. I think theyll show it in the dopeher ka tadka..even i was thinking but then i remembered colors has gone crack and makes us watch 1 drama 2 times a day by adding a extra piece

    2. hey saras…. i thought about that too, but most probably nabs is right…. what kind of idiotic thought is this to add extra scenes in afternoon telecast! i saw that colors had even started some sort of competition where if we give right answers based on dopahar ka tadka scenes, then we can win prizes….. ugh, no school/college tudent will be able to watch those scenes πŸ™ thanx to Rhivanya that she posts links here

    3. as for Prithvi not searching for vedika, i think he received a message from ‘vedika’ saying she has left for good…. still it is weird. last time also Roma gave a letter to Prithvi from ‘Vedika’ which said that she was going away but it was false…. didnt Vedika tell Prithvi about all that had happened? about her kidnap and torture and fake letter? this time Prithvi should be more concerned but it seems like he doesnt know πŸ™

    4. Hai one help deep.he is came.but how.don’t no extra scene from afternoon episode.because today Saturday.

  9. Salley145

    Hey guys, long time no see, liked Deep’s dream..even I felt its a recording… Tara u should come back…bohat hui hide and seek

    1. Hai salley. I want Tara comeback.

  10. Update is incomplete

  11. Deep and virat fight was amazing virat doesn’t believe to roma he knows her very well i really like virat dialouges in today episode. Deep dream was superr I hate Roma she irritate me.

    1. Hai zain.Roma is a disgusting me.

  12. Hi guyss bad news immj london shoot will be delayed as the flight had landed to the port 2hs late and they had missed their connecting flight to london and they are stuck in bahrein…

    1. so next week will be london track….

      only virat has brain n nobody else… lage raho virat super

    2. I also saw in Instagram.

  13. I love Aarohi (Alisha) day by day more. She is just amazing . I really love the ishq m marjava title song. I think tara call Aarohi she thinks bhabhi call her.

    1. I love title song.Tara alive means main twist will come.waiting for the day.

  14. I think after London track the truth is come out that tara and Aarohi both are twins sister.

    1. hi Zain…. i hope this is the truth, although i dont know how the writers will show that Roma has no idea about Tara and Arohi being twins? maybe someone tricked her….. i dont know, but i want the past to be clear soon…..

    2. I want this too but I dont want this too ?

      I mean Tara will mess up things.
      I guess for Raichand parivaar… Yehi baat marne k kafi ha k arohi k dhoke mien unho ne apni beti ko mardia

  15. Why arohi has to destroy the camera??

    1. hi vicky…. its because the camera is pointed at the living room and there is no guaranty what has been recorded in there. as we all know Arohi likes to say big dialogues to chawanni wherever she wants, one scene i remember where Arohi was pretending to not wanting to take the food for nikku, so vedika took it. then as Vedika left Arohi changed tune and said that it was her plan. she even said dialogues like ‘Vedika wo hukkum ka ikka hai jo Raichand parivar ki neev hila kar rakh degi…’ if Deep sees all this in the recording, he will know that Tara is actually Arohi. Chawanni destroyed the past recordings, still there was a threat that some activities of Arohi might be recorded. so Arohi had to destroy those cctvs….

    2. Because that camera had recrding of everything like

      She leaving house in red dress
      Coming back home
      Basically her switching from arohi to tara….

      So if Deep sees that recording it will prove that the girl living with them is arohi not tara thats why she destroy that like a BAWSE ??

    3. Hai Vicky.

  16. ShraddhaSharma392

    I hope aarohi ka plan backfire ka ho jaaye, as she takes tooooooooooo much risk…

    1. kyun yar?
      Jab aisi khooni darindo ka plan backfire nh hota tou why arohi?

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Yeh serial ki duniya hai, yahan villians tab tak jeetein hain, jab tak ya to contract end na ho ya villian ne show chodne ka fisala na kr liya ho ya jab tak show end na ho….
      And i too think tara is alive…

  17. Is Tara alive?
    Idk but I am getting this feeling again n again bcoz of Arohi’s dialogue

    Pair pe goli maarne se koi nahi marta

    The scene where deep shots arohi and then held her in his arms was so beautifull…. We can clearly see his love for arohi in his eyes ?….Arjun nailing that scenee…..

    I love arohi and more I love the fact that she knows that she is fighting with some evil masterminds so she plans from every angle ❀…. She comes up with excuses to justify her actions and those excuses arenot like

    Wo….mien….actually…. Like no hesitation
    She lies like a bawse ?

    Love arohi
    And ofc loveee Alishaaa…..

    I literally dont want tara back now ?

    1. hi ayesha….. agree that Arohi makes excuses like a boss lol…. like ‘how dare you question me you idiot?’ attitude, sometimes it seems silly but still better…. this serial comes up with so many new ideas that are generally not shown in indian serials….. love Alishaa, Arjun and Vineet’s acting, each of them give their best!

  18. prithvi knows what all kind of tricks they use like messages etc.. soo he shouldn’t believe those messages insstead suspect roms…

    he seems tobe only bothered abt his suit all the time…

    1. lol…. maybe that is the only piece of suit he owns :p i dont think we have ever seen him wear anything else lol

  19. PriyaJR

    Idk about you guys but I always felt that Aalisha as Tara had this power about her. Like Aalisha does more justice to Tara than Aarohi. She does it so well that at one point I started wondering if they are even the same people lol. And now I miss Tara but you know what guys, I was watching this serial on TV for once and happened to press the description button. It said it’s a story about love hate revenge involving TWIN SISTERS!!!! Like has anyone else noticed this or is it some sort of a mistake since we have never been told Tara and Aarohi are twins..

    1. hi Priya…. its true, the acting and make up is so fantastic that Tara and Arohi actually seem like two different persons! i dont know about the twins part, i mean i have heard of that description before, but to include such a big reveal in the description and to not even talk about it anywhere in the serial for so long is a bit odd….. and Arohi and Tara are not even shown to have any connection, not even a small hint, so dont know if it will come true or not :/

    2. Mee too see this

  20. Its irony, two people Prithvi and Nikku know some facts about Roma and Bhabhi but both can’t speak. I don’t think its recording, how can anyone use ones’ voice in recording if she is not there but its possible that tara know truth of bhabhi now. Btw its a nice episode.

    1. hey mohit…. maybe someone recorded Ritu’s voice before the leap? Tara used to visit that family as Arohi all the time and behave rudely with them, its possible that she or someone made a recording at that time, its just a guess really. we still dont know who was helping Tara and telling her about nikku and stuff and if that person is still connected to Tara…. so lets see what happens

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