Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi saves Deep

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep is near the diamond. He tries to trespass the security lasers. The alarms blare. Deep stand still. Security is alerted. They try to find who is there. More security comes. Deep hides.
Arohi hits Mr. X, he hits her back. Abi comes to guru ma. She says I am done with your responsibility. He sys what are you saying? I am trying. She says I have been waiting for you to kill Deep. Now I will expose wasu and her trunk. Do what you want, I don’t need your help anymore. Abhi says stop. He says this havan kund wont stop until deep dies. Give me two days, i promise deep would be dead.

Deep moves his car in to steal the diamond. Virat comes there and commands police to look after the diamond very carefully. Virat sees Deep behind painting. He says deep come out or

I will shoot you. Deep comes out. Virat says your game is over. I can catch any culprit. He saw the car. Virat says I wont let you win in this game.

Guru ma is doing havan. WAsu comes there. She says i want it back. The one ou stole from the trunk. Guru ma says whole world will see your reality. Wasu says you have to stop all this. Guru ma says see this fire, it burned everything. Wasu leaves crying. Guru ma faints.
Virat says I will kill you right now. Abhi comes there and says stop. I will kill her. someone wearing clothes like tiles crawls to the diamond and steals it. Abhi puts gun on deep. The person steals the diamond. It’s Arohi. She picks deep and pulls herself up.

Scene 2
Guru ma opens heer eyes. She is locked. Guru ma says let me go. tara comes and says dont make noise. Tara says my eyes have always been on you. My life was on track but you are messing with it now. I have to know that secret.
Deep and Arohi run in the car. The car breaks down. Deep and arohi run in the jungle. Police is after them. They hide under a cliff.
Guru am says if abhi finds out he will kill you. Tara says I kill people before they kill me. She cuts her face. Guru ma says let me go. Tara says I will killed may people into pieces. Abhi wont ever know you are dead.
Deep says I looked everywhere for you. Where did he keep you? Arohi recalls she hit Mr. X and ran. HE says why did Mr. X let you go? Does he feel something for you? Virat sees them and says don’t move. Deep and Arohi run. They come to an under construction building. Arohi falls. Deep holds her hand.

Precap-A lot of Mr. X come with masks. Arohi points gun at them. Tehy are Abhi, Tara Deep and Virat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ye story bokhla gaye hain.. Makers also don’t know what they are trying to show…No story, roaming /jumping here and there. Don’t know why it’s still airing .sic

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