Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma finds out Arohi’s truth

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says I knew you would come to save me. You must have signed the papers why are they not getting me out? Deep says I told you I can save you. I didn’t say I can. Tara says what.. She says you cheat. I will kill you. You fooled me. For that Arohi. I understood your intentions. you forgot everything. We have done so many favors on you. My mom picked you from streets and gave you a life. She gave you so much so you could live with people like us. You returned my love with this jail. You are so shameless. You promised to live with me for life. You took that Arohi’s side. He says you can’t be Tara. Tara can’t stoop this low. She would never count her favors on me. You are Arohi who never loved me and shot me. SHe says you want to prove that I am Arohi. I am Tara and you know that. He says give me proof. She says I will kill you. You fooled me for that Arohi. i don’t wanna prove anything. I will come out one dau or other and kill you. Deep says we will see when you come out. Good bye Arohi, he leaves. She says stop where are going.. He says you are just threatening. Arohi sees Deep in jail. Arohi wonders what deep is upto. She recalls she asked deep to save bhabhi and Ritu. arohi said please save them. I am so scared I don’t know what to do. If I have to pay this way I don’t wanna live here as taara. He said they are not your people. If mummy ji gets to know she will kill you as Arohi. She said I know you know I am Arohi not Tara. I have lost everything. Only bhabhi and chawani are left. I don’t wanna lose them. I would do anything to save them. I would tell everyone. He said you wont do any such thing. He drags her to room and said you wont do anything. She said you hate me. He said I want to hate Arohi but can’t hate you. She said you know I am Arohi please I have to save them. Let me go. He roped her and left. Arohi said please stop. Listen.. He came to jail. Arohi said I will go to jail and make this deal with tara to save bhabhi and chawani. She released herself.

Arohi says he locked me in room and came here to meet tara? Why? Deep says do you have proof? Can you show me you are Tara or don’t waste my time. Tara says I know only where bhabhi and chawani are. Go and ask her she wouldn’t know. Arohi realizes what is going on. Tara says but i wont tell where they are. That is my ace card and I wont give it to you because I don’t trust you. Cheater. Deep says whoever I am.. You can’t prove that you are Tara yet. Your time is over. Now you stay here in this jail for life. He calls and says burn the bail papers. She says get me out I will tell you where they are. deep says I can’t get you out until you prove by telling where they are only then you can get out. She says where you hid them.. Its the street behind it. Kholi no. 107. Deep says I will go and check there. If they are there you will be bailed. She says if you fool me this time I will ruin your life.
Arohi tries to go out of the jail record room but the door is locket. Constable comes to check she sneaks out.

Scene 2
Chawani says is there someone? I need water. Arohi didi please save us. Deep rushes there. Arohi takes an auto and goes there.
Roma says I can’t figure out who is my Tara. Virat calls Roma. she says whats the result? He says something. Pritvhi says what happened? She says turn on the printer reports are coming there. prithvi prints the reports.
Deep and Arohi are both on their way. Deep goes in. There is no one inside. deep says I am late.. He goes out. Arohi reaches as well. She sees deep. Arohi says are chawani and bhahi inside? She says please let me check how is bhabhi. He says you followed me? There is no one inside. She says is this wrong address? He says I got this address. She says you are hiding something. She says I want to see myself. she goes in to check. There is no one inside. Arohi sees a knife. She is shocked. She sees a number written with blood. She looks everywhere but no one is there. Arohi sees ritu’s dupatta. She cries. Deep comes in. arohi says where are they? Only you knew thhey were here. You have hidden them. Please tell me why are you doing this? To punish me? I know they were here. This happened every time. I want to find them. Please don’t do this. she sits down crying. Deep recalls he reached the place. There was a car there and Chawnai was in trunk of it. The car drove right when deep arrived.

Arohi cries and says I don’t know what is going on here. Who came here? Who took them? Please help me. Roma calls Deep and says where are you? He says on a drive with tara. She says you both reach police station. He says why? She says be there I will meet you.
Pritvhi says to roma this will be fun.

Deep and Arohi reach police station? Deep says arohi did something again? Prithvi says virat went to shimla to get Arohi’s dna to know who is Arohi and who is tara. Roma says this paper tells who is tara and who is arohi. Inspector takes out Tara. Tara says mom.. I knew you would come to take me out of here. Blood never fails. I missed you so much. Roma says wait until we know who is our enemy. She gives papers to inspector. He reads them. Inspector says whose sample matched? Roma slaps Arohi and says she is my enemy. Deep is dazed.
Precap-Roma says we were played all this time. She is such a big player and we know who else was with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think it must be aarohis illusion or roma slaps her to identify her reactions…aarohi is becoming dumb everyday? she is like still doubting deep an this deep just wants aarohi not to know his true emotions and hiding his real motives…but who is the one helping tara??? and yah one of aalishas friends insta syories show aalisha makeuping on the tara look with jail clothes so my conclusion is tara goes to jail…i know as deep will save aarohi for sure?????

    1. can you give is that link??

    2. Hi nabs…
      S deep will save aarohi..

    3. Hi…even i thought that ?….yes deep is hiding his feelings from arohi …o?..thanks for the info …Deep will save arohi ?…i am so happy to hear this

    4. Sonakshi5

      O ? good to know that deep will save Arohi

  2. Oh now what will happen with my dearest arohi & deep will they both be ok or roma will send arohi to jail & tara will kill deep & what about arohis bhabhi & chawani are the kiddneped by anyone & what about deeps family

    1. Sonakshi5

      I think deep won’t die so soon nor Arohi will go to jail because the game will be over then so somehow deep will save Arohi.
      Yes ,Ritu and chawanni are kidnapped by someone ….

      Btw can I know from which state are you from ?….

  3. Pls friends leave your comments after reading

    1. Hi.. I think ardeep both will be safe..

  4. aarohiiiio what can ido with you?? u are so irritating… how could you simply dont believe deep??….
    you stayed there just to show him how much u love him n yo know information about his parents n suddenly u doubt him??

    how smart n sweet of deept to play with deep….

    for sure roma doesnt know the real arohi….
    i think they will introduce a new charecter or make some old ones alive….

    nice episode except for arohi… she irritated me like anything..

    1. Hi saras..
      S expect aarohi everything is nice..

    2. Sonakshi5

      Arohi doubts deep because he betrayed her in the past and is the reason of her bad condition so Arohi can’t trust him fully …

    3. hey saras, Arohi’s stupidity is sometimes beyond belief. Deep saved her from going to jail, got her bhahbi’s address form chawanni while pretending that he thinks Arohi is Tara. well Arohi also wants to prove she is Tara but she wants Deep to sing that he loves Arohi and suports her in the living room of the Raichand mansion! -_- but Deep is not making anything clear to Arohi even when they are alone and their relationship never had much trust, so i suppose it is believable that Arohi is confused. Still Deep is far far better at acting and making plans than Arohi. when Deep plans, no one is sure what he is thinking, when Arohi plans, her truth is written on her face -_-

    4. Hi Dhara ?, how you doing? Happy to see your comment after long time..
      What you said is true,,, Deep and Arohi should confess each other so that there won’t be any misunderstanding between them which may mess up their plans

    5. Hi Saras,,, Agreed why don’t Arohi trust Deep now after knowing all this,,,, he always helping her indirectly but she is not realising it,,,

  5. Hi frnds…
    Nice episode.. Deep acting and his expression everything is awesome.. He played nicely..
    I think bhabi and chawani were escaped before deep reached the place..
    Aarohi I don’t like her she is un necessarily doubting the deep.. deep is truly helping her.
    y is she crying every time it’s irritating..
    In precap as usual again twist…
    I think ardeep both will be save

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi Sravanthi ?….
      Yes, I too like Arjun Bijlani’s acting….
      Hmm … maybe they escaped?… I hadn’t thought this .. this can be true … good guess?..
      Situation is such that makes her cry l??. she lost everyone ?..only her bhabhi and chawanni are remaining..
      She is doubting deep because he betrayed ?her in the past. ….I agree she shouldn’t doubt him this time and yes it is irritating when she always cries ..
      Yes ardeep will be saved ?

  6. Sonakshi5

    Hi everyone …..
    I again think that this is either a dream or Roma is acting to see Arohi’s reaction…
    Before some episode it was shown that DNA test takes 2-3 days but here Virat went and came from Shimla in a few minutes ???…..he has a Doraemon gadget or what …lol.
    Who is helping Tara ??…is it the asli khiladi ? The same person who sent goons to kidnap Arohi???????
    Confusion confusion
    Guessing Guessing
    Dying Dying

    1. Sonakshi5

      Deep was smart to make Tara tell the address but some one oversmarted him ?

    2. Hi sonakshi…

    3. Sonakshi5

      Hi Sravanthi ?

    4. hey sonakshi, when Roma said it has been five hours and still Virat has not returned, she was speaking as if Shimla is at the backside of their house 😛 Virat has to take a flight, go there, have the tests conducted, then take another flight and return. all these in five hours? stupid. even the test reports were given too sonn and then the contents hidden for too long to create drama. -_- anyways, am loving this new version of Deep. now i wish Arohi had shot him sooner to make him forget mummy ji lol

    5. Sonakshi5

      Hi Dhara di ?…
      Yes , I don’t know how these raichands go to some place and return too within few minutes ??… me too loving this new deep ?…no longer mummy ji ka chamcha more katappa ?…

  7. I can’t understand Deep’s actions. He is changing words in front of Aarohi but also wants to help her. But why? He was the one who betrayed her and got shot but alive again. Now he is finding her dearest ones for what reason. At first when Aarohi came as Tara, then he doubted her so many times and wanted to shoot her. Now… He wants to help her and not Tara (whom he said he only loves)?

    1. hi critic, Deep’s character is confusing, but what i feel is even though he said he loves Tara, he never really did. he had his own problems (wanting to know about his mother and loyalty to Roma) so he never directly supported Arohi but tried to do that discreetly (though i am not convinced). as for the present case, he is lying to both Tara and Arohi and the rest of the family too. i think he is doing this as a part of his plan, so that everyone thinks he truly believes Arohi to be Tara. As for why he is not even telling Arohi the truth, i think he is hiding something from her to protect her. he repeatedly tells her to go away if she wants to stay in peace, and maybe there is some truth that will hurt Arohi even more. thats why he doesnt want to be honest in front of her…. maybe

  8. Nice episode
    But Aarohi always crying..there is Tears in her eyes every time…it’s really irritating

  9. I just hate Viraat and Tara they killed a child they didn’t have mercy towards a child
    And Aarohi could not save her nephew
    I don’t know but I want Nikku alive

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi…agree they are ? devil’s ???…
      I too want Niki alive…

  10. hi everyone…. i liked today’s episode except for Arohi. why doesnt she use her brain and understand that Deep is acting to help her, Tara is saying she is Tara, Arohi is saying she is Arohi, obviously Deep is intelligent enough to understand who is who but still he is pretending. Wish Arohi would go along with the drama for once instead of looking all scared and worried….. i am sure Roma thinks Tara is Arohi and vice-versa, the slap at the end was just a technique to get us worried (and bad technique at that, Roma sees the letter in the middle of the episode, but they have to drag the reveal till the next epi -_- ) now as for why Deep is pretending…. i have an idea. when he came to that room, he said i was too late. He knew Tara/Roma/Virat/Prithvi wont come there, so he knew someone else was dangerous to those kidnapped. another fact, he kept bhabhi separate from nikku, with a caretaker looking after nikku and not his own mother. bhabhi was kept in Raichand’s safe house…. why? i think bhabhi is dangerous, and Deep was afraid that if he is late then bhahbi will do something to chawanni…. and that is why he is not telling anything clearly to Arohi, because if he tells her that her bhabhi is dangerous woman than this emotional Arohi will defnitely not believe and ask for proof which Deep doesnt have….

    1. ooohh i don’t think and i don’t hope that bahbi is implicated in all this his husband die and his children too and i think me too that deep fooled virat and roma with the DNA but he have to keep arohi save he want to protect her let’s see what happen next.

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi ?…
      I think Arohi doesn’t believe deep because he already betrayed her in the past and is the reason for her this condition…
      But I too want her to believe deep this time …
      Sometimes I think bhabhi is the mastermind who helped Tara but sometimes I think she isn’t because why would she kill her own husband

  11. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show is thriller, but this much is just stupidity.. Show need little change in story…

    1. Hi.. I feel the same one

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi ?
      I agree

  12. Hi friends,,, as we all guessed Ardeep are safe ? as per the latest spoilers

    1. Sonakshi5

      Thanks for the link but many times this latestgossipwu gave fake spoilers ??

  13. I think Tara called someone by constable phone and kidnapped bhabhi and nikku so that Deep won’t reach them

  14. precaps are always misleading.. they want us to expect something but in episode it wil surprise us….

    i m wondering what next after tara goes to jail???

    i like deeps plan n tricks a lot… the way he made tara tell the adress of captives is amazing….

    lets just enjoy episode by episode… arohi irritates us so much imagine how irritated could deep be???

  15. Sonakshi5

    Hahahaha ?? your comment is funny saras …
    I too like deep’s plans ? …. He is very clever …he very cleverly made Tara tell the address..
    Yes , deep would be very irritated ????…

  16. It’s a sad day for me

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