Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara arrested

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says kill me or Arohi. Tara says I have six bullets and six reasons to kill this Arohi. She ran from jail, she took my deep from me. I loved deep since childhood. We are made for each other. We can’t find another life partner. She betrayed you as well. she shot you. Kill her. He points gun at Arohi. Show her that you only love me.

Virat and Prithvi rummage in Deep’s room. Virat says we have to find one clue that shows that deep is fooling us all. He opens closet and sees something.
Arohi says in heart if Deep kills Tara how will he find Chawani and Bhabhi. I have die so she can live. Deep says Arohi has to die because she fooled me. She made me love her and then shot me. Deep points gun at her. Lights turn off. Tara says what happened to lights deep shoot. Deep shoots.

Virat says mom Deep and arohi are together. He might harm our Tara. Roma says we have to find out where deep and tara are. Virat says where will we look for them?
Lights turn on. Deep sees neither tara nor arohi are there. Roma shows Virat a map. He says i fixed a tracker in Tara’s ring. Virat saays she is in our other banglow? Deep must be there too. Lets go.

Tara comes out and says where are you Arohi where are you? Arohi comes out and says I am not scared. Tara points gun at her. Arohi snatches the gun from her. Tara says shoot me. You can kill me. I did all this. You wont have chance to kill me again. Arohi says I will kill you but on right day. arohi says you killed my brother, I will kill you. You killed my soul. you took my Niku from me too. And chawani what did he do? What has my bhabhi done? I will kill you. Your family’s end will begin with you. Tara says we will do what we had to. Shoot me I am here in front of you. If you shoot me you wont ever know who is Tara?
Roma and Virat come. He points gun at both of them. Arohi says I am tara shoot her. Tara says I will kill you. VIrat I am Tara. Roma says shut up. Whoever is Arohi I will cut you into pieces. I will know who is Tara. Virat I told you I gave ring to Tara. She isn’t wearing it. Pritvhi says none of them are wearing it. Arohi says I am your tara. I was wearing it. I came to you last night mom and said if you are worried. Tara says she had been living here for 6 months and she detained me. When I did my first murder you said you will fix everything. Arohi says i told her this. She is our enemy. She said she will kill us all. Deep comes and says wait a minute. Tara says deep.. Deep says they all know everything. If you want to know who is Arohi i know a way. Virat says you are lying. Tara says dont’ do this drama. You know who is Tara. Deep says we have to do and know what is reality. Deep says mom give them both guns and ask them to shoot me. We will know the reality. He gives gun to both of them. Deep says you both have five seconds. Arohi puts gun on her head. she says I can’t kill you. I would rather kill myself.

Tara says traitor. You don’t deserve to live. Police comes there and says whats happening here. Deep says there was no bullet Arohi. He looks at tara. Police says we saw them both together. Who is serial killer. Deep says I knew Arohi would shoot me to save herself but Tara wont. Because she knows my importance. This one is Arohi. Police arrests Tara. Tara says how can you do this with me deep. uyou got me arrested to save Arohi. I will kill you. Mom how can you not see. Deep says she killed Mahraj too. Tara says deep you traitor I hate cheaters. You will pay for it. she says I am Tara you can’t arrest me. Tara says I can’t believe you can do this to me for her. They take her. Arohi says in heart deep saved me.
Precap-Virat says we are being fooled. Roma says i know how to find out truth. Arohi says to deep trust me I am Arohi. Tara is in jail. Roma hears. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i jst cant explain how happy I am finally Deep save Aarohi but stupid Aarohi hv ruin evrythn in precap y on earth did she have 2 say dt she is Aarohi Deep already noh dt she is Aarohi

    1. Yes lutfa u r right just y does she do this stupidity

    2. Hi lutfa.I hope Roma not hear anything.

  2. i jst hop in precap Roma didn’t hia anythn

  3. Neha1

    Wow.. Tara got arrested … Deep loves Aarohi… but Precap was scary…. Roma and Virat are so clever they heard that Tara arrested not Aarohi.. Now they will not leave Deep and Aarohi…

    1. i hope in the precap roma hear something else

  4. Hi frnds..
    To day episode is nice. It’s totally different from my thought. Im in confusion Is deep wantedly sent Tata to jail or unknowingly.. Is Roma heard the aarohi words wht she is telling to deep.. Oh god again twist..

    1. Hi sravanthi.I think the same one.

  5. i dont know whats in deeps mind… really wanted to save arohi or trying to safeguard tara or blackmail roma to know abiut his parents…

    silly arohi…but deeps move was terrific… …

  6. deep knowingly sent tara to jail… may be because she knew his reality that arohi was living with him n he knew but never disclosed it…

    in reality no police commissioner will go personally to arrest a criminal -:)))

    i feel alisha as tara is better than arohi…

  7. Hello friends.
    Deep confused 50% trust him.and 50% not.he really help arohi or against. Am not understand.
    Is virat anything find out from deep room.
    Shimla episode only knife.
    Mumbai episodes only gun.
    Tara got arrested am happy.
    Where is arohi Bhabi and chawani. Is they am only watch Roma reaction. She only saw deep.wt a mom her.she can’t identify the own daughter.
    Wt happened in precap.

    1. Hi rhivanya..
      I feel the same one. Here also same questions

    2. Hi rhivanya…
      I feel the same one.. Here also same questions.. soch soch kar im getting headach yaa.. Gdnt everyone

      1. Same pinch sravanthi.

  8. I felt bad for Tara.but she deserve this.who call the police?
    6 reason dialog are awesome. Arohi Tara face to face scene is super.Tara proved herself Tara.that scene is amazing. Totally nice episode.

  9. What is the real story of this serial because this is my first episode

    1. it’s long but i resume it okey this a very good story. When i start it in the middle i didn’t understand too so i will help you.

      THIS is arohi story a girl from shimla very innocent nice good with others. sHE has a doble like a twin a look exactly like her aalisha panwar is playing the both role tara and arohi. Deep who is married to tara (she is a serial killer she kill people who betray love) meet with arohi and decide to trap her in love game to send her in jail he maried her and really fall for her but i can’t do anything to save her and she was in jail for tara murder for yeard and she came back to revenge. if YOU WANT more detail look at this link there is a better resume

  10. Sonakshi5

    Hello everyone ?…
    Tara?????? told the six reasons she has to kill ????????????Arohi but she herself is the main reason ??????of everything happening….all six reasons are not justified ?????????????????…who won’t run ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️from jail if that person is arrested in fake?? ????charges …. Arohi was innocent ???then why won’t she run from jail …about arohi snatching deep ,of course Tara should be angry????????? but she too was in the plan of trapping Arohi??????1 in deep’s love at first,she was the one who made arohi love deep ????… and why won’t Arohi betray deep ,she would definitely???? because at that time she thought deep was the reason?? of her sorrow????? and about the other reasons I don’t know?????… I hadn’t watched the episode because I was in tution ?????….
    More than half of problems ?????of every character in this serial would have been solved if they killed ??????others without saying bakwas ???…. seriously they can first shoot???? at their any body part if they want to talk with their enemy then they can after shooting them such that they don’t die but are injured then they can finish their bakwas??? and then kill ….

    Not Arohi but tara deserves to die ???????????…smart deep?????????????????? …i like???? him now …against roma and saving ???? arohi ….i wanted this deep???…yipee!!!!!!!!!????????
    I love it??????? when tara and arohi try to prove that they are tara in front of that confused raichands ???????….
    About precap ,the one who must hear ????????????????and understand doesn’t hear and understand but the one who shouldn’t hear and understand does in serials???? ..
    So sorry??? for such a long comment and thanks for reading mine ???
    Good night ??friends …

    1. Hi sonakshi.

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi Rhivanya ??…how are u ?

    2. Fine dear.

  11. I don’t like this confusion drama.. Sometimes its irritating yaar.. Only crime is going kidnaping and killing someone. We want some change Plz deep and aarohi u both together fight directly with Tara Roma and virat..

  12. Super super chapter deep save Aarohi precap is shocking

  13. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I knew deep will save aarohi as when she was fainted, deep was restless seeing her…

    2. Virat is such big fool being inspector, aarohi had marks of ring on her finger, that were clearly seen, but they were searching ring..??????

    3. Deep saved aarohi and put tara behind bars for her crimes… But I think Deep will not forgive aarohi easily..

    4. I miss chawani, nikku… Hope they are alive ??????

  14. Oh now what will happen with arohi & deep because roma heard the truth that her beloved dauther tara is in the jail not arohi now how deep & arohi will gey to know about deeps mother vasundhara

  15. ek baat to maanani padegi… deep ne socha roma ki hill bunglow bhabhikeliye most safe place hai??

    kya writers to sab cheez bhool jaate hain….

    most easy way to recognise tara was tattoo…. deep did not mention that at all… very smart

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      No aarohi also had tatto, as she made during the tym she kidnapped tara, and when deep doubted her, she showed that tatto too…

  16. I agree with Sravanthi, shraddha,naman,saras.

  17. Wow!nice episde. Am waiting for the nxt episde …
    Thngod that fnlly Tara have been arrested!! Bt precap?Roma ears everything..
    Did she will kill Arohi??

  18. AHAM123

    Woowwww…..I am very happy….. Finally Deep proved that he is a real hero… As he saved her heroine and send that vamp tara to jail……..

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